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Monday, April 14, 2014

Well today is my day #1 of my healthy eating month from my trainer! I am excited to get this going. I had breakfast today and I am still satisfied. Of course I am at work and my mind is not on food right now. We will see how it goes when I get home from work if I binge or not.

I did have a bit of sticker shock after I bought all the healthy foods. Man its expensive to eat healthy. Why must it be that way? Oh well. I promised I would try it and see. I do need to remember that I bought enough to feel the whole family for 2 weeks as well so when you break it up it really isn’t all that bad. Thank goodness for Aldi though!

I would like to find some cheaper and healthier options that wont break the bank. Also options that are easy and quick to make. Does anyone have any great ideas on how I can save money while eating healthy and maybe some fast, easy healthy meals. My goal is to get about 85% clean with my eating.

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MARYBETH4884 4/15/2014 1:31PM

    I have heard that farmer's markets are often cheaper than Actual grocery stores!! It's a great time of year to check that theory out!! emoticon emoticon emoticon

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JAIZWAYS 4/14/2014 10:18PM

    A wonderful website (link below) It is full of healthy eating emoticon ideas with $$ in mind!


I think you will find that if you focus on trying to cut out a lot of processed stuff and make things from scratch you will be not only saving but eating healthier. It does always cost more at first because you have to re stock the kitchen but now that is done. Then remember you wont be buying things like chips and cookies that don't fill you up like real food does.

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TRUNKJUNK 4/14/2014 6:11PM


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MPLSKEN 4/14/2014 1:52PM

    I generally eat very clean and don't find it very expensive. I buy 90% of my food only when on sale. Also, fresh frozen veggies on sale are very cheap, and you can add them to any meal to increase the mass (size/quantity) and nutritional value of just about anything. Watch the packages to get the vegetables without added sauces & salt. Also, buy fresh fruits and veggies when they are in season and deeply discounted rather than buying out-of-season produce that needs to be shipped in from across the country. It's better for you, the environment and your wallet.
emoticon emoticon

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EVER-HOPEFUL 4/14/2014 12:41PM

    buying things when they are on sale that you can cook in bulk or freeze can save alot of money.things like eggs,oats,dried beans etc are cheap nurishing and healthy and very versitile.cook things that can double up.for example a chill sauce can be eaten one day with rice the next with baked potatoe or even noodle.pre planning and cooking.chicken breast(when brought in sale is even cheaper)then can be used on its own served with vegtables and rice or potatoe.chopped up in salads,soups,stirfries,omelettes etc, you get the picture.where there is a will there is away.there are also plenty of quick and easy recipes to be found on at spark on eat to live web site along with others .i can send you some internet links when you want.also the eat to live spark team have loads of healthy and quick recipes on their threads you can check out.hope this helps and keep on keeping on you will soon get the hang of it and yes i agree thank goodness for aldi and lidle and other shops like them emoticon

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Darn binge!

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

So I know I really should write about how I had a success with my emotional eating but this isn’t that time. Nope.

I do so well during the day at work – controlled environment – but once I get home, I binge. I know it’s the transition from work to home and the immediate change of different stressors. I can at least acknowledge that one. But what happens when I get home is I have a thought of food in my head and once that is acknowledged my hunger switch is turned on and the mind goes blank and before you know it I have consumed 700+ calories before dinner.

Either I have my 2 year old crying because he wants to be held or I am scolding my 10 year old for something he should have done or shouldn’t have done (boy the teen years with this one will be hard so I better control my eating now). Then I have to get the house clean because no one other than me can put dirty dishes in the dishwasher or clean off the table or counter or even pick up the living room. Nope, they must not know how to do that – I will have to teach them. I can get my 10 year old to help but not without attitude. I just don’t want to deal with it so I do it all myself.

Last night I had chili in the crock pot and just had to make mac and cheese for my 2 year old. While the water was boiling I had a slight food thought in my head; “Chocolate chip cookies sound good.” So with out even thinking about the consequences of eating cookies I had my 10 year old run to the store across the street for me. I made the dough and baked some cookies and half way though the cookies we had dinner and I was so stuffed that I just didn’t even want to eat the cookies or bake the cookies.

I think it was a moment of boredom waiting for the water to boil. I should have done something else to keep my mind occupied. I could have played with the kids, cleaned up, or watched Paw Patrol with my 2 year old until dinner was done. But what made last night even worse was that I was so stuffed and tired because of being stuffed that I didn’t even do my work out. Ugh – ok double ugh!

Then this AM I woke up and had DH lay with my 2 year old and when he went in the bedroom I ate cookies. No wait – 5 cookies!!!!! So I told myself no breakfast, track it & move on, go on 2 walks today and get a strength work out in.

My weight has defiantly shown it on the scale because of these bad habits. My issue is keeping my goals in mind when the urge to eat comes up. That darn mind just goes blank and something inside me takes over and I binge. Ok well more of overeat than binge as the eating was much worse months ago.

What do I Do???????

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    Plan ahead. On your way home eat a protein bar or something. It will take the edge off so you CAN wait until dinner is ready and distract yourself. Put something motivating on your fridge. Just seeing it may be enough for your brain to kick back in. Or make up a plate of raw veggies and dip and sit it out on the counter each night while you work on dinner. You can snack and the kids can snack and you won't do that much damage. You may even eat a bit less at dinner.

Also, you may need to change your mindset about 'doing everything all by yourself'..this will sound mean but that's the 'poor me, I deserve a treat' attitude. Gotta get rid of that or it will trip you up every time. I struggle with it some days also but it ALWAYS leads to binging so now that I'm aware of it I can nip it in the bud if I want to.

If you really do need the help then you can assign chores to the kids. If one kid's job is setting the table and he don't do it then sit down at the table and let everybody stare at each other until it clicks and he sets the table. If you do it for him/them then that sends the message...I don't have to do it..she will if I don't.

And, my only other advice is 'pick your battles.' There are things around here that annoy me but I let it go most of the time because my family does other things for me that I don't want to do. It takes me 5 minutes to pick up clothes but it would take a whole evening to fight about it and guilt trip everybody and stomp my foot and feel angry..and it would probably only change things for maybe a few days..then it would all go back to how it is now. And, I'm sure some people would totally disagree with me on that one but I'd rather spend my time with my family happy and getting along then fighting about little things. Bigger things that REALLY bother you a lot are worth the continued battle.

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KAREN608 4/9/2014 1:15PM

    You might make a game of chores for the 10 yr old. Like can you set the table in 2 min? Hopefully you have plastic plates!

or a competition between you and ten yr old doing some chore that can be divided. Or time how fast he can take trash out and get back inside.

You are trying to do it all yourself and that's hard.

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DR8561 4/9/2014 10:01AM

    I've been where you are. In my case, it is an addiction to carbohydrates (sugar, bread, chips). If I stick to a low-carb diet, the cravings go away but if I start eating them again it always leads to a binge. Boredom, frustration, and loneliness are triggers for me also. Some things that help me:

Chewing gum with a strong mint flavor (provides a sweet taste and satisfies the need to chew something).

Exercising before eating (the endorphins from the exercise improve mood and I feel good about doing something positive so I'm less likely to overeat).

Cut yourself some slack - you are working all day and meeting your children's needs in the evening. It is too much to expect a perfect house too.

The kids may help more if it is a game - give them a job & if it is done right within a time limit you set they get a treat (a game or show they like) or if they do it Monday through Friday without complaining, they can go to the park/skating/etc on Saturday. Over time, helping out will become a habit.

I hope this helps. I know it isn't easy trying to juggle so much.

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100% during workouts??

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

How many of us give 100% during our workouts? How many of us even know what that means? Honestly I would have to exclude myself from that first question.

I always thought just showing up and working out meant that I was doing 100%. I would get ready to do my work out but I would be like “ugh let’s just get this over with so I can watch TV”. Seriously! So then I would start my work out and just hurry though each set and I would wonder the next day why I am not sore. I would mention this concern to my trainer and she told me that I need to take my time through the moves. Here comes another “ugh”! More time during my workout was not what I wanted.

I thought I would give it a shot. I tried to not hurry through my work outs and I even set the timer on my training app. What do you know – I was sweating really good, I could feel it the next day, and what’s more….It didn’t take all that much more time to properly do the workout – Imagine that.

I know that giving 100% during your workouts really does give better results. Ok well I know that now. I realize that If I need to do a quick work out then I don’t have to do all the sets and maybe just do half of them so I get done in half the time if I am truly pushed for time due to other commitments and not just because I don’t feel like it.

What other ways can we give 100% to our workouts? How about the #1 way of just showing up and doing it. Another thing that I think indirectly works with giving 100% is giving your body the nutrition it needs. You cannot eat bad and expect your workout to compensate for it all the time – and this is something I need to work on BIG TIME!!!

What else can we do to get the most out of our workouts????

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KAREN608 4/8/2014 5:39PM

    Change them sometimes so we don't get bored. Try something new.

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AMARILYNH 4/8/2014 12:39PM

    Its also important to work our muscles to 'failure'. If you can pop out 18 reps with no problem you aren't using a heavy enough weight. Your muscles should be straining by number 10 or 11, to the point where its difficult to control your form. That's how you know you are using the right weight. And when you go up the the next heavier weight its ok if you can only do 7 or 8 reps - in a few days you'll be amazed at your own strength!

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What does being healthy mean???

Monday, April 07, 2014

What does being healthy mean to you?

Well to me, being healthy is feeling great about yourself from the inside and out. It’s about having energy and taking the time to care for your body so that you can care for yourself and others.

To me, being healthy is not giving up the foods you love. Who wants to live without chocolate cake?? LOL. Being healthy is learning to enjoy those favorite foods in moderation and learning that if you do slip up and binge that you can learn from it and move on with the next meal or snack. Being healthy is including a wide variety of foods in your diet and eating more fruits and veggies along with leaner cuts of meat.

Being healthy is also not killing yourself in the gym every single day for hours on end. Nope – who really has time for that anyways – ok well unless you don’t have a family or a job but then how do you afford the gym membership? LOL. It’s getting at least 30 minutes of fitness in most days of the week. To me fitness doesn’t always mean lifting weights or hitting the treadmill (although that’s my fitness routine of choice) but its also going outside and playing with the kids, taking the dog for a walk, playing a sport with friends or whatever you like to do. We need to make it fun if we are going to stick to it right. That to me is being healthy when it comes to fitness.

And lastly, to me, being healthy is not always being stick thin! There are plenty of over weight people who are considered healthy. Not every single person can get to their desired weight and be happy. We all need to find a weight and a size that is right for us. I would love to be 145 but my body might have other plans for a “happy” weight. Maybe my muscles will weigh more and I will look great at 165. Time will certainly tell though because I am not done yet!

So this is all what being healthy means to me. What does it mean to you?

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    Yep, I totally agree. I look great at 160 and that IS healthy range for me but if I get to 180 and look and feel great then maybe that will be my goal. I like having some curves. Life isn't just about how skinny you can get and just totally about looks and who admires you. If it is then you def. have a void in your life. IMHO. Healthy to me is feeling and looking great and being able to do whatever I want to do. I think about how awesome it would be to wake up refreshed and not have all this extra weight hanging on me..dragging me down. I think about how light and free I'll feel without 50 extra pounds on me all the time. That's a lot of weight. I can't imagine carrying around 2 25lb weights..those babies are heavy! I know that losing MY 50 extra pounds I carry everyday would help with all of my aches and pains. I'd feel 20 years younger. And, probably look it also! Definitely something to keep striving for.

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JMOUSE99 4/7/2014 11:23AM


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ABAKER34 4/7/2014 11:20AM

    Love this blog! To me being healthy means being confident and happy with myself, and knowing that I am a good role model and can keep up with my kids!

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PRIZM96 4/7/2014 11:02AM

    This is AWESOME, B!!! Love it! emoticon emoticon

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Challenge myself

Sunday, April 06, 2014

We'll I'm right back where I don't want to be. It's rediculous because I told myself I would never get back into the 200s again no matter what. And what happened? I back there again. Barely but I'm there. Changes need to be made because obviously I can't do this alone. What am I going to change???

1) I'm working with my personal trainer again. She's a great motivator and I'm going to commit to every other day and really knock out my workouts.

2) I started spark coach again. I think I need those daily motivations to keep it on my mind and keep me going.

3) Now I am not the cleanest eater. I guess I refuse to give up my favorite foods but I don't have to give them up but I do have to practice moderation. I'm going to practice that each day and track and stick to my range.

Something has to change and I feel this is a good start. Here's to 10 lbs by BLC25!!!!

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MPLSKEN 4/7/2014 11:51AM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon

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    I agree..just don't give up. Just try to make good choices when choices are presented to you. The more good choices you make the stronger you will get. I refuse to eat 'clean' all the time either. I'm trying to keep breakfast and lunch pretty clean and then really watch my portion at dinner and stop eating when I feel satisfied. Normally I just eat until it's gone even if i'm full. Everything you listed is a good way to get back on track.

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ABAKER34 4/7/2014 7:33AM

    Never giving up is the important thing. You are on here and we are your support. You can do this!

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AMARILYNH 4/6/2014 12:16PM

    If you ever check out the 'huddles' you have seen my motto: "Never, never NEVER give up." (from Winston Churchill) and "Its hard to beat a person who never gives up." (from Babe Ruth.) Those are mottos to live by - if you don't give up you WILL succeed!

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EVER-HOPEFUL 4/6/2014 9:43AM

    that is a great plan of action and if you keep it off you will not only be back into one-der-land but also at your goal sooner than you think.keep on keeping on you can do this emoticon emoticon emoticon

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