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I did it!

Friday, July 19, 2013

First off, wowza am I out of shape, I knew I had backpedaled way back but wow just wow! My legs are still a little sore from my leg workout Tuesday, so last night I pushed the upper body and my arms are feeling it tonight, so I decided some cardio was in order. In the interest of expanding horizons and not staying in my crappy little box of comfortability tonight for the first time in eons (I think it's been over a decade) I rode a bike! I really didn't think that I could it's been so long and I have gotten rather large but I did it! I had been wanting a bike for awhile and it's a very nice bike that I saw at a yard sale a week ago and said to myself buy it, so I did. After tonight I do however think that I better load it up and do some riding on flat ground before biking around my hilly streets. I rode about a mile and a half, and man it felt like a REALLY long mile and a half but I did it emoticon. So tonight I am going to bed sore almost everywhere and it feels good, both inside and out, as long as I don't move much emoticon

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CHUBBEGONE28 7/25/2013 4:35PM

    Great job! I hope you are feeling so proud of yourself for pushing through. It always feels so dang great when you're done! emoticon

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Beginning again

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Today was my first workout in...well I can't even remember how long it's been, and it felt good. I will not berate myself or look back at where I was. I will start here fresh and new!

I may be doing this alone but that's ok because I am doing this for me, for the real me, the me that is buried so deep that she has to fight just to draw a breathe. The me that so desperately wants out, and I will set her free, both physically and mentally. My demons have been in control for far to long and enough is enough, pack up and get out because I have had enough.

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KIWILVR24 7/16/2013 1:02AM

    Great job! I completely understand about your "real you" - I feel the same way. Keep up the good work in letting her out! emoticon

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JANTWO 7/16/2013 1:01AM

    You are doing it for all of the right reasons!!!! I hope you have great success!!!! emoticon emoticon

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BRENABEFIT 7/16/2013 12:58AM

    Congratulations on your new day! I can just sense your demons shivering, fleeing to their corners, realizing there is a new boss in town and she will be victorious! Love all the quotes you choose, too! You might feel "alone" in the real world, but I promise you, that here you are not! I am so proud of you and inspired by you! Keep up the great work! emoticon emoticon emoticon

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PMP Finish Line

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

PMP Final numbers.
Let me say I am sorry that I didn't do weekly challenge reports, I would start to write one, decide it sounded stupid/dumb/weak/lazy/ or just plain lame and erase it with the intention of redoing it later then the next week would be almost over and well, then it was over.
I loved this Challenge!!!

1. Find your official starting line.
and the finish line

Crunches completed in 1 minute ---
Start - 2 (and I am not sure they are proper)
Finish - 22 (still not the greatest form but I'm trying :)

Pushups (or modified pushups) completed in 1 minute ---
Start - 0 (but I can do 10 wall pushups)
Finish - 2 modified (using hex dumbbells) 22 wall pushups

How long (up to one minute) can you hold modified plank?
Start - 8 seconds modified
Finish - 13 seconds proper

Pull-Ups completed in 1 minute --- No where but it would be 0

Squats (or lunges, or both)(without weights) completed in 1 minute -
Start - Squats - 20
Finish - Squats - 30
Start - Lunge - 12 (each leg)
Finish - Lunge - 16 (each leg)

7. Starting Line Measurements NO CHEATIN!
I am new to measuring, tried my best to be accurate
Start-Biceps - 18.5" Finish-17.5
Start-Forearms - 12" Finish-11 7/8 ish
Start-Waist - 54 Finish-53.5
Start-Midsection measured the widest part all around - 60 Finish-59
Start-Thigh - 29.5" Finish-28.5
Start-Calf - 18.5" Finish-18
Start-Bust - 52.5" Finish-51

Start - 270.9
Finish - 261.7

Muscle failure
40 squats then my heel pain made me wuss out :(
28 crunches (again not the best form but I'm working on it :)
18 Dumbbell Shoulder Presses with 10lbs

I can fit into my jeans again WOOHOO!!!! I had been wearing capris all summer cause my jeans wouldn't fit anymore.
As I figured you can't see any change in my pictures but I feel it! I feel stronger, my jeans fit, some of my undies are to loose, and I had to get rid of 1 of my pairs of capris cause the wouldn't stay up anymore :) Even my fingers are a little smaller one of my rings doesn't stay on very well anymore.




PMP Challenge 2 getting done (pictures)

Friday, September 16, 2011

Before Friday, September 16, you are challenged to do 2 hours of Strength Training
over 4 days.


Monday - Upper body w/5 lb dumbbells - 50 minutes

Tuesday - Lower body w/bodyweight - 30 mintues

Wednesday - Core w/bodyweight - 25 Minutes

Thursday - Upper Body w/5 & 10 lb dumbbells - 40 minutes

My Monday upper body felt to easy so I went to the garage and dug out the 10 lb dumbbells, I used them for most of the exercises, and I did not rest as much between sets just grabbed a swig of water every now & then. That extra 5 lbs makes quite a difference this one kicked my buttkiss! Still have to do muscle failure and 1 hour between Friday & Sunday.

30 Minutes Friday, 30 Sunday = 1 hour complete

Muscle failure - squats (every 15 or so I had to rest for a second and take a few deep breaths so I am not sure if it was done right) 120 total and I can guarantee that my muscles were failed!

Some proof pics & random pics
Proof pic the sweat is hard to see but it was there!

My lunch today

The Lake we have fun at & my raft

It's starting to get chilly in the mornings, chilly enough to make mist over the river

One last pic, I loved the sun through this tree

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JSPIN74 9/16/2011 1:00PM

    way to go!! keep it up!

& such beautiful pics!!

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PMP Upper Body 9-12-11

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Before Friday, September 16, you are challenged to do 2 hours of Strength Training

A few months ago I had gotten "The Women's Health Big Book of Exercises" off ebay for $14.00 I went through and picked 2 exercises for each muscle group for my upper body plan.
Tonight was my first night and Holy &^%%^* my whole upper body is rubbery & tingley, it feels like there is a campfire inside my muscles, I LOVE it, but we'll see how much I love it tomorrow

Here's what I did
30 Dumbbell Floor Presses - Chest
30 Dumbbell Rows - Upper Back
30 Dumbbell Shoulder Presses - Shoulders
30 Bicep Curls with Supination - Bicep
30 Kettlebell Overhead Tricep Extensions - Tricep
30 Counter Pushups - Chest
30 Rear Lateral Raises - Upper Back
30 Front Raises - Shoulders
30 Seated Reverse Dumbbell Curls - Bicep
30 Dumbbell Kickbacks - Tricep
and Stretching
50 minutes total

I'll be doing this again on Thursday
emoticon emoticon emoticon


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