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An enjoyable day off

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Enjoyed a sleep in, went for a run around the park with friends before breakfast. Enjoyed some salmon, mashed potato and vegetables for breakfast. Had a friend over for lunch, open grills with asparagus, ham, cheese and avocado, an enjoyable conversation. Then an afternoon rest and reading a powerful book called 'Boundaries', not only does it reveal to me the boundaries that I don't put up but also the ones I don't respect of others. Very insightful! After my rest, I enjoyed a quick walk and then half an hour of circuit training with a friend. Came home and enjoyed one glass of wine and a bit of social media time. We are all responsible for ourselves but we aren't responsible others feelings, just our own. We are not responsible for how others are but we are responsible for how we are. Have a fabulous day!

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GHOSTFLAMES 6/11/2014 5:25AM

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ARNETTELEE 6/11/2014 5:23AM

  Happy sparking!

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Life is full of learning experiences

Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Up at 4 am, drove to the depo and picked up $7000 worth of goods, had them all sorted by 8 am. Went to Hervey Bay and dropped goods off to one of our distributors and then off to River Heads to give goods to another distributor. Home again by about 12 pm, a salad for lunch and some water. Enjoyed a drive to the Bay again to visit an elderly lady in hospital. Enjoyed the drive home and used it to do some thinking time. So often we can make excuses for our thinking, our bad behavior etc. But ultimately it comes out of our heads, our mouths and our actions, not nice but true. Thinking (i can't help it), tell yourself that and you give your power away. Behaviors, ( i have my period), I can't help it. Listen to that line of self-talk : I can't help it, if you believe that it dis-empowers you right from the start. What if we could help it? What if we could challenge the way we think? How much more effective could we be? Interesting huh?
My little lesson for the day is saying to myself: What would Jesus do? It is amazing how the answers just come to you. He wouldn't complain, He would do his best, He wouldn't seek his own glory but uplift the Father and his goodness. He would be thankful and grateful. He would stand up for those who are hurting, challenge the arrogant. Stand up for what he believes in, Pray when it is beyond his human capabilities, He did rely on His Father to come through for Him and knew he would. My Question to myself today is: do I want to be a shallow person who just cares about fitness and diet or do I want to be a person that makes loving others my goal. Jesus loved others so much that He laid His life down for others, and He is God, He didn't have to but He chose to cause he loves us sooo much. I will continue to eat healthy and exercise but it is because I am His temple and I want to show him off. Everything else is meaningless.

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BECYROSE 6/5/2014 5:11AM

    thanks again lovely people for words of encouragement and support

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WERSPBUDDIES 6/4/2014 8:02AM


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PICKIE98 6/4/2014 6:27AM

    Sometimes we just look for a scapegoat because we are lazy. Period. That requires NO effort on our chance for improvement either.. Good blog!

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GHOSTFLAMES 6/4/2014 5:35AM

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Day off work today

Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Another enjoyable day! Enjoyed a luxurious sleep in, a light breakfast today cause Hubby and I stayed overnight at my folks place. Caught up with friends and had a few laughs. Left this morning back to Maryborough. Came home, unpacked the suitcase, did the washing and enjoyed a rest with an inspirational book. Peppermint tea with some dark chocolate for afternoon tea, yummy! At 4.30 pm I went to a boxing class and it was totally awesome! It is now winter here in Queensland, Australia, so, it was magnificent to work up an amazing sweat. Came home and reheated a homemade minestrone soup. Enjoyed a long hot shower and some social media time. It has been a great day! Great things about winter: Sleep better, hot soups and showers are a comfort, exercise doesn't make you feel like you are going to hyperventilate. There are definitely some advantages about winter. Cooked some roast potatoes for tomorrow's breakfast. Prepared and ready now for tomorrow's workday.

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BECYROSE 6/4/2014 4:49AM

    thanks people for your words of encouragement. It makes others feel good!

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MOTTAMAMALOU 6/3/2014 5:57AM

    You had a HAPPY day. emoticon

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ZZLEESCH 6/3/2014 5:53AM

    Great - sounds like you had a lovely day.

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working it through

Sunday, June 01, 2014

Some days are more challenging than others to stay positive, especially when you are used to letting your head run its own course. Today, for me, was one of those days. I woke up early with excitement as I anticipated the day ahead, tried a new hair style that turned out nice and was dressed ready for church, enjoyed a big breakfast with salmon, steamed broccoli and brown rice. Decided to eat some biscuits before church and cause they were yummy I ate ten of them! I did decide not to let it completely ruin my day, so when I went to church I skipped morning tea (as you can understand why, I did have my fair share of morning tea before I left, lol) Church was good, I was feeling strong, encouraged and inspired. Came home to a healthy lunch, laid down and had a rest as I was feeling very ordinary, I talked to myself persistently making sure I was the one in control of the conversation, otherwise self-talk let go will run riot. When your subconscious is allowed to run your life for so long it does take a while to advocate new changes and get them to stick, so my lesson today was to be persistent with myself, persistence pays off and remember these feelings too will pass. Afternoon tea time I gave into having some chocolate, two pieces of raisin bread with butter and a small amount of soup, goes to show no matter how thin you are, you will still have days that will get away on you if you aren't careful. So, I picked myself up again and had a good talking to myself and said right I am going to go for a walk around the park for an hour walk, it was cold outside and bleak, very uninviting. But I made myself go around the park and began to feel a bit better. I made sure I told myself good things and once again was persistent. Came home and resisted having dinner as I have had enough to eat today and made a hot cocoa on light milk and honey, with a teaspoon of raw sugar. No matter what, I can still do it!!! Just got to hammer that into my subconscious now and I will! No matter who we are we all have our challenging days.

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GHOSTFLAMES 6/1/2014 6:04AM

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Sensational Saturday

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Started the morning off with a luxurious lay in, woke up with the attitude something good is going to happen today and told myself this all day, the thing is that when you do this, your focus is on the good and not the negative, so the magic is that you do notice all the things that are going right and expect them to. Went grocery shopping and got some bargains, cooked a healthy big breaky (thai red curry chicken, with brown rice and veggies), did our washing and despite the weather it all managed to get dry. Had a rest with an inspiring book. Enjoyed a healthy lunch, visited an elderly friend, put catalogs together for Monday's drop. Enjoyed a walk then a run around the park, made an easy light dinner, enjoyed a shower, chatted with friends on facebook, had opportunities to inspire and encourage others today which was totally awesome! Enjoyed a visit from a friend I haven't seen in ages and finished the evening snuggling up to my man watching a movie. A day filled with laughter, love, cuddles, optimism and happiness. Counted my blessings and felt amazing many times and had plenty of time and opportunities to give thanks to my Creator for all the good in my life. Look for opportunities to give gratitude and your attitude transforms! Today, expect the best, focus on all the good in your life and feel great! Remember to give thanks for the little things and they all measure up. Clean running water, eyes to see, ears to hear, taste buds to experience good food, food, the endorphins that are released when you exercise, just to reward you for your hard work, the fact that you are alive, opportunities to bless others and be a blessing. That is just to start you off, now have a wonderful day!


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