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Saturday and Sunday, Days 19 and 20

Monday, November 05, 2012

Both Saturday and Sunday were strange days, food-wise and just plain life-wise. But I stuck with low carb eating both days, and budget eating, too. In fact, knowing that I had to come and report my food and keep it under budget helped me to stay on plan.

Saturday's food -
B - eggs scrambled in drippings, tea with gelatin and coconut milk
L - salad of chicken, tomato, celery, mayo, sunflower seeds
D - bacon and eggs

Estimated cost of food eaten - $3.20

Sunday's food -
B - eggs scrambed in butter
L - yogurt with sunflower seeds, flaxmeal and cinnamon
S - Pork with Turnips and Cabbage
T - tea with splenda

Estimated cost of food eaten - $3.12


I'm Bored!

Sunday, November 04, 2012

I'm bored. I'm tired of this, of the restrictions and not being able to eat whatever I want and however much I want. I want to quit and go back to my normal low carb lifestyle.

But then, I suppose that everyone feels this way sometimes, whether they are on a food stamps budget or on a budget but don't get food stamps or even if they have all the money in the world to spend on food. While I don't exactly fit into any of those categories (having all the money in the world to spend would be nice, wouldn't it?) this is far from the first time I've been tired of having to come up with something to eat, or tired of what I do come up with. So I'll stick with it. But I am definitely bored!

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BUDGETMAW 11/7/2012 2:18PM

  Kadysmom, I have lots of recipes. Thousands of recipes! I have at least 30 linear feet of cookbooks, plus lots more on the computer. I collect cookbooks and recipes. I love recipes! Which, of course, is not to say that I actually use them.

The reason I was bored was that I am limited to what I buy with my $130 for the month and what I had leftover from the prior months. Because chicken leg quarters are cheap and pork was on sale both this month and last, I mostly just have chicken and pork to eat for the next two weeks, plus whatever veggies I have. And, of course, since that's what I have, all I could think of were recipes calling for beef, even though I don't usually eat beef.

The real reason I was bored, though, was that I was really really tired. Nothing sounded good, and the stuff that I had on hand to cook with sounded even less good than anything else. And besides which, I was bored!

Thanks for suggesting Linda's recipes. I agree that she has some good ones. In fact, I have the ingredients for a couple of her tuna casseroles and have been intending to make one for the past several days but just hadn't gotten around to it. It was easier to complain! :)

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NAYPOOIE 11/4/2012 2:52PM

    regrettably, I haven't been consistent enough to get bored. I kind of fizzled trying to figure out all the costs from past food bills.

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KADYSMOM11 11/4/2012 1:20PM

    Have you looked for recipes to change things up? I like Linda's Low Carb http://www.genaw.com/lowcarb/recipe
s.html There are tons of desert recipes (if you have a sweet tooth like me!)
Good luck whatever you do~ emoticon

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Cheap Recipes

Saturday, November 03, 2012

You know, I hope, about Linda's Low Carb Menus and Recipes at www.genaw.com/lowcarb/index.html . Well, some of them, at least, are cheap as well as good and low carb. The Cheesey Tuna Casserole, for example, comes to about 60 cents a serving. I haven't priced out others, but they look pretty inexpensive, too.

Thanks, Linda!

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KADYSMOM11 11/3/2012 8:38PM

    I love her recipes! emoticon

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ARTIELLE 11/3/2012 6:19PM

    Love love love the spinach lasagna. And the kulgogi pot roast is the cats meow. Do try out some of her recipes. But I get most of my recipes from Sparkpeople.

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NAYPOOIE 11/3/2012 12:57PM

    I love Linda.

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Friday, Day 18

Saturday, November 03, 2012

Friday's food -
B - bacon and eggs, all scrambled up with tomato, onion and mushrooms
L - a huge soup of homemade broth, kale (from the garden), tomato, coconut milk, butter, eggs, and parsley and chives (both from the garden)
D - pork shoulder steak, oven roasted green beans in bacon grease

Estimated cost of food eaten - $3.06

98 cents a pound for the pork shoulder steaks was a great price! I'm glad I stocked up on them, even if I am getting tired of pork.


How much do I eat?

Friday, November 02, 2012

After all, one could stay under $130 per month eating foie gras and lobster, if the portions were small enough!

I eat LOTS! I average over a pound a day each of meat (raw weight, including bones, and counting 1 egg as I ounce of meat) and veggies (before peeling, etc.). That's a lot of food! Sometimes I eat more than I really want, because I'm having trouble getting my calories high enough. Which is because I'm having trouble getting enough fat, not enough protein or veggies. After all this time, it still boggles my mind to struggle to eat more calories and fat! It's not lack of money in the budget for fat, it's having trouble figuring out what to eat. Like today. I cooked some bacon, then scrambled eggs and veggies in the fat. So I ate all the fat from the bacon. I had eggs in my soup, plus coconut milk (for the fat) and 2 T of butter. And supper will be about a pound of pork shoulder steak, and more bacon grease to fry my green beans. And more coconut milk in my evening tea! Having trouble getting in enough fat seems to run in spurts. Some days I have to cut back a bit, other days (like today) I have to really work at getting enough. Though it just occurred to me that I could have had some sunflower seeds instead of the butter to increase my calories and fat. I have to be careful, though, with nuts and seeds. Eating them plain is likely to lead to overeating them, or even binging on them. I've been using coconut milk instead of whipping cream ever since I did a Whole30 (strict Paleo) in July and August. One of the things you don't eat on a Whole30 is dairy. I'm going to get some whipping cream when I go to the store on Sunday, though. It has more calories (more fat) than coconut milk. And I like it better, too. I just don't think it's as healthy as the coconut milk. There sure are a lot of trade-offs when it comes to eating healthy!

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MONADM1 11/2/2012 3:23PM


here in Alberta, Canada, I wouldn't be able to get by on $130 a month for groceries, unless I added starchy and sugary foods. That's out, though, since I have been following a low-carb diet for 5 months now.

All our produce is very expensive, since we have a very short local growing season and most fruit and vegetables have to be shipped from far away. And, sadly, at Farmer's Markets we pay prices that are well above those at the grocery store. The best produce prices are found at a local Chinese superstore, which means we are eating a lot of leafy greens !

Alberta is known for outstanding beef, but the cost of all types of meat is getting more and more prohibitive, as well. So, I am glad that living on a reduced budget is just an "exercise" for us, and not a grim reality.

I very much enjoy your posts!

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