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Tuesday, February 19

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Another cheap day.

Breakfast - MIM with splenda and cream
Lunch - green beans and franks heated in lard
Snack - tea with splenda
Supper - Cherokee Pork Chili, carrot
Evening tea - tea with splenda and gelatin

total cost of food eaten - $2.93

I went grocery shopping yesterday, and got a 12 oz package of Jenny O Turkey franks for 98 cents. There were 10 franks, 1.2 oz each. I got home from shopping a little after 1:00 and was hungry and tired, and didn't want to mess with cooking. So I put a couple of tablespoons of lard in a saucepan, and sliced up 3 of the franks and added them to the heat. (I just ate a 4th one out of hand.) Drained a can of French cut green beans and added them, heated them all up and ate them. Not great, but very quick and easy and only $1.02. If I go back out to Walmart again soon, I'll see about getting more of the franks. I don't usually eat processed food, but it is handy to have on hand for days like yesterday when I don't feel like messing around in the kitchen. 1 frank has 70 calories and only 1 carb.

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BUDGETMAW 2/20/2013 11:28AM

  Tell me more, Diet Friend. Dried beans that are usually used on baked beans or pork and beans or beanie weinies have a lot of carbs. Do you know of a way to make green beans work like dried beans? If so, I want to know about it!

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DIET_FRIEND 2/20/2013 11:25AM

    I think you should make a pot of beans with the hotdogs cut up in them a la baked beans or beanie weanies.

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Monday, February 18

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Pre-breakfast - hardboiled egg with mayo
Breakfast - eggs scrambled in drippings; tea with splenda and gelatin
Lunch - soup of broth, eggs, cabbage, onion,
Supper - veggie beef soup with gelatin; carrots

Total cost of food eaten - $2.60

I was really surprised when I saw how low it was! It just happened that way; it wasn't planned.

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BUDGETMAW 2/19/2013 4:06PM

  1599 calories
33 carbs, 7 grams of fiber, 26 net carbs
125 grams of fat
86 grams of protein

right about where I want things to be, though a bit more fiber would have been nice.

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NAYPOOIE 2/19/2013 2:13PM

    How many calories in that?

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Recap, Week 3

Monday, February 18, 2013

Average daily -

Calories - 1881
Fat - 134 grams (64% of calories)
Protein - 131 grams
Total carbs - 39 grams
Fiber - 13 grams
Net carbs - 26 carbs

Weight lost this week - 1.2 lbs (lost 2.2 lbs last week but don't think I said so)

Average daily cost of food eaten this week - $3.48
Averager daily cost of food eaten first three weeks - $3.49

I'm getting sloppy about my budget, aren't I? I'll have to buckle down this last week.


Sunday, February 17

Monday, February 18, 2013

The cat has been sick (threw up at least 6 times between 3:00 am and noon on Sunday), and for some reason that seemed like it should be "permission" to eat off plan. Doesn't work that way, of course, and I know it and knew it. It wasn't a big craving sort of thing, more just the idea floating through my mind that I was stressed/upset about Tanny and so it would be ok to eat comfort food. I didn't give in to it and it didn't change what I ate at all. It just surprises me that even after eight years or so eating low carb and decades of dieting I still have thoughts like that!

Yesterday was a bit of a splurge day, though. They had asparagus for 99 cents a pound, and I got a couple of pounds of it. I had most of a pound last night, parboiled (actually I nuked it and cooked it too long), ice bathed, and then baked with butter and parmesan. Sounds wonderful, but it wasn't all that great. Actually, I'm not all that fond of asparagus but I keep thinking that I am - or at least should be. Oh for the days when I was in high school and we would go out and pick asparagus from the irrigation ditches out in the country! We would take paper garbage bags (and they were bigger bags back then) and bring back several bags of the stuff. For free! The irrigation ditches are concrete now, so there's no more asparagus to pick.

So, Sunday I ate:

Breakfast - eggs scrambled in drippings; tea with splenda and gelatin
Lunch - salad - tuna, tomatoes, romaine, dressing
Supper - pork steak; asparagus with butter and parmesan
Evening tea - tea with splenda, gelatin and cream

Total cost of food eaten on Sunday - $4.30

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DIET_FRIEND 2/18/2013 2:40PM

    I like it stirred into a pasta dish, but since you are low-carb, eating pasta is not a choice. It is so good though! This is why I have not decided to go low-carb.

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WOUBBIE 2/18/2013 11:05AM

    I had a bad bad experience with cooked asparagus as a child and can't tolerate even the smell, but I was surprised to find that it tastes great raw in a salad or with a dip!

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Saturday, February 16

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Breakfast - eggs scrambled in lard; tea with tea and splenda
Lunch - turkey salad - turkey, celery, mayo, sunflower seeds, cinnamon
Snack - hardboiled egg with mayo
Supper - pork shoulder roast; stir fry of cabbage, onion, and carrots in dripping
Evening tea - tea with splenda and gelatin

Total cost of food eaten today - $3.06


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