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Rough Day

Monday, June 15, 2009

So, I woke up today feeling fine and was looking forward to going to the gym. We get there and decide to do the core circuit. We find our cards and wait for an employee to set us up. We wait for what seems like forever and then finally one spots us and says "Do you need something?" and I'm thinking "WTF? I'm not standing her for my health. WTF do you think I want?" Instead I just say that we want to get started. So she sets up the first machine for me, I do my set and look around for her because she's supposed to record my reps and stuff and then set it up for Kenny to do his turn. But she's off running her yap to someone. We wait and wait and finally Kenny just sets it up himself. He does his reps and she's still yapping away. I'm pissed and angry at this point and I say screw it. I go upstairs and hop on the treadmill. Today my plan was to run a bit, so I do that... and because I run I can't go as long as usual. So, I'm only on for like 15 mins of walk/run. I'm calmed down by this point.

THEN I get this brilliant idea.... to check my weight. Not to see if I'd lost any... just to get an accurate starting point (because my weight on my tracker hasn't been updated in a LONG time). And well I know that my home scale is off (saying I weigh less than I do) but I had thought it was only off by 10 pounds.... but NO, its off by 20. So, I don't weigh anywhere close to what I thought I did. So, even though I know I didn't GAIN weight.... I had just believed that I had LOST some. Eh. emoticon

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FANTASTIC731 6/15/2009 5:08PM

    hey girl - sorry things didn't go as well at the gym today!

I had paid for a personal trainer for a whole year - needless to say - I went through 3 before I got someone that actually knew/cared about what they were doing.

I even had 1 personal trainer trying to sell me all kinds of supplements & finally one day - attempted to train my daughter & myself at the same time. I finally got sick of the nonsense - went the manager & complained. I got lucky & got a really good trainer to finish out my year. I wish I had him the whole time.

Anyway - yes - CHEWIEKIKI is correct - if what you have is just a person at the gym being "nice" - yeah - that's all you get.

Make sure you look into what you paid for - and if you paid for a trainer - make sure you have one that actually does their job. If you didn't - read up on the machines to make sure you don't wind up hurting yourself.


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CHEWIEKIKI 6/15/2009 3:37PM

    HI -

I'm writing because I noticed you're new to working out in a gym and you seemed frustrated by that employee today. But I used to be a personal trainer, and unless you're going to some special kind of gym, I wonder if you may have the wrong idea...

When someone is new, a trainer generally will take them through a basic workout and show them how to setup the machines. This is usually a free service for new members. But that usually only happens once (maybe 2-3 times if your gym is really nice). They don't typically set up the machine for you (let alone record your numbers, which you can do yourself) every single time. For that, you'd pay for a personal trainer to the tune of $50.

Usually when they have a core circuit type of setup, you just go get your card and do it. Supervision and participation aren't required after the first time because the machines are fairly basic and easy to use.

It sounds to me like she wasn't your dedicated (paid) workout trainer - so she wasn't doing anything wrong by being inattentive to your expectations. If she was what's known as a "floor trainer," then that just means she's there to answer specific questions or to intervene if she sees you about to injure yourself. But with floor trainers, standing around and yapping is kind of normal. (Because generally, they're only paid by clients, so when they're just standing around, they're not getting paid a dime.)

I hope this helps - if you're going to some special kind of full-service gym, then I may be wrong.

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Day Off

Sunday, June 14, 2009

So, I took the day off today. It was pretty nice, just lounging around the house and not rushing around anywhere. I've had a headache all day, so I guess it's good that we had already planned to relax today. I'm not sure if it's from sleeping wrong or if it's from using the gym machine that works out your neck (not sure what it's called)... it's not sore, feels sort of like a cramp in my neck (like when you've slept wrong). So hopefully by tomorrow my headache will be gone and I'll be able to hit the gym as planned.

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FANTASTIC731 6/15/2009 8:59AM

    it's good that you are taking time off - I'm learning you should not be doing circuits every single day - there should be a break in between.

As far as the machine - you should talk to one of the gym people - make sure that you are using it correctly - or look up the machine in the Sparkpeople gym exercises. It's VERY important that you work those machines correctly because you can really hurt yourself easily.

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Still Goin' and Feelin' Good!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

So I went to the gym again today and it being a holiday, my husband and I got to do a lot more stuff and not feel pressed for time. We did the circuit again, this time adding in the core circuit, so we worked our whole body! And I did some time on the bikes, treadmill, elliptical AND a few laps in the pool. I feel really good. My chest is sore from the chest press, but other than that I'm not hurting at all.

So far so good!

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FANTASTIC731 6/13/2009 8:30PM

    WOO HOO - the more I read... the more I like.

GO GIRL... This is all you :)

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Day 2 down

Friday, June 12, 2009

I went back to the gym today and worked up a pretty good sweat, lol. I did a short 7min warmup on the bikes and then 25 minutes on the treadmill. And let me just say, I LOVE THE TV'S!! Each of the upstairs treadmills have a tv with cable. And I think it's the greatest idea ever. I literally kept walking just so I could finish the show I was watching. And I wasn't concentrating on "working" at all. It was great! emoticon

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FANTASTIC731 6/12/2009 2:24PM

    Hee Hee - it's so awesome to read of your "adventures".... it reminds me of myself when I started up too!

Good for you that you are not only working towards a goal - but enjoying every moment. Because remember - it's not a "race" - it's your own personal "journey"... it's how much you want it....


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So, this is what jell-o must feel like...

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Yeah, I just got back from the gym and boy am I TIRED! I didn't do a whole lot there (my husband and I were there about an hour), but I'm really out of shape and I've never EVER been to a gym before, so I didn't want to over do it on the first day. I did the circuit training on the machines and completed the whole thing. Boy are my muscles weak now! Then I did a 7 min warm up on the bikes. So yeah, not much today, but I did good! I worked out and I feel like actually did something for a change. It's great.

Tomorrow, I'm going again but I'm going to only do cardio and maybe hit the pool. Yay!

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FANTASTIC731 6/11/2009 3:30PM

    OMG - I'm soooo thrilled for you!

That is awesome. So very proud/thrilled for you.

And yes - you are correct - don't go at it like crazy - you need to work yourself up to it.

If you look at my fitness tracker from say May 2008... and look at it now - it took that long to make a huge difference. It's like everything else & you are "training" your body to get used to burning it up.


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