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Sunday January 19, 2014

Sunday, January 19, 2014

ahhh...another year arrives. Winter is getting old as usual with the occasional perks of a bit of green peaking up from a dried pot and off and on sunny, mild days. I got through the worst cold spell and was able to supply buckets of warm water to the ponies and heat their food but when the pipes finally froze and thawed the handle popped off the wash bay faucet and left me with a huge unpleasant mess. Just one more unpleasant memory and I have a responsible man to help me sort it all out soon. I am replacing the service faucet and will have him trouble shoot pipes, insulation and drainage etc...
Bright and Kitty are both gimpy. Both are improving. Kitty took a walk around and returned to the apartment to convalesce. He seems to know he is in no shape to meet his nemesis..a dark gray and white intact Tom cat which had been raiding his outside food dish. The trouble seem to be his forearm and perhaps shoulder. Amazingly Disney has been very sweet...he is usually very cranky when he doesn't feel well.
The elderly dogs have me up every 3 to 5 hours through the night for their trips outside. The poodle always comes back post haste but Cheer the Beardie sometimes loses track of time ...upon which I don slippers, hat and coat and armed with a flashlight, seek her out. Usually she is just nosing about the yard, pausing to roll in the dry grass to scratch her back and occasionally send a Woof into the night air. The guineas roosting on the side voice disgust at being awakened.
Tomorrow is a work day so I will be turning in early. I have been getting in more whole foods since I gained back 10 lbs and find the cold, rush and inconveniences of the season rough up my routines.
Some upsides to the present time...I have learned how to do more with my phone...getting better at videos and selfies...and learning how to use the new Smart TV..and loving Netflix.

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CAMSEDGE 1/23/2014 7:01PM

    I am back and balancing the Winter and such and striving to put extra fruit in my work lunch and get to the gym. The foreman for my hay provider has offered to help with my odd jobs around the farm. He also manages part of the two other business's his boss owns. The dogs are old and probably have 1 to 2 years max with good care. While losing sleep and extra duties is a pain I see the patience gained as a blessing and know I will miss them and their funny antics when they are gone. The same holds true for Mom. Sometimes blessings are just not convenient but blessings never the

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PROUD-GRANDMA 1/20/2014 12:48PM

    Welcome back! I missed your blogs!

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4EVERNESS 1/20/2014 5:26AM

    Netflix is cool..used it at one of my daughters when housesitting..You found a responsible man? Responsible for what? He must be young.... :)

I'm afraid that I'd rig up some outside shelter or barn type place for the older dogs, warm but where they can readily get in and out, have a nice blankie and all your food and water are here...? Can't they go curl up with a lamb or something? compassion is lacking a tad when it definitely conflicts with cold.....We do what to have penguins and polar bears on the planet? Or is it to give trees a rest? hmmm

Have a great week! Thanks for the blog!

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NEMETZC 1/19/2014 9:12PM

    One day at a time!! It all balances out.

Hope you have a great week!

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The Day after Christmas

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Laundry finishing. Animals fed. Trailer out. Mom is on her way home from my brother's home. Ready for getting back to normalcy.

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4EVERNESS 1/8/2014 7:13PM

    And since we haven't heard from you in a while..
8&fr=moz35 Hope they brighten your day!! Imagining you thru the fog and rain, going to make sure the lambs are sheltered...

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PROUD-GRANDMA 12/26/2013 5:56PM

    Normal sounds wonderful! I have missed your blogs!

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November 16, 2013

Saturday, November 16, 2013

So far this Fall has been rumbling along in a good rhythm...two sets of white twin lambs. I enlisted my friends at work to come up with names this time. Hansel and Gretel, Sandie and Andy and now I have a colorful ewe lamb out of Patches...half brown, half white, star on the head, a sock and a bolero jacket...bouncy and curious.
Mom is coming up on her 90th birthday and my sister is to arrive from Germany in a couple of days. I am excited and hopeful that the visit will be good. I have not seen her in two years though we talk often. She and my Mom are very similar in temperament so they tend to clash. Hoping they will do better this time. I will be working my usual schedule so they will have time alone together some days. They both like to shop and it is that time of year so maybe that will help.
I bought a new truck which will give me a new level of security. My eldest brother was a gem to go with me. He was able to discuss specifics of engines and features which I was blissfully ignorant of. Getting in and out is a gymnastic exercise as I am 5'2 and the wheels are 22 inch. Mom is buying me a running board for Christmas. At present I do have a step stool but usually just pull myself up. Mom uses the step
Speaking of Mom...she didn't pass her vision test for her drivers license...heartbreaking to see her struggle. I was so thankful to find it was an easy fix. One of the ophthalmologists that I had worked with in the past was able to correct that with Yag laser treatment in one sitting. The membrane which remains after a cataract is removed often times will get cloudy. Puncturing it with laser allows light in which clears the visual field. Mom was ecstatic...and so was I. She passed her eye test and has her drivers license for day and night again.

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CAMSEDGE 12/22/2013 5:54PM

    Ahh...just a few days ago...tailspin of the holidays. I still think about the running board now and then but have adapted well enough. I really enjoy having one vehicle that I don't have to feel concerned about reaching point B from A.
Lambs are doing well. Family and friends are well. Definitely no complaints. I only have one lamb taking up residence in my bathroom for the next month...bottle every 4-6 hrs and lots of laundry.
I occasionally eat almost healthy...just keeping up with the warp drive schedule this time of year and surviving it. See you in 2014

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4EVERNESS 11/17/2013 12:43AM

    Yeah on the running board..But you didn't want a low rider? :) I'm about 5' 8" or 5 81/2...but I had wanted running boards..on like a rolls silver shadow or a dusemberg or excalibur phaeton about 1983...Never worked out..(also, you don't live in a mega excessive extravagance?)

The lambs sound adorable!

As for your friend who has the dog with the japanese sweatband for a profile picture...Are they into the Mutsabishi brand?

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November 1

Friday, November 01, 2013

Good morning. Halloween past...not much activity out our way...dark country road. The town had a celebration downtown and Mom and I went to the gym for a good work out. Bright and sunny out this way...dew glittering and vapors rising from ponds...time change is around the corner.
In the evenings I get a bit amused as Mom's poodle, Bubbles come to get me in the office to lift her into mom's lap on the 13 Bubbles just doesn't have the umph to jump up there anymore...and Mom will call me from the den to fetch her the remote so she doesn't have to get up and disturb her dog. Senior conspiracy.
Flocks...sheep and guineas are both well. Ponies have freshly trimmed hooves and are sound and content. Dogs and cat are happy. Should be a good day.

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KD7IEM 11/5/2013 1:58PM


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PROUD-GRANDMA 11/1/2013 12:25PM

    Sounds like bliss! Have a wonderful day!

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one more note of amusement

Friday, October 25, 2013

If I am going to have to get up every few hours with elderly dogs experiencing degrees of renal and cardiac disease at least I can be entertained by the content of some of my the one where I am so enthralled that I reach out to touch the brush strokes of a masterpiece painting and in horror realize the paint is wet and I begin to smooth it with my finger to make the smudge blend and only make the situation worse...and knowing that there is bound to be a camera recording my major transgression....and then I wake up...thank you dog.

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KD7IEM 11/5/2013 1:59PM

  emoticon emoticon

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LUANN7 10/25/2013 10:17PM

    that's funny!!!yeah for the dogs



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