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Oh what a beautiful morning...

Thursday, November 03, 2011

Earlier this morning I wrote a blog about how darn early 5am is! Phew!

But I couldn't post it.

I'm back from my swim - I did 30 minutes. I had been doing 20 minute swims for a while, but I decided to up the time. Ten minutes more is a lot more calorie burn! And really, ten minutes is really no time at all.

I feel good. I've been cutting down on my breakfast eating... well, all at once, anyway. A typical morning:

Wake up, have coffee and either a small piece of fruit or a bagel/toast
Swim/gym. (teehee, a fun rhyme!)
Come home and have either fruit or toast (whatever I didn't eat before the gym), second cup of coffee.
Go to school.
Have a small yogurt in the morning before I see my kiddos.

This seems to be working out great! I'm not nearly as ravenous when lunch rolls around, and I'm actually eating less at lunch. Wahoo!

I have GOT to get a manicure. My nails look awful.

Tonight I have stretch class - I can get to the gym in the evening much more easily if I go in the morning as well. Weird. So it's either twice or nothing. Ha!

I need to print out my November calendar... have a great day!

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BE-THE-CHANGE 11/4/2011 5:44AM

    Sounds like a good plan!

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BLACK-SWAN 11/3/2011 11:01AM


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    Good morning,Sunshine! You sure wake me up in the a.m with your bright blogs!
Glad that things are coming around for you-I"m trying to get a handle on what goes in my's much easier when I'm not in the house so close to the candy. I was walking yesterday and felt so STRONG and IN CONTROL...then later in the day...BOO!
Great job on early morning gym!that's early. You're drying off while I'm hitting snooze~~

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COOPSM 11/3/2011 8:01AM

    Carrie---you are on a roll...its only trial and error to see what works for you...sounds like youhave it figured out...enjoy stretch tonight...

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REDHEADMOM2U 11/3/2011 7:48AM

    sounds like a winning plan! I always hate to eat more in the am because I like volume at night, but maybe I wouldn't "need" so much if I was full in hte am?

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JOPAPGH 11/3/2011 7:43AM

    Two-fers are good. I think more small meals in the a.m. sounds like a good strategy. You coming to JASR this year?

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NO-excuses NO-vember

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

My biggest excuse (hahah - *biggest*, and I am busting out of my pants) as of late was that Brad was working all the time and it didn't matter if all I ate was Popeye's and Chinese take-out. Well, that excuse doesn't hold water in November. Brad is home so he would smell the fried chicken on my breath.

No more!

I got back on track in October, came to terms with how fat I felt, and I'm ready to take November by storm. November is going to be my friend this month. It will challenge me to not drink too much at an early month wedding (I have a wedding coming up this weekend, and a friend and I decided to get a hotel room for the weekend to have a girls' weekend along with the wedding). November will challenge me to get those grey corduroys looking great again. It will challenge me to lose some chub before Thanksgiving. I will be challenged to drink all my water every day so I don't have the leg cramps that I had last night (HOLY MOLY).

It's already starting out great! My coffee is extra delicious this morning, my bagel toasted without burning, my alarm went off, and I am going to have an AWESOME morning workout. It's a good day.

- drink all my water
- have the strength to say NO to the Halloween candy that will inevitably be on the faculty room table today
- Get a November goal sticker calendar ready!

Have a super day!

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HONBAD 11/2/2011 9:08PM

    Ooh I love the name of this blog!! You can do it! Make this month count towards your health!

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RUNNERRACHEL 11/2/2011 3:04PM

    Great! Sounds like you're on track!


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PSHANKEY 11/1/2011 11:44PM

    You can do it!

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ZORAHGAIL 11/1/2011 2:26PM


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CAMROLA 11/1/2011 12:31PM

    Know your nemesis! You can keep the candy at arm's distance and conquer your goals. LOVE the calendar idea!


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RADIANTSTARR1 11/1/2011 11:27AM

    LOVE THIS!! Great idea and good luck!! Thanks for the inspiration!

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    Great blog title!
The candy will be my nemesis this can only IMAGINE how much is in the house! Pounds and pounds!!!!
So right now breakfast is quinoa with Stevia,berries,ground flax,cinnamon and a splash of milk. My difficult time is midmorning and late afternoon...once I cave in to's all downhill.
So-I hope I can be as strong as you!!! Goals? Yes, I should make some of those. Okay , here's one: DO NOT EAT ALL THE LITTLE ONES' CANDY.(notice the clause word 'ALL').
Wish me luck! emoticon

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MUFFIY831 11/1/2011 8:28AM

    Love it. YOU CAN DO IT!! :)

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WE_PA_FIT 11/1/2011 8:20AM

    Oh I love this!! hope u don't mind i'm stealing the No-Excuses No-vember theme, cause I NEED it!!

I too need to STAY AWAT from hallooeen candy.. I had one treat too many in October.

u r off to a great start, hope ur week stays on track!!!

emoticon emoticon emoticon

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BE-THE-CHANGE 11/1/2011 5:54AM

    Step away from the candy and have an awesome day!


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Monday, October 31, 2011

So it's the end of the month. In October I acknowledged that I gained some weight and stopped blaming it on my clothes shrinking. I also got my honey back - he's not working right now, and it's wonderful. He's taking care of me, taking care of himself, and I feel like I'm getting back on track with my working out and nutrition.

Today I went for a great swim, and tomorrow morning I'm looking to spend some more quality time at the gym.

Not much else for now... Brad is waiting to use the computer. I'm going to think about some November goals while I take a hot bath.

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HIKETOHEIGHTS 11/1/2011 10:43PM


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BE-THE-CHANGE 11/1/2011 5:41AM

    Here's to a great November!

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CASSIOEPIA 10/31/2011 11:57PM

    Spooky will be left in your dust. Bring on November!

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CAMROLA 10/31/2011 11:41PM

    Sounds like its going to be a great month--you're focused and ready!


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LYNNANN43 10/31/2011 11:38PM

    Sounds like you are ready to ROCK November!

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PILLOWFOOL 10/31/2011 11:22PM

    sounds like an awesome way to get started!

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Square One

Sunday, October 30, 2011

This week I will:

Drink all my water every day.
Go to the gym before school, even if it means I have to go again after school to make it to yoga or stretch.
Track/write down all my food. Those treats at school add up!
Treat myself kindly.
Read motivating books and articles to keep me on track.
Remember to enjoy all good things in moderation. I will savor my wine instead of gulping it down. I will only eat treats that are REALLY delicious.


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SOUTHGOINGZAX 10/31/2011 6:46PM

    Hi Carrie

This is a tough time of year for me, too - I just....get lazy, I guess. Anyway, I was feeling kind of down, so I stopped by your page because you have such a great attitude, you always cheer me up. Thanks for being so awesome!

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RUNNINGWILD 10/30/2011 7:29PM

    On November 1, I'm putting my spark back to stage 1. Want to join me?

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SEPPIESUSAN 10/30/2011 6:16PM

    Impressive that you might go to the gym twice in one day! Your goals are great. I need to do some motivational reading - it really helps me get myself back on track.

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BE-THE-CHANGE 10/30/2011 5:49PM


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It's a Fat Day.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

So over the summer and the fall, I've put on about 5-10 pounds (depending on the day). It doesn't sound *so* bad, but it's just enough to make my pants uncomfortable, my self-esteem much lower, and my mood pretty crappy. Especially today. I put on a pair of pants that used to be almost too big, and they are no longer anywhere CLOSE to being too big. Ugh. 5-10 pounds?!?!? WTH

So anyway, I snapped at Brad this morning because I felt fat. I blamed it on the computer, but then I ended up telling him I felt fat. So the wonderful man that he is, he told me that he was going to take care of me and that he would make me dinner tonight instead of us going out to eat.

And I also feel bad because I didn't go to the gym yesterday, and I didn't go this morning. So I'm going after school today for a little run.

So here are some good things:

My sleep has been FANTASTIC.

Brad has been packing me really good, healthy lunches to take to school.

I am narrowing down my ideas for my future career path. I've been doing a lot of thinking about this, and I think I'd like to go further into early childhood education.

Off to an early faculty meeting... our superintendent is going to be there, so I want to make sure I'm early!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

RUNNERRACHEL 10/30/2011 12:58PM

    Yeah, I understand. Sorry to hear that.

It's a cycle. We don't feel good so we are crabby and then don't feel motivated to do things that would make us feel better.

When you're feeling low, do something good for yourself.

Don't beat yourself up for those 5-10 pounds. They'll be gone before you know it. Just focus on feeling good and doing kind things for yourself and taking care of yourself. Sounds like Brad is being very supportive. That's so great to have that kind of support!


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MARIAGRACE111 10/27/2011 1:30PM

    Boo for fat days.
Hooray for an awesome hubby, great sleep, healthy lunches, and a clearer vision of your future!
Those pounds will drop off soon enough. In the meantime, wear what you feel best in. If anything, those pants will be a good measurement tool. Make it a great day!

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CAMROLA 10/27/2011 11:59AM

    I'm in the same boat, and it IS frustrating, and it DOES affect how we see other things. What I love is that you acknowledge it, are taking steps to get back on track, and finding positives elsewhere, because it's ALL related. You ARE doing well and will get back on track and have great support system and so many positive things to look ahead to--I'd call that a PHAT day, given it's changed in tune already!


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JUDYFRANCE 10/27/2011 9:03AM

    I can relate. I've done the same thing since my hysterectomy last Feb. I've been ever-so-slowly watching the scale rise. Regardless of my eating habits and the fact that I go to the gym and do vigorous workouts almost every day. I'm so frustrated I can't even find the motivation to blog about it!

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LALAFLOWERS 10/27/2011 8:29AM

    You know that on most people 10lbs is a pants size... right? No wonder you're not feeling it.. when your clothes don't fit well, you don't feel you look good. So, you get down about it.. look for ways to cheer your self up, and when that backfires... you know the circle.

I'm glad you could be honest about why you snapped... that's a hard one to admit to. I know you'll get back on track, and do great. Snacks at school, and good meals will help you along the way back to fitting your clothes.


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CHEPRBYTHEDOZN 10/27/2011 7:26AM

    Poor Carrie!!! I TOTALLY hear you on the '5-10' lbs...My Wii said only 3.3 since the last time I was on...that was at the beginning of the school year.
So, don't be hard on yourself-you know what to do AND a huge bonus is that lovin' man of yours~that is soooo sweet of him!You are very blessed.
Have an awesome day,Carrie!!!

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