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The sun came out today!

Monday, August 27, 2012

So today was a pretty good day. I did my swim (and I'm now absolutely exhausted!), I went to lunch with a couple girlfriends, and I had a wonderful salad for dinner. I got some books from the library about not working - I am finding that the more I get out of my little bubble, the better I am. I was worried about lunch today - I went with the phys ed teacher from my old school and a para who was also laid off. I was afraid I'd be a total emotional wreck, but it was actually really good for me to go. It helped to kind of see that the world is going to go on, and things will work out the way they are going to.

There is also cautiously exciting news - I think I may have found a compromise for renting our house. Hubs wanted to rent it out ourselves, but I thought we should hire someone to do it. It's expensive to hire someone to do that, so I asked our realtor if we found someone if we could use her services for the credit check and leasing forms, etc. She got back to me that there is a 50% discount if that happens. I think this might be the way we go. Cross your fingers that I can convince the hubs!

The other (cautiously!) exciting news is that i got an e-mail from a job I applied for - my application status has been changed to "under consideration." It is for an elementary music teacher position at a non-profit charter school in Philadelphia for low-income students. Keep your fingers crossed for an interview!

So today was a better day than most of my days have been lately. I didn't feel sad about my job situation, and I managed to sneak in a nap. Tomorrow I am going on a bike ride with my dad, and then to a chiropractor appointment in the evening. And I even drank all my water today!

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TIGGER622 9/4/2012 4:53AM

    OMG have I been behind!!! It sounds like things are moving forward for you!!! YAY!!! You sound upbeat and good!!! YAY!!! This is such a roller coaster, we just gotta hang in there!!! Keep us posted on that phili job, fingers crossed!!! HUGS!!!

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SEPPIESUSAN 8/27/2012 9:34PM

    Good luck with the job search!

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RUNNERRACHEL 8/27/2012 8:59PM

    Glad to hear you are feeling better!

Hope that the charter works out! That sounds like it could be a good one!

Keep up the great work and getting out there. emoticon

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CFMOSS 8/27/2012 8:42PM

    More hugs!

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Back-to-School, go away!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

I am having a really rough time with this no-job thing. I think right now it's mostly due to all the "back-to-school" stuff that's happening right now. And today I filed my first unemployment claim. I've never had to really be super-careful with my money (although I usually have been) but now I have to watch where every penny goes. The change of lifestyle thing is a tough pill for me to swallow.

This weekend I finally got myself to the gym, though. I haven't been as diligent about my workouts, partly because my schedule has been a total nightmare. I've been going to bed super late, sleeping in, and basically sitting around like a lump. And while I *know* that doing a workout would do wonders for my mood, sometimes I just can't bring myself to get up off the couch. I'm hoping that as the beginning of the school year fades away I won't have to think about it so much.

Drinking all my water every day has been a bit of a struggle, but I actually felt compelled to fill up my bottle right before I typed this sentence. I suppose I need to get back to Sparking regularly so I can keep myself accountable. Sparking has actually helped me - rather than stress-eat, I just get stress-lazy. So despite the lack of working out, I haven't really gained any weight.

But it's not all depressing and sad... it just helps me to get it all out there. So here goes - the bright side.

emoticon My hubs has been SO amazing during this time. He's putting up with my mood swings, my whining, my laziness, my snapping... I love him.

emoticon My friends, near and far, have been so supportive. It really helps to know I'm not in this alone.

emoticon I had a really great summer. I went on a road trip and it was a much needed break from all this. I did two triathlons, and I'm gearing up to do a third in just a few weeks.

emoticon emoticon emoticon While I'm not training as much as I should be, I have my next triathlon in my mind and I'm not *totally* slacking off. I've been doing the running, doing the swimming... I just need to get back into a biking schedule. I'm meeting my dad for a bike ride later this week. It will be nice to be on the bike.

emoticon I dusted off the Photoshop book last night, got out the camera, and took some pictures. I have to keep reminding myself of something a good friend once told me - something like "if you lose your job, it will give you the opportunity to do something you never thought you could." And it's true - I have the opportunity to take more pictures, to do more artwork, and to do more traveling (even if it's just a short little trip to a nearby park). I have all the time in the world to train for events, and I have the chance to really focus on some personal goals.

It's a popcorn kind of night (no, Rookies, not *that* kind. the kind you eat. I am home alone right now.) - I love this time of year. The nights are cool enough to throw on a sweatshirt...

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BILLALEX70 8/27/2012 12:40PM

    Popcorn = emoticon

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SEPPIESUSAN 8/27/2012 10:50AM

    Wow, three triathlons! You don't sound lazy to me! I know it must be tough this time of year, but I'm glad you're finding things you enjoy doing and have a great hubby and supportive friends.

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LAURELSPARK 8/27/2012 9:29AM

    Attitude is everything and it sounds like you're trying to remain positive. Good luck!

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RUNNINGWILD 8/26/2012 11:43PM

    I love the latest photo in your blog. Keep snappin'!
And get yer dang tooshie to the gym or I'ma gonna emoticon

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HEALTHYASHLEY 8/26/2012 10:29PM

    It is hard to not have a job and a place to go but I have enjoyed getting away from the grind of a 9-5. Good for you for finding joy in the things you didn't have time for before.

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DRAGONCHILDE 8/26/2012 9:21PM

    Good on you for keeping such a positive outlook. I know it's hard, especially when life seems to keep kicking you in the teeth, but the end result is worth it.

Hang in there.

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PATSYB7 8/26/2012 8:21PM

    Change is hard--hang in there. You've got all the tools for success. I hope you post some of your pics. I love photography, too. This could, indeed, be an unforeseen opportunity for you! Good luck.

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Road trip: then and now.

Monday, August 20, 2012

So I'm back from my road trip! We had a really good time - the weather was PERFECT and the food was delicious. Somehow I managed to only be up about 2.5 pounds despite all the fried Southern food I ate and all the delicious drinks I had. I didn't take a ton of pictures this time, but I did get a few. I really wanted some of me to compare to the last time I took a road trip!

Here's a "before" road trip:

This is in Savannah this year:

And this one is from EPCOT - check out the back muscles!


This is my friend and I standing together in 2008:

And from this year:

I'm really excited to look at the pictures from this year. The 2008 pictures were really the impetus for me to start a serious weight-loss program. I remember how uncomfortably tight my clothes were, and I remember how awful I felt about how the pictures looked. I met an old friend for dinner in Florida (I hadn't seen her since our first year of college - we roomed together and had an awful falling out) and she commented on how great I looked. We had a WONderful dinner, and I plan to go visit again sometime this fall.

It's time to have some fruit salad and mango sorbet...

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BILLALEX70 8/26/2012 6:27PM


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SEPPIESUSAN 8/20/2012 10:18PM

    You look great!

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    Beautiful pictures! Pictures sure do show alot and are great motivators. You've done a great job the past 4 yrs and I'm proud of you!!!

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JANETTEB553 8/20/2012 8:30PM

    Great blog emoticon

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What a difference four years makes!

Thursday, August 09, 2012

Tomorrow I'm going on a week-long road trip with my best friend. I'm super excited! I haven't been on a real vacation in over a year. The last time I went on a road trip with my friend was in 2008, before I found Spark People. This is a picture from that trip:

I remember being horrified when I saw the pictures from that trip. I couldn't believe I was so overweight. But this year, my pictures will be better! This is a recent one:

I'm with my mom before the Tough Mudder this past April.

So I'm feeling good. I am packing today, and I even made room for my running gear! I have three days of running to get in - I mapped out running routes, and there's even a path at the hotel in Florida! I'm ready. It's funny what I'm thinking about as I'm getting ready today - on the last road trip, I remember us eating a whole bag of Cheetos on one leg of the drive. We ate so many snacks in the car! This time, I have snacks, but they are not Cheetos. Water, mixed nuts (pistachio lovers - mmmm!), cherries, and some pretzel shells (I know they're not really healthy, but pretzel shells! The best part of the pretzel!).

This morning I got on the scale and was pleasantly surprised. Since November, I've lost 12 pounds. Most of that is weight that crept on last summer, but I haven't seen this weight in about a year. Hurrah! While I don't want to get too crazy with counting my calories on my trip, I'm already thinking about ways I can keep myself in check.

- breakfast: there is no need for me to eat muffins and junk at breakfast. I can have that anywhere. Now, if there are homemade biscuits and gravy, that might be a different story.
- car snacks: I don't know why I ever thought I needed a gazillion snacks in the car, I don't need them when I'm *not* on a road trip!
- water: I bought a big case of water to take along. It's going to be hot, so lots and lots of water.
- my bathing suit: I bought a white triangle-top bikini (eek!) for my trip since we're going to be beaching it up quite a bit, and sitting around the pool. Won't look very nice if I stuff my face with nastiness.
- working out: I am determined to keep on schedule for my half marathon training. I have three scheduled runs during my trip. None of them are too long, so I should have no problem getting them done.

Time to get packing!

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YOUNGNSMYLIE 8/15/2012 6:04PM

    You look awesome! Have a great road trip. emoticon

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CELIAMINER 8/9/2012 8:13PM

    Very inspiring!!

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RUNNINGWILD 8/9/2012 7:13PM

    Rock that bikini!!
I love the list you made. You're right about the car snacks. I'm so guilty of that. Even now when I know better.
Have a great time!

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CAMROLA 8/9/2012 6:47PM

    You inspire me! I see the difference, especially in your smile--that says so much about how you've changed outside, but inside, too. Be proud of your progress--you've rocked it!


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    woohoo!!! fabulous plans and knock 'em out with that bikini....(Brad might just jump into the car trunk to keep his eye on you,Girl! He won't want anybody grabbing you up.) LOL!!!! Have a great trip!!

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DRAGONCHILDE 8/9/2012 12:20PM

    You look like a completely different person. And I bet you feel like one! I can't wait to see your trip pictures with the new you. :)

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SEPPIESUSAN 8/9/2012 11:58AM

    You've made great changes since 2008! Solid plan. Have a great trip!

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IMAVISION 8/9/2012 11:58AM

    emoticon Looking good! emoticon

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So far so good...

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I've been trying really hard to focus on one week at a time as far as working out. I get easily overwhelmed and cope with it by shutting down and not doing *anything*. So my workout calendar only has one week at a time filled in, and whenever I feel myself looking too far into the future, I remind myself that I have to get through today before I move on.

So it's been working so far! I've given myself a daily goal of "getting in my scheduled workout" and so far, so good! Since I'm not looking to what I'm doing *tomorrow*, I can focus on getting today taken care of.

I woke up from a nap yesterday with an awful back pain, and it hurt all the way through the day. I had a horrible night's sleep, so I didn't get in my morning run (not really an excuse, I could hardly move). As the day progressed and I loosened up, my back started feeling better. I was scheduled to do a swim and go to yoga tonight - I made the executive decision to run instead of swim (to give my shoulders/upper back a rest) and do my run instead. I consider it a success - got in my two miles and did my yoga class. My back actually feels a lot better after yoga - I really paid attention to it so I didn't strain it too much, and the stretching felt good.

There's good news! I have a job interview on Friday! It's for an elementary teaching position. I am very excited - any kind of progress is good for the ego. I can only imagine how many applications/resumes come in for a music position - with all the cuts, positions are getting fewer and fewer. The next few days I have to gather my materials and practice some piano.

Tonight - sit on the couch with a glass of wine and watch some Olympics action!

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EATNBOOGERS 8/1/2012 2:53PM

    That's a really good plan--so smart! Big congrats on seeing what was going on and changing it.

I'll keep my fingers crossed about the interview! Woo hoo!

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TBARBOUR0322 7/31/2012 7:44PM

    Congrats on your job interview!

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