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Swimming blind

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Last night I took a nap after dinner, before the gym (it's a weird nap time, but it happens often). I slept in my contacts (bad idea) so I took them out to go to the gym. I was going swimming, so it didn't really matter if I could see or not. Since I couldn't see last night, I got some of the best swimming in that I ever have! I was not fixated on the clock, not watching what everyone else was doing (for goodness sakes I couldn't even tell what lane people were in without my glasses!), and I really concentrated on pushing myself. I think I may have to swim that way from now on. is forecasting t-storms this afternoon; I was going to try to get some good outdoor running in, but I may have to go to the treadmill. That may be better anyway; I'd like to do a 5K on the treadmill and experiment with some paces so I can improve my time and stamina at Saturday's race.
last night my fiance told me again how proud he is of me for everything that I've done. That comment alone makes me want to put down the ice cream and work even harder.
End note - I LOVE this experiment I'm doing by not weighing myself this month. It has been so wonderful seeing how much my body is changing (new muscles! shadows on my tummy! a rib in the back (which is a good thing)! Bingo arms going away! neck tightening up!) without getting (too) upset about what the scale tells me. I will have to do this again in the future.
Happy Thursday.

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KAYAKID 5/28/2009 10:44AM

    Way to go with the swimming. I love swimming. I like to go to YMCA and swim the pool at the club is nice but a little small. I too can't see the clock because I wear glasses(I don't wear glasses while swimming) and can't see that far. good luck to you this weekend!!! we will talk on sunday and share our experiences.

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EATNBOOGERS 5/28/2009 8:34AM

    Very interesting! (re swimming blind)

Maybe you need a HRM/digital watch/timer thingy that helps you keep track of your pace? And I'll say it again (tell me to stop if I'm annoying you)... intervals have been the best thing for me for improving my *overall* pace. The way I do intervals... I have about a 1/2 mi-1 mi warm-up (can be walking or slow running), then I run as fast as I can (at a steady pace for the length of the interval, knowing that I have *more* intervals ahead) for a specific length of time. Slow jogging (to recovery or about a minute), then repeat. I started with 1 min fast running intervals, about 4 of them. I've worked up to about 2 min x 9 (boy, 2 min is more than twice as hard as 1 min). At the end, same cool-down as the warm-up.

I hear you on the not weighing as frequently. Somehow, I'm more focused on the big picture--the ongoing fitness, not just *this week*.

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COFFEEMOM79 5/28/2009 7:44AM

    Good for you! Good luck with your race, and that's a great idea about swimming "blind". I can relate about how easy it is to get a little "bored" with swimming or a little intimidated by other swimmers around you. I'm not the best swimmer in the world, but if I could get in the pool and swim laps, I would.
Keep it up!!
I'm going to try not weighing myself for a month too. ;)

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A quickie for Tuesday

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Don't have too much to say tonight... went to the gym and did a great upper body workout and some core stuff, and did an easy run. Drank all my water today and then some. Scrambled egg whites with hot sauce and and an English muffin for breakfast. It was the perfect breakfast.
Tomorrow I'm going to do some swimming. The pool at my gym was closed for maintenance but now it's open. yay! I missed swimming, and my foot needs a break. The good news is that my foot is not getting worse; I am icing it and wrapping it like crazy. Feels much better.
Off to bed. I am sleepy and I have an early meeting tomorrow.

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KAYAKID 5/26/2009 11:23PM

    We kind of did the same thing at the gym today. No running for me though. I did 60 minutes of elipitcal. core work and St. sound familiar. What is your plan the rest of the week. I am going to do a slow run tomorrow about 3 miles and do core and st on thursday upper body only. Friday rest except for work. good luck to you!!!

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Tortoise and Hare 5K Day

Monday, May 25, 2009

My time today was 32:19. Not bad, but I was really hoping to beat my last time of 31:35. Today's course was hilly and it was HOT. Four of us ran today, not all together (we have very different times). Sometimes it's frustrating to run "with" people who are much faster. To hear about their times of 22:00 and 24:00 is hard when I am just happy to run the whole 5K. BUT, I have only been running since the end of March. I never ran before, ever! So I keep thinking of how far I've come since then, and am happy with my progress.
Some things I've learned:
I need to drink caffeinated coffee before I run. All I had today was decaf, and now I have a gigantic headache.
I need to NOT do lower body weight training in the 4 or 5 days before I race. I think it was Saturday (maybe Friday?) that I did some lower body stuff, and my hamstrings were hurting a lot today before the race, even though I have been stretching them all weekend.
Getting a new watch was a really good thing for me. I didn't have my trainer today, so I had to go by what *I* was doing. My first mile was a 9:40 mile with a hill, so I was pretty happy with that.
I can't get lazy on the training. I didn't run a lot at all this past week because I was getting my foot feeling better. Also, I haven't had a car to get anywhere to run (yes, I have to drive somewhere to run). But aside from these excuses, I think that I kind of treated it like "oh, well I ran one, so now I can run another" and slacked on the training. I asked one of the girls today how much she ran during the week, and it was 4-5 days. She runs more than 3 miles at a shot to get used to the 5K distance; I have to seriously think about my goals and decide how I am going to get my mileage in each week. If I decide to run the half marathon in November (I think I really want to) then I need to make time for running in my schedule.
I drank too much coffee and water before the race.
I really enjoy the feeling of crossing the finish line. As much as it sucks at times during the race, I love crossing the line and having everyone cheering for you. I think the cheering from strangers motivates me more than the cheering from people I know. Weird? I don't know... but it seems like everyone is pulling for everyone else. I love it.
I *really* enjoy the feeling of being fit. I look at everyone at the races and how fit they look, and I think "wow, I *am* one of those people. I don't feel out of place, I don't feel fat. I feel fit. It's amazing that I feel better about myself among very trim runners than I do around slim people in non-running situations (i.e. walking around the city, going to the mall, etc.).

My wonderful fiance went out to get us some coffee so I can stop moping around with my headache. We are grilling tonight and I think I'll go to bed early. It has been such a relaxing weekend.

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KAYAKID 5/26/2009 10:54AM

    Your Awesome, You did it!!! I love your plan to do more. we are in the same place in our progress. I have been running for about a year, but I have gotton serious about since joining spark. I have been a member since mid march and I am looking at running my second 5k this weekend. I will be looking for much support from the crowd on this 5k. 150,000 people is the crowd. We run before a major west coat parade. they encourage runners to dress in costume, but I think I will dress as a long distance runner. hehe I have put on my schedule 5 more races this year before october. 2 more 5k 2 10k and in october a 15k around a lake. Wishing you all the luck you need. Have a great day and the training will come together for you.

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TABBALOOSA 5/25/2009 8:12PM

    Wow! That's just awesome! Congrats! Love your neat analysis of things, too. Hope your headache's all better now.

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EATNBOOGERS 5/25/2009 7:57PM

    Hey dude, I was the "fast" runner today, and I hope I was more gracious than your companions (not a peep from me about time, and I reminded her a couple of times that she needed to set the pace).

I think you are doing *awesome* with running. By the way, I read in the NY Times an interesting article that basically said that coffee before a race is a good thing (makes you run faster).

Re mileage, training, etc... There are lots of schools of thought on all this. I run 3-4x/week, but during the last month, that's been 18-20 mi/wk. You don't *have* to run every day... cross-training on the "off days" is "active recovery" and it spares your feet. There are all kind of books on running, but I've found articles on web sites (like,,, etc) to be more condensed. If you *do* decide to go for a half, think about starting to do different kinds of training days. I do an interval day each week, and I try to work in a regular longer run, tempo runs, and an occasional hill run. They're all good for increasing fitness, speed, endurance and keeping you from getting bored.

I love the cheering from strangers. Maybe it's because I see the Bolder Boulder as one big party, maybe it's because the pressure of a time goal was off, but I loved the whooping it up. ;-)

I know what you mean about feeling fit. Today, I thought about how even though I wasn't running the pace I wanted, we were *still* faster than last year and the year before.

Glad you had a great race!

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LYNNOTT 5/25/2009 3:38PM

    Congrats on running the 5K race! I think you did just fantastic, especially if you just started running in March. Kudos to you!

Best wishes on your weight loss journey,

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Saturday stuff

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Well it's been a stressful couple of days.
Here are some good things.
We have three cars, so even though my car is at the shop, I was able to go grocery shopping and get some stuff done today.
My mechanic is absolutely wonderful, and I can pick up my car in the morning and send him a check, since he won't be in tomorrow.
My fiance is going to help me pay for my car; it's the first time that we have ever put money together for this big an amount. Even though we have been together for over five years, I feel like this is a big step towards our future. We are putting finances together to work towards our life goals.
This afternoon I went to the gym and did some lower body work. It is SOOOO nice to get back to the gym. Ran a little bit; mostly speed intervals and easy jogging to get ready for Monday's 5K.
Philadelphia Half-Marathon in November? Still thinking about that one. It's either that or the 8K. I guess it depends on how much training I get in over the summer and how my next few short races go.
Dinner tonight was scrambled egg whites, veggies, a little parmesan, and Tapatio hot sauce. YUM. Got a whole lot of protein, something I have been lacking as of late. Dessert was all-natural vanilla ice cream with a banana and honey. I've decided that natural food is more of a draw for me than low-fat. I was all ready to buy some frozen yogurt today and then I read the ingredient list. Yuck. I went with the all-natural ice cream, even though it has more calories. In the long run, I think that it will be better for me especially since I even managed to measure out the serving.
Tomorrow is "Farm Frolic," where I am going to get to hold a bunch of baby animals and do some Hay Jumping, whatever that may be.
Now, it's off to a small glass of wine and some TV, maybe do one more load of laundry.

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EATNBOOGERS 5/23/2009 9:32PM

    It's always a good thing to count our blessings.

It's good to have financial cooperation. While my husband and I definitely have our differences, we have remarkably close agreement on finances, and it has gotten us through a lot.

I'm still thinking about a half, too. (But leaning against it.) If you train for one, I'll pay very close attention to your experiences... :_)

I like "natural" way more than "low fat". I stay away from the bad fat (trans fat, saturated fat) as much as I can, but when I track my cals, I get 20-30% of my calories (generally right at 25%) from fat. I'm not shy about olive oil, avocados, and nuts. I agree that measuring and savoring is a good strategy, so thumbs up there!

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And the saga continues...

Friday, May 22, 2009

Well there is good news and bad news. The bad news is that I still do not have a car. the good news is that my wonderful mechanic figured out what was wrong and is going to fix it tomorrow. The bad news is that my water pump and timing belt need to be replaced, so it won't be a cheap day. The good news is that my wonderful mechanic reassured me that yes, the garage should have told me that my car overheated on the test drive so that it could be taken care of right away. So I hope that this is the end of the car drama. I can't afford any more. This whole debacle is going to end up costing me close to $1000 when all is said and done. This *really* makes me want to move to a place where I do not have to own a car. I could really use this money for something better... like a vacation or some new Birkenstocks.
I got to the gym tonight (YAY!). The pool was still closed (boo) and I didn't know until I got there. I wore my swim suit there, but luckily I decided to wear my sneaks so I got in a little stationary bike and some upper body stuff. It felt SO good to get back into the gym. Tomorrow is going to be another good day; I'll get to the park and do a little light running to prepare for Monday's 5K.
Weigh-in update: I lost .5 pounds. In a month. Bleh. I am a little disappointed with the small number, but I did some good running and improved in that area of fitness. School is almost out, and then I can really concentrate on working towards my fitness and weight-loss goals. It's soon time for me to do some summer singing, which I love. It keeps me involved in my career, music, but it gets me away from the kids and into "grown-up" music. On June 14th I will be singing at Lincoln Center. We are performing Mozart's Requiem. It is so good and I am so excited. Hoo-ray for grown up stuff.
Happy Friday! Hoo-ray for the long weekend!

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EATNBOOGERS 5/22/2009 10:23PM

    See, this is part of reason I don't like cars. Unexpected financial pain, plus leaving one stranded. So sorry.

Yea for gym. Yea for 5K on Monday!

The scale... see, you were feeling good, your pants have been giving you a good report, and then the scale doesn't reinforce that. Ug on the scale. Just keep doing the good stuff, and don't worry about the scale.

Do you mean *the* Lincoln Center??? I am impressed!

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