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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I have been patiently waiting since the beginning of July so I could officially enter that 25th pound lost. I've been .4 pounds away since July 3rd. Tonight I weighed myself and WAHOO it's a full 25 pounds since I started Sparking! What a great feeling. Even though it's less than 1/2 a pound, it's better than nothing, and it's certainly better than gaining. It's also just the little bump I needed to reassure me that I'm progressing toward my goals. (I know that weight is not the most important thing, but it's so much easier to tell that to other people than to keep it in mind for myself!)
Tonight I went to the pool and did 1/2 an hour of easy laps. It was a good time for me to do some thinking and burn some calories. My knee has been bothering me, too, so it was a good chance to rest it from running. Running club is tomorrow night, so I'm going to really pay attention to my knee and see if it feels any better. I may have to take few days off from running so it can get better. (My penguin running buddy is going to be on vacation next week anyway, and I'm a little nervous about going without him. I'm afraid that I will be holding someone back! It would be a perfect time to rest my knee while he's away. We'll see.)
This morning we had bacon and blueberry pancakes. Yum! But SO not healthy. I did, however, compensate the rest of the day and ate kind of light. Tonight I made some Mexican-style soup with some things we had in the fridge. It was SO good. A little hot for soup, but it's so low-calorie and delicious that I didn't really mind standing over the hot stove. And now I have lunch for tomorrow.

This part might be a little long, but I have to put it out here.
My mom started Jenny Craig. For about the 100th time. I wish I could support it more, but I think that eating all those salty boxed foods are just not good for her. She called me tonight to tell me she lost 11 pounds so far. I congratulated her on the loss, and I brought up something about making sure she can do what she's doing for the rest of her life. It's a pattern I've seen a lot over the years while growing up; she goes on some "quick fix" diet and loses 20 pounds or so, and then soon it creeps back up. The Jenny Craig food would come back into the house, or the Weight Watchers material would show up on the counter, and then the cycle would start all over again. I've tried the Grapefruit Diet, the Soup Diet, and a million other diets with her. So I guess the point of this may be that i wish I could be happier for her, but I have seen this cycle so many times that I can't tell if this is going to stick or not. Does that make me a bad daughter?
Well, off to think and have a little sweet and decaf.

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PINKCOCONUT 8/20/2009 3:47PM

    Way to lose 25lbs! WOO!!!

And I agree, it's hard to watch loved ones give in to the fad diets we used to give in to. But the good thing is that YOU are also an inspiration and hopefully, she'll realize she can turn to how you did it to change her lifestyle!

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NOVEMBERSUN 8/20/2009 2:18AM

    WOW 25!!! Congrats!!!

I've thought the same thing about the Jenny Craig and Nutrisystem deals. It's only temporary, eventually you have to start eating real food again and then what? Don't beat yourself up for everything you've learned on here. Did you suggest this site to her? Maybe it could be her first step! :) Good luck on your continued goals!

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LSHAPPELL 8/19/2009 9:36PM

  Congratulations on your 25th!

You are not a bad daughter, just a concerned one. I am lucky, my mom (74 years old) has been a role model when it comes to health. She has been walking and working out at a gym for many years. This has really helped to keep her young, even at 74.

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KAYAKID 8/19/2009 8:11PM

    Carrie, We know that spark people works - because we are living proof ot it. the problem with those fad diets is that once you lose weight and yes you do lose it quickly - It doesn't stay off because we don't change - In order to make it work you have to change your eating habits and eat better and exercise. Spark people works because you lose it slowly and it stays off because we are exercising and toning up at the same time we are losing weight. You are doing so good! keep it up.


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LEALOWE 8/19/2009 7:38PM

    No, it doesn't make you a bad daughter, just a concerned one.

I am so proud of you for hanging in there waiting for that last half pound. I've been sparking for 2 1/2 weeks and I've already been impatient over my slow weight loss. To stay positive since July is awesome.

Most of my friends are on the HGC diet and they're losing like crazy. But I'm trying to change my lifestyle and get healthy and not just thin. Although thin is definitely a goal.

Thanks for sharing and good luck with your goals


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Totally refreshed!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Well it was bound to happen... the enthusiasm I had when I started Sparking in January has returned. I set new goals for myself, and I've been meeting those goals! One of the big differences, however, is that I'm not so concerned about my weight. The fitness and nutrition goals are more important to me.
My running has improved, my arms are finally getting smaller, and my energy is up again.
Tonight was a "short" 4.6 mile run. It was hot and humid, but I did it. And I actually felt good! My breathing felt even and my pace felt a little quicker and smoother than it did 2 or 3 weeks ago. I'm actually looking forward to my 5K at the end of the month!
I took some time this weekend to re-assess my commitment to living more simply. I feel like I was getting caught up in buying new things to fit my new body that I lost sight of what is truly important to me. Today I thought that instead of buying another running shirt, I would buy a new pair of running shoes (which i *really* need more than another shirt). I'll just have to do laundry more often - not the end of the world. It's really amazing to me how much less "stuff" I need now that I have more self-confidence. All the stuff was just hiding how I felt about myself. I'm now proud of ME and not the junk I have.
This is getting a little deep. Time to retire to the couch with some ice for my knee, a glass of water, and some blueberries in milk.

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ETTEZEUS 8/18/2009 10:02PM

    Great job on setting new goals and renewing the enthusiasm!

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KAYAKID 8/18/2009 9:39PM

    Carrie, Congrats on your new attitude - I love it and it will get you to the next rung in your journey. I watch the weight but I am more concerned about my next run or workout and eating right. It is starting to click for you. Great job and thanks for your encouraging words all the time. they are appreciated so much! even penquins can run! LOL

Have a good Wednesday!

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PINKCOCONUT 8/18/2009 8:46PM

    Awesome, awesome, awesome!!!! That's the perfect attitude to have! Keep it up and congrats on running in this heat! I am taking some well deserved no-running-in-the-humidity time off for the week!

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Yikes! and, Wahoo!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Last night we had a nice dinner at home... which included some steak, wine, and Ben and Jerry's. I know that I went a little crazy, but I entered in my food anyway. Yikes. Today was going to be my total rest day, but I knew that sitting around was not going to work with how I ate last night. So I went swimming this morning. Nothing strenuous, but just a light workout of laps. I am SO glad I went!
Today I've been B&J detoxing with lots of water and fresh fruit and veg. I made the decision to eat what I did yesterday, so now I have to live with that decision and balance it out today.
Today when I put on my shirt, I thought "hm, do my arms look smaller?" I measure, and lo and behold, they *are* smaller! Wahoo! I have been doing so much swimming and upper body stuff; I was wondering when the heck I would notice a difference. It was just all of sudden, too. Not like "well, my arms look .1 of an inch smaller today." Weird how that happens.
Got some stuff done around the house today... moved the birdfeeder, changed the outside light by the basement that has been out since we moved in last August, bought some hedge clippers to cut the obnoxious bush in the front of the house... It's really hot outside, though, so I think the cutting will have to wait until later.
Tonight is Mexican night - some chicken mole in roasted red peppers. YUM. Blueberries for dessert.
I think it might be time for a nap...


Sunday morning crazy run

Sunday, August 16, 2009

I have really upped my weekly running miles now that I started running with the local running club. Last week I was at about 17! Wahoo!
Yesterday was a long run - about 5.75 miles. Phew! This morning I went back to run. We did about 5.2 miles this morning. I am tired! Decided that tomorrow is going to definitely be a rest day. This morning I ran with my buddy who always makes sure I never get left behind and one other person. There is a group who runs faster and farther than I can, so we start together and end together but don't do the middle together. My buddy told the other girl that I was his hero because I never gave up. I don't know if he was just saying that because I was there, but it felt pretty good. I figure I'll never improve if I give up. So today was a good run.
Tuesday morning is weigh-in day, and I can't decide if I want to weigh in Tuesday or wait until the end of the month. I have been feeling so good with my runs and all that I am afraid that weighing myself might disappoint me. Hm...
Decided that a mini bagel and a cup of coffee are good before a morning run. Now I just need to work on my evening pre-run eating... haven't found the right timing and food yet.
Off to log my run and do some cleaning. Happy Sunday!

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OKIE_RUNNERGIRL 8/18/2009 1:59PM

    Thanks for the tips to look for tech shirts at Ross & Marshalls! Keep up the good work! I hope to be running similar mileage in a couple of months. :) My "long run" this Saturday is 3.5.

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KAYAKID 8/16/2009 10:43AM

    Carrie, I think it is great that you are running and good distances. You are going to rock your 8k. I had a great race yesterday I got a PB for 10k and was there with other spark people we help support each other.

You be careful! don't do too much too fast and make sure to take a rest after each day of running. I run 3 days a week with a rest day in between each run. I do have to remember thou = you are young and I am old - My bones and joints need more care...LOL I am so happy you have found a running group. Have a great Sunday.

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I spy with my little eye...

Friday, August 14, 2009

a muscle in my leg!
Tonight I went for an easy run at the gym - two miles. Sometimes I look over in the big mirror to see what I look like when I run (a little weird, but it's good to know). There was a muscle in my leg! I saw it! And when I got home and looked in the mirror, I saw it again! This is just the boost I needed. It's like this fitness thing is all new to me again. My jeans went on more easily today. This is so exciting.
Went to lunch with a friend today. We went to Olive Garden. It was pretty yummy, and I even checked the menu online to see what would be ok for me to eat and how much damage a breadstick and soup would do. Well I stuck with 1/2 a breadstick, and the Pasta e Fagioli soup actually is not that un-healthy (relatively speaking). I ate 1/2 my pasta dish, and we split a dessert. The dessert was totally worth it, too. These delicious little fried dough pillows with chocolate sauce. I didn't plan on those, but I entered them into the nutrition tracker and now I am having a light dinner - my leftover pasta with some scallops added for protein.
I have the start of a goal - I'd like to lose another 20 pounds by next summer. I broke it up into smaller goals, though. I think the thought of losing another 20 pounds was a little daunting to me. Eight pounds by Thanksgiving I can do.
This new routine I'm in - I'm loving it! Running club on Tues, Thurs, and Sat. Yoga on Thursday morning. Swimming and/or running and/or bike on other days. One rest day a week. This week I took two (ugh, Wednesday was SO lazy for me) so now I have to reconfigure my schedule for this coming week.
Tomorrow morning is a longer run with the club and perhaps some lower body stuff at the gym in the afternoon.
Off to finish making dinner!

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COOPSM 8/15/2009 6:57AM

    What a feeling huh?? Congrats....sounds like you have a great plan to follow to....
You did great with sticking with just 1/2 of a bread stick...don't know that I could have done that....
Keep up the great work...

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GONE2014 8/15/2009 12:44AM

    Congrats on seeing improvement!! That's cool!

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DAWNFIRE72 8/15/2009 12:03AM

    emoticon Isn't it great when you see your hard work paying off. Keep up the great work!

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