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Happy Monday!

Monday, January 26, 2009

This morning I decided to wear a skirt. I don't always like to wear skirts in the winter since tights give me that horrible roll at the top. (Why in the world don't the make tights longer up top???) Anyway, I put on my tights today, and the roll is hardly there. Wahoo! I put on my skirt, and my skirt is big! Wahoo wahoo! I put on my shirt and it is laying smoothly - no funny bumps or lumps. I put on my boots and they are a little looser around the calves. Yay! (J. Crew makes the most wonderful extended-calf boots.)
This weekend I got a postcard from my gym congratulating me on my hard work. There was even a little hand written note "you are doing an awesome job!" How's that for motivation?!?!



Yay for cute coats!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Last night I went to dinner with two college friends. I did really well with my eating - I stayed on plan and only had 4 small bites of cheesecake for dessert. I have two boxes of leftovers - a serving of mahi and a piece of cheesecake. I love dessert, so I let myself have a couple bites. And I didn't even have any of the whipped cream! So I was really proud of myself.

So the guilt trip - I ate slowly and not very much of my dinner. I was full! I have learned to stop eating when I'm full. Then I got dessert and had a few small bites. I stopped eating and drank my coffee. It was then that the food talk started. One friend started saying "I don't eat this way at home, I just am eating this all because there is ice cream and I can't take it home." Then the other friend said practically the same thing.

I felt bad only because it seemed like they felt guilty for eating all their food while I made sure to leave some.

I read an article on SP called "Are Your Friends Making You Fat?" and I really believe that it's true for all the reasons they stated in the article. It IS easy to justify eating a giant piece of cheesecake when another friend eats a whole brownie sundae. It's easy to eat "just another bite" when another friend has more weight to lose than I do.

A good part of the evening though: one friend asked if I got a new coat. I said proudly "no, it's a coat I haven't fit into in a year and a half." Yippee for cute coats that fit!


Most depressing week?

Saturday, January 24, 2009

I heard something on the radio this week about it being the most depressing week of the year. Credit card bills rolling in from Christmas, nasty weather, weight gain from the holidays...
But for me, I had some very exciting things happen this week.

- The art teacher next door asked me if I was losing weight. She sees me every day, so it was nice that she said something!
- I ran for three minutes on the TM today! My longest time until today was about 1 min and 15 sec. So I was thrilled when I was able to keep running.
- I put on my size 10 jeans a little bit ago to go out, and a cute sweater. There is no roll over the top. SO excited.
- My fiance touched my arm last night and told me it was getting smaller. Wahoo!
- I upped the weights on almost all my workouts. (Free weights and machines)
- My skin keeps getting clearer - this morning, I went to the library with no makeup on. It has been so long since I've done that!

Tonight I am meeting two college friends for dinner. I did my homework and already looked at the menu online and decided what I'm going to have to eat. I watched out for the words that SP suggested to look out for - fried, sauteed, smothered, breaded, etc. I decided on grilled mahi with a baked sweet potato (no "loaded" stuff, though) and a salad with a little O&V. And I know I'll have leftovers to bring home for tomorrow!
Since I started keeping track of everything on January 1, I have lost 6 pounds and almost a whole size. yay!



I cheated this morning

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Usually Thursday is my weigh-in night at the gym. I've been trying to stick to the scale there because
a) it's a beam scale (Dr.'s office - style)
b) it's what I got my starting weight from

but this morning I stepped on my scale at home. It said I lost 7 pounds! Wahoo! Now I know that my gym scale will not say the same thing, but it is just so nice to see the numbers go down. It makes the endless water (and endless peeing) worth it.
Tonight I will probably get on the scale at the gym just to see if that one gives me decreasing numbers as well.


Oprah and Me

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

On Oprah's "Best Life Week" she talked about how one she lost the weight, she thought "I got it."
Today I finally understood what she meant. I haven't lost that much weight (8 pounds) but I feel the "I get it" creeping in. "I get it" for me means that I'm not as diligent about entering my calories. "I get it" for me means that I think that it's not a big deal if I "treat" myself to an extra cookie - I can burn it off at the gym. "I get it" means that if I stop working to make a lifestyle change now, I go back into my old habits and re-gain that weight that I lost.

This part is the hardest for me. I have gotten to this point SO many times, and just could not get past it. I am determined to get past it this time. I just entered all my calories for today, even though I was certain I had estimated correctly (I hadn't). I poured myself another big glass of water just to be sure I have my 8 cups in for today.

I will do some lower-body exercises tonight at home because I am feeling a little sick and am not going to spend the night at the gym coughing on everyone else. But I am going to do some moving. I can get some squats and calf-raises in and I will feel better for doing so.

This is the time I will get past the "I got it" point. This is the time that I will succeed with my lifestyle change. Failure is not an option this time - I have all these people on Spark People to whom I am accountable!


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