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I am stronger than ice cream.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Today was one of those days where I left school thinking I was a horrible teacher. My last class of the day was just out of control; I tried everything I know how to do, but it was hopeless. And the worst part was I let it get to me. After they left, I went to one of the guidance counselors and cried. I only remember one other time where I cried at school, and it was during my first year because I thought some kid was mad at *me*, when in fact he was really mad at everyone.
So I left school, knowing that I should leave that stuff at work, but I couldn't help but think about it on the drive home. I stopped to pick up a connector for my iPod, and the ice cream/cookies/snacks were calling to me. I thought "I had a crappy day, I deserve this." I picked it up and was ready to take it with me, and then I remembered that it was actually a really *good* day. Why was it a good day?

- I lost a little more weight. I am down to 150 and I hope that next week I'll be into the 140's. Which would be just grand.
- A kindergarten student who is really a lot of trouble told me today "Thank you for teaching me today." Totally out of character for him.
- I ran two miles today, only had to stop to stretch once.
- On the assisted dip and pull-up machine I decreased my assistance.
- Had a really great Pilates class this evening. Totally relaxing and it was some super "me time."
- I put down the ice cream and decided that I deserved better than that - I deserve to be stronger than food. I am stronger than ice cream.

Off to finish this delicious cup of hot tea.

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NINJALINDA 11/20/2009 9:10AM

    emoticon That was awesome!

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CFMOSS 11/20/2009 8:31AM

    I'm so glad you found and could name your positives. That has been one of my biggest struggles in this whole healthy journeying. I've always thought myself a positive person and have discovered when it comes to me - I haven't been so good. I'm so proud of you for naming and claiming the positives of your life. Keep it up lady and thank God - today is a fresh day:)

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PINKCOCONUT 11/20/2009 7:38AM

    You're amazing! Way to go!

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FITGIRL15 11/20/2009 1:31AM

    If I ever need ice cream, I grab a protein shake made from "Muscle Milk" protein powder and milk, in a blender with ice! BETTER then ice cream and NO GUILT... pure muscle building heaven!

Comment edited on: 11/20/2009 1:31:51 AM

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LULULUCY 11/19/2009 9:38PM

    AWESOME choice. It's so hard when we're feeling vulnerable and upset to turn away from food but it is so important that you not only noticed this tendancy in yourself but corrected it and did not let it affect you! that is HUGE

and two miles! you go girl emoticon

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AUSOMEVOICE 11/19/2009 8:28PM

    you go girl.

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SUNSETBREEZE05 11/19/2009 8:25PM

    Congratulations!! You made a great choice and also inspired me. Thank You!!

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Today is Day 2 of spinning class. It's the test to see if I can make it to work on time after the class... so I still woke up super early to get my usual morning stuff done *before* the gym. Last night I went to the gym after my conferences; it was late, but I wanted to get some running in last night. I did about 2 miles, stopping to stretch my ITB twice. Came home and actually remembered to use the foam roller. OUCH.
My lunch is packed, my outfit is ready for today... I think I should be fine getting out the door on time today.
I did ok eating yesterday... my breakfast and lunch were good, but I met a friend for dinner and coffee during the break. Mediocre sandwich and sickly sweet coffee were not worth it. No more flavored coffees. It had been such a long time since I'd had one, and I remember loving the peppermint. I budgeted the calories (not by much) so I didn't feel too guilty. It wasn't horrible, but it certainly wasn't worth the calories it had in it. Lesson learned.

I've been playing my piano more, which is a good thing. My fiance loves hearing it, and I am really enjoying playing it again. Now if I could just remember to practice!

I have an opportunity to sing in Carnegie Hall in February. I wasn't going to do it because I have to pay a lot of money to do it, but it's really something I love to do. Talked it over with the fiance, and he suggested that I do it. That was the first time that I ever asked him about what I should do with my money... Usually I just think "well it's my money, it's not his business.'" But this marked the first time that I talked it over with him. Hm... So anyway, I'm 98% sure I'm going to sing in NYC in February. I'm really looking forward to it. It's a weekend in New York, and it's some serious "me time."

Off to check some more stuff and then to go spinning. Thanks for stopping by!
Happy Hump Day!

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PINKCOCONUT 11/18/2009 7:14AM

    Oh man! So glad you decided to do Carnegie! How could you pass up THAT opportunity?! Awesome!

Hope spinning was fun and that you got to work in time!

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DHSPARK 11/18/2009 6:04AM

    So . . . You're a singer! I admire that 'cause I've never tried to train my voice so it's NOT in tune. All we have to do is make a joyful noise (at church). Thank goodness.

When I was working I liked to get my stuff around the night before too. It really helps you get out the door and to work on time.

You're at a conference? I used to go to them too. They can be a lot of fun but usually keeps one busy.

Hope your spinning class was fun and a good workout.

Love your gold background . . . Deb

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While I have the time...

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I never thought I'd be a morning person. When I was younger, I used to think my grandmother was nuts for getting up early and going to bed early. She always reminded me of the old saying, though - "Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise." Bah, I thought. But now since I've been doing this early morning thing, I feel like the old adage is true. I am definitely getting *healthy* because I do the gym thing early, I feel a little wiser (I guess) because I get stuff done in the morning and I have more energy to do my work; the only thing I'm waiting on is the "wealthy" part. But I assume that will come at some point in one form or another.
This morning I made my lunch for tomorrow (!), I baked banana-walnut muffins (with approx. 200 calories a piece - pretty good!), and picked out my clothing for the rest of the week. I am going to "Burn and firm Pilates" at 10:00, and then it's off to school from noon-8pm for conferences.
Until I leave, though, I think I'm going to clean up a little bit around here...

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PINKCOCONUT 11/17/2009 9:07AM

    Man. One day fairly soon I think I'll be joining you on the early morning day....

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Shopping just never gets old!

Monday, November 16, 2009

This weekend I went to my mom's house for symphony. It was great - I love Symphonie Fantastique!!! I usually leave early to get there and stop at the mall. I really *do* need to build up my wardrobe again - I got rid of so many fat clothes - and symphony days are perfect to shop in the morning. So anyway, the goal was to find a second pair of jeans and some new leggings. Tried on about a million pairs of jeans and ended up with a super cute pair of SKINNY JEANS!!!! Never in a million years did I think I'd ever buy a pair of skinny jeans and have them look like they are supposed to! I LOVE them. I feel so amazing in them... thick thighs and all. My thighs are they way they are because of running and working out... I am proud of how muscular they are getting. WAHOO!
I also ended up with a sweater, a turtleneck (my fiance said "didn't you have one like that?" The old one was an XL, this one is a S) and some new leggings. I LOVE to shop now. Trying on clothes is so much fun!!! If I ever have the urge to eat an entire cake, I can think about how much fun shopping is now. It was never fun for me... I used to HATE clothes shopping. I'd wear giant t-shirts and pants... it was so frustrating. My closet is not bursting with clothes, but I wear just about everything in there because I CAN. Everything fits and I can throw anything on without worrying about covering a roll here or a bulge there.

This morning I went to my first ever spinning class... my legs are killing me! I decided I'm going again on Wednesday. Entered my fitness minutes for the week, I was a little conservative on the running minutes since I'm still getting my ITB back in shape. Who knows, I may end up with way more minutes than I anticipated. LOVE working out. I think I'm definitely over the rut I was in.... the early morning workouts are helping for sure.

Today and tomorrow I have conferences at school, so I don't have to go in until noon. But I'm there until 8:00... I get to try some morning classes at the gym and maybe some late running after conferences.

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ROGUE_1 11/16/2009 7:47PM

    When I saw the title of this blog, I smiled - you better watch are starting to sound like me!!! And I have had to put myself in a shopping ban because I enjoy shopping a liiiiitle too much :) I'm so happy for you. Your excitement is contagious, and I am thrilled that you are enjoying the shopping experience and are finding all kinds of things to wear. Keep on having fun shopping!

Spinning is fun, and such a great workout. Glad to hear you are out of your rut!

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2010TRIATHLETE 11/16/2009 11:57AM

    Congrats on the skinny jeans & size S turtleneck! WooHoo! I love spinning class. After you get past the pain, it's a wonderful form of cross training for running. Keep up the great work!

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LIGHTNINGRUNNER 11/16/2009 11:25AM

    I agree shopping for clothes, now never gets old.

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CAMROLA 11/16/2009 11:01AM

    What a great feeling--good for you!


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JILLTBNAGART 11/16/2009 9:49AM

    Come shop for me. I HATE it!

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PINKCOCONUT 11/16/2009 9:40AM

    Awesome on the jeans!!!

I keep thinking about taking a spinning class...hmmm...

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Weekly Recap

Friday, November 13, 2009

So overall, I'm very happy with how this week went. I met all my goals, and I had a good week of workouts. Tomorrow I'm going to visit my mom and go to symphony - we're going to a wonderful little Italian restaurant for dinner; I need to really watch what I order. I'm not going to deprive myself of good food, but I know enough now to make smart choices when it comes to restaurant food.
Tomorrow is a shopping day! I want to get some new leggings, a new belt, and maybe some new shoes. We'll see. I saw a really cute pair of Frye boots I'd like to get, but I have to think about spending that much money on shoes. (Do I need them? No, but they are really super cute.) Maybe a new pair of skinny jeans - I'm really enjoying how my legs are getting some definition and looking better. If only the damn inner thigh would go away faster!
Saw a cute sweater purse online; I may go look at that tomorrow, too.
It's time to move the laundry and plant myself on the couch... I plan for an early day tomorrow.

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FITGIRL15 11/16/2009 8:47AM

    Sounds like a great day planned! Hope you found all that you wanted while shopping!!!

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