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Seriously? Lamb and all?

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

So today was the day I decided to try my little experiment - no walnuts on my salad, a mix of milk and water with my hot cereal, less hot cereal...
Honey calls and says he doesn't have to work tonight. He decided to make the lamb tonight. Oh, I love lamb. Sorry to all the vegetarians out there, but it was just perfect tonight. Tender, juicy... mmmm. But lamb is def not a health food. The piece I ate had about 450 calories in it and 33 grams of fat. (!!!!!!!) I entered it anyway. And by god, I staying within all my ranges. Even my fat range. (!!!) I was so excited that my earlier choices made my dinner guilt-free. AND! I didn't eat the random bread after dinner - had my hot tea with honey and half & half, and that was it. Wahoo!
Happy things for today:
I resisted pumpkin bread and banana bread at work (which wasn't too hard - it looked a little sketchy), resisted Smidgens on the staff lunch table, and didn't eat any Texas Roadhouse Rolls with brown sugar butter. WAHOO!

Today's Goals done?
Water - YES
Gym - YES - 1/2 hour of swimming before school
Healthy dinner - well, the lamb wasn't "healthy," but it fit in my range, and I didn't do any extra after-dinner eating. so YES
Career materials - YES. Printed out some stuff at school to get ready.
Chiropractor - not yet; after my grad class chat time I'll do this.

Tomorrow's goals:
Suck it up and get my rear to the 6:30am spin class
Drink at least 4 Siggs of water
Stick to my eating plan for tomorrow (I already entered it in!)
Go to yoga class after school

Tomorrow's Hump Day... Yippee! Off to do some class work.

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TABBALOOSA 1/6/2010 7:04AM

    Way to go! I think you're in such a good habit of tracking, that you probably have a pretty good sense of how your choices are going together. And, yeah, I'm guessing there's some good protein in that lamb.

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    Nicely done keeping within your calorie range!

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HELLAVAHC 1/5/2010 9:56PM

    I bet your lamb had plenty of protein! Sounds like you are doing a great job.

What's a Sigg?

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EATNBOOGERS 1/5/2010 9:34PM

    It's funny, because I'm a vegetarian, and walnuts are definitely on my agenda (but I like them). Healthier fat than the cheese I'm always drawn to. It's good to be able to visualize choices, though... when I'm being conscientious about what I'm eating, it's not a sacrifice to not eat the stuff I don't like as much in order to "make room" for the stuff I do.

I need to get moving on my own goals.

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Today's *real* blog.

Monday, January 04, 2010

I have been doing this long enough to know that sometimes I have to take a good look at my calories, fitness, and other goals to see where I can improve. I *know* this, but that doesn't mean I've done it recently. Today I entered all my food - my goal is to stay under 1550. That isn't very many calories! So after I put in everything I ate, I actually looked at it. And not just "well, I went over today. guess I'll try harder tomorrow." No, actually *looked* at it and am now going to improve upon what I'm already doing.

Trends I noticed:
walnuts on my salad - I don't think I'll miss them if I keep them off my salad. I just put them on there because I have *always* put them on there; not because I love walnuts. This will also allow me more leeway when I get home from school to eat bigger dinners; I don't need a gigantic lunch, anyway.
Serving size of hot cereal ("mush") in the morning - same thing as the walnuts; I eat the serving I do because I've *always* eaten that much. This morning I was terribly full, but I am still uber-guilty of being part of the Clean Plate Club (not when I go out to eat, only at home). I'm going to try eating a smaller serving tomorrow and see what happens.
Random bread with peanut butter and honey - even one slice adds up. I'm really going to make an effort to NOT eat this tomorrow.
I need to seriously slow down when I eat. I already sit at the table, not watching TV, but I am going to work on enjoying my food, even if I *am* by myself. I used to really enjoy a glass of wine with dinner... maybe I'll get back to that if it helps me eat more slowly. (I am actually very good at keeping myself to one reasonable glass of wine at dinner.)

I think these things will help - when I am at school, I can't eat anything while I teach, and the days go fast anyway, so I might as well keep my mornings and lunches light so I can have a more substantial dinner when I get home.
As for today's goals?
Water - YES
Spin class - YES
Grad class - YES (I logged on at school)
Healthy dinner - YES
Stop eating after healthy dinner/have a cup of tea and stop - well, sort of. If it hadn't been for the 1/4 pear and slice of PB and honey bread (which really wasn't *too* bad), I would have given this a hearty "YES."
I am almost finished with everything on today's To-Do List - I had been trying to keep my lists to a minimum, but I really think they help me get stuff done, no matter how small.

Tomorrow's goals:
Drink at least 4 Siggs full of water (notice a trend here?)
Get in some gym time
Healthy dinner with NO extra eating! Drink that tea when I'm done!
Continue working on updating my resume and other career materials.
Schedule an appointment at the chiropractor (although I still may do this one tonight on-line)

Off to continue crossing stuff off my list... I don't have too much more to go! Wahoo!

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SOUTHGOINGZAX 1/7/2010 12:16PM

    I have found that if I cut carbs out, it feels like I have more food to eat - even though, I, like you, have a calorie range of 1250-1550. I used to think that was total crap, 1550 calories is virtually nothing! But you're right, if you make smart choices, it really is enough food to eat and not be hungry. I had to cut out virtually all bread, rice cakes, crackers, chips, etc. I eat greek yogurt (YUM!) and a hard-boiled egg in the morning, and/or lowfat cottage cheese with half an apple, etc., because typically the hot cereals have too many calories and not enough staying power for me...I always feel hungry by 10:30 am or so if I eat hot cereal. If I do have it, I make it with all water, or low-fat almond milk (40 cal. per serving). I also try to break up my breakfast, and have 150-180 calories before I go to the gym and then another small breakfast after - I really seem to do well doing that.

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EATNBOOGERS 1/5/2010 12:06PM

    That's why the tracker is helpful... it can be a pain in the butt, but it *does* help one see things. (For me, it is always cheese.)

I am so often so bad about water (unless I'm actively sparking, of course), and it helps so much... with helping you feel good, with making the exercise easier, and with recognizing when you're full. Someone once told me that a lot of times, when we think we're hungry, we're actually thirsty. I try to remember that one. :-)

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TABBALOOSA 1/4/2010 9:01PM

    Yup, me too. I finally started tracking nutrition again today. I was pleasantly surprised at the end of the day that I was pretty much on target in every respect.

I actually do like walnuts, so I know what kind of impact they have. If they're not your thing, letting them go will definitely give you some room for other stuff.

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KENSINGTONC 1/4/2010 6:52PM

    Hi there! I found your blog from the Partying Penguins team I'm also a part of (KensingtonC). I really like how you identified trends and are going to make and effort to change them. For me that's the beauty of tracking - figuring out the problem(s) and making a change.

And I totally agree - 1550 calories is NOT a lot! It's so hard for me to stay under 1800...


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A quickie for the morning

Monday, January 04, 2010

I forgot to go over my goals from yesterday! So to keep myself accountable, here goes.

Water? - YES - a ton
Gym time? YES
Weekly Outfits? YES
Healthy foods? YES
Quality honey time? YES

Today's goals:
Drink at least 4 Siggs full of water
Go to spin class no matter how hard it is to drag myself out of bed
Log onto my grad class and work on the first assignment (I left this one kind of vague on purpose)
Eat a healthy dinner
Stop eating after my healthy dinner and use my cup of tea as my signal to stop eating (this has been working the last few days... I have a cup of tea with a little honey and half and half in it - quells my sweet tooth and is a good stopping point for the evening.)

Tonight I will spend some more time blogging to make up for forgetting yesterday. These daily goals are good for me!

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GONE2014 1/4/2010 3:32PM

    Wonderful! I too like the tea time to complete the day!!

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EATNBOOGERS 1/4/2010 3:10PM

    Good for you!

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CFMOSS 1/4/2010 2:41PM

    Nice job and posted at 5:41 AM Wow. Keep up the good journeying.

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JOPAPGH 1/4/2010 10:42AM

    Looks like word of the day is "Yes!"


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GSDMIKE 1/4/2010 10:13AM

    Nice to set that quality time with your honey in your goals. That's one I should set more often. We had a surprisingly good time Saturday just taking down the decorations together.

Hope your enjoyed your spin class. I need to try one of those sometime. I'm kind of an exercise recluse.

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DSCHONDOG 1/4/2010 9:20AM

    I've set 7 goals to start the year. It keeps me focused. It was good to read you are doing the same since you are so successful. We are going to have a great year, Carrie. I will be checking in with you from time to time.

Have a Happy one,
emoticon emoticon

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    Great start on the goals! I like the tea idea...I need to borrow that. I have a terrible time after dinner at night.

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Today was a good day!

Saturday, January 02, 2010

I kind of counted today and yesterday as New Year's Day. Last year I read a saying on Jan 1st - "What you do on New Year's Day, you'll do the rest of the year." Since the gym wasn't open yesterday, I wanted to count today as my Gym New Year's Day. So after going shopping and out to lunch with a wonderful friend, I went to the gym. It took all my willpower - I was tired and just wanted to take a nap, but I didn't want that saying to come true if I made excuses and didn't go to the gym! So I went. Did a little cardio, no ST - my back has been bothering me and it's almost all better - didn't want to aggravate it - but I felt really good when I got home. So that's it - now I have to go to the gym all year.

Good things for today:
My friend asked if I was losing more weight. (!!!) Nothing makes me want to go to the gym more than a compliment like this. When people see and comment on results, it's just the greatest feeling in the world.
Drank a ton of water... def got my 8 cups in.
Had a really good time out with my friend. I made a reasonably healthy lunch choice, then totally blew it with dessert, but didn't feel guilty. One of the things that my friend and I do is eat dessert. We LOVE dessert, and hardly anyone else gets it when we go out to eat. So we always make sure to eat dessert together. In fact, she jokes that she's going to give my eulogy and say "That Carrie, she always ate dessert."
Found out that a store I shopped at found my merchandise credit - they forgot to give it to me after I exchanged a dress earlier this week. I was really bummed out; I thought that I lost it and the credit just disappeared. But they called today to tell me they had the card and they are going to mail it to me on Monday. Yippee! Made me super excited to shop for Spring clothes in a few weeks (yeah, I know it's early, but some of the clothes I've seen are SO cute!!!).
Heaters are fixed in the house. There were two that weren't working - the electrician came out this morning to take care of it. Cross that off my list!

Tomorrow's goals:
Drink at least 4 Siggs of water
Get in some gym time (treadmill and some strength training)
Get my weekly outfits ready to go - saves a TON of time in the morning!
Stock up on healthy food so I can make good lunches and dinners!
Spend some quality time with my honey.

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TABBALOOSA 1/2/2010 9:12PM

    Way to go getting yourself to the gym! You're such good inspiration for me.Starting the new year off right - woohoo!!

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    Hi Gorgeous!

I'm glad you had a good day - thanks for my spark massage - BF gave me a gift card for 120 minutes of massage that I need to remember to use. The next time I go out to eat, I'm definitely getting dessert! Great Job starting off the New Year in a healthy way.


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PINKCOCONUT 1/2/2010 7:57PM

    Great job on hitting the gym! Today's my last day to slack of for the holidays so I did but I at least got out for a run yesterday! Next week's schedule is all ready to go including three days of running, one day of spinning and another of circuit training! WOO! Have a fabulous week hon and get some well-deserved warm-weather clothes!

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LOREN009 1/2/2010 7:14PM

    Haha sounds like a great day! I also LOVE dessert, and I'm only now learning to not feel guilty about it. Way to go, and thanks for the reminder :)

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GSDMIKE 1/2/2010 6:10PM

    Nice blog and nice job hitting the gym. My wife signed up to work with a PT at our gym two days a week, so that should help get me there too. I'm kind of a cardio wonk right now, but I want to start doing more ST. Thanks a bunch for the encouragement on my blog.

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    I agree there is nothing else more motivating than a compliment on your hard work at the gym.

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One Spark Year Later...

Friday, January 01, 2010

Holy Moly! A whole year on Spark! To celebrate, I went out and bought the book The Spark today. It's the least I could do to support this great, free, website!
Did I meet my goals for today? (Didn't post them yesterday, but I did some great stuff today.)

Water - YES. I drank a TON of water today!
Calories in check? YES. Miraculously enough! Pork, sauerkraut and mashed potatoes couldn't even make me go over my calories. I thought ahead - because lunch was so calorie-filled, I had breakfast for dinner; my low-calorie typical breakfast. Wahoo!

I humored my mom today and tried out the Wii Fit. Didn't do a whole lot of it, just a little balance and yoga. Personally, I'd still rather feel the physical yoga mat, hear the soft music, and be in the dark with my calming instructor. Just me. I suppose it's good for people that don't do *any*thing - give me the gym and it's sweaty, grunting clients any day.

Didn't get to do lunch with my friend the other day - it was snowing and the roads were pretty nasty. So we are going tomorrow, instead. I must keep my eating in check - not always easy to do when going out, but the holidays are over. No excuses. Tonight I'm going to check out the nutrition facts for the place where we usually go - I'm always unpleasantly surprised when I come home and check it *after* I've already eaten.

My goal for this weekend is to come up with some fitness goals. I have lost track of my fitness goals, which I think has set me back in my weight-loss goals. I would just *love* to be a size 4/6 by the summer - another 15-20 pounds gone to meet that goal, I think. Maybe even less if I keep pushing myself with the strength training. I'd rather weigh a little more in muscle and meet my size goal than weigh less in fat and not meet my size goal.

Tomorrow's goals:
Drink at least 4 Siggs full of water
Make smart choices at lunch
Stay within my calorie range
Get some gym time in

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HELLAVAHC 1/3/2010 12:05PM

    Congrats on your year of healthy living! I am inspired!

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KAYAKID 1/2/2010 8:22PM

    Carrie, I am glad you made it to the gym. Great Job and now you are going to go to the gym all year. wtg!!! Sounds like you had a great Lunch with a special friend. Good friends are hard to come by and I live your goals.


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GONE2014 1/1/2010 10:28PM

    Congrats to you on your one year anniversary! Mine too ... let's make 2010 even better!!

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JOPAPGH 1/1/2010 9:04PM

    Nice job on your first year!

All the best in 2010!

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KAYAKID 1/1/2010 6:56PM

    Carrie, congrats on 1 year on spark! You are doing so great! Fitness goals are a good thing! I wrote a blog with my goals and I am excited about 2010. I am sure you are too! Lets do this together! I hope to run 4 hm next year! kinda scary but I am up for it.


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