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I thought this day would never come!

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Last summer I decided that I was going to get Invisalign braces. What made my decision easier was that the process would only take 5 months.
So here I am, at the end. Finally! This morning I put in my last set of molds. Wahoo! I am SO excited and notice a really big difference. The miracles of modern dentistry...

I did everything on my list from yesterday. Wahoo! and today i will:
Drink more than enough water
Stick to my eating plan
Clean up my room at school today
Check the classifieds to see if anyone is in need of a mattress set - I hate to just throw it away
Finish transferring my CDs to iTunes (almost there!)
Call my dad re: moving the piano

Phew! Tonight is a Power Zen class - basically yoga on a Reebok core board. I took a class a few months ago and it was super hard - I'm looking forward to seeing if tonight is any easier.
I measured myself this morning - noticed some nice differences. Didn't enter them in - I think I'll do that tomorrow morning. Yesterday I got two more compliments from people at school - it amazes me that the compliments are still coming. I love it!

reason #562302 why I love Spark - my best friend is coming over for a "Tax Party" on Saturday (we do our taxes together every year) and I suggested I take pizza dough and marinara out of the freezer and we could have pizza for lunch. Spark has taught me how much pizza is a serving, and I can still enjoy it. Said friend is doing Weight Watchers, and the first thing she asked me was "do you know how many points are in the pizza?" Sigh. No, I don't. A bag of flour doesn't have WW points on it. But I *do* know how many calories are in it, and I know how big a serving is! She is doing well so far on WW and I think it works for a lot of people, but for me personally, I love the way Spark is helping me learn how to eat.

I have to take honey to pick up his car this morning - he called me at 1:30 am on Saturday to tell me his car shut off on the way home. Got it towed and had the alternator and a belt replaced. Not a big deal, considering the car is a 1996 Oldsmobile Ciara (sp) and was given to him for free when his grandmother died. That said, I'll still take my newer car and my AAA membership.

I would love it if Phil would not see a shadow... I'm getting real tired of this frigid weather.

emoticon emoticon

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KAYAKID 2/3/2010 3:34AM

    Carrie great blog! You are doing so good! we both are! We are great examples of sparking!
keep it going! I remember when you got the braces you liked them because you had to stop eating at night. when they come off - it will take some will powere but I know you are to the challenge!

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EATNBOOGERS 2/2/2010 11:27PM

    I need snow for skiing, missy.

Someone recently tried to explain WW points to me, and I totally didn't understand. But I agree--whatever works is great.

Woot on getting things done! :-)

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CLSMITH918 2/2/2010 5:57PM

  Congrats on the braces and your to-do list!!

i agree that I would much rather know how to eat healthy rather than how many points something is considered. Share the spark w/ your friend at your tax party! Show her how great it is and the wonderful supportive members we have here. Good Luck!! emoticon

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FINESSE910 2/2/2010 3:53PM

    Phil's a jerk. emoticon You would think with how old he's getting that his vision would suffer.

=( So cold!

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CFMOSS 2/2/2010 3:34PM

    Love your blogs -- energy enthusiasm creativity. Thanks for keeping me going as you go along.

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LMURRIETA 2/2/2010 8:46AM

    You will do great at your class... One of my Feb goals is to take a Aerobics class 2x a week

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COOPSM 2/2/2010 7:15AM

    Can't wait to hear abut your class......have a great day...and great job on the braces being almost done!!!

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Monday, Monday...

Monday, February 01, 2010

can't trust that day.

Went for a swim this morning - it felt so good to be back in the pool. Saw one of the trainers in the locker room - she asked if I often went swimming. "Just getting back into it," I said. I told her the plyo classes from January were great but my knees were hurting; she told me that she felt them in her knees, too. It was nice to hear that I wasn't the only one feeling the effects of those classes - sometimes I feel like the only person at the gym who is dealing with aching body parts!

I'm having Irish oats with vanilla soy milk (thanks for the idea, PinkC!) and PB&J. Yum! I'm glad I packed my lunch last night - I don't like to rush around in the morning.

Today I will:
Drink more than enough water (I didn't drink enough over the weekend and I can feel my body holding onto water and not feeling good.)
Stick to the plan
Read some classwork
Pack my gym clothes for tomorrow night
Look for some haircut pics to take to my cut on Wednesday

Happy February!


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EATNBOOGERS 2/1/2010 5:13PM

    Good to mix things up to take care of your body... I think I'm ~10 yrs older than you (and 10 yrs creakier), and I've found that paying attention to this as I've gotten older has definitely helped with keeping active. And I'm with you on the water!

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CFMOSS 2/1/2010 8:52AM

    Good plan for the day. I had plain regular oatmeal (actually a pot of 2 servings of oatmeal and one of barley flakes) with plain yogurt and almonds, craisins and dried apples. Filled me up. I have to sneak the oatmeal in because my son is not an oatmeal fan. Oh well..... have a great day.

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PINKCOCONUT 2/1/2010 7:35AM

    Hope you liked it! I'm trying mine today with agave nectar instead of brown sugar, can't really taste it though but at least it's healthier!

Have a fabulous day!

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The freezer is full!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Today was my planned rest day. My knees are thanking me and so are my quads.
Honey and I went grocery shopping this morning and I spent the better part of the day making food for the freezer. Since we started eating more fruits and vegetables, our food bill has gone up, but we have healthy food in the freezer for weeks! No calling out for pizza (honey made a lot of pizza dough for the freezer and I made a huge batch of marinara), no stopping for Mexican (we have a ton of chili in there), and there is some Moroccan lentil-apricot soup that smells delish.
Tonight honey is cooking scallops and maybe some fresh bread... I'm trying to sway him into making bread, although he *did* already make fresh pita for lunch (to go with the amazing falafel he made!).

So enough about food, I'm getting hungry!
Got an e-mail last night about going to South America with my singing group. The itinerary looks great, and the price is right. I have to seriously look at everything and decide if I can afford it. The two tours I've gone on with the group have been well-organized, and the really nice part about the trip is that is gives me the opportunity to go on a trip that I probably would not have otherwise thought about taking. I would *really* like to go... Tonight is going to be budget night.

Tomorrow is Day 1 of the New Plan. (I have lots of New Plans.) Since there are no classes at the gym tomorrow night, I'm going swimming in the morning. I'm going to get up early and get my 6-6:30 am swim in.

Tomorrow's goals:
- Drink more than enough water
- Stick to my eating plan
- Read my assignment for class

Off to look at some budget stuff...


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EATNBOOGERS 2/1/2010 5:11PM

    You did right connecting with a chef...

I've gotten really good at stocking up on frozen blueberries, peas, edamame, corn, and random other fruits. (And I make and freeze applesauce/pearsauce and freeze overripe bananas--use all of this in baking--can sub for some of the fat.) I also make ww bread 2 loaves at a time (and slice and freeze the extra loaf). We buy ww tortilla in large quantities and keep the extras in the freezer, too. Last but not least, I do soup and beans in large batches and freeze the excess. The freezer can be a very useful tool for busy people to eat better.

I'd love to go in your suitcase to S. America... ;-)

How's the prepping of the house going?

I think your "new plans" are good for keeping you interested...

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COOPSM 2/1/2010 6:00AM

    All that food sounds great!!! I like making homemade pizza dough..have issues with it at times to share your recipe???

Have fun swimming today!!!

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PSHANKEY 2/1/2010 12:12AM

    Can I get the recipe for the Moroccan lentil apricot soup? Sounds divine!

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HELLAVAHC 1/31/2010 7:58PM

    Oh my goodness- what a wonderful opportunity! Will it affect your big move?

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SOUTHGOINGZAX 1/31/2010 7:31PM

    Oh! I hope you get a chance to go - how cool would that be?

It must be SO nice to have a chef in the house - lucky you!

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Just for the record...

Saturday, January 30, 2010

I am beyond feeling guilty or bad about myself for an evening of poor eating choices, but I'm not beyond reflecting on them so I can have them happen less frequently.
Last night was one of those nights where I had nothing planned for dinner. Stopped for some wine on the way home (it was my treat for the night) and ended up in the grocery store to find something for dinner. (looking back, I realized that had I used my imagination and the tuna in the fridge, there was *plenty* of food at home.) And I *know* that going into the grocery store hungry is bad news, but I did it anyway. I just wasn't in the mood to think too much about dinner. So I picked up a bag of chips (the "small" bag, not the family size - I figured if I ate the whole bag, 600 calories was not as bad as 1500 calories), some milk, and a box of cereal. The bag of chips later and too much cereal later, I thought "damn, I really should have planned dinner."

But I won't let myself feel bad about it - it's just not worth it. So this blog is being written for me to organize my thoughts and to have a record of how not planning dinner rarely works out for the best.

Today I worked extra hard in Pilates, I am going to schedule my gym classes in for the month (I am such a dork - when the gym schedule comes out for the month I get SO excited), and I'm going to think about what I'll eat for dinner tonight while I'm not hungry and enter it into the Nutrition tracker.
In less than two weeks I'm going to NYC to sing - there are going to be lots of restaurant meals. I figure that in the time leading up to then, I'll be extra diligent about watching what I put in my body so that I can loosen up a little bit in the city.

Last night the chiro told me that I should lay off the spinning for a while - the repetition of the motion is not good for my knee. February is going to be filled with yoga, pilates, swimming, strength training, and running. I'm going back to a few morning workouts - on the days when I don't have evening classes I'm planning on doing some early am swimming. I think that the change will keep my body on its toes - Summer Size 4, here I come!

Off to work on that Fitness tracker for next week...


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EATNBOOGERS 1/30/2010 8:48PM

    I so know what you mean. I was very active yesterday, and I didn't plan my eating very well. Got to 5 pm, and I was HUNGRY and MUNCHY. Those times are just good reminders of stuff we need to remember!

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GONE2014 1/30/2010 6:39PM

    Sounds like you've made great progress!

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GOALIEGRANDMA3 1/30/2010 3:48PM

    A smart person learns from mistakes. You are a smart person to recognize a mistake and plan for future success.

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Um, why am I not more excited about this?

Friday, January 29, 2010

For a while I was debating how often I should get on the scale. I tried weekly, monthly, daily. Right now, I'm back at daily weigh-ins. It's working for me right now. It won't always, but for now it is.
So anyway, last night I went to the gym, got on the scale, and saw the lowest number I've seen since middle school. Middle school! But the weird thing is, I wasn't overly excited or even too surprised. Either I'm nuts, or I'm finally starting to think of other success measurements as just as important, or *more* important, than the scale.
And because sometimes I forget all the really cool successes I have, I am going to list some new ones. (Pardon the self-indulgence, but I just get amazed a little bit.)
- Spinning instructor said I did a great job (this is the same one who, last week, said "Terrific job for those who finished - I finished the damn thing this time!)
- Tried on some shorts yesterday just for the heck of it, and they were just too big. WHAT??? Shorts have always been the bane of my summer existence. The longer, the better. And long pants? Even better! But this year, I may be thinking "the shorter, the better." What better way to show off my running and spinning and endless lunges than to buy a pair of short shorts? (not the ones that show the rear, but a pair with a little 2-3 inch inseam)
- Honey hugged me yesterday and said "I can tell that you're still losing weight. Your middle feels really good." Wahoo!
- My gym shirt was not nearly as tight yesterday as it was the last time I wore that particular shirt, about a month ago. WAHOO. And there is nothing like a gym shirt to make me feel bigger than I actually am.
- I am not feeling ravenous at night after my workouts anymore. A small sandwich, a little yogurt, and some tea is all I need to get full. This is a good thing - for a while I was chowing down on tons of cereal and bread at night - not helping me reach my goals.

Today's lunch is made - pasta with marinara and shrimp, chiro stuff is packed, muffins are ready to go (again), coffee was delish, and food is tracked. I think tonight I'm going to have a little treat of some good wine. It's been a few weeks and I'm thinking a good red for tonight.

Happy Friday!


  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

PSHANKEY 1/30/2010 12:50AM

    Superific! I've always thought the fit of clothes and feel of body were better than a particular number on a scale. Keep the good news coming!

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CASSIOEPIA 1/29/2010 11:59PM

    Yes, success can be measured in many ways. Sounds like a great few weeks, and go ahead and celebrate.

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BOBBYD31 1/29/2010 9:07PM

    great post and congrats on your success. go for the short, shorts you'll look great

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HELLAVAHC 1/29/2010 7:11PM

    What a wonderful post! Congrats on your loss, but more on your healthy attitude! It is inspiring

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GIGI1222 1/29/2010 6:53PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon You should feel great. Sometimes it is hard to recognize results. Everything you wrotes shouts great results!! Happy Friday

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KAYAKID 1/29/2010 2:02PM

    Hi carrie, great blog - I have that kind of news too. I am actually trying to save it for the 1 year anniversary blog on March 13, 2010 - but I can share a couple with you. I too have been finding the scale is not the absolute indicator of how we are doing. I weigh in twice a month now. mainly just to see that I am staying on track. my biggest is the inches - I measured my waist this week it was 37 inches for me that is small and on march 13, 2009 it was 45 inches. I have lost 8 inches on my waist in about 10 1/2 months - I have only lost 25 pounds during that time. emough said I have to save some things for my blog. you showed your acheivements and had to share 1 one of mine. Its is so exciting and I am so proud of you! You are doing great!

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RITAROSE 1/29/2010 11:52AM

  I loved hearing about your success! I'm very excited for you! Keep up the great job, you are now enjoying the fruits of all of your labor---shorts and all! Have a great weekend! emoticonRitarose

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GROOVYCHICK9 1/29/2010 9:41AM

    Congrats on the 30 pound mark. Keep up the good work. It always helps to list the little things we are proud of ourselves for.


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    Great job on getting your other successes measured as well. The scale isn't always showing them sometimes.

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CFMOSS 1/29/2010 8:18AM

    Way to go! Clothes being too big really is more telling than the scale AND an opportunity to go shopping (which I have always found to be an onerous task since nothing ever fit) You are doing an awesome job AND fitting the rest of your life in too. Have a good day. Make sure to report in on carmena burana after the performance.

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LOSINGITALL4ME 1/29/2010 7:53AM

    emoticon emoticon

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PINKCOCONUT 1/29/2010 7:38AM

    Congrats on everything woman! You inspire me daily!

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BUNNIE1999 1/29/2010 7:03AM

    Great job!! Many of us start the journey thinking the scale is the key to sucess, but as you see it is not the biggest factor. Changing our point of view on what is sucessful and those small accomplishments are the best!! Great work, and I will be having some much deserved wine myself tonight with a movie night to go along with it!!!! Be pround of yourself!!! emoticon

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    Congratulations on all those "little" successes! And thanks for sharing. I went off the deep "bread" end before bed again last night and am feeling a bit frustrated this morning. Reading about how you no longer have that problem gives me hope! Everything comes in its own time. I agree...the scale has a place, but its the other rewards that mean more!

Well done!

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MATTB757 1/29/2010 6:47AM

  Good for you! It is so easy to want to just check numbers without looking at the big looks like you get it! Continue to smile!

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