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Busy busy busy...

Saturday, February 07, 2009

This week has been so full! Last night I came home from school and crashed on the couch. I went to bed at 9:30!
I have two performances this weekend with the high school show choir. It's a busy time of year for music teachers... musicals, performances, rehearsals... but it makes the time go fast.
My taxes are done. yay! I think I'll take some of the refund and buy some new Spring clothes.
Off to get some cleaning done.

NEW: Well I did my cleaning, and I also made it to the gym. I entered my calories burned and taken in; SparkPeople suggests that I change my workout setting since I often burn more than my calculated amount. But I love seeing that I burned so many more calories than I was scheduled to. Is that horrible? I guess it's a little guilty pleasure.
It's a beautiful Spring-like day, and my mood has improved 100% over yesterday. It's amazing what a little warmth and sunshine can do!

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AMYJEAN75 2/8/2009 3:23AM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon

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TABBALOOSA 2/7/2009 9:01PM

    Holy cow. You are busy, but it sounds like "good" busy! And woohoo getting your taxes done - I started mine, but they're not done yet. Enjoy that sunshine!

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These boots are made for zipping

Friday, February 06, 2009

Last fall, I bought a super cute pair of boots. They were "extended-calf" (THANK YOU J. Crew!) so I thought everything was great. I have a pair in brown that fit great. But these new boots were supposed to zip up. I tried them on, and the zipper wouldn't go over my calf. Damn these calves. But I didn't return the boots, they were too cute! So there they sat... every once in a while I'd get them out and try them on to see if there was any chance they stretched in the closet. One day I put them on with my pajamas, spent 20 minutes stretching them over my calves, and walked around in them to see if they'd stretch.
I wore them about 2 weeks ago, and they were still a little tight. Last night I had it in my head that I was going to wear these boots today. I've been running, working out, eating right... and today, the boots zipped up without a problem!

I am starting to get my motivation back. It was gone for a couple days... But I could get used to this - clothes fitting like they are supposed to.

Happy Friday! Have a fun weekend!



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EATNBOOGERS 2/7/2009 11:31AM

    That is *so* awesome. Yea you!!!!

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TABBALOOSA 2/7/2009 8:18AM

    Woohoo for you!!!! Isn't that just the greatest feeling? Keep it up! And I am totally with you on that spring thing!!!
emoticon emoticon

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AMYJEAN75 2/6/2009 9:16AM

    SaaaaaWeeeeet!!! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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BRIDEN79 2/6/2009 7:31AM

    thats awesome!

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This is costing me HOW much???

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Is it worth it???

- monthly gym membership
- new underwear (the butts are sagging)
- a new belt (I tightened mine today to the smallest it has ever been)
- new workout pants (mine fall down when I run)
- new skirts (because they are all getting too long)

So is it worth it? YES YES YES YES YES YES YES

This is the best I've felt in such a long time. Besides, I think I will even out in the end when I won't have to spend my money on diabetes meds, heart meds, blood pressure meds, cholesterol meds...


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TABBALOOSA 2/5/2009 8:32PM

    Yes, it SO absolutely is worth it! Isn't it great to feel so good? Keep Sparkin' and smilin'!

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AMYJEAN75 2/5/2009 2:22PM

    emoticon emoticon

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BRIDEN79 2/5/2009 9:36AM

    Just here to tell you - you are doing great! If you need extra support, DONE being teh Fat girl- has a great support system called BSS. If you haven't tried it, its a monthly group where you are on a team of girls that help support each other. Its a great way to gather support and motivation through this journey of weightloss. If you are interested in joining- go to this link-
You are going to have to copy and paste the link! Sorry about that. Also- if you want- tell them Briden79 sent you! ;)

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SCHWINNER! 2/5/2009 7:55AM

    I feel you! As much as I hated shelling out a bunch of money because I had no pants that fit, it really was sooo worth it!! :)

I like the idea of thrift stores - I got a lot of things from there when I was progressing through different sizes. Target and Kohl's also have awesome clearance racks all the time!

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    ... needing new clothes - - - PRICELESS!!

Have you tried the Thrift Stores? You won't believe how many items are brand new when donated! I found some intermediate clothing that way for very little money.

I also asked friends for cast-offs. Borrowed a few items too. I was just going through the sizes too quickly to keep buying new.

I am just so happy for you!


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Hump Day

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

A hump, indeed. I NEED to get myself to the gym tonight. I feel a slump coming on, and I think I just have to work through it.
SparkPeople has really helped me get to know myself better; I realize that this is the point where I have always fallen off the wagon in the past. I get lazy and think I don't need to track my calories anymore. I don't think I need to get to the gym as much. I think that because my pants are fitting better I don't need to work just as hard as I have been. Tomorrow is weigh-in day, and I hoping for one more pound gone so I can treat myself to a cute new dress I've been eying up.
I am getting impatient. I want more results, and I want them now. But I've planned pretty well... I can be halfway to my goal weight by my trip to China in July, and I can be at my goal by my birthday in October. If I keep it up, I may even reach goals ahead of schedule.
Think Spring... Think Spring... Think Spring... Think Spring...

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TABBALOOSA 2/5/2009 6:24AM

    You can do it! You can do it! Use all the little SP motivating tricks. Visualize yourself on your trip to China. Visualize yourself on your birthday. Visualize yourself on the other side of your workout! It's often kind of tough to make yourself do your workout, but it feels soooo good when you've done it! Hang in there!

Good luck on that dress!!!

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AMYJEAN75 2/4/2009 9:59PM

    I'd really like for you to have that new dress, so could you please go to the gym now? I just got back, you'll feel SOOO much better if you go! I was feeling slumpy too, it really helped. I hope weigh-in day goes well!


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SHOOTIN4STARS 2/4/2009 9:14PM

    I know it's hard to be patient. I'm totally into immediate gratification-- aren't we all?! I joined SP a little over 8 months ago and I've lost 59 lbs., and I'm 26 pounds from my goal, which I wanted to reach by my b-day in April. I'm going to be close, but I think I'll be a little short. Nonetheless, I'm in a heck of a lot better shape than I was last April. Hang in there, and you will see results. Best wishes--


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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

I am feeling very blah. All I feel like doing is crawling under the blanket and going to sleep. But there were some good parts of today.

I did not eat a single cookie that the librarian brought in and put on the faculty room table. It's so easy to just run over there and grab something from the table. I didn't eat any of them!
I felt myself start to go a little crazy with the chips and salsa (my fiance made the most wonderful salsa EVER on Sunday. I don't want it to go bad!) so I tracked my chips when I started to feel out of control. It didn't get too bad, and I have some room for rice and veg for after my at-home weight workout.
My black pants were even looser today then before. It could have been since they stretched out a little bit since last time, but I'll take it.
It's almost Hump Day!
Off to watch some Wheel.

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TABBALOOSA 2/4/2009 7:35AM

    Ah, those blah days! We all have 'em! But good for you for staying mindful!!! It sounds like you did a great job. and hung in there despite the temptations! Way to go!

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