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Thursday review

Thursday, June 24, 2010

This mindful eating thing has been really good for me. I've been eating much smaller meals and drinking lots more water. I *did* go a little nuts with the Blue Bunny frozen yogurt today (I had 2 servings) but I managed to stay within my calories because I was so aware of what I was eating throughout the day. Yahoo!

Got a great workout in this afternoon at the gym. I ate dinner early because I want to go to sleep pretty early tonight - It would be nice to get my swim in tomorrow morning instead of the afternoon.

Not much else to say - off to fill up the Sigg and relax on the couch for a while. Did some laundry and vacuuming this evening.

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CAMROLA 6/24/2010 9:11PM

    There you go again... making me hungry with your blogs!

Love your background pics... the colors and textures and flavors of summer!


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Goodbye, morning.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Yesterday was a great day with my honey. He had a day off, so we spent some quality time together. We ran some errands, watched some soccer, and had a really good dinner. I didn't even bother trying to track dinner - honey put so much yummy stuff together that I figured it was more trouble than it was worth to enter it in.

So after some bubbly and espresso chocolate bar, I was sleepy. I slept horribly last night. I think the espresso bar was super caffeinated - I woke up at least 4 times during the night, and even thought I went to bed late, I got up at 5:00. Ugh. Didn't feel so great - still tired, but couldn't sleep. I also put some Vitamin C in my morning water - don't know if that made me feel a little funny; I am trying Vitamin C supplements - I would love some opinions on the whole idea.

So I fell asleep this morning around 8:00 on the couch. Honey came down around 10:00, and we slept until noon. I guess I really needed it - I felt so much better after I woke up. Went to the gym for some TM running and abs work and now I'm ready to meet my friend for shopping and dinner.

I ate too much for lunch - I was so hungry when I came back from the gym that I didn't pay attention to my body. I'm a little uncomfortably full right now - ugh. But I did discover that I really love Blue Bunny frozen yogurt. There are no weird ingredients in it, and it's only 120 calories for a half cup. Yahoo!

So for the rest of the day I will:
Make smart choices at dinner and listen to my body while I'm eating.
Skip dessert.
Keep drinking lots of water.
Enjoy my evening.
Go to bed early.

Positive - even though I *really* wanted a piece of chocolate, I didn't eat it. I am too full to have enjoyed it. So even though I ate too much for lunch, I managed to save myself a few calories.


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KAYAKID 6/23/2010 7:25PM

    Yea, Beth you should always read Carrie's blogs after you have eaten! LOL I too love your blogs - Enjoy your summer and will see ya in a couple weeks. WooHoo!!!


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COOPSM 6/23/2010 7:15PM

    Love reading your blogs!!! The background picture looks delisch!!!!

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Water, water, everywhere...

Monday, June 21, 2010

I have been going water crazy since I got out of school. I am constantly refilling my Sigg - I drink at least four a day, and at 20oz. a pop, I am getting more than enough water!
It's been helping me feel really full. I was a little nervous about being out of school and being bored - when I'm bored, I eat. But I am determined to meet my goal by the end of the summer. Water will help me get there.

So today - the start of my first full week of summer vacation. I LOVE summer vacation. I feel very fortunate that I have the job I do. I love my job, and I love the opportunities it affords me. In two weeks I am flying out to Portland for a week (going to scope out the living scene), on Wednesday my dad is coming up to visit for lunch, and I can hop on the bus to NYC just about whenever I want to.

Today's To-Dos:
Listen to my body when I'm eating - I am really still hungry?
Afternoon reassessment of gym day - my body wasn't feeling it this morning (I've been working hard the last couple days) but maybe this afternoon it will feel like a little swimming.
Buy a fan for the bedroom (we don't have A/C, which is our choice, so we need a fan for these muggy summer nights.)
Spend quality time with honey.

Off to fill up the Sigg...


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COOPSM 6/21/2010 10:41PM

    Love my siggs..I take 2 1.5L ones to work.....have a great week Carrie!!!

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CAMROLA 6/21/2010 12:43PM

    You're always so on top of things--keep it up! I love my Sigg, too, by the way. I don't go anywhere without it!


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SEPPIESUSAN 6/21/2010 11:58AM

    Thanks for the reminder that water is so significant! I need all the help I can to feel less hungry, so bring it on!! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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RUTHANN05 6/21/2010 9:21AM

    Some friendly hints: When hungry grab protein NOT carbs. Watch the sodium in your pop. I am assuming Sugar Free pop.

Keep motivated
Love yourself and your dreams will come true.

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JETTER4 6/21/2010 9:02AM

  positive Thinking

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Weekend Wrapup

Sunday, June 20, 2010

This is the first Sunday night of the summer. I don't have to get ready for school tomorrow! Now it's *really* summer vacation.
Yesterday was a really nice bike ride at the rails-to-trails trail at a local gorge. I ended up going about 18 miles - it was a beautiful afternoon, I packed some snacks, and discovered that 45 minutes of ride-food break-ride back is a perfect little afternoon trip for me. Going to check the weather for this week to see when else I can get out there.
This afternoon was a great gym session. Did a 20 minute TM run, about 30 minutes of lower body ST, and 10 minutes on the bike. My legs are happily sore. When I was at the gym, I thought about how close it is to my house. I mapped it when I got home, and it's only 2.2 miles. I am thinking about walking to the gym tomorrow morning to see how it feels. If I could walk to the gym over the summer, that would be some great added fitness, and less car use! I'm going to think about it some more tonight.

I have spent the last few days really paying attention to my body and its hungriness. I have discovered that I am rarely as hungry as I think I am. When I got home from the gym today, I thought I would be able to eat a horse. I made a salad, and almost made a piece of garlic scape pesto toast (yum) to go with it. But I stopped after the salad, drank a bunch of water, and determined that the salad actually made me really full.
This self-awareness has really been good for me - scale moved in the right direction (yahoo!), and I've been able to stay within my calorie ranges more easily. Along with the paying attention thing, I've been more carefully measuring my food. How long was I eating way more than 2oz. of pasta?!?!?!

So after I track my salad, I am going to figure out dinner. It will probably be some pasta with fresh broccoli (yum) and marinara and *maybe* a slice of pesto bread (the pesto bread is SOOOO delish).
My Sigg has been constantly full of water... this is also a good thing. Drinking water is like a momentum thing for me... once I start drinking it in the morning, I keep going. It's just getting started that's the hard part for me. Kind of like going to the gym.

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GIGI1222 6/20/2010 7:31PM

    I need to listen to my body more often. I know I eat too many calories just when I get bored. Enjoy summer break. Ours is going too quickly. We start back Aug 20 so we are down to just 2 months left.

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SEPPIESUSAN 6/20/2010 5:15PM

    I'm always so disappointed by 2oz of pasta. I know it's supposed to be a serving, but it looks so small!! Adding lots of veggies helps. Great job with the exercise, good idea to walk to the gym, and I'm jealous that you don't have to get ready for school tomorrow...I do! (three days to go)

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MIAMIA7 6/20/2010 4:22PM

    Carrie-good job on "being aware" of whether you are truly hungry. I am still working on this. Most of the time I am careful but, like you with the pesto bread, peanut butter calls me constantly. Gotta watch that spoon dip! I digress. Sounds like a great weekend for you. Keep it up.

Comment edited on: 6/20/2010 4:23:07 PM

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Super Thursday!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

So in no particular order, because I'm in a good mood, here are the good things from today.

- I stuck to my eating plan.
- I drank TONS of water.
- Flight and accommodations are booked for my July trip to Portland! Yahoo!
- Went for a group run tonight and had a really great time.
- Picked ten pounds of strawberries.
- Made the most wonderful smoothie - fruit juice, Stonyfield Farms vanilla frozen yogurt (which is my new favorite thing), mango, and fresh strawberries. I think I could have one of these every day and be happy as a clam.
- Ordered a new swim suit. The one I have now is ready to fall apart any day.
- Ate lunch with my honey.
- Got a good swim in this morning.
- Took a nap.
- Took another nap.

Off to bag up some frozen berries and keep the couch warm until honey gets home from work.


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COOPSM 6/18/2010 6:01AM

    Sounds like a perfect day!!!

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ONECOOKIETWO 6/18/2010 4:27AM

    Ah, paradise! You know it.

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EARTHSEAME 6/17/2010 11:35PM

    emoticon I love your day! I hope I have one that is just as great soon.

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