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Oh my.

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Today I am tired. Very tired. Yesterday I had a massage after school. It was the best 60 minutes ever. Then I went to a wine tasting at honey's restaurant. If you have ever been to a wine tasting, usually they pour a little bit into the glass to get a taste of it. These glasses were FULL. Like a real-glass-of-wine full. And there were five courses. Holy moly. So today calls for a TON of water.

It's not raining, thank goodness.

Tonight is Stretch Class at my gym - I can not wait for this. My legs need it! They are feeling a little sore today, for various reasons. I may do a little strength training before class... and then after class is a smoothie. The sexy juice-guy (not sexy-juice guy) charmed me into starting an account at the juice bar. But the drinks are all-natural - and very tasty.

- water water water water
- catch up on some cleaning that I didn't do this week
- post my October goals around my house so I remember what they are
- sign up for the 10/10/10 challenge at the gym
- be positive
- water water water water


  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

MIAMIA7 10/7/2010 3:50PM

    Picture of the sexy juice guy please... :)

I went to a wine festival a few weeks ago and we first started with the 3 oz. tokens soon to learn that 3 was a bit too much if you want to taste all of them! We then stuck with 1 oz. tokens and still.... Let's just say we were very mellow!

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BOBBYD31 10/7/2010 3:41PM

    tired??? after such a nice afternoon, what did you do relax too much.

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ONECOOKIETWO 10/7/2010 2:35PM

    With all that water I can hear you sloshing when you walk.

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MAIA2011 10/7/2010 12:20PM

    What's the plan? Water?


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    So, are you planning on drinking any water?!

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GSDMIKE 10/7/2010 10:09AM

    I could use a little sexy juice, personally.

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GOEGIRL 10/7/2010 9:27AM

    You forgot to say 'and savour the memories of yesterday's bliss...' lol!

Sounds like a great plan - hope you have ALMOST as wonderful a day today as you did yesterday.

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    You go girl - everyone needs a night like that.

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CASSIOEPIA 10/7/2010 8:21AM

    Everybody else absorbed the "great plan" part of your blog. I got stuck on "sexy juice guy" and where exactly the hyphen should be placed!

Water, water, water (get that other thought out of my head).

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COOPSM 10/7/2010 8:08AM

    Great night last night--sounds wonderful!! Have fun at the gym Carrie and have a great day...

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TFUNKSGIRL 10/7/2010 7:59AM

    Good luck with your plan it sounds like a good one emoticon

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CHEWY3 10/7/2010 7:55AM

  Sounds like a good evening. Great plan. emoticon

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TMAC10 10/7/2010 7:41AM

    sounds like a great plan!! :)

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Thank you thank you thank you!!!

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

I loved all the birthday wishes! It's so amazing how many people take the time to wish a happy birthday or send a goodie.
Two classes sang Happy Birthday to me yesterday. If you ever want a giant smile, listen to a group of kindergarten kids sing to you. :)

Last night was a crazy night - Member Appreciation Day at the gym. It went like this:
5:00 - mini personal training session with a buddy
6:00 - Intensity (which totally kicked my butt)
7:00 - Stretch class
7:45 - chicken mole for dinner and a hot bath after that.

Phew! Today I am really feeling it. I will make sure to get lots and lots of water to keep my body in check...

Tonight is Open House at school. I made a play list and I'm ready to go. I think today I'll take some pictures of my room... I worked very hard on getting it ready and I LOVE the results. Open House also means out to eat with some of the girls from school. We are going to Texas Roadhouse... since honey and I had 10 oz steaks on Sunday, I think I'll be getting some kind of chicken dish tonight. Ten oz. of red meat is enough for me for one week.

Today's list is short - I am going to be exhausted after Open House.

- water water water water water
- stretch stretch stretch
- good food choices at dinner
- be positive (this is always an interesting one for me - since I've been making an effort to be positive, I really notice how negative a lot of people are. I am determined to change that!)
- send out thank you e-mails to teachers whose kids sang to me. One of the teachers practiced with his kindergarten kids, and it really meant a lot to me. I want to make sure he knows that.

Have a super day!

emoticon emoticon

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

ONECOOKIETWO 10/5/2010 1:50PM

    Cari, You really rock.

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LSCHULER72 10/5/2010 1:20PM

    Great blog! Enjoy the rest of your week!

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COOPSM 10/5/2010 12:13PM

    Once again a great blog---have a great open house

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    Lucky you to have been serenaded.

Enjoy your day

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MAIA2011 10/5/2010 11:46AM

    Kids are awesome!

Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate!


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PSHANKEY 10/5/2010 9:00AM

    I, too, miss birthdays. But, I'll be positive and simply say, "Glad it was a good one!"

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BAYSIDE07 10/5/2010 7:11AM


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HEALTHYASHLEY 10/5/2010 6:55AM

    Why do I always miss birthday's on here!!! Grrrr. I am sorry its late but Happy Birthday!!!!!

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MZFATFREEDOM 10/5/2010 6:51AM

    Well, Happy Belated Birthday (it was the 4th right, same as my sister's).

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10/4, Good Buddy!

Monday, October 04, 2010

This is how my honey remembers it's my birthday. He says "you're lucky it's easy to remember!" Isn't it an old military saying or something?

This weekend was SOOOOO nice. Saturday morning I bought myself an iPhone (the first of many birthday presents to myself), then went to lunch with my mom and brother. Had half a ham melt, and then a piece of chocolate cake with PB icing (which is my absolute FAVORITE dessert in the entire world). YUM.
Mom and I went to get our nails done - fingers and toes - and I picked a beautiful blue jewel tone (it's by OPI in their new Swiss line. I forget the name, but it's the darker of the two blues. Just in case you're interested). We also got pink hair extensions - just one little extension. The salon was selling them for Breast Cancer Awareness Month - I thought it was a super fun way to support the research. It's so cute!
Went out to school with my mom where her students were holding a book fair. Got a few new books for my music room - I can't wait to show them to the kids! They are going to love them. Then we went out to local jewelry store - I had a coupon for 25% off one item, so of course I had to use it. Got a beautiful sparkly purple necklace and a cute pair of earrings. I love the jewelry there - I could go crazy!
Went out to dinner with mom and a friend, then it was off to the symphony. It was WONderful. I LOVE symphony season!!!

Sunday was out to breakfast (SOS over homefries - a very rare treat for me), then it was off to head home. Stopped at Target for some classroom stuff, then used a coupon at Ulta. Another place where I could go nuts... especially on all the lotions they have!
Came home, went on a hike with honey, and then came home for a nap. He made DELICIOUS steaks for dinner and we had a good bottle of wine to celebrate.

So I did not track anything this weekend, but I had a wonderful time! Today is a marathon session at the gym for Member Appreciation Day, so I will be burning off a lot of my weekend calories. Water water water.

This evening I am going to post my October goals around the house, since I have already forgotten most of them. Ha!

Time to finish the coffee and head off to school on this rainy morning!


  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

GSDMIKE 10/4/2010 2:44PM

    Happy Birthday!

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    Happy, Happy Birthday! I hope your day is as wonderful as you are!!

Your weekend sounds fantastic! I'm glad you had such a good, pampering time! It's wonderful to do things like that every now and then! I wanted an Iphone SO bad, but we're on Verizon...I broke down and got an Android, and I LOVE it! Have fun with your new phone!

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PINKCOCONUT 10/4/2010 10:50AM

    Happy Birthday woman!!! Sounds like it was a fantastic birthday weekend! Wishing you ALL the best!!!

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RENLA6991 10/4/2010 10:20AM

    Happy birthday! Good food, great presents & time with your family--sounds like you had an amazing weekend!

Oh, and 10-4 is a CB radio code for message received. My dad used to be a truck driver & he used to let me talk to the other drivers on the radio, so I got to learn a few of the codes.

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KEAKMAN 10/4/2010 9:48AM

    All I'm asking for is a pic of you and your mom with your pink hair extensions. How could you NOT include that in your blog?!?!?!

Happy birthday!

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    Happy Belated Birthday - sounds like you had an awesome time.

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BECKA525 10/4/2010 8:55AM

    What a wonderful birthday you had. Happy Birthday!! emoticon

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KARVY09 10/4/2010 8:32AM

    Aww, sounds like an amazing birthday weekend!!! Love all your purchases and glad you had fun!

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PLAYBLUES22 10/4/2010 8:09AM

    Sweetie, Happy Birthday emoticon emoticon

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MASSPEACH 10/4/2010 7:48AM

    Sounds like you had a FANTASTIC weekend! Happy birthday!! emoticon emoticon emoticon

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Saturday, October 02, 2010

I love October. It's fall, it's my birthday month, and it's time to eat and drink pumpkin goodness.

This month I am going to focus a bit more on weight-loss. There is a challenge starting at my gym on 10/10 - we have 10 weeks to lose 10 pounds. A pound a week is a lot for me but this will be a good challenge anyway. So to help me meet this challenge, I will stay within my calorie range 6 of 7 days a week. This weekend I'll be down at my mom's house - which means going out to eat a lot. So while I will make the healthiest choices I can, I am not going to track calories. I will allow myself symphony weekend to not track.

This month I will get eight hours of sleep a night.

This month I will get 1000 fitness minutes.

This month I will take more after-breakfast walks - I haven't done this for a while, and I kind of miss it. I liked the walks for the "me time" they gave me. And only ten minutes a day - I can handle that. During the summer, the walks really made those fitness minutes add up!

Plan for 10/2/10 - 10/9/10
- Make healthy choices this weekend but allow for enjoyment (i.e. a glass of wine)
- Pack lunch at night so I don't have to eat so many snacky things at school.
- Get eight hours of sleep a night
- Drink five Siggs of water daily
- On Sunday evening, plan the week's lunch and dinner schedule

Fitness plan:
Monday - this will be a crazy day. Mini-trainer session with my fitness buddy, 60 minute Intensity class, 30 minute stretch class. (It's Member Appreciation Day at the gym, so there is all kinds of stuff going on.)
Tuesday - Morning workout. (probably a little swim or a little run) Open House is in the evening.
Wednesday - Morning workout. I have a massage scheduled for after school (a little birthday present to myself) so I will NOT be doing anything that evening.
Thursday - Stretch class after school and some strength training.
Friday - morning workout, probably a run
Saturday - morning run (hooray!)

Off to brush my teeth and head out for some shopping...


  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

COOPSM 10/3/2010 4:22PM

    Looking forward to following you on your October journey....

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ONECOOKIETWO 10/2/2010 1:34PM

    The way you set goals and plan ahead is a really great model for me. Good luck and go lose all ten of those pounds!

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MAIA2011 10/2/2010 11:48AM

    Great goals! Have a Sparked weekend!

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TMAC10 10/2/2010 9:32AM

    sounds like a great idea! The changing of seasons and a new month are always refreshing for goals!

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MKKAYA 10/2/2010 9:31AM

    Carrie, nice goals and you will do great! I also set some October goals! We can do this together

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MIAMIA7 10/2/2010 9:29AM

    Great plan Carrie! I like the workout plan. Wish I had a stretching class. Can't make the gym here with the crazy schedule plus they are small gyms that don't have much. Good luck.

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PAYANAR 10/2/2010 9:12AM

    I am inspired by your goal setting. I like the idea of writing down your weekly fitness plan. I think I will copy this idea in my blog later today. Keep going!!! Oh, and good luck with 10 pounds in 10 weeks!

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Thank goodness for you!

Friday, October 01, 2010

As you look around and think "who, me?" Yes, you.

Thank you for writing such inspiring blogs.
Thank you for leaving messages on my Spark Page to let me know you're checking in on me.
Thank you for sending me a Goodie!
Thank you for reading what I write and leaving your comments.
Thank you for being my Spark Friend!

You have kept me from eating the entire bag of cookies I have sitting on my counter. You got my butt out of the computer chair to get a big glass of water. You made me see that I need to refocus on some goals and set some new ones for October. You made me want to be a "real runner" again. You made me want to do a challenge at the gym that I wasn't sure I wanted to do. You made me just a little jealous of your awesome weight loss (but in a good way) so that now I want to get back into the weight-loss thing. You are helping me see that I don't have to settle for what I am right now (even though I'm happy with it). If I want some sexy arms, then dammit, I'll get those sexy arms.

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

My birthday month = a great time to refocus and revamp some goals. Even set some totally new ones. Tonight I will be working on getting those goals written down/entered on Spark. I will NOT be eating the delicious cookies on my counter, instead I will be getting psyched up for the 10/10/10 challenge at my gym.

So from the bottom of my heart, thank you. You are awesome.


  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

TMAC10 10/2/2010 8:57AM

    you are amazing! your inspiration and encouragement is always needed!! we are all here together on this journey!

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JOPAPGH 10/1/2010 10:45PM

    Thanks for all you write and you constant postivity. I always enjoy your blogs.

I am also an October birthday participant. I turn 50 this year and feel better physically thatn I have in over a decade.

Here's to the new you that you are seaching for, but the current you is still pretty special.

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CHEPRBYTHEDOZN 10/1/2010 10:32PM

    THANK YOU! for being such a cheerleader and peppy team mate. I lvoe reading about all your gym classes that you take!!! GO make it a great birthday month.

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ONECOOKIETWO 10/1/2010 10:25PM


What they said!!

I find it absolutely lovely to be your sparkfriend.
You are sassy, lovely, smart, enthusiastic, compatible, inspiring, funny, and dear.

And happy birthday. Mighty fine you were born!

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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DREBENEZER 10/1/2010 9:49PM

    Carrie, your spark and your spunky attitude cheers up my day. I always look forward to hearing about your day.

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COOPSM 10/1/2010 9:41PM

    Carrie---I love being your follower, I find you to be an inspiration....
I can't wait to meet you in March!!! No pressure, but you WILL be there, right???
have an awesome night and great job on staying away from the cookies...

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BOBBYD31 10/1/2010 9:29PM

    no carrie thank you for this blog, it is a great reminder for all of us! so carrie thank you and make sure to put on your list, march in pittsburgh for just a short run, they are coming in from everywhere

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SLEEKKITTY 10/1/2010 7:03PM

    And thank you to you. emoticon

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BORNAGAINBRAT 10/1/2010 6:54PM

    This place is pretty special isn't it?

Report Inappropriate Comment
MAIA2011 10/1/2010 6:46PM

    I feel the same way! And, you are welcome!


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