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Falling COWS!!!

Monday, September 08, 2014

The title and the photo was just to get you to my blog!!


Today's Positives:
1. Work went well this morning. I got my course material ready to hand out in my Pediatrics class which starts tomorrow.
2. I'm getting items packed up to send to the States with a visitor who is leaving at the end of the month, a couple of months before me.
3. Our cool weather is still here and the hot season has not yet started.


P.S. The photo came on an email from the following website:

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MTNGRL 9/11/2014 6:51PM

    I think that might just happen on our steep mountain roads! BTW, so far we have seen cows, bears, skunks, possums, deer, pigs, sheep, squirrels and turtles in our road. Then there are dogs, birds and chickens..always an adventure here!

Fall weather here for a few days. I think some places in the Dakota's got snow today. UGH!

Happy packing!

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GINA180847 9/9/2014 1:29AM

    Well it worked, I am here!

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JAMER123 9/8/2014 9:15PM

    Cute sign!! Wonder where we can find the cows :-)
emoticon positives!!

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GAYLLYNNE 9/8/2014 4:13PM

    Hmmm, falling cow? I must make sure I watch out for them!

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JTREMBATH 9/8/2014 2:48PM

    emoticon emoticon

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ROBBIEY 9/8/2014 1:04PM

  The sign got my attention. Where are the cows falling from?
Keep on moving and getting in your morning workouts!!! emoticon

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Weekend Retreat Photos!

Sunday, September 07, 2014

Friday noon through noon today we had a Spiritual Retreat for the 14 Nursing students and us four professors. A Christian Pediatrician from another city came to be the speaker. It was a great retreat and God Spoke. Here are some photos.

Today's Positives:
1. The retreat weekend went well.
2. Nursing School fall trimester starts tomorrow which means that I have eleven weeks until I move from the hospital and start my trip back to the States and retirement.
3. I'm now ready to get "on track" for eating better!

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JAMER123 9/7/2014 10:54PM

    CONGRATS on a wonderful retreat!! I know you will have good memories from it. the weeks are going to go fast and you will soon be back here to enjoy thhe winter!
emoticon emoticon emoticon

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GINA180847 9/7/2014 9:50PM

    You will probably feel some very severe culture shock when you return to the US.

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SPEEDY143 9/7/2014 3:36PM

    How do you feel about leaving Africa? You've probably lived there half your life Carolyn, I know you will miss your students and the hospital. It must be very emotional for everyone. I know how much they love YOU emoticon

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ROBBIEY 9/7/2014 2:45PM

  emoticon emoticon

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Saturday, September 06, 2014

Nope, I'm not retreating from SparkPeople. I'm not giving up! I'm not quitting!

I'm on a Spiritual Retreat with the Nursing School. All fourteen nursing school students and we four profs are having special meetings this weekend. I'm sleeping in my own home but otherwise I go to where most everyone else is even spending the nights. It's a real retreat. A Christian medical doctor from another city is here to give the messages. I'll post more photos in my next blog but here's one for a start.

Today's Positives:
1. Everyone from Retreat came over to my house for lunch yesterday and it went well.
2. The Doctor who is speaking at the retreat arrived by bush taxi in time for his 8pm talk. He had to work on Thursday so could not make the 10+ hour trip until yesterday, the day the retreat started.
3. The message that the Doctor gave last night was so good, and appropriate for those of us who work in the hospital.

Have a good day!

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ZELLAZM 9/7/2014 8:39AM

    What good timing for you, so soon before you leave, to have a special time of spiritual refreshing and fellowship! Enjoy!

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SURVIVOR61 9/6/2014 11:41PM

    Awesome blog, I just love all the things you share with us. But I truly love visiting the area through your photos, it looks so beautiful and the people are beautiful too and friendly. Thank you Carolyn for the awesome adventures that you have shared with us.
your sister in Christ

Comment edited on: 9/6/2014 11:42:14 PM

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JAMER123 9/6/2014 10:35PM

    This looks like a lot of fun and a great sharing/learning session. A great day! Wonderful positives as well. God bless you all!
emoticon emoticon

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GINA180847 9/6/2014 2:10PM

    Sounds very fun and uplifting!

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    What fun!!! emoticon

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Eating Way too Much!

Thursday, September 04, 2014

Well, I must admit. I'm eating way too much and gaining weight. I like to eat. I'm at my heaviest ever. Way too heavy.

I have a lot of food in my house and always have. Now I'm "trying" to eat it up before I move from Africa back to the States. That's my underlying logic but it is not logical!!

I am also doing a lot of dinner entertaining for others. Tomorrow I have 19 people coming for lunch!!!!

Nuf said.

Today's Positives:
1. Even though there have been no eggs to buy in town this week, a local restaurant sold me a flat of eggs (30) from it's own kitchen stock so I will have them for lunch tomorrow. We're having a retreat for our Nursing Students this weekend and eggs are needed for that too.
2. My course is ready to teach for Tuesday. I still need to get ready for the Thursday class.
3. I am still Sparking, even though I am not making progress but going backwards.

Thanks for visiting my blog.

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ZELLAZM 9/5/2014 4:12AM

    Yes, it's good that you are still here and "owning" the weight gain. Do what you can to maintain healthy habits while you go through this major life transition. I know the feeling! Prayers for you!

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JAMER123 9/4/2014 9:34PM

    Keep on sparking! As you get closer to retirement and leaving, you can really get back on track with eating. I am like you, we are getting ready to head south & do some travel and I am doing the same thing, trying to eat up what will be difficult to pack into the camper. I do understand and "plan on" getting back on track as we begin our travels in a few days.
Enjoy the entertaining!! It sounds like a lot of fun! emoticon emoticon

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MJREIMERS 9/4/2014 9:28PM

    Hang in there! I know you can do this! Enjoy the time you have left in Africa, but try to be "good" to yourself, too! emoticon

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GINA180847 9/4/2014 1:20PM

    Wordwoman7 said it all. This move is the most stressful for you ever. It is the end of a chapter of your life that will never be beat for joy, interest, love, inspiration, excitement and wow factor. You are to be excused if you get a bit carried away. But RHOOK20047 is very right as well that for your health you need to follow his suggestions too. Good luck honey, getting older sucks but consider the alternative.

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RHOOK20047 9/4/2014 9:17AM

    Pick out one thing to change this week and stick to it. If you drink sugared drinks, drop them, and drink water. Give yourself at least 10 minutes of exercise, and build on it. You can do it. If you have too much food on hand before moving to the States, donate it a food pantry, I am sure they can use it! But don't beat yourself up too much, just try a little harder to turn those old habits into healthy ones!

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WORDWOMAN7 9/4/2014 9:16AM

    I think it's common to eat more than we should when something big and stressful is happening, and moving IS big and stressful! Just take each decision as you face it and do your best, and promise yourself that you will spark faithfully as soon as life calms down. Best wishes for a smooth move!

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Saturday, August 30, 2014

West Africa is in the midst of the biggest Ebola Epidemic ever. It keeps spreading. It is now in Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea, Nigeria and yesterday I heard that there was a case in Senegal. A different strain has started up in DRC but that one does not seem to be connected to the same epidemic. Here is a CDC link for more information on Ebola.

I live and work in Gabon, a country on the West coast of Africa but on the equator. It is considered in Central Africa. Although Gabon has had a few Ebola outbreaks in the past, it has never been in the province where I live. Gabon is the size of the State of Colorado to give a bit of perspective. The current epidemic is not located in any of the border countries with Gabon. It is thousands of miles away.

Ebola can spread by air travel. Many of the airlines have stopped going into most of the countries that currently have cases. But there are still some land borders opened between those countries and other countries.

Let's pray that the Ebola Epidemic be controlled then stopped!

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

Today's Positives:
1. There is no Ebola where I live!
2. I'm making progress at sorting, throwing, giving, selling and packing my household before my November move back to the States for eventual retirement. I try to do some of it every day.
3. It's SATURDAY!!


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JAMER123 8/30/2014 9:09PM

    Carolyn, you and the people in your area are being prayed for by many people and we will keep the prayers going until there is no more Ebola. Thank you for the Geography lesson. I hadn't realized it had spread so far and we can only pray it will spread no farther. November will be here soon. Are you going to have problems leaving and returning to the States? I haven't heard of Gabon. What is the country noted for as far as any exports.
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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MOONGLOWSNANA 8/30/2014 1:30PM

  Ebola is a truly frightening disease. The pictures coming out of Africa on TV are heart wrenching. I am praying that it will be stopped soon.

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GINA180847 8/30/2014 1:29PM

    Thank you Carolyn for addressing my question about ebola. At a community picnic I was talking to a paramedic here in northern Canada and asked the likelihood of finding it in our communities and she said it could happen in a heartbeat. I was under some illusion that it existed only in hot countries but she said it exists best at body temperature and that exists everywhere.

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    The possibilities are frightening and I pray that you and your friends, colleagues, students do not need to make decisions in regard to this present epidemic. I can only imagine what those people who have it in their areas must be experiencing. May God intervene!

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ROX525 8/30/2014 7:01AM


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ZELLAZM 8/30/2014 6:06AM

    Praying for you and my friends in West and Central Africa. I hadn't heard that Ebola had reached Senegal. I have a friend with Wycliffe there.

And Happy Saturday!

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