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Chena Hot Springs, Alaska

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Last weekend we went to Chena Hot Springs to photograph the northern lights. A snow cat drove us up the side of a local mountain to view and photograph the aurora.
We left at 10:30 and didn't get back to our room until 4:30 AM. It was so cold... brrrr. -7 and windy but DH got some great photos.

He even captured a shooting star, seen as a faint white line in the green area. I felt like freezing for 6 hours wasn't worth it at the time, but now that we're home and we can appreciate the photos, it was worth it.

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1BEACHWALKER 3/28/2014 6:06PM

    Just showed my husband this and it brought back memories when he saw them as a kid. He has seen all colors in the aurora borealis..lots of orange ones! He wished he'd had taken pics now!! Well done!!!

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SUPERMOMMA76 3/28/2014 12:07AM

    What a beautiful sight:) The Northern Lights are the only thing I really miss about Fairbanks. (not great memories) Glad you had a good time😊

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WANRAS 3/27/2014 4:49PM

    So very jealous !! Have always wanted to go to Chena Hot Springs but have not made it yet. Thank you for sharing !!
emoticon emoticon emoticon

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1BEACHWALKER 3/27/2014 3:08PM

    Oh, my goodness, what a gorgeous thing to see! My husband used to see them all the time when he lived by Lake Erie in the Cleveland many years ago. That would be so cool to see that...and braving the cold was worth it! Thanks for sharing...I was hoping you would! Glad you got to go!! emoticon

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HERE2PERSEVERE 3/27/2014 10:40AM

    Oh, that is SO cool! Glad you got some great photos! emoticon I would love to see that someday...

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LEXIE63 3/27/2014 6:33AM

    What a fabulous photograph! Quite stunning! :-)

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The Sandhill Crane Migratory Festival

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

I had never noticed Sandhill cranes before I moved to Alaska nor ever heard their distinctive call. Here in town, I was lucky to see or hear them in ones and twos and that call is certainly attention getting.
So when I heard that there was a festival in Fairbanks dedicated to watching and hearing hundreds of them migrate through town, I just had to go see for myself. It was surely an impressive sight, 200-300 flying and calling continuously. Since they were most active in the evening, when it was too dark to photograph, this photo only shows a few of them, resting and eating before flying south.
Unfortunately, I didn't have decent recording equipment to be able to share their calls with you, but if you go to this link, you can hear their calls and read a little about them.

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EFFIEANNIE 8/28/2013 7:50AM

    Very interesting. I think in recent years they must be increasing their population. We never saw them here in Illinois, but I see them frequently, only in small groups 2-4. They are very neat.

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SANDYCRANE 8/28/2013 5:23AM

    I love those birds. I have been watching them since my teen years. That is how I got my Spark name. Sounds like a great festival.


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1BEACHWALKER 8/28/2013 1:13AM

    Oh, my gosh that would have been cool! I love those birds! I had never seen them until we moved to FL! We have a family of 3 here in our neighborhood right now...we call them Niles, Daphne, and Frazier (you know from the Frazier show?-their last name is Krane!)
One time I recorded them doing their awesome call...we have a video of them too, doing their talking. And so I decided to try something, I played the recording loud enough for them to hear it later on and it was so funny, they saw me and started to walk toward me, just a chattering away! Loved it! Gorgeous bird! Glad you had a good time watching them! emoticon

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A Sure Sign of Early Fall

Monday, August 19, 2013

It certainly is beginning to look like early Fall here. The blueberries, cranberries, and raspberries are ripe, and the mushrooms are sprouting up everywhere.
The temperatures have dropped from the 70s everyday to the high 50s-low 60s and it has been raining, drizzling, or threatening to rain everyday for going on 3 weeks now. I'm not complaining about the rain, at least not very much, because it's nothing like the torrential rains other parts of the country have been tolerating.
Our garden has changed from looking like this... to this...

Sometimes I really dislike "winning" the award for receiving Fall days at one of the very earliest times of the calendar.

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1BEACHWALKER 8/28/2013 1:09AM

    I miss how fall is up north! Pretty pics! But, don't miss the cold temps! emoticon emoticon

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JOYATLAST 8/20/2013 10:33AM

    I love Fall! The longer the better!! That is the prettiest shroom ever!!!

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EFFIEANNIE 8/20/2013 9:23AM

    What a pretty mushroom thing. I've never seen one like that around Illinois. Enjoy the beauty around you!

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LEXIE63 8/20/2013 5:50AM

    Autumn has always been my favourite time of year, but then, I don't have it arriving quite as early as you do. I like both your pics. At least the toadstool is colourful. :-)

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The Alaska Zoo

Saturday, August 03, 2013

We were both really tired yesterday, which made it hard to feel like doing a typical workout. Since DH just got a new camera, we decided to take a trip to the zoo; both to practice with the camera and to see the zoo, which we hadn't visited for about 8 years.
We got lots of great photos... many of course with those unsightly bars. Still, some animals I don't care to see anywhere but in a zoo.

Animal names top to bottom:
Alaskan brown bear, young bull moose, snow leopard, trumpeter swans, Dall sheep ram, gyrfalcon, and golden Eagle.

(All birds, except the swans, in the captivity of this zoo have permanent and debilitating injuries which prohibit flight, which is why their enclosures are so small.)

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USMAWIFE 8/4/2013 8:25AM

    Great pics. We lived in anchorage for 2 years and I never made it to the zoo. those were in the days of binky the bear.

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EFFIEANNIE 8/4/2013 8:21AM

    Isn't that snow leopard beautiful!

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CBLENS 8/4/2013 6:59AM

    great shots. thanks for sharing.

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LEXIE63 8/4/2013 5:35AM

    Nice to know the injured birds are cared for. Is part of the zoo some kind of sanctuary for injured birds? I love the Raptor exhibit at our local zoo. They train some of them and do shows. I've sat mere feet from kestrels and vultures and been swiped on the head by an eagle wing. It is a truly fabulous experience!

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1BEACHWALKER 8/4/2013 12:46AM

    Whoohoo!! You blogged and posted it!!! Your new camera did great!! Nice shots!! That snow leopard is looking right at you! I haven't been to the zoo in ages either! I have been wanting to go to Animal Kingdom too for awhile also! Thanks for thinking of us and blogging about it!!

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JOYATLAST 8/4/2013 12:14AM

    Beautiful! I never tire of seeing zoo pics.

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They Came to Harvest Our Raspberries

Thursday, October 11, 2012

We have visitors every Fall who appear just in time to eat the last of the green leaves. They delicately nibble and pluck the suitable leaves, fortunately neglecting to uproot the entire plant, which they could certainly do.
This was the view out our front window a couple of days ago...

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JOYATLAST 1/29/2013 12:41AM

    What a thrill. They are sweet to share with you.

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REDBUD1 12/3/2012 9:06PM

    I love the pictures! They look young; I sure they appreciate the vegetation emoticon .

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1BEACHWALKER 10/19/2012 4:44AM

    Oh my goodness! So nice of them to leave the whole bush alone and just nibble! I have had just plain old deer come and sharpen their antlers on my small young trees (about 4 foot tall) and rip it right in half. These guys are huge!! That is too cool though to see them up close-but I am sure you know how dangerous they are!! emoticon

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GARDENQE2 10/14/2012 11:04AM

    How neat to have wildlife right in your yard!

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CLAIREINPARIS 10/14/2012 4:47AM

    This is wonderful!

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EFFIEANNIE 10/12/2012 8:19AM

    I love it- would like to have some visit my place!

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LEXIE63 10/12/2012 5:24AM

    We get the occasional squirrel...


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DIVEMASTER01 10/12/2012 3:22AM

    So cute Carolyn, I guess they are just smart enough to realize that if they uproot them, no more berries next year!


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KNITTABLES 10/12/2012 1:40AM

    Wow, great pictures. didn't know they came that close to you.

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HIPPYCAT 10/11/2012 11:34PM

    What these moose need is a couple of little metal buckets. emoticon

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NANCYRUBIO 10/11/2012 11:34PM

    Can I pick berries with them?

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