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Anything Can Happen

Sunday, September 28, 2014

It's Sunday. I have managed to lose 3 lbs this week so I feel pretty good about that.

I am procrastinating. I should have a shower and start the day but I am sitting at my computer. I've been here for about an hour and a half in my robe.

I am unemployed and have been since March. Not because I can't find a job but because I have not been looking for a job. I know that does not sound good but right after I was laid off my fiancÚ was 'work force reduced' after 19 years with his company and got a package, so we have been looking into franchise opportunities. We started off with a fast food type place and after waiting since May to the end of August without any progress- not sure that the franchise owner actually understood how to sell a business because he did not seem to be able to provide us with anything we were asking for - so we decided to end our negotiations- if you could even call it that because we had no numbers to work with.

We are now focusing on a retail store and are waiting on the franchise owner to put a value on the business. We are new to the franchise business too so we are not 100% sure how it works but we wish it would take less time to get the information we need to go to the bank with.

We are in limbo right now waiting on information because there is no sense in us going out and getting jobs if we are going to be running a business.

Being unemployed also means that our week ahead of us is pretty much unscheduled. Our kids have a few activities, music lessons etc. but other than that our schedule is completely open.

I'd like to do stuff, but stuff costs money. LOL...maybe I'll get some background work or auditions this week to keep me busy!

In the meantime I should probably work on selling off the stuff in my room downstairs that makes my fiancÚ call me a hoarder!!!

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KAILYNSTAR 9/30/2014 3:32PM

    Wow. That has to be frustrating. Waiting and waiting.

Hope things turn out for the both of you soon.

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52BINCE 9/30/2014 8:10AM

    sounds like the ol roller coaster ride of life.....Your lives will soon take on a faster moving pace once you get up that uphill part of the ride n then roll faster downhill to success..... This blog is a good one because it shows the lives of real people.....

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I Blew It

Monday, September 22, 2014

LOL...well, not really a laughing matter. Week one of the Bikini Club - where we are competing to lose weight and I have not only managed to not lose any weight but I have jumped up 4lbs. So now I have to lose 4lbs just to get back down to my starting weight.

I am not impressed with myself.

You would think that since it was my co-ed softball finals this weekend that I might have actually managed to lose weight, but no somehow between the 5 games played I managed to eat enough food to put on 4lbs.

Now I am backtracking.

I need to think of a way to jump start myself and get motivated.

I feel gross and don't like the way I look at all.

Softball banquet is in a month and I'd like to have a bit more of my closet to select from...right now I only have 1 pair of jeans that I can squeeze my bum into...

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ACROFIT 9/22/2014 7:06PM

  I'm in the same boat as you. Weekend away with a girlfriend I haven't seen in a long time. Felt so gross yesterday. We made a pact to text in the evening (that's when I have trouble) and start over. Not much selection in my closet right now either! You can do this! Think of how amazing you will look and feel when you practice discipline. Good luck!!

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JENSTRESS 9/22/2014 8:28AM

    First, it is POSSIBLE (not checking on your trackers or etc) that you are retaining water or just hanging onto something, that you didn't actually PUT ON 4 pounds. That is 14,000 extra calories you would have had to consume, in a week. That is a LOT.

As for a jump start. I usually find something that I want to start. A workout program, SOMETHING that helps kick me into gear.

IF you like Jillian Michaels, She has a couple of one month (30 day) programs that you could use to "kick start" a program. I have her 30 Day Shred and Ripped in 30 and think they are pretty good). The other program that is far more expensive is 21 Day fix. But, it has a little more variety and is a great workout. It also has an eating program they recommend. I used that when I started, and WOW it is really good!

Either that, or pick something you LOVE yourself! You can do this.

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Callback Yesterday

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

I had a callback yesterday for a commercial I auditioned for a week or so ago.

I am very anxious right now.

Shoot is they should let us know pretty quickly if booked right? Breakdown did not say anything about not sure if that is a concern...but with shoot tomorrow they don't really have that long to let us know that we were picked right? here I am watching my email for a booking notice!

I also wonder if booked whether it would come in via email or if may agent would actually call me, so this morning when the phone rang at 9am my mind immediately went to 'could be my agent' but it was not, it was a recorded message from my child's school reminding me of their open house tomorrow night! LOL

Crossing my fingers today and trying not to think about it too much!

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KAILYNSTAR 9/17/2014 3:44PM

    Good luck. I hope your nerves calm down soon.

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FORZACHANDMATT 9/16/2014 10:54PM

    Good luck

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BRAINBENTT 9/16/2014 11:20AM


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2 Auditions Today

Friday, September 05, 2014

I've never had more than one audition in a week until this week.

This week I have had 2 and am about to leave for a 3rd.

2 Auditions today.

That's pretty exciting.

I hope I get some call backs or even get booked on one of these!

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KAILYNSTAR 9/8/2014 2:43PM

    Good luck!!!! This is exciting.

As for the status lines, you can only see them on the start page. I hate it.

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Audition Today :)

Thursday, September 04, 2014

I have an audition today for a commercial.

Wish me luck!

PS...anyone know what happened to the daily status lines???

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    Hope it went well

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SPORT410 9/4/2014 7:46AM

    Good luck emoticon emoticon emoticon Own it, it will be yours

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