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Something of a surgury update

Friday, June 13, 2014

Something in that I went to the surgeon today thinking I'd be going over the surgical stuff (post and pre-op) so I brought my husband since I knew I wouldn't be able to retain any of it and he'd be the one dealing with the post-op rules.

Turns out he would like more orthodontics first. It's close. Really close. But if he did it now, it would be much more involved. So we wait. He and the orthodontist will be sitting down one on one to discuss what is next but it is starting to look like it won't be this summer.

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JANET552 6/15/2014 9:53AM

    Hmmm. I hope the wait works for you at least in some way. Good luck!!

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AKATHLEEN54 6/13/2014 10:43PM

    Sorry..... I was hoping for better news for you. Hang in there emoticon

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UMBILICAL 6/13/2014 5:57PM


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Things that have nothing to do with eating or exercise

Monday, June 09, 2014

1) The kid was eliminated from the baseball playoffs. First team to be eliminated. Good news is that means no more baseball for me for a while (I find it very stressful). On a good note, he has the art show tonight (not competitive - any elementary school aged kid in town could enter).

2) A book I've wanted for YEARS arrived today. I'm torn between wanting to hide out and read it without stopping and trying to savor it reading it slowly. It is officially not released until tomorrow and I always feel a little guilty reading it before the brick and mortar stores get to sell it, so I've only read a few pages so far. All bets are off tomorrow.

3) The boy may have to be strangled. I'm glad he just left the house to drop off an application for employment, but he's been home all day and I have 2 sinks full of dishes. After working late (a particularly difficult day - both of my bosses were out and between meetings and jumping through hoops because one of them is an idiot and doesn't communicate at all so he left a mess to deal with), I don't think I should have to tell him more than once to do the dishes. He's 21. He may not make 22. ;)

4) My parents are coming home 2 weeks from today and I get to pick them up from the airport. This is not as easy as it sounds. It's the week I go camping. The bulk of my packing of clothes and food takes place on the Monday and Tuesday. The Wednesday is an awards thing at the kid's school and we go Thursday. The time isn't great either. The plane is due at 4:30 and the kid doesn't get off the bus until 4:05. This means I need to pick him up from school at 3:25 (end of the day) which isn't too bad, but to do that, I can't go home after work. It will be work, get him, go to the airport. Worse things in the world have had to be dealt with and man, talk about first world problems.

5) There has been some writing. It isn't great but it is something. It feels a bit like drinking a cold glass of water after going without for so long. Can't explain it any other way, but I need to write, even if it is just a paragraph here and there.

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JANET552 6/15/2014 9:56AM

    I hope you've devoured the book by now. I also hope the boy is still alive (LOL) and the dishes got done -- preferably not by you.

I'd say I hope things get less stressful but I doubt that is possible. Hang in there!!!

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AKATHLEEN54 6/10/2014 8:25AM

    Oh I remember those days so well...... full days at work, running with kids, and yes, a sink full of dishes.... why does everyone think they are just going to wash themselves? My life is so much easier now, one kid grown.... living at home, but hardly ever there and as you know the other in Boston for the summer. As much as I miss them being around I don't miss the chaos.
I know you well enough to know that you will get it all done. I hope it doesn't stress you out too much on the way.
Take a little time for yourself to sneak away and savor your book.... much needed "me time"

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BHENDRICK2 6/9/2014 5:38PM


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The kid quits running and I quit eating

Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Well the kid's enthusiasm for running has ended. All he wants to run now is the same event we ran this past weekend. Mostly because of the post race stuff. I'm actually good with this. I see so many kids pushing themselves (or worse, being pushed by adults) to do things that are too tough on their little bodies. There were so many kids when I was at PT last year (prime after school time appointments) and almost all of these kids were there because of sports injuries. So I'm actually good with it. I would like him to do more walking with me, but my heart isn't set on that either. He's a kid and he plays. Exercise isn't really a concern at this point.

I have food allergies. If I'm being completely honest, I show some sort of allergy to everything in the cereal family except for rice and sugar. Corn is the worst by far, wheat second. I keep an epi-pen for those. I developed these allergies at 32 years old. I love corn and wheat stuff. I cheat a LOT with wheat and a smidge with corn. I shouldn't. I know this. I've had ER visits. But when you cheat just a little and nothing bad happens, you start cheating more. And then you start reacting to things you never did before.

Some things are changes in recipes, but mostly, my sensitivity is, well, wicked sensitive lately. I jokingly declared on Facebook last night that I was going to stop eating because while death for eating Smart Food popcorn seems perfectly reasonable, chicken tenders, not so much.

Tonight we were going to have BBQ chicken but given the reactions recently, I decided to double check the ingredients. Corn starch. Every single frozen dinner we had in the freezer had it listed. So the choices for dinner were rice krispies with slices of banana or McCain smiley face fries. I went with the cereal. This sucks to put it bluntly. But I've been good before so I know I can do it. I just hate that I can't eat like a normal person. Oh well. Could be worse.

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JANET552 6/15/2014 9:59AM

    My sympathies! Living with a person with celiac disease, I understand the having to give up and the finding out how much food has wheat. At least he can still eat corn. He talks periodically about what he misses but he has never knowingly cheated. I doubt I could ever be that good.

P.S. Kudos to you for not pushing the kid to run (or whatever). I think that is so, so smart!!

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The kid's first 5K

Monday, June 02, 2014

The kid trash talked for most of the week leading up to the 5K on Saturday. He felt sure he was going to run the entire 5K while I was only going to "run" the 5K. Well, I haven't really trained for this one. I was pretty much planning on walking it. I've tried multiple times to do the C25K training, but every time I end up with my knees feeling less than stellar, so I've stopped and semi-throw in the towel. I HATE running, but the control freak in me is having a hard time letting go of this one. I want to quit running because I hate it, not because I have flexible knees that require knee braces and far more stretching than a normal person does only to still end up in pain.

Turns out, my non-training probably would have put me close to my post injury time from last year. Probably.

Post 5K photo.
You see, I don't know for sure because here is how the 5K went:

It starts and the kid runs, so I jog (which is my version of running). I have to stop running and walk instead which is okay because I can still stay more or less on pace - I have long legs and can still walk fast. The kid starts walking, I think because I am and he doesn't want me to fall behind. We continue a mix of jogging (he's not running anymore either) and walking and talk when we are walking. I say things like, "It's not as easy as you think, is it?" and he says, "It was hard not to run at first because, well, I could run." He learned a lot. By the mid-point, he was pretty much walking. And not very fast.

Other runners would cheer him on, "Come on #20! You can do it!" and he break into a jog, through his hands in the air like Rocky, and shout, "I AM AWESOME!" which got laughs and much more enthusiastic clapping along with affirmation that he was indeed, awesome.

It would quickly turn back to walking. My walking was now outpacing him, so I started to walk backwards and urge him to just keep putting one foot in front of the other. At one point, now probably a little over 2 miles into it, he grabbed hold of my hand. If I got so much a as half a step ahead, he'd pull me back, not intentionally at first, just almost in fear that I would leave him in he dust to beat him after all the taunting he gave. It was tempting, but I wouldn't do that unless he was still at it. Maybe.

We got within a half mile of the finish line. I could see it, but he couldn't until we got around the bend. And then he poured every ounce of energy he had into getting to the finish line. I picked up my jog, but like the start of the race, I had to go back to walking pace before he stopped. In the end, he did in fact beat me. His time was 45:59 and mine was 46:00. My husband asked if his win was legit (he and I had texted after the race so he knew the answer) and the kid admitted that he was holding me back to win so, no.

He learned a lot, but the best/worst of it is that he wants to run. He wants to train. He wants to do more of these. That means that I too will be training and doing more of these. We can't do a ton of them because quite honestly, I can't afford the fees to do too many, but it's something and I think he could use something like this to work on. Not sure how long this will last, but for at least a short time, we have something to do together.

He also was introduced to rugby. Thankfully, that isn't even an option. It was hysterical to watch though.

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AKATHLEEN54 6/3/2014 8:40AM

    Love this photo!! Congrats to you and the boy for finishing the 5K. I like you would still like to run a 5K, mostly just to prove to myself that I can. I think if my knees would let me I would keep trying, but to that end I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to even walk afterward so let's just keep doing what we do best and good luck as you venture forward!!

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Another 5K on the agenda

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

I'm fiercely (and secretively) competitive. My company started a "Wellness" team. This would be right up my alley, but to be honest, the team is waaaaay too big for the size of my company and for the most part, aside from the HR people that sort of have to be a part of it, I don't much care for the rest of the team. They joined for the wrong reasons in most cases. They're in it for the show and I have no tolerance for that.

With this in mind, I signed up for a company promoted 5K called Run from the Cops. It is a 5K fundraising event for Special Olympics. I happen to think that is a great program, but honestly I've never had my son participate (he loathed sports so no good would've come from it even if he fit the typical profile of the group it is for) and I've donated only sporadically. It isn't one of "my" causes. But what a great name for a 5K. How could I not join?

But remember I'm not too keen on the "Wellness Team" here at work? I didn't join the company team. I signed up as an individual. And I think I'm going to go in disguise. Because seriously, who runs from the cops as themselves or as part of a group? What is the first thing a gang being persued by the cops would do? They'd scatter.

For my rambly fundraising, I sent this as my email:

I confess that I am running this for 3 reasons aside from the purpose of the run itself. The only reason truly worth mentioning, is that I think it only appropriate, after the life I led as a teenager, to run from the cops and perhaps get a t-shirt stating that I did in fact run from the cops. I have to do my fundraising in secret though (not through my usual hanging of signs on my cubicle wall) because, well, if Iím running from the cops, it should be in disguise and therefore, I cannot be part of the EMS team because then the cops would know who I was and well, you can see the problem with that Iím sure. ;)

And that is my shameless begging for sponsorship. No pressure. This is mostly for entertainment purposes.

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PEZMOM1 5/21/2014 10:34AM


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