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Turmoil so close to home

Monday, August 11, 2014

Mossel Bay is a little fishing village an hour away from where I live. Usually NOTHING happens in this town. It is one of the most laid back places, given to holiday makers fun.
Then suddenly out the blue DRAMA RULES.
According to the latest information, +-300 protesters are causing havoc in this area.

The protesters have cut off the towns entry/exit point with burning tires.
Photos are all from their face book page.

Since Mossel Bay only has one road in or out, this poses a problem for any folks trying to get out or get in, because the protesters are throwing stones, bricks and any other debris at passing vehicles.
The head of Provincial Traffic, urges Mossel Bay residents to be especially vigilant when travelling on the N2. She said traffic officials of both the Province and Municipality are on hand and asked that their directions be followed without question.

"People should also please not stop to have a look at what is happening as it may lead to further problems," she added.

Still vehicles are being damaged.

The sad reality, is that they have burned down a clinic as well as part of the municipal buildings.

Police are on high alert and the Public Order Police Unit of George is assisting local police to restore order.

Thankfully, according to police spokesperson Capt Wollie Fourie, no reported incidents of people being hurt as a result of the riots have as yet been received despite the fact that law enforcement were firing rubber bullets to disperse the perpetrators.

Its so shocking what is going on in the world right now. This time, its right on my door step. I cant wait for Jehovah to bring peace to this planet. Too many people are suffering and taking the law into their own hands because of the lack of justice they receive....sadly their way of handling the problem is still not the right one. Yet, when we try to tell them about the good things Gods Kingdom is going to bring in the near future...they dont always want to hear either. They want immediate resolutions and it is not ours to give.

Im praying that those I call friends and spiritual family are going to be okay.

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GINNABOOTS 8/18/2014 8:35PM

    So very sad. It must be so scary and unsettling at this time. Hang in there and stay safe. Sending lots of love.



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CINA-MINI 8/12/2014 1:11PM

    Sorry that it is so close to home. Scared I am sure doesn't even describe your feelings. Especially with your son going in.

Sending love and hugs.

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TERRY631 8/12/2014 1:02PM

    So sorry to hear this. What were they protesting against?

So much unrest and violence all around, and the ebola crisis as well. I so wish that people could be accepting of everyone's religions and ideas and understand that no one religion is better than another. stay safe!!

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HOBBESIS49 8/12/2014 11:21AM

    I'm thinking of your situation there today with your son and his girl friend traveling past all of that (may they make it to their destination safely). What a mess...

Rioting is so destructive.. people just are so frustrated and angry they turn into animails and do things that they wouldn't ordinarily be capable of *I'm so sorry to hear that is happening so close to your home.

emoticon May Peace find its way to Mossel Bay

emoticon Jane

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BOOKWERME 8/12/2014 10:23AM

    This is the way of the world...and makes no sense. Happens everywhere, unfortunately. People take advantage of unrest to make matters much worse.

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SHEILA1505 8/12/2014 2:50AM

    It beggars belief that people, who are protesting perceived poor service delivery, then destroy what facilities they do in fact have. Do they really have so little understanding of the fact that funds will have to be allocated to restoring these facilities/traffic lights/clinics and the services they are demanding will be even further postponed?

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LOLAJO54 8/11/2014 9:18PM


the world is scary and maddening

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HOBBESIS49 8/11/2014 6:35PM

    Oh my goodness that it quite the news.. that must feel really scary!!!

So you live in South Africa? emoticon

Please Keep us posted.. emoticon

emoticon Jane

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RAINBOWMF 8/11/2014 3:16PM

    emoticon and scary

Too close to home.

Hugs Mary

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Day 2 and the final of our time out

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

We slept in....which was heaven for me. Im generally an early riser (by nature), but I managed to sleep till just after 9 am and woke up feeling like I'd been to a spa. Sleeping in the semi private Thesens Island was fabulous. The only sounds we heard were birds and lapping water. We took our friend to the local Spur Steak-Ranch for breakfast. We struggled to find parking despite the fact that it is currently out of season.....no struggling for these folks who cleverly took the rail car to the same venue.

We chose the Knysna Waterfront for breakfast, its always an interesting place full of hustle and bustle....the nice...happy people sounds. Flag of every country greet people on entry.

This is the waterfront, named for obvious reasons.

We chose the Spur so we could be upstairs and have the view that upstairs offers.
This is a world where toys are expensive and though we dont own any, we enjoyed seeing them moored at the dock in the morning sun. There was a slight breeze blowing which causes that fabulous sound of clinking rigging against metal frames. I love it, it calls to something deep inside my soul.

Additionally we sat next to the bridge which periodically opens to allow larger yachts or catamarans through. Each time a boat is due to go through, a deep siren goes off telling all walkers that the bridge is due to open. Its quite exciting to be there when it happens.

After breakfast, coffee and a lovely chat, we headed out to the wolf sanctuary. I have lived in our area for 24 yrs and never yet been there , so I was pleased that I would finally get the opportunity. Although it started out as a wolf sanctuary, it now has a diverse collection of wildlife and farmyard animals, all rescue cases in one way or another.

The very first sign before we even got inside, was a warning not to tease the animals (this always gets me...why should anyone need THAT warning, but sadly they do) and also not to run. I get too that running we act like prey....but these animals are in large areas, with electrified fences, so how could anyone running cause any trouble?
Unless its that they dont want these wolves to even slightly feel their wild genes???
In the very first cage lies Nalea.

Hubby did not like the wolf experience AT ALL, because he doesnt like ANY animal in ANY enclosure that should be wild and free. I feel the same, but, I do know that once people illegally import creatures from elsewhere as tiny pups, allow them to mate with local dogs and a problem occurs, then this is the next best thing. First choice is to take them "home" and free them. But these no longer know how to hunt for themselves, AND we dont have the food resources for them either. Left on their own, the local farmers will shoot to kill....if they are lucky. Worse case scenario, the animals are injured and left to die a slow painful death.
That being said....

When we found some that were not sleeping, that death stare is hard to explain. It seriously looked at me like I was food. I was in fact grateful that there was a fence between this magnificent beast and myself. Those yellow eyes are fearful to look into.

The photos I took are timber wolves. Timber wolves in the wild are usually found in packs of five to 12 animals. There is one alpha male and one alpha female in the pack. A hierarchy of dominant and subordinate animals within the pack helps them to function as a unit. Only one female in the pack breeds each year to the alpha male. The pack communicates with one another by using body language, facial expressions, scents and vocalizations such as howling. The rules of the pack are very important to them, as instinct tells them their survival depends on it. Subordinate members look to the alpha male and alpha female for direction. Their diet consists of bison, moose, elk, caribou, deer, rabbit, hare, beaver, mice and other rodents, and fish along with other animals. Some people have timber wolves in captivity as pets. Timber wolves living as pets still retain all of their natural born instincts.
For me, its sad to want to keep such a gorgeous animal who should be running and hunting in captivity....but it takes all kinds to make the world go round I guess.

I have no idea what happened, but one moment there was silence and the next a few donkeys were running braying and the wolves were howling....THAT HOWL....is spine tingling. To see them suddenly running along the fence was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. It happened so fast and unexpectedly, I didnt get one photo...mores the pity.

The wolves in general looked pretty well fed and happy enough. Some lay inside their shelters while others lay outside or on top.

They had a petting camp, but charged an additional fee, so I gave that a miss, much as I would have loved to feel what a real wolf feels like, I'm going to guess that it probably feels a lot like a dog and be satisfied with just having been as close as I was to these beautiful creatures. These folks were waiting to enter the petting camp. The wolves appeared to be waiting too. Despite the fact that these could be petted, they were still contained behind double fencing and electric fencing?!

In the camp next to the wolves, there were some wild dogs. Now these were a pair of lazy chaps, they didnt even raise their heads to see who we were. Guess, they are tired of us gaping at them....and we aren't as beautiful to gape at as they are.

In the next camp was a black backed jackal. Their marking are just so incredibly gorgeous. The shiny black spotted backs on tan bodies is quite a site to see. Caught this one at a water hole enjoying a cool drink. Black-backed Jackals are generally widespread in South Africa, they are common in protected areas where suitable habitat occurs. Trouble is, the more we "steal" their land, the more they stray onto farmers lands looking for livestock. They are considered vermin, but despite strenuous control measures in many farming areas of southern Africa remain relatively abundant. They are very light on their feet, almost appears as if they are tip toeing around.

Vermin or not....he sure is beautiful.

Besides the really wild animals, the place had an abundance of tame animals (all rescue cases) and so we moved on from one section to the other. The first chap to greet us was this old tortoise. I wish I could tell how old this one was. I know they can reach 150 yrs of age. The way to tell how old a tortoise is, is to count its rings....like a tree ring, that shows its age, but who has time to sit and count? Plus another problem is that sometimes, if tortoises dont get enough food or water, they dont cultivate the rings either. And if they live through major stress, like a forest fire..they can develop more than one ring that season. So, how old this guys is....is much your guess as mine. Either way, they look prehistoric even as youngsters.

This one was peacefully chomping his way through the grass and seemed to be really enjoying the bits he managed to pull out.

We passed a pen of sheep and goats. A strange fact is that the sheeps white section of its skin was rather rough, yet the black shiny heads were soft as down. They felt awesome to stroke and loved being stroked....so it was a win win for both the sheep and myself.

I didn't get to touch the goats, but I loved how they looked.
This one looked like it had gone out and had a perm. emoticon

This one also seemed to have a "perm" but different horns altogether.

Some goats had beards.

And as different as all the sheep and goats were, they were all extremely happy when the vehicle came around with their food....chopped down trees. They looked and smelled like Eucalyptus trees and even the tortoise seemed to be happy at his lot of tree food.

The place had the usual collection of bunnies, emu's, ostrich, donkeys and such but when I came to the pigs.....well.....they were just SO ENTERTAINING. I mean, tell me this isnt just SO UGLY its BEAUTIFUL. This is called a Kolbroek (spotted pants) pig usually cultivated for its fat content.

And how about this sleeping baby pig....how adorable is that?

Hard to believe something so small ends up this size.

This little white/pink (depends how you view it) was also just sooooo cute.

I cant say his adult counterpart was particular attractive though lol

And to think the little fellow could end up this size is mind boggling. This is a landrace pig and it is cultivated for its meat more than its fat content. At this point, I wasn't amused at Justin asking me if I enjoyed my egg and bacon breakfast.....I felt sick at the thought. emoticon
Mind you, if pigs could smile...I recon this one was smiling. He/she had escaped the abattoirs and got to spend his day just lying around in the sun.

Some of the babies had escaped their pens and I tried to get a little one to eat off my hand. They were pretty shy, but couldnt resist the pellets in the end.

I think I finally know where the expression "happy as a pig in mud" comes from.

We said our goodbyes to this family of pigs and made our way to the restaurant to have some coffee and a scone before heading home.

It may have been a short time out....but it was wonderful.
Jewel has turned out to be a gem to Axel. Its rare to see the two apart these days. These were snapped in my kitchen. Axel sharing Jewels bed. She's an absolute darling of a dog.

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LOLAJO54 6/26/2014 4:39PM

    You should have been a writer .
I could read what you write all day long ...the never ending story you might say.

love your journey /holiday

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RAINBOWMF 6/25/2014 10:43PM

    You do such a good blog it is like traveling with you.
Thank you so much for the great photos and all the work you put into your blogs.

Hugs Mary

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GINA180847 6/25/2014 7:15PM

    I learn so much from your travels. So very interesting. Jewel is a jewel of a dog.

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AHORSEY1 6/25/2014 3:46PM

    Sounds like you had a fun time.

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BOOKWERME 6/25/2014 3:26PM

    Love your travelogues!

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The end of day 1 of our time out

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Once we left our kids and grandson back at Fairy Knowe backpackers, we headed on to Knysna. The trip there was pleasant and uneventful (in the best possible way). We drove and saw some new sights along the way like the reptile farm which now has a giant water monitor on top of their sign. I can't wait to go inside this farm on one of my next trips.

People are really clever with the things they can make from scraps. Some of these animals are made from wood blocks, and others from bits of sheet metal. I can imagine a large property with a pair of giraffe standing somewhere.

We finally got to the town of Knysna itself, and were meeting our friend at Mugg&Bean coffee shop BECAUSE we knew where that was. Once we parked our car and walked into Woodmill lane shopping complex, we discovered that Mugg&Bean had moved. Aargh. Another phone call to be told to go to the Wimpy...ok that was simple enough, it was in the main road. We walked along to where the Wimpy should have been...but they also had moved. Turns out, the small town of Knysna now sports its own mall and everything had moved there....ah well, we walked the few blocks to where the new mall was and saw some stuff on the walk. One was this MOTORIZED BICYCLE. Wow have kids become lazy or what? I know that Knysna is very hilly....but still.

Then we passed this advert for an optician, possibly the worst (creepy) advert I have ever seen for opticians. Must be some new age thing I dont get.

Finally we all found each other and after having coffee and a toasted sandwich we followed her back to the home she was house sitting. The mall is tiny, but one of the noisiest I have ever been in. Goodness the trolleys rattle past constantly sounding like bottles clinking together. Drove me near to scatty.

The place we were headed is called Thesens Island and it is BEEYOOOTIFUL.
It is advertised as....

Thesen Islands is a multi-award winning marina development located in the scenic Knysna estuary on the renowned "Garden Route" of South Africa. The marina is spread over 90ha and consists of 19 man-made islands linked by 21 arched bridges and surrounded by 25ha of tidal waterways. The marina consists of 489 individual homes and 56 apartment units, known as the Dry Mill apartments, situated on its own island within the marina. All the homes are built in a colonial maritime architectural style, conforming to Knysnaís vernacular architecture and its historical maritime and timber connections.
And it IS ALL THAT. These houses start at 8.9 million (843074.572 US Dollars) and go to 15 million (1420912.20 USD). We apparently stayed in the "cheapie" LOL
This is the entrance...very security conscious and because of all the security, nobody locks their homes. This IS impressive, but I lost our house keys in the first week of buying our house and its 14 yrs later and we have never replaced them, nor locked our home LOL so...I guess it wouldn't be a great selling feature to me if I were ever to FIND that kind of cash for a home anyway.

What did impress me, was that its a very slow world once you get inside the security gates. The roads are built over bridges so there is no speeding which suits me just fine.

Every home is situated on the water which reminded me a bit of Dubai without the bling.
This is all about nature since it is build around an estuary and THAT impressed me.

This is where we stayed.

I cannot describe the tranquility of Thesens Island. Most of the homes are holiday homes and since we are in winter, they are unoccupied. Ours belongs to a builder and is in regular use. We had no neighbors home, the water in front of us and behind us the estuary and the birds are in residence. Simply stunning.

The house itself is beautiful. Everything has a specially built place which makes it feel doubly big. Muted shades in all the rooms. Heated towel rails...you name it, its there...and believe me for 8.9 million...there is very little that isn't there. The folk who own it, are in Greece and my friend Anne is house sitting because of their cats. They have a wine cellar under the stairs and 12 bottles of REALLY good wine marked...Anne's box...DRINK!
Hubby and I aren't really drinkers, but we did help her finish a bottle of superb quality dry red.
She will have to figure out how to finish the other 11 bottles LOL

Each home is equipped with Jacuzzi's on the deck, plunge pools, canoes, wave jumpers basically all water toys.

My friend was marvelous in that, she knew we were there for some time out, and the darling that she is, she waited on us hand and foot. She was kindness itself and I was not allowed to lift one finger to help her with ANYTHING. The domestic was there to do the cleaning, but even so, I didn't have to prepare dinner....I almost did not have to feed myself, or lift my glass of wine to my lips. LOL
Justin sitting drinking wine on the deck....we could get used to this life style...I think.

Inside are more toys. From fabulous his/hers cars to top of the range bicycles and then this BMW motor bike. Hubby was practically drooling till.....

He saw the Ducati to the side. Ooh this is so potent, you expect to hear it growl.

My friend putting those babies back to bed emoticon

Inside the house, despite its "stuff", when all's said and done, fridges are fridges, chairs are chairs and tables are tables, tv's, microwaves etc....but this chandelier was seriously the most unique one I have ever seen. I guess its what you would call a "talking piece" because why else would one have glasses in your chandelier. Different it certainly was.

As the tide rose, it reminded me why I would also never buy a property on the water. Today's changing climate would make me worry about being so close to a large body of water.
Just look how the tide rose between one picture and the other.

The 3 of us sat around for hours watching the sun set and listening to the sound of water washing back and forth against the deck. It is paradise thats for sure.

I didn't worry overly since Anne was downstairs and we were upstairs LOL
I'm the NICE friend. mwahaha Needless to say, an evening in a home with underfloor heating, towel rail heating, log fires going...wine, roast pork for dinner and super chilled company....I slept soundly and woke up totally refreshed.
The next morning we were going to wake, have breakfast with Anne and we would be off to the Wolf Sanctuary....something that appeals to me.
Houses, cars, and stuff in general aren't my thing. I like them, but Im generally not worried about whether its a tent or a castle.

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DEBBIEANNE1124 6/25/2014 12:18AM

    Sounds awesome.
Do you realize readin your blogs are like watching National Geographic?

Report Inappropriate Comment
RAINBOWMF 6/24/2014 5:41PM

    Very very nice. We would all love this day after day

Thanks for sharing I am in awe.

Hugs Mary

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TERRY631 6/24/2014 2:50PM

    Just lovely! Glad that you enjoyed it. I love being near the water....any water! So peaceful. Must be because I am a Pisces. :)

Report Inappropriate Comment
LOLAJO54 6/24/2014 2:18PM

    ahhh so awesome
that I would like -- the sunset and the water lapping

what a nice rest!

Report Inappropriate Comment
GINA180847 6/24/2014 1:52PM

    Oh Celest, pinch yourself, make sure you are not dreaming and then just enjoy this as long as it lasts. What an interesting fun holiday!

Report Inappropriate Comment
BOOKWERME 6/24/2014 11:42AM

    What a way to spend the weekend! emoticon emoticon

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Hubby and I managed two days away....it was heaven.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Our first day, Saturday, was spent at a place called Fairy Knowe backpackers.

The kids went the night before to enjoy a drum circle with about 15-20 drummers. Because of the weather being so bitterly cold right now, they chose to leave Axel with granny&grampa who delivered him to them on Saturday morning and stayed for breakfast before heading on to Knysna where we would have the second day of our two days away. The place was full of really interesting carved-what shall I call them?- decorations, like this elephant and rocking horse.

These creatures (Rhino and wild cat) were made of driftwood.

The place has chalets, rooms with tons of beds and then tenting sites...which is where my kids stayed. The sites are set between magnificent, giant milkwood trees.

It was also the first time I'd seen plants grown in sack cloth against walls. Everything from succulents to ferns of all kinds. Very interesting and doing well

The trees are also dripping with vines which make a beautiful green canopy over the tents.

Each tenting site also seemed to have its own "theme" and this was their "signature."

Axel LOVED IT being a spider-man addict, but when it came to touching the spider, he was a little hesitant. lol Even between the sites, there was neon (glow in the dark) "spider webs" leading you to the fire pits and general entertainment area. I can only imagine how cute/spooky this must have been in the semi-dark.

It had been decided that I would do NOTHING while I was there, which delighted me no end. While the men handled getting breakfast on the go, Izelle, Axel and I walked around the area. The pathways are beautiful, some are just holes in the bougainvillea (still in bloom??) which was great.

We walked among the chalets and looked at the view from the top.

We found a hammock swing which Axel enjoyed......

Almost too much emoticon

Got back to the camp site to see the men collecting twigs and such, to start the fire to make our breakfast.

The kids dragged all the way from home, their very own barbecue grid which ended up being a laugh when we saw exactly how many grids were there for the taking. Oh well, better to have too many, than none at all.

While Daniel got the fire and breakfast going....

And Izelle got coffee going for us while we waited....

Axel decided that it was weekend, and eating Marie biscuits (Maria biscuits) and marshmallows was breakfast enough for him.

The backpackers is pet friendly and dogs are welcome. They even have baskets alongside the fire places and stove heaters for the pets. Im not sure if these were visiting dogs or belonged to the backpacker owners, either way, they were having a ball with Axel and hanging around for some left overs.

It was a super stress free enjoyable time as Justin's smile testifies.

Justin got involved with buttering the toast that came off the grid while I totally loafed, because at home...I'm IT for everything. I must say I thoroughly enjoyed the time out.

Milkwood trees have the most amazing trunks, all gnarly and strangely beautiful.

These trees thrive in salt water and I almost wonder if that could be part of why their trunks are so gnarly? The delicate, pale-golden flowers of the milkwood are borne in clusters along the ends of the branches and they have an unusual sour-smell. The flowers are followed by juicy, dark magenta-colored fruit that are enjoyed by birds and baboons. Once peeled of their outer skin, they have a grape-like taste. The milky latex, which gives the tree its common name, makes the leaves and the bark unpalatable to grazing animals. A superficial scratch to the bark reveals a bright red under surface - the color of fresh blood. The wood is very hard, heavy and strong. In the past, it was used for ship building, bridges, mills and ploughs. It is very durable even when wet and it shrinks little with drying. It also has tons of medicinal uses from broken bones to dispelling feelings of claustrophobia. So if anyone is on meds for that...you may very likely be drinking the milky sap from this tree.

Breakfast was finally served and this is what it looked like. Toast, with tomato and onion plus a piping hot cup of coffee. I loooove the burned taste of bread off a grid.

I couldn't resist these photos of Izelle and Axel playing.

So, we had eaten and had coffee, spent time with the kids and it was now time to move on to Knysna (pronounced nice-nuh) There we were to meet my friend Anne who's accommodation we were sharing. She is house sitting and with permission from the owners, offered for us to come and join her.

We left the kids feeling light hearted and ready for the next stage of our fun two days away from the nitty gritty of our regular life.

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LOLAJO54 6/24/2014 2:26PM

    another wow

awesome --- I do like that milk tree!
I am getting an education from you for free --lol

thanks for sharing your memories

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DEBBIEANNE1124 6/23/2014 11:18AM

    Wonderful pictures. Axel seems to really enjoy Izelle. they all seem so happy.

Report Inappropriate Comment
RAINBOWMF 6/23/2014 9:36AM

    Thanks for sharing, great photos

Sounds like you had a good time


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-BLESSINGS- 6/23/2014 8:59AM

    emoticon for sharing your AWEsome trip with us...

~Wishing you an AWEsome Week~
BLESSings ALLways~Deby

Report Inappropriate Comment
GINA180847 6/23/2014 8:58AM

    South Africa is sure an interesting place. Like you, the pictures of Izelle and Axel playing are my all time favorites.

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AJB121299 6/23/2014 8:51AM


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TRYINGHARD54 6/23/2014 8:51AM

    Looks like a good time

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Storm wind damage.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

My word, we have been blown nearly "off our feet" this past week. Everywhere we go, we see evidence of serious damage to property. So often we see sign posts....minus the advertising...they seem to have just blown away completely.

I dont even want to think what happened in the really poor areas where the folks have knocked together sheet metal houses, pieced together with nothing to keep it that way.....my heart just goes numb when I think of those poor folks. Every time we have any kind of heavy rains, heavy winds, excessive heat...the really poor suffer it so much worse. Anyway, hubby and I took a drive so he could go and sort out his company tower problems and this is what we saw......

Starting in my own garden before leaving even.

Luckily this bottle brush tree landed in a coral tree standing in front of it, so it didn't crash right down onto the ground.

This is lucky because my sons motor bike was parked in the shade of the trees and you can see how the tree narrowly missed smashing into the bike. You can see the bikes wheels sticking out from under the tree.

As we left our property and went literally around the corner, we saw a neighbors tree down also. (some photo's taken by me and others by my hubby)

Just before we left town to head out to where our internet towers are, we saw this poor chaps wall. Hopefully they are insured.

While feeling sorry the wall down folks, I realized it could still be worse when we saw this chaps dilemma.

And it just got worse.

Once we left town we saw trees down absolutely everywhere along the way.

The whole drive our car was rocking and being pushed about by the heavy winds.
Thankfully, the wind was bad today, but not the gale force it had been the last few days because hubby had to go up the tower in the wind. You can see by his face, that despite being harnessed in...hes not a happy chappy, and who can blame him when......

You see what happened to the competitors tower. These poor guys must be feeling wretched because ALL their clients working off this tower are currently offline till they get it up again.

Luckily ours was still standing and just needing some minor tweaking from hubby. But then again, luck didnt really play a part. We dont have staff....we have partners. So every job if botched, becomes their money down the tubes. So each job is done with everything taken into consideration....weather in that area, even how to set up any resistance boards etc. Hubby is SUPER THOROUGH in his research before a tower goes up.

The next few photo's are from friends who live in the two major centers on either side of me.
This is from Port Elizabeth...this is what their sports stadium (one we use for assemblies) looks like.

In Cape Town, these photo's were taken from a friends high rise apartment.

At its peak the wind was 85kmph (52 mph) which explains the damage. While we were up on the mountain for hubby to do the repairs, it was not that bad, but still very heavy and the wind chill factor was crazy.

Since our weather patterns are changing, I have promised myself to try and have a fire place in our house by next winter...for sure.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

RAINBOWMF 6/20/2014 1:33AM

    Nasty damage.
Your pictures proved that.

Stay safe, my friend.

Hugs Mary

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NOLSAKS 6/19/2014 8:41AM

    Wow, sounds (and looks) like you guys are having a rough winter. The north coast (Richards Bay) is having a much easier time. It must be terrible for all those who lose homes and everything because of the rough weather. I also feel sorry for the poor. I lived in Joburg for 3 months during the height of winter a few years ago, and thought I was going to freeze to death!

Hang in there, hang on and stay warm till the rough weather and winter is over!


Report Inappropriate Comment
LOLAJO54 6/18/2014 1:48PM


you are right about could have been worse --like loss of life in US with their tornados ... sad
Yesterday we had tornado warnings and watches our winds were high too..

The poor chap with the damaged car! oh my.
Also the poor people who lost their roof and windows from the apartment building

Glad you all are safe !!

emoticon Jo

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DEBBIEANNE1124 6/18/2014 1:42PM

    I'm so sorry for your loss. That is awful. It's global warning.

What is supposed to be hot summer time here in Oregon, USA is freezing cold. Please take care.

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GINA180847 6/18/2014 12:27PM

    This is not good. I used to love the sound of the wind when going to sleep but it was in a town where it happened all the time and everything was built with this in mind. Sad for the people who suffer such damage. Here climate change has only meant that the winters are not as cold as in the past and I jokingly tell people that we must live in Camelot as it seems to only rain at night.

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