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It has been quite awhile

Thursday, April 03, 2014

Well guess it looks like I am starting over again...well it has been almost 2 weeks.
I was back up to 245 and decided to get back on board. It seems like I have a whole host of aches and pains and I am sure most of it is due to my weight. I don't like feeling blah all the time. Lazy really isn't a good feeling at all!
Bob and I have been walking the dogs every night either before or after dinner, he keeps hinting he would like to do it in the morning to but so far he hasn't been that motivated!
As for me, I have also been doing my walk away the pounds dvds and weight training 2-3 times a week. I need to get that down to a more regular schedule.
This week I cooked to SparkRecipes and they were yummy!! I am still having my ups and downs but isn't that how life goes?
Life is a journey and it is meant to be enjoyed! I am looking forward to a more active summer so I am getting going!

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NOCALORIES 4/14/2014 12:08PM

    How blessed to have your hubby's support. Find the goodness in your day and rejoice.Glad to read your post and looking forward to reading more.

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WALKZWDOGZ 4/5/2014 6:07AM

    Sounds like a good plan! No one said progress has to be steadily linear. Just keep making progress toward the weight goals. You'll get there! emoticon

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GLORY63 4/3/2014 11:06PM


Focusing on the ups no matter how small will help on this journey to a healthier you!

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Happy New year!

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Yes, I know that EVERYBODY tries to do this come January 1st but I am hoping to stay on track. I am really am worried about my health. So things as of today here are some of the things that are actually currently bothering me.
*I get tired way to easy
*I don't sleep well
*I get rashes where skin rubs
*my moods have been down
*very low self esteem
*more headaches than normal
*i can't kneel
So I want to start all over yet again the Spark way, small steps to get to a bigger goal! In 2009 I lost over 100 lbs and felt wonderful, life wasn't perfect but it was better! I know I can do it again!!


My first Biggest Loser 5k

Sunday, September 22, 2013

I started yesterday being nervous. A 5K really 3.1 mile? Not this girl!! OMG what if I am last? Worse...what if I can't finish?! These are the things going through my head. As always I was trying to psych myself out! Trying to come up with an excuse to NOT do this!!
Well, this morning I woke up early and found I was looking forward to it. I was tired, and it was COLD but I was really looking forward to it!
When I got down there just seeing all the people was a little intimidating, runners in their cute little running skirts, 1/2 marathoners warming up. BUT as I looked around I saw the other people too, people like me, people with handicaps, families, kids it was AMAZING!! Why was I scared? At this point I couldn't remember!
When they "sectioned" us off I didn't get in the 1st or 2nd group but I was confident enough to go in the 3rd group to start and I stuck it out pretty well!!
I did a little jogging here and there, I power walked the rest of the time. About half the way to the finish line a girl came up and thanked me (I had talked to her and her sister yesterday and at the beginning of the race) for keeping her motivated. "Thanks, I saw you pass me and I didn't want you to pass me so it made me go faster" she said Hmm, really? challenge on!! So her and I walked together for awhile then the finish line was in sight, I was so tired and she started jogging! The voice in my head said "oh, hell no!" and I started running (if you can call what I do running) I ended up finishing a few minutes before her and I felt GOOD! Really Good!!
When I was almost to the finish line I came close to crying! I felt so happy for me! I believe my time was right around 50 minutes (I didn't see and won't know til the post em tomorrow) but for a 1st 5k done by an 45 year old 238lb woman I will take it!! I am looking forward to more 5ks and maybe some day...a half marathon??

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LOWCARBRENEE 9/22/2013 2:17PM

    Good job!!! Very proud of you!

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BETHIEMAE75 9/22/2013 2:10PM


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I am grateful

Monday, September 02, 2013

today I am grateful for being able to start over again. That I'm still healthy enough to get up and walk four and a half miles. To enjoy the fresh air and feel the wind in my 238 pounds some people wouldn't be able to do this and I happy I am still able
I have about a hundred eight pounds to lose to reach my goal and today I am re committing myself to make it to goal exercising five to seven times a week, eating smaller portions and staying away from fast food and soda.

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JANET552 9/2/2013 10:23AM

    Congratulations on caring about yourself!~ You can do it!!

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CSKIES1 9/2/2013 9:16AM


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If something works...

Thursday, July 04, 2013

If something works, why try to fix it?!

About 5 years ago I lost more than 100 lbs, how did I do it? I ate less, walked daily, and didn't drink soda, that's it nothing radical no major life shattering changes just those few things. Why did I stop? I am not sure, I think I felt I should be doing more maybe? Walking? really just walking? crazy, I should be running I should be training like I am going into the olympics right?!! Well, I have to go with WRONG! Walking worked for me! I was teased (lovingly) by my family about being a power walked, or a "professional" walker and it was FUN!
So with a lot of over thinking and not feeling like I was doing enough, I quit! Just quit, why bother? I still couldn't run, I am not a strong swimmer, I surely wasn't gonna win the olympics so I quit all together. I put on the weight I lost and said the hell with it all!
Over the last couple years I have been trying to get back into things, do this dvd try that work out plan blah blah blah. So today I got out and walked the same 4.5 miles I used to do every morning. Slapped the leashes on the dogs and just got out there. I did 17 minute miles and I liked it! The fresh air, the peace and quiet, walking along the lake front with just me and my thoughts and I LIKED it! Why wasn't this enough for me?? It just doesn't make any sense to me now!
So I got home and I did some things, 1st I emailed my husband and told him my plan and asked him to join me. Not necessarily on the walks but in finding a healthier way of living. 2nd I set my alarm of 4:45am the time I used to get up and get my walk in. I reset my spark ticker and weighed in.
I also decided I am working in 3 month intervals, I want to only weigh in every 3 months. I don't want to be obcessed with the numbers I want to work on my health! So at 3 months I want to be down 25 lbs and so on!

10/4/13 =209
1/4/14= 184

So here is to going about things the way they used to be and just believing in myself and NOT over thinking things!!

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PDQ1203 7/20/2013 9:01AM


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CAROL_31649731 7/5/2013 11:49PM

    Good luck . . . I have no doubt you can do this! You sound so determined & I really like your plan. Can I adopt it? emoticon

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SUMMER-14 7/4/2013 1:08PM

    I think that's part of that "all or nothing" mentality. Losing 100 lbs, I would say you were doing everything right! It's the small changes that are sustainable!
emoticon emoticon emoticon

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