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The pressure is on

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Oops. I normally throw my jeans into the drier for about 5 minutes to get some of the wrinkles out and then hang them up to dry. Today I went outdoors to do a chore and ended up staying out longer than planned. So the only 2 pairs of size 16 jeans I own have now been dried in the drier. That puts some pressure on me to drop some pounds. I expect it will also put a little extra pressure on my belly and thighs until that happens.

Overall I'm having ups and downs, but trying to be careful about what I eat and moving more. Went to my son's home (4 hours away) on Friday and took him and his boys out to eat. It was the middle one's birthday and he asked for pizza, so pizza it was! Just stuck with the cheese and had only one piece. Then Saturday my son came home with me to get hubby's old pickup running and take it back with him. We both worked hard so I treated him to dinner out at the local seafood/steak place. Again, not good food choices, but I kept the portions modest and skipped the yummy roll.

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MARCIAC10 9/30/2014 6:16PM

    Keep up the good work!

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DONNABRIGHT 9/30/2014 2:50PM

    It sounds to me like you are doing awesome. Portion control is the key. We should be able to eat anything in moderation. Spending time with family is worth a few odd calories here and there. Our grand celebrates her 16th birthday in October and we'll be there for whatever she wants to do to celebrate. The important thing is they still want to spend time with us so I'll take all I can get!

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IRISHEI 9/30/2014 2:42PM

    It is difficult I think when the grandkids or kids want food that you would normally not eat. I think you did well considering what you had to do to keep your son happy and content. You can do it and you will I am sure. Stress times in our lives also make it difficult to do our normal routine. Hope things are a little better with you and your dh and the health situations. When you are able to get back into your meal preps things will settle down. Do take care and God bless.
hugs, Irish Ei emoticon

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ALOOGOBI 9/30/2014 11:29AM

    Sounds like you did pretty well, given the choices! Eating out can certainly be challenging when you are trying to lose weight, and right now you have a lot of other challenges to deal with, too. Taking small steps and making good choices every day will keep you moving in the right direction.
Best of luck to you on your journey! emoticon

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JLAMING263 9/30/2014 11:01AM

    emoticon emoticon

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Productive day

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Yesterday was a pretty good day. I was able to get vehicle titles transferred from hubby's name to mine without tears. It took an hour and a half at the DMV but the ladies were wonderful - even phoning my insurance company because I had forgotten to bring proof of coverage. I also finished the thank you cards - another teary task.

Today I have another list of tasks. Fortunately we had our affairs in order, but when a spouse dies there is just a ton of stuff to do.

I also ate well. Not perfectly, but met nutrition goals. Today I'll shoot for a few more veggies. And I drank all my water. Didn't exercise but it was an active day - sure didn't spend any time sitting around.

Unfortunately sleep evaded me last night so I'm dragging today.

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IMEMINE1 9/28/2014 7:30PM

    emoticon So sorry to hear about your loss. emoticon

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GIDIET 9/28/2014 6:50PM

  I have been quite in and out of spark people but am trying to get back into the swing of it. It really does help me. So here I am today and noticed you have had some difficult roads and losses. Just want you to know my thoughts and prayers are with you. I admire you for your determination in taking care of yourself . Again, prayers out to you!

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CAKAROO 9/26/2014 5:32AM


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MARCIAC10 9/25/2014 10:11PM

    Good for you!! You are making progress and also tackling tough jobs that need to be done!

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DONNABRIGHT 9/25/2014 11:42AM

    I have been thinking of you and praying for you. It is wonderful to see you here Sparking again.

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WOLFRUNNERONE 9/25/2014 11:28AM

    Sorry for loss - its difficult sometime to get through certain things without welling in tears - I understand emoticon

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SUNNY332 9/25/2014 9:41AM

    emoticon to hear about your loss. I had no idea as I have been away from Spark People for a while. Please, please forgive me. I have not been a very good friend and I am sorry about that.

I am glad the people at the DMV were so helpful. They can be and this was the right time for that.

Take care and know I will be thinking of you.

Hugs, Sunny

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Making Progress

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Just two days after my last blog Ms. Gene passed away during the night. I was with her, along with her daughter-in-law, and count that as a blessing although it was tough coming so soon after my hubby's death. Watching two loved ones die from cancer within the same month is heartbreaking.

But I'm feeling a little stronger every day, and actually had a couple of nights when I slept well. I have a history of depression and had a really terrible time after my son died some years ago, so I'm trying to monitor how I feel so that I can get help if needed. (I gained 50 lbs during the year following his death!) I absolutely hated being on antidepressants and don't want to go there again if it can be avoided. I have learned that exercise helps more than anything else, and since the weather is cooler I've been spending more time outside. Since I live in the country there is plenty to do here!

So, the plan for today: lots of fruits and vegetables, lots of water, and work in the yard.

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IMEMINE1 9/28/2014 7:31PM


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DONNABRIGHT 9/25/2014 11:43AM


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WENDYJM4 9/25/2014 7:28AM

    just take it one day at the time. emoticon

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MARCIAC10 9/24/2014 10:36AM

    Sorry for all you've been through. I didn't realize that your husband had passed! I must have missed that. It was a busy summer and I was hit and miss in checking on friends here at times.

One day at a time. And good for you for keeping track of yourself and watching out for signs of depression! Especially with the change of seasons, as going towards winter and holiday times can be depressing times of the year. Keep focusing on getting yourself back to a healthy state!!

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SUNNY332 9/24/2014 9:58AM

    So sorry for your loss. Good to see you "pop up" on my feed today. I have been away from Spark People for a while (health issues) but am back and back to reaching a new goal.

Again, good to see you.


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    Sorry for your loss. Just take it one day at a time or if that is too much, one hour at a time. You can come through this too! You Spark Community is ready to help you through this trying time.

Make Today the Greatest Day of Your Life

emoticon Until Tomorrow!

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New day

Friday, September 12, 2014

The last week has been a struggle. My dear friend Gene, who is 87 years old and the most amazing woman I have ever met, has been fighting cancer for about 4 years. She has been in the hospital for the last couple of weeks and has steadily gotten worse. Her son and his family do not live here so I, along with other friends, have been staying with her at night. Finally her family realizes that she needs them and have made arrangements to stay. As of yesterday the plan was to send her home with hospice.

That's the bad part of my struggle. The good part is that three of my very best friends made the trip from Arizona and Texas to visit with me. Although it was a great comfort, I spend much of their visit in tears and since they left I feel even more despondent.

I also overate/ate all the wrong things while they were here.

So today I'm shaking off the pity party and getting my butt in gear. It's a new day and I'm taking advantage of it.

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IMEMINE1 9/28/2014 7:32PM

    emoticon emoticon

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WENDYJM4 9/25/2014 7:26AM


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MARCIAC10 9/12/2014 1:37PM

    Have been wondering where you are and how you are doing! Hope things get better for you soon!

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HMBROWN1 9/12/2014 9:19AM

    Sadly, I know exactly how you feel! My dearest friend died of liver cancer - mets to bones and every other organ in her body. She never spent a day in the hospital or the hospice. Myself and another friend nursed her up to her last minutes and she died at home, in her bed.

I feel so sorry for the anguish that you are going through. Please remember what a huge difference you are making in the final days of her life! You c an diet next week or next month, or whenever. Your friend needs you now.

God bless you and your friend! Heather

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Difficult times

Wednesday, September 03, 2014

It's been over two months since I was active on Sparkpeople, and so much has happened in that time.

On August 19 my husband lost his 18 month battle with cancer. He had gotten a clean bill of health at his checkup in May so we were surprised when he started having problems just a few weeks later. After two episodes in the local hospital, (where we learned very little) I took him to Birmingham UAB Medical Center, to see the thoracic surgeon who had performed his surgery last year. Very quickly we had answers: the cancer had spread to his lungs and the prognosis was bad.

He was in the hospital there for almost two weeks and passed away just a few days after he came home.

So now I'm trying to put the pieces back together and that includes paying attention to my own health. Too many hours of sitting with him, too many snacks in lieu of meals, and too many sleepless nights have taken their toll. (The only times I logged onto Sparkpeople were to use the nutrition tracker to track HIS meals with the goal of increasing calories.)

First steps:
Clean out the fridge and pantry and stock healthy foods (done)
Get back into the SP routine of tracking food
Get started on an exercise program (think I will rejoin the Y - that will have the added benefit of getting me out of the house)

And I'm keeping the goal of laughing and singing a little every day.

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IMEMINE1 9/28/2014 7:35PM

    I am so sorry to hear about your loss but i am grateful that you seem to be in control. I honestly wish you all the best and I hope your days get better for you. emoticon

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WENDYJM4 9/25/2014 7:25AM

    I am so sorry Edna. A big hug. Look after yourself. emoticon emoticon

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JUNEBUG1944 9/4/2014 6:03PM

    I am so sorry. I know you both fought very hard. Please accept my sympathy.

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CAKAROO 9/4/2014 5:42AM

    I am so sorry for your loss!!May GOD comfort you and give you strength and peace!

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    Also sending hugs. Lost my DH to pancreatic cancer two summers ago. By the time we got the diagnosis it was already too late. I applaud your efforts to get back on track, sounds like you have a good plan. Above all, be kind to yourself. These are indeed difficult times, and everyone's grief manifests differently, so take good care of yourself.

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PICKIE98 9/3/2014 5:27PM

    A big hug from me to you. What a hard road it is to make the rounds of hospital, labs, doc's office, sitting, waiting, nothing to do but think and eat, think and hope. You are doing great with that plan.

You will feel so much better walking, drinking your water, getting in a set schedule!! Again, a big hug and smooch to you.. So glad you are still here on Sparks with us..

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