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My last six months

Sunday, June 30, 2013

These last six months have been such a roller coaster for me. I have moved back to the states from Canada. I miss my friends in Canada so dearly but am happy to be back home in the states. Things here have been so wonky financially. The job offer that we had didn't work out and after spending months working for other chiropractors my husband and I have decided to take the plunge and start practicing on our own - SCARY.

I guess I wasn't weighing myself properly in Canada because when I got here and went to the gym - I realized that I had actually GAINED 35 pounds. I had done so well before and shed so much weight but I guess the stress and being indoors so much finally got to me. My last physical did not go very well at all. The doctor pointed out my weight gain and my family history of obesity and diabetes and strongly suggested I drop 50 pounds.

Last week I went to the MAC store and got a makeover (picture attached) and it was the first time I felt good about myself in awhile and the more I think about it the more I want to feel good all the time. My husband has joined the gym with me (not that he needs it that man - bless his heart- wakes up every day and runs 15 miles BEFORE he goes to work) but he wants to be supportive.

So here goes - for the next six months - I am going to go back to basics. Cutting back on my meals and sugar. I don't like candy, cookies, donuts - but I love fruit juices.

Going to try to decrease my carb intake - not take it away altogether - I am a much happier person with carbs in my life but just substitute sometimes.

Gym - IS going to happen 3 times a week - especially now that hubby is on board.

My goal is that in another six months - I will have shed at least 25 pounds.

So - I'm asking all my spark friends - to hold me accountable. If you don't see me posting - please send me a message or post on my page. I have realized that with this weight gain there is a clear correlation between my activity of spark people and my weight gain. The more I post (especially food tracking, responding to threads, and fitness monitoring), the better I am with maintaining a healthy weight.

Thanks for reading. Have a wonderful day.

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SPARKLINGME176 10/22/2013 3:03PM

    Amazing photo! Welcome 'home'! What part of the states are you in? Hopefully you can get outside more often! YOU help me keep motivated! THANK YOU!


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MAW_OH 7/3/2013 9:02PM

    What a great picture! I know you can turn things around. Thanks for running for Johnny with me! Have a great 4th and talk to you soon..

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NANCYPAT1 7/3/2013 12:44AM

    You can make it happen - you have been through a lot and even JUST the move would be hard. I have great faith that YOU can do whatever you set your mind to.

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MARINEMAMA 7/2/2013 6:49AM

    You are just simply...beautiful!!! Love the picture!! What a true beauty you are...inside and out!!
We are on this journey with you! It is all about the ins and outs....and those ups and downs. We all encounter them along the way. I am so glad That you will be here at spark more and I agree....It helps more than we realize.
You can do this my friend....cheering for you always. emoticon

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CHIRORENGO 7/2/2013 12:04AM

    Thanks everyone!

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ADRIENALINE 7/1/2013 4:00PM

    Welcome back! You can do it. I know you can!

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-WRKNG2ABTTRME- 6/30/2013 6:34PM

    You CAN & WILL do it! emoticon

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Moving back to California ----- Good bye Canada

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

emoticon Wow- I can't believe it has been over a year since I posted a blog - such a slacker.

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas emoticon /Happy Hannukah emoticon and enjoyed time with family emoticon emoticon . This has been such a big year for me. I'm officially in remission, I just celebrated my one year wedding anniversary and in two days my husband and I are leaving Victoria, British Columbia and moving back to California.

Please pray for us as we have a long journey of taking a ferry, driving, and a plane for myself and my cat. My husband will continue to drive for an additional 20 hours (with the dog) after he drops us off on the plane.

Excited but nervous about this new move. Can't wait to start this new chapter in our lives but going to miss some of the amazing people we have met here in Victoria, BC. We have been blessed with meeting some of the most extraordinarily compassionate people we have ever encountered here. We are not only leaving our friends but a piece of our hearts.

We know this next chapter in our lives is necessary --- but my heart feels so heavy as we spend the next couple of days packing and saying goodbye.

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GR8FULGAL 1/11/2013 6:15PM

    Blessings on you and your husband as you venture into this next phase of your life.

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CHIRORENGO 1/8/2013 6:47PM


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SUECHRIS50 1/8/2013 2:57PM

    emoticon Good Luck to you in everything you do!

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ADRIENALINE 1/8/2013 1:59PM

    Congratulations on your anniversary. Best news ever! Welcome back to Cali. If you have to move, Cali is a great place to live. I live in the South SF Bay area. Where are you moving?

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GOLFGMA 12/26/2012 11:30PM

    Wishing you well on the move and emoticon

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MARINEMAMA 12/26/2012 6:09PM

    Be safe and happy anniversary!!!

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CHIRORENGO 12/26/2012 1:17PM

    Yes Karen - can you believe it! This year has flown by

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KPACE7 12/26/2012 12:54PM

    Has it been a year already? Safe travels and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY.

emoticon emoticon

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CHIRORENGO 12/26/2012 12:49PM

    thank YOU

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DARJR50 12/26/2012 12:44PM

  Have a safe trip

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ALICIA214 12/26/2012 12:43PM


Good luck in this new phase in your life....

Happy New emoticon Year.

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Feeling defeated

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

I feel like I am on a roller coaster with my health. I had been doing so well with my consistency and noticed big changes in my weight and the way my clothes were fitting.

I have been struggling with a knee injury over the past 6 weeks ( my doctor says it is from overcompensation due to my Achilles tear on the opposite side last year) but I have pushed through and found healthy opportunities to keep working out. Saturday night my knee just buckled and gave way and I fell forward. My toe was in the most awkward position. I thought for sure it was broken but thankfully it is just sprained. Now I cannot work out for 4 weeks and can barely stand. My wedding is less than three weeks away.

On top of that i have the flu AGAIN. I have been sick almost every other week since October. I'm so thankful to be getting married but just feel so defeated with everything else.

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MARINEMAMA 12/7/2011 7:40PM

    hugs my friend...hang in there...keeping you in my prayers emoticon

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CHIRORENGO 12/7/2011 6:30PM

    Oh I've slowed down Aurlie - as in full stop! feeling a little better today. Thanks

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AJDOVER1 12/7/2011 6:29PM

    Hang in there! You've overcome some big health/wellness issues -- your toe is just a blip in the road and the flu will run its course soon. This is nature's way of MAKING you slow down. Cherish every day.

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CHIRORENGO 12/7/2011 10:59AM

    thanks everyone. I am feeling a little better today. Just trying to stay positive

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PRUPLEBEAR 12/6/2011 5:29PM

    Hugs to you! It always seems to be bad luck or no luck with me! So maybe I am starting to rub off on you! LOL!!! I will keep you in my T&P!

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MANDA_MICHELLE 12/6/2011 3:16PM


i'm sorry you've had some bad luck with your health lately. well, more your physicality. its nothing you could control, so don't beat yourself up too much. take this as an opportunity to focus on food, and to destress before the wedding! relax and take time for you!


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-WRKNG2ABTTRME- 12/6/2011 11:08AM


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SKYWATCHERRS 12/6/2011 11:06AM

    I'm so sorry you're feeling yucky. It will pass, though - hang in there.

Remember that you still have control of your nutrition - you still have control over what you put in your mouth. If you are watching what you eat, then you have nothing to fear.

Get well, rest up, and remember that this, too, shall pass.

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1,500 days on Spark People

Thursday, December 01, 2011

Today when I went to log in I saw that as of today I have been on this site for 1,500 days. I cannot believe that it has been this long.

I absolutely love this site. I have come to realize that whenever I am active on this site (tracking food and workouts, reading new recipes and supporting and being supported by my sparkfriends) the weight comes off. A couple of times, I have felt that I have the hang of it and cut down on my "sparktime". Lo and behold - the bad habits creep back in and so does the weight. So many people think that they can do things alone and don't ask for help. I am no longer one of those people. Sparkpeople works for me. I have everything I need right here. Food tracking, articles, recipes, fitness ideas (with wonderful video instruction), AN AMAZING NETWORK OF PEOPLE who are like me!

Thank you Sparkpeople for this wonderful site you have created for us. I look forward to the next 1,500 days.

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MARINEMAMA 12/5/2011 4:39PM

    WOW!!! That is amazing!!,congrats!!!

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CHIRORENGO 12/2/2011 5:29PM


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AJDOVER1 12/2/2011 5:22PM

    You are sooo right!
I admit I've "cheated" on SparkPeople and explored other websites for tracking fitness and nutrition. Those other sites don't compare! SparkPeople has it all!

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I really CAN do this

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Update - the wedding dress fit! AND I shed inches all over the place. I think I will stay away from scales. Every time I weighed myself I didn't really see any progress but when I put the dress on, they had to put pins in to make a lot more alterations then we had anticipated. I couldn't believe it.

It's amazing because i had the mentality that the only way to lose weight was to go running for an hour a day. Once I couldn't do that any more, i had sort of lost hope. A funny thing happened, I stopped being so hard on myself and started appreciating the things I can do! Swing dancing has been fun and a new way to spend time with my fiancee.

Trying out new machines at the gym. I am still enjoying yoga (who knew). I'm still not a big fan of weights but I do it two times a week. My dog is getting in shape too. We take her out 3 times a day. Have implemented a 100 steps rule after every meal.

While I still longingly stare at the runners (Yes runner's envy), I hope to one day get to that point again. I am steadily shedding inches and doing it at a reasonable rate.

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MARINEMAMA 11/14/2011 5:37AM

    You are doing fantastic!!!! So proud of you!, I knew you could and would do it!!! I love the tape measure!!! Girl you are going to RAWK that dress!!!! Woohoo!!

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AJDOVER1 11/13/2011 8:17PM

    You sound terrific! I fall into the same problem of not seeing any progress with the scale. I spoke to the training manager at the gym a week or so ago. He asked how much weight I've lost and when I told him 13 pounds (in 7 months) he looked surprised. He said I've lost a lot of inches. I haven't really been taking measurements. At my highest weight my measurements were just too discouraging.

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CHIRORENGO 11/13/2011 2:47PM


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GOSPELCLOWN 11/13/2011 10:42AM

    You are an inspiration!! Keep doing what you are doing.

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KPACE7 11/12/2011 9:34PM

    Yes YOU CAN! Keep up the good work! emoticon emoticon emoticon

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