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Interesting Encounter

Thursday, May 23, 2013

I walk about 2 miles each day five days a week (to and from work). I must pass by many people each day, some walking others driving. I had the most unusual encounter the other day on my way home though and it sort of brought home the progress I have made. An older gentlemen stopped me as I was walking down the road. At first I thought he was going to ask for directions. Now I never get close to any car that pulls over for safety reasons. Anyway, he noted that he had seen me walking all the time for the last six or so months and he said he was very impressed. He stated in as polite a way as he could that he noticed the weight loss I had experienced and again how impressed he was at how good I looked. I must admit I have never had a comment like that from a stranger on the street. Family has said how good I looked as well as my coworkers, but never just a random person. Needless to say I was shocked, but I quickly recovered, thanked him politely and we parted ways.

Just an unusual encounter but another little motivator to keep moving towrd my goal.


Mowing the Lawn...For the First Time

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Our new lawnmower came in the other day and since our lawn was getting out of control long Saturday was "Mow the Darn Lawn" day. Now I have never mowed a lawn before. Lived in apartments most of my life and either the landlord or landscapers took care of that. With the house mom and I tried a landscaper but did not have much luck with finding a good one. So we decided we would buy a mower and give a go. We purchased a battery powered push mower because neither of us wanted to deal with gas and oil and all that mess. Plus with this mower starting it is so easy. It has a key you pop in next to the battery. You push the safety lock button, pull the bail cord against the handle release the button and mow. Charged up the battries and when Saturday arrived I set out to get mowing.

Had a few false starts, all my own fault since I didn't push the battery in all the way. Complete duh moment. Once I sorted out that little issue I was on my way. Started with the front lawn and worked my way to the side. Now areas of the lawn were incredibly thick so I had to go over those areas a few times which is probably why I went through both batteries by the time I was almost done with the side. Had maybe one or two passes to complete. Here is what the front and side looked like after I mowed them.


Once the side was done I moved to the back yard, which was crazy long. Two batteries knocked out the job in no time. Heres what it looks like after mowing.

Now I'm sure its probably wicked uneven and I likely missed a spot or two, but it doesn't look half bad to me for my first time ever mowing. lol
Was quite a workout especially the side lawn which is on a bit of a slope. Edges are a bit tough too so we'll have to think about getting a trimmer for those. All in all the mower handled very well and not incredibly noisy.Didn't have to wear earplugs and could still here my mother calling me, which you usually can't with a gas mower. I did have to go and buy some work gloves today because holding the bail cord against the handle after awhile started to bother the knuckle area in my palms. Ouchie. lol

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MIDNIGHTER1 5/19/2013 8:55PM

    emoticon so now can you come over and do mine? lol.Since you are now an expery lawn care technologist.I bet it was quite a workout.You did a great job,by the way.

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Trying Something New to Get Back in the Swing

Monday, May 13, 2013

I recently purchased the new Coach Nicole DVD Total Body Sculpting (as well as her Cardio Blast one. I already have the 28 Day BootCamp DVD). I love so many of the workouts on the Cardio Blast one and the BootCamp one but it is nice every once in awhile to do something different. Today I popped in the Total Body Sculpting and decided,"What the heck, I'll try the Barre Body Blast routine. I wasn't sure I was going to like it cause there is a bit of squatting which can be rough on my knees. However, I really liked it. It was challenging and I have noticed that I need something challenging like this to stay motivated. Might try the Bodyweight Burn tomorrow we shall see. :-)

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MIDNIGHTER1 5/19/2013 9:11PM

    Maybe try knee wraps,Yes,ladies use knee wraps during strength training.It helps.I use them,as I have two rehabbed knees.

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OKBACK2ME 5/14/2013 1:11AM

    Have fun with the new DVD's emoticon

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Springtime = Yardwork Time!

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

The last few weekends have been absolutely gorgeous around these parts so I have been getting dirty in my backyard. Two weekends ago it was all about cleaning up the branches and twigs that had fallen all over the yard. Lets just say there was quite a lot, took about three bags to get rid of all of them. Had to bust up a big piece of wood that was left behind by the previous owners, which was rather difficult seeing as how I don't have an ax or a saw. Luckily it seems either some termites or some wood beetles got to it so some areas were easier to break apart than others. Eventually it was all broken and bagged.

Which brings us to this past weekend...time to dig out the rest of the middle area where the rose bush is. I decided that I wanted to put mulch around in that area instead of the grass that was there so all the grass that had grown (and weeds) had to be dug out by hand. Was able to get the entire job (grass out and mulch down) in about two and half hours. Finally...the final piece to put down was the new fountain that was purchased from QVC. Here are two pictures of what it now looks like.

Personally I think it looks better with the mulch than it ever did with the grass. I feel like the grass sort of sucks the life from the flowers we have planted there. I also noticed that when we pulled the grass and weeds from near the rose bush last year it seemed to give the bush new life (we had roses blooming almost into winter).

All in all, it was a chore, but well worth it. Next up: Digging up dead grass in the front and back and laying down new seed.


Winter Wonderland Pfft :p

Monday, February 11, 2013

Well the Blizzard is over here, but the clean up is ongoing. I have to say I never want to see this much snow for awhile. I am utterly sore from the shoveling and I didn't even do the entire driveway (just a path was done since we don't have to worry about getting a car out of the driveway). Luckily, when the storm first started my workplace decided (only after a state of emergency was declared) to close early at 3pm. Since I was off at that time anyway I was relieved. Unfortunately, my home was among the multitudes that lost power later in the night on Friday. Got through it though, bundled up cause it got darn cold in the house by the next morning, had plenty of food, water, and battery operated lights as well as a battery operated radio to hear updates.

I snapped a few pictures as the blizzard was just getting underway.
This is of course our front path before the storm worsened

This is the aftermath. Before this small path was made we could not even get out of the door. Another family member came over to dig us out. Than I widened the pathway and redid spots because this family member did a rather shoddy job lol.

The same goes for the driveway. This is the when the storm was just beginning.

Same driveway, looking from the other direction. Just too much for me alone to get entirely shoveled.

This is my backyard after the blizzard was over. That is our rose bush there in the middle of the picture and its usually about waist high on me and I am about 5 foot 1

And here are some of the lovely icicles hanging from the roof in said backyard.

This is me trying to get a measurement of the snow using my leg. This stuff was up to about mid-thigh on me, and my leg had not even gone through the bottom layers of the snow. All in all I'd say we got about 2 and half to 3 ft with the drift that occurred.

This was a mama jamma of a storm. They have been comparing it to a lot of the past storms, especially the blizzard of 78, but no matter which storm has been the worst, this one was certainly an experience. Two things that irk me around these parts is the lousy plow job that my town does. The side roads are simply atrocious and the sidewalks are horrendous. It seems like no one shovels their sidewalks around here, which makes it difficult if not a bit dangerous for those of us who walk to work. Even the breakdown lane where I would normally walk is covered in snow. Tomorrow, I will have to be very careful as I walk to and from work so wish me luck.

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NEWRUNNER2 3/11/2013 7:52PM

    We had snow (again!) this weekend, too. Shoveling is a great workout. I've been wondering if it tones your arm muscles. Anyway, I'm ready for spring and enjoying this extra hour of daylight at night.

Take care! emoticon

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OKBACK2ME 2/11/2013 8:35PM

    emoticon You need some sunshine, but not too much, don't want all that snow to melt too Fast!

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SWANATOPIA 2/11/2013 5:46PM



That's a lot of snow!

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MIDNIGHTER1 2/11/2013 3:49PM

    Yeah, I heard it was a very bad one. Thankfully you got power back and had provisions. I bet shoveling that snow was quite a workout.

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