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A Winding Path Leads to Maui. Maui!!!!

Friday, November 21, 2014

This is what my journey has been like. NEVER NEVER NEVER a straight line and not an easy trip. The reward of all that hard work and healthy eating paid off the last week in Sept. when we took a trip to Maui. My dream trip. It was amazing. And because of the weight loss (almost 90 pounds) I was able to do some things I would have never attempted before.

Things like stand up paddle boarding. Yep, that's me in a life vest paddle boarding. On the ocean. In Maui. For two hours. Coolest thing ever. And.....drum roll please, I only fell in once! Yea! lol!

With the sea turtles.

And the star fish.

And some folks on an old Hawaiian outrigger canoe. Can you see the turtle in the foreground too?

I also ocean kayaked. I never would have done that when I was heavier as I would have been afraid of dumping the kayak over or worse, not fitting in it or getting stuck. Yeah, that would have been bad. Really bad. And embarrassing.

We hiked all over the island, some places I never would have gone before. Through bamboo forests, to hidden waterfalls, and just along the beach for miles. My hubby tried boogie boarding, he was getting the hang of it at the end! I spent most of the time in swimsuits and shorts. Do you know it's been since I was in high school since I wore shorts? Me? In shorts? Gotta be kidding. I also wore a cute little sun dress at sunset. And you know what? I thought I looked good in both the shorts and the sun dress. Even in the photos. Who woulda thought?

Could I have done all this when I was obese? Yes, I probably could have. But I never would have had the confidence to do any of it. I know there are people who have the confidence to do whatever they want no matter their weight, and I tip my hat to them. I just wasn't one of those confident few. For me it's been a winding, crooked path that's totally worth the trip.

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DEBPRE16 11/22/2014 3:19PM

    How awesome! Glad you had such a great time with so may wonderful memories.


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NILLAPEPSI 11/22/2014 7:43AM

    Yep, that's what my path has looked like, too. emoticon

What beautiful photos! Looks like an awesome time!!

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USMAWIFE 11/21/2014 10:30PM

    I have lots of relatives there but one day I might visit. truly is a beautiful place

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MCFITZ2 11/21/2014 8:39PM

    I loved out trip to Maui. Our daughter was married there. Glad you were able to go.

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CHARTERDAWN 11/21/2014 7:19PM

  Sounds like a great trip. Your are an encouragement to others!! Thanks for sharing. emoticon

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GEORGE815 11/21/2014 6:44PM

    Glad you enjoyed your trip even more. Went to Hawaii last year. Great trip. Your photos brought back some great memories. Thanks!

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Sea Bands. Has anyone heard about or used these?

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

My husband and I are going on a trip for our anniversary---Hawaii!!!! Wheee!!!
Anyway, I have problems on airplanes and was doing some research and discovered these acupressure wrist bands that are supposed to help with motion sickness. Has anyone out there tried them and did they help? It's the landings and take offs that get to me. I've tried over the counter meds, but they make me really drowsy and I don't want to miss any time in Maui because I'm groggy! I've also tried ginger, but it's pretty ineffective, tasty, but doesn't help much. The Sea Bands were inexpensive, so I bought a pair, just curious about other folks experience with them. Thanks for any feedback!
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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CAMEOSUN 9/27/2014 11:01AM

    I used them when he owned a boat. The bands didn't work for me.
Regardless, enjoy your trip !!

God Bless.

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NILLAPEPSI 9/17/2014 7:03AM

    A lady I work with is preggers & she used them for morning sickness. She said they worked pretty well. I have not personally used them. You can also go to your Primary Care doctor & let him/her know that you have motion sickness are going on a trip. He/she can prescribe a little patch that you put behind your ear. Hubby & I saw soooooo many people wearing those on our last cruise.

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KATHYRB 9/16/2014 9:06PM

  Have seen them but, don't know if they work.

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Monday, August 04, 2014

I love that! On a more serious note, I did go to the dentist the other day for a regular check up and found out that I have a loose wisdom tooth that I may have to have removed. Because it's loose he told me that suggests bone loss in the jaw. I'm thinking that since there could be bone loss there, it could be all over my body. So I'm upping my calcium intake, lifting heavier weights and trying to help things out a bit.
But my question is, why did this tooth not bother me until I was told there was a problem?! Guess that's just the power of suggestion! So, I suggest we all deserve crowns --- on our heads that is! lol! emoticon Have a great week Sparkers!

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    I have a crown....the kind the dentists give but hey, it's still a crown and it lasted way longer than it should have! I love the pic.:p I think we all get scared when a doctor or dentist or someone "important" says "It could be...." Just keep doing what you are doing! :)

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NILLAPEPSI 8/5/2014 7:04AM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon

Weight bearing exercise!! Go get 'em, Tiger!! RAWR!! emoticon

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YMWONG22 8/4/2014 11:57PM

  emoticon emoticon emoticon

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Screaming Calories

Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Wouldn't this be awesome??? Or maybe scary? LOL!

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CAMEOSUN 6/22/2014 11:15AM

    Isn't that the truth !

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    emoticon emoticon

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NILLAPEPSI 6/4/2014 5:34PM

    I'd love it!!!! emoticon

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LASCHWAB 6/4/2014 5:11PM

    Bwahaha, nice. Love it.

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NKING1982 6/4/2014 5:11PM

    That would be great! Such a motivator!

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A Birthday Trek

Thursday, May 08, 2014

This is Hanging Lake in Glenwood Canyon, Colorado. I wanted to load more photos, but it's taking forever on SparkPeople, so settled for just one. I had photos of the ice/snow fields we had to cross, the 18 to 24 inch boulders we had to climb and the steepness of the trail. Also had some shots of Spouting Rock just above Hanging Lake and Rifle Falls, a few miles from here, you can actually hike to the top and get BEHIND Rifle falls--honestly how cool is that?!

Anyway, this is what we did for my birthday. It was awesome and challenging. The trail up to the falls is pretty rugged and really steep. But oh my was it worth the trek! Since it's early spring and the run off has just started the falls were truly impressive. We had a beautiful, warm sunny day, perfect for a hike.
So, what do you like doing on your birthday?

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CAMEOSUN 5/22/2014 2:09PM

    Wow, that is so full of color. Very nice. emoticon

Hope you had a wonderful Birthday. God Bless.

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CAROL_31649731 5/19/2014 10:58PM

    Beautiful . . . hope you day was just as beautiful!

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NILLAPEPSI 5/12/2014 2:54PM

    Oh wow! How beautiful!!!!

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REFFIE1 5/9/2014 6:46PM

What a gorgeous photo! I can't think of a more rewarding birthday trek. Hope you day was as special as you are! emoticon

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THATGALNIKKI06 5/9/2014 12:03AM

    Happy Birthday!! It looks like you had a wonderful birthday. I wish I could hike at a place like that for my birthday! emoticon

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