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Student Loans are DEPRESSING!!!!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Will they ever go AWAY????

Its a question I constitently ask myself- I try and pay them off the Dave Ramsey way and Looks like the one big loan will still be hitting the 20 year mark- I can't remember but I thought Obama introduced a law that student loans are forgiven after 20 years... Seriously isnt that DEPRESSING THOUGH!!!! Brian has $50K on one that seriously we will not get paid off DEPRESSING.....

Over That I guess...

Yesterday was ok- my eating was good and I learned something new at work which is always exciting.

I took Ham for 1/2 miles in the am did 2.5 at lunch and 2.5 after work then another .5 with Ham late last night.. Ohh and I got Netflix on my phone so I can watch tv shows/movies while working out!!! PUMPED!!! So I watched my new fav Orange is the New Black.

Ohh now I remember why yesterday Sucked-- Out ICE MACHINE AT WORK BROKE!!!! seriously its like most of our lives here we all use the ice machine some use it for their pops some just like to chew ice- but most of us need the COLD WATER!! It was terrible the COO didnt even think to go buy some bags of ice- he thought we were making too big of deal out of it, but no we all use that ice machine and the water was not cold coming out as well- Its still not fixed today either.. So I brought water from home and stuck my spark in the Freezer. Ohh and since we work at a clinic we have the good Hospital ice too.. So its even more depressing!!!!!

Wow this was a positive blog- Can you tell Hamilton woke me up every 2 hrs last night!! Then cried in his Kennel for 20 min then woke up again it was a vicous cycle it felt like you just fell back asleep!!! Tonight better be better!!

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TARANITUP 8/27/2013 8:27PM

    I hear ya. I have them to look forward to over the next 10 years still. But they got me my awesome career and salary so I gotta suck it up

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MISSFORTE 8/27/2013 5:28PM

    hang in there Iknow my husband paid his off before we in SC had the lottery it took forever to pay off and he isn't even holding a job in that field! LOL

tomorrow is better! ( I HOPE)

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VERSESTHATHURT 8/27/2013 11:13AM

    I have massive student loans too. I just make the payments and try not to think about it too much, or it gets really depressing.

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DIETER27 8/27/2013 10:06AM

  student loans are depressing. I agree........ Hope today is a better day for you.

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What A Weekend

Monday, August 26, 2013

I dont know about you all- but my husband and I financial responsibilty is soo different!

When we first lived together we had seperate accts, but whenever we would do anything out he would pay- more like a date then splitting it evenly so that just isnt feasable for us anymore.

We do a shared account and we each get $200 a month in our own accts- mine goes to a student loan- my gym membership and my nails. Brians goes straight to his car payment (which we need to change, but thats another story)

Anyway I am a saver saver saver- and decently cheap. I like a good slurge every now and then, but I also feel like we dont need to eat out every weekend or go out and drink etc. Because I handle all the money, Brian just spends- which I will tell hm try to not go golfing this weekend, lets not go out to eat etc. But I am also not totally firm with him- he knows we have money in the acct from the wedding, but I really would like to start feeling like we are saving so much money a month so I can feel comfortable if we were to have to start paying daycare in a year. I am doing an analysis right now of where we are spending our money to see if we can figure out a solution. He has spend $40 this month at the gas station for food and energy drinks. To me thats nuts to him its only $4 a trip no biggie. With his parents history of bankruptcy and his irresponsiblity with money in the past I just want to make sure he understands money saving and where we are spending money.

Anyway- This weekend I thought we would do a low key friday that ended up in a $100 dinner out. Then I had a bachelorette and he volunteered at the irish hooley an irish event in dubuque. So drinking beers wasnt cheap. but once the band started you didnt want to leave your spot we wasted 3 drink tickets which also annoys me -like throwing money away

We had a really good weekend over all though Hammie went to the vet and she said he looks great an is really calm- lets hope he stays this way! We are starting puppy preschool September 30th but we are doing our best to make sure he isnt a spoiled puppy at home. introducing him to other dogs (families pets) and walking and potty training and kennel training.

Kennel training is so hard sometimes- at night when he whines you just want to go hold him, but he needs to feel like the kennel is his place and not be scared to go in there. The vet highly recommended kennel training which reinsured our feelings about it. However last night he spilled his water bowel and after 45min of barking we caved, only because Brian's dad was sleeping over. But he slept on the floor in our room- and actually did super good. He woke us up at 1 to go out and then I woke up at 630 to take care of him for the morning.. I felt my floor thouroughly for any accidents and there weren't any. Our goal is to have him sleep on the floor in our room when he is older- but after last night I just don't know if we should do it now or wait until he is fully trained. Ohh and he is getting better at walks we do this little probably .25 mile loop try to do it in the AM and PM.

Happy Monday All Keep on Sparking


Day 4 and DRAGGING

Thursday, August 22, 2013

I am dragging some major a** this morning!

Hammie was up at 530- Seriously this is way preparing me for a baby. Is the baby itch starting :)

I actually don't mind the whole getting up early, but today was really hard with the weather and it was about 30 min too early for me! Ohh I guess you dont know the weather here huh? It was thunderstorming around 7, but just cloudy and dull before that.

We went on our little walk around the four houses again this morning- Hopefully he will get the hang of this routine. I am soo excited for Sunday to have a whole day at home with him to see if he goes to the bell all the time or just some of the time.

Lets go back to that baby itch..

First the Honeymoon though-

So we booked our honeymoon- We wanted to stay at the wonderful Couples Swept Away in Negril Jamacia- but when we went to book only suites were left so that didnt fit our budget. So our travel agent sent us a few more. The one we liked a lot was Secrets St. James in Montego Bay. So we told our travel agent and she suggested an "Apple Vacations Square Deal" You pick your requirements- etc. Adults only, all inclusive, 6 star.. They pick your hotel and you dont find out til the airport!!!!! AHHHHHHHHH Kind of freaked out!!! But 90% of the time they place you in the secrets and the only other option with our elections is a nicer resort so it will be an exciting morning at the airport for sure!

Ok Back to Baby- So I Obvioulsy don't want to get pregnant before we go to Jamacia- seriously who wants to watch their husband drink for a week when you can't!! NOT THIS GAL!!!!

But when we come back we are going to start "not preventing" pregnancy anymore. It will be an exciting time for us, but I worry so my number 1 worry is getting pregnant because my mom had soo many miscarriages (5 before me and 2 after)

How long did it take all of you to get pregnant when you started trying??

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ALLIEALLIE2 8/22/2013 1:32PM

    Now is the time to get your body ready for a healthy pregnancy!! You can start taking prenatal vitamins before you get pregnant. I wish I would have done that when I became pregnant with my son. Took us maybe 5 months or so. I'm excited for you!! And you are right to wait until after the honeymoon ;) emoticon pretend that's a cocktail lol

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Finding Time

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Having a hard time finding time- I will have to create it somehow

Time to fit in a workout with the dog
Time to make dinner while making sure I know where the dog is at all times
Time to do extra activities with the Husband wink wink
Time to Sleep
Time to Clean

Haha only on day 3 with Ham- and my life is changing big time!

He let me walk him about 5 houses this morning- at night the cement is to hot on his paws he wont even try to walk. So I didnt get any kind of walk in- my brother and sister in-law came to meet my lil man and then stayed until 10 and I actually still considered going on a walk but it was dark and scary so I changed my mind-

Tonight I am going to see if my brother will watch him for an hr so I can get a long walk in.

So last night he went right to sleep- It was awesome!! But it was at 10 pm so I was worried he would have to go to the bathroom so I set an alarm for 3 am- then I was just worried he pooped so I woke him up (BIG MISTAKE) then he wanted to play and whinned for 30 min. Then 6am he is barking again so I get up feed him and play take him out walk by 645 he is sleeping again. Wake up Brian to watch the dog so I can get ready- Well that sleepy/crabby husband goes to the couch and sleeps and Ham had an accident so I was not pleased.

He is really doing so good and we love him, but its a huge change having to share my time- and I love CODI TIME.. Hr long walks and I love cleaning and cooking. This new routine will get better but making time is not something I am used to- I have just had it!

And I could walk in the morning, but then my poor lil man would have to be in his kennel again and at night same thing he is kenneled all day and all night so when we are home I feel bad making him go in there more than needed.

So my lunch walks are MANDATORY now which I am pretty good at anyway but now its essential that I at least get my 2.5 miles in at lunch and eat right!

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SUNSHINE084 8/22/2013 3:06AM

    Ok, at first I thought you had a baby, them I realized it is a dog! Perhaps you could go to a dog park or a park with grass and tur pup could run and walk?

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MISSFORTE 8/21/2013 3:25PM

    yes, HAM will soon fit into your(his) schedule!

I know all abot the husband time and ething else!

my breaks at work are mandatory POWER WALKS which is great that is 45-55 min more !

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MLDRLD 8/21/2013 11:13AM

    It certainly can be challenging making time for things when new elements enter the picture and cause major changes in our routines. Sounds like you are working on options and plans to make time for what's important to you.

Wishing you all the best as you make adjustments and establish routines that work for you! emoticon

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Adventures with Ham

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

It is really crazy how much having a puppy changes your life- I have pretty bad anxiety so I cried like 3 times the week before we got him- I was so worried about how he would change our lives.

I worry about a lot- and actually its why we got Hamilton. I woke Brian up twice in one week to check the house for burglerers at 3 and 4 am he was not pleased. So jokingly in an email he told me we are buying a secuirty system and I said a dog would be cheaper (by the way I think I am wrong on that one too) That night my cousin posted pictures of the pups and we went and picked out Hamilton the next day.

Our communication these last 2 days has been consistent- this is my plan what is yours etc. Who is going to go home at lunch, what are our roles. Last night we finally got to see our rambunctious puppy. He pooped in his kennel 2 times during the day but when I got home at 5 he was good.

He is not a huge fan of his leash so trying to walk last night didnt go over well at all, but we played for awhile and then I put him back in the kennel and went on a super quick 2 mile walk then he was out for the rest of the night. He whinned a little when Brian put him in the kennel but we just drown him out with fans ( I know its terrible, but we really don't want to start letting him sleep with us) He slept throught the night with no accidents :)

This morning he was a playful puppy- he was playing with his ball and stopped walked to the front door - so I let him out and he popped right away.. GOOD SIGN :) Then I tried the leash again we walked around the corner and he did pretty good.


As for me I did 4.5 miles walking yesterday and added some situps. I really need to get a motivation to get back into other forms of workout. I have just been loving walking all summer and I will continue that but I think I need to up the anni at home with some weights at least.

My eating has been decent as well I am really working on eating better during the day- I had gotten into a habit of snacking at the vending machine or grabbing a soda because I thought I "needed" it.

Any suggestions of a challenge or some motivation would be awesome.


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GIANTMICROBE 8/20/2013 3:30PM

    It sounds to me like he's coming along nicely!!!! If you keep working consistently with him, you will have a very good dog :)

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MISSFORTE 8/20/2013 2:04PM

    I know we want another "baby" been hesitant for months I don't know............

He just looks so sweet!

I got into bad habit of sugary drinks to during the day a coworker had me try MIO drops, they are ok no sugar but sugar subsitute.

I got Peach tea YUCK!

and Blueberry lemonade ---this one is good.

I drink at least 3 bottles of water plain (16oz) then on the way home if I need a "pick me up" I have been using the drops!

Have a great day sweetie!

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MAMAKATTORRES 8/20/2013 1:23PM

    Congrats on the new puppy! People never believed me when I said getting a puppy is like having a baby- but it's true! They change your life, and you'll need to 'puppy-proof' things soon enough, then there is potty training! It's all very similar. Welcome to the wonderful world of pet parenthood- if you have any issues or questions don't be afraid to ask (I'm a former vet tech, I might be able to help with some things ^_^). Congrats again!

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