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New Motivation

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Recently joined a BLC. I'm seeing other people be motivated and it's motivating me. I'm finding more friends who want to walk with me and that is helping. I've also taken to using a mat in my LR to dance on. Trying to get 5,000 steps in every day before I go to bed. My fitbit adds a bit of motivation as well. Wanting to keep the central focus of my life on spirituality and not exercise/diet. Looking for balance.

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CJGODESS101 5/14/2014 5:00PM

    It's amazing how such a small thing such as Fitbit can really motivate you. I got the Sparktracker and found myself to be more active.

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HARVESTER54 5/14/2014 8:49AM

    Initials drive me crazy. What is a BLC? Glad that you are getting more motivated. emoticon

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GOALIEGRANDMA3 5/13/2014 12:52PM

    Sounds like you have a plan....but what is a BLC?

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Change of method

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

I'm doing things different these days. I signed on to which is a free 60 day course that talks about how spirituality and weightloss relate. I'm realizing that overeating is a sin called gluttony. I guess I knew that, but I've heard it talked about so infrequently I guess I forgot. Anyway, I am focusing more on not overeating instead of focusing on what foods I eat. I've had some success with it for weight loss, but better than that-all my thoughts no longer revolve around food. I've been tired of focusing on food for a long time now. I'd like to think about something more important now. :)

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    Amen! So many things these days revolve around food it's ridiculous! It's so hard not to gorge in food that tastes so good. Maybe that's why healthy people eat veggies and such.. lol ;)

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Have been at a standstill

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Well, the title sums up the moment. My focus on fitness has taken a hit over the summer. I'm still making good food choices most of the time but working out quite infrequently. I've got to do something different and I'm not sure what. I'm starting with some baby steps of charting and weighing again. I've lost very little ground considering. I made it halfway to my goal between Jan and my standstill and I hope to pick up right where I left off. Open to any small step ideas anyone would have for me. Thanks!

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SKEEWEE2MEK 9/17/2013 2:26PM

    Good luck my friend! I'm working to get back on track too. Today marks Day 1 of my new fitness challenge. I call it 5k a Day. I plan to walk/run at least a 5k (3.1 miles) every day for 60 days.
You are much better at the healthy eating than I am. Let's continue to encourage each other! emoticon

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SPERRIN2012 9/17/2013 2:21PM

    I too have been lacking the "motivation" to get out and do more training at the gym or even walking on my own. Let's plan on at least taking a 15 minute walk two to three times before this week is out (9/22/13). This is very important to lead to more sweaty training later on. Ar eyou with me.....Let's hit it and hopefully get on a lete summer/fall role of fitness.

emoticon emoticon

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PJ2222 9/17/2013 2:16PM

    emoticon emoticon

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Looking for God

Saturday, April 27, 2013

I have an old friend that I had lost touch with. I found out 3 years after the fact that he and his wife had divorced. He told me that he questioned his faith in God-but found that he was able to rediscover God and reaffirm that God was real and still with him. He had this new discovery as he went for walks in nature. I was encouraged by him to do the same...though I haven't lost faith in God, I'm certainly not where I was 10 years ago in a spiritual sense.

I went for a walk today. It was my first free time on a beautiful spring day. After 3 separate winter storms this spring I was more than ready to enjoy the sun. I walked 4 miles and felt so much more able to do that than I was last summer-no running out of breath, no needing to take breaks and no counting the blocks until I make it home. It was enjoyable and a tangible evidence of the health benefits I have gained from working out this winter. I prayed as I set out asking God to show himself to me throughout my walk. I didn't know what to expect...but felt sure that I ought to have an expectation :)

At a point in my walk I stopped into a catholic store. I'm not catholic, but my husband is and I believe the catholics and I have more in common than what separates us. I wandered around and found they had a prayer room available to the public. I went in there and had an honest talk with my maker. They had a kneeling bench-but I sat in the comfy chair in the corner. I prayed about my marriage, my daughter's school, my expectations and hopes...thanking God for what he has given me. I left the room more peaceful.

After that I went to a gift shop and saw the exact same necklace a friend had given me when I was needing to leave an abusive relationship years ago. It was a wing on a chain-a reminder to fly away to safety-which I did.

On my walk home I thought about my experience. The Bible says to "wait for, hope for and expect the Lord." I heard a preacher on TV this morning talking about expecting financial blessing from God when you give-it smelled of greed-the way he spoke. I expect God to come close when I look for him and I do expect that he is able to meet my needs. May I never have an interest in God for the primary goal of meeting my monetary needs though. :) I will wait for, hope for and expect for him to make an appearance in my life in unexpected ways. To me-that is worth more than money.

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AY_BEAUTIFUL89 4/29/2013 8:24AM

    This is so wonderful to read! I'm so happy that God sent you a special smile that day. Nature is beautiful. Most times, getting out and walking through the midst of God's creation and spending quality time with Him will lighten your heart and put joy in your heart.

I agree with you. We should expect God to work in our best interest. I learned that faith in God is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen. What is this evidence? Well, all that we've heard of God doing for others in the scriptures. He has protected some from the fiery furnace, he has turned water into blood/wine, etc. So, we have evidence of these things that we didn't see. Therefore, we have hope for the things we need.

However, if God chooses NOT to move right then, we still praise and thank Him for what He's already done!

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On self hatred

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Okay, in the past I have posted about self love and today I'm thinking about self hatred. The negative self talk is easy to come by and far more cruel and incessant than the commentary we would offer anyone else. Merciless. Whether it's self critique about appearance, performance, value or relationship interactions the inner voice has something to say.
I knew a man once who named the critic as a way of separating that from himself. I don't know if he called it Marvin or Caleb or simply "critic," but he wanted to remind himself that it was something outside of him, attacking him, through him. I'm not sure if I expressed that clearly. Once he separated it from himself he recognized the negative voice and felt free to contradict it with the truth.


"I'm fat"---marvin
"I've lost x amt of lbs since I started. I'm making progress. ---truth

"I screw everything up"----marvin
"I'm new at this and learning from my mistakes"-----truth

I heard another man speak on this issue. He said that we are God's creation and that if we can appreciate the beauty in nature and can credit it to him as excellent artwork-we insult our maker when we go on and on about how horrible what he made has become.

Hatred is the motivation for murder and often times self hatred is the motivator in suicide. If someone is there to cause harm...steal, kill or destroy-do we want to allow our bodies to be used for that either towards others or ourselves. If hatred makes us bitter when it is aimed at others, does it make us less bitter to be angry with ourselves? What if we agreed that our body, mind and abilities are something divinely created and of value? I'm just thinking on this. I haven't overcome this personally...but I don't think I ever will unless I challenge myself on it.

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AY_BEAUTIFUL89 3/30/2013 5:37PM

    This is beautifully written. Truth be told, I think we all have that critic that feeds us negativity. Entertaining that voice is what causes depression and dissatisfaction. I used to eat and sleep with "the critic" almost regularly. She's gone now, though I'll admit she likes to visit every now and then.

Society is the reason behind so many of our problems. We feed ourselves unrealistic views and try to reach unrealistic goals. Society gives us no room for imperfection or mistakes. We are imperfect beings until God returns and bestows perfection upon us. Therefore, I don't beat myself up for not having the perfect skin or curviest figure.

We have to learn to love ourselves and, most importantly, love God. If He were really at the center of our lives, we wouldn't suffer from dissatisfaction the way that we do. If God were our everything, and we know that He loves us, accepts us and will do anything for us, we would be truly joyful, happy and at peace.

Because we care so much for society and our everything's are people and friends, when they see flaws or don't approve, we feel sad and discouraged.

We are all beautiful and the only thing we need to strive to be is the best "us" that we can. Not the best Madonna, Beyonce or Einstein.

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COLEYMERRY 3/26/2013 1:53PM

    As I'm thinking about renaming the critic I'm realizing picking the name of someone in the past who was unkind to us is a way to make us more willing to argue with it :)

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MOMTO2HEINZS 3/26/2013 1:38PM

    Very interesting way to put it!! emoticon Now to think of a name for that mean voice...

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  Embrace truth. Telling ourselves lies only hurts us, doesn't it?

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BIGDOG18 3/26/2013 1:29PM


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