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Happy Labor Day!

Monday, September 01, 2014

Happy Labor Day to All!

I designed a special photo ad for P.U.R.R. West Virginia
I wanted to share it with anyone reading my blog

I found out just yesterday that Bob was off today.
A nice surprise. He made me a healthy breakfast...
1 scrambled egg
1 slice of 15 grain wheat bread
1/2 teaspoon butter.
Coffee with 1% milk and sweet and low

Bob and I weighted in yesterday.
I lost 5 pounds Bob lost 4 pounds.
The poster I made for him...he really likes. I do
believe it will be a big motivator for him. I recorded
his first weight loss. He will record the rest. There
is nothing like seeing that down slide of that graph.
(a photo is on yesterdays post of this graph of mine)
I am trying to get Bob to join and use Sparkpeople too.
I know how much it has helped me lose the weight I
have so far. I know it would help him too. But I know
that if you aren't completely committed it won't work.
I will continue to pray for Bob to have guidance on
his weight loss. I so want him to be healthier and
weight loss is a major part of it.

Church went better than expected yesterday. Not that I spoke to
the lady who mean to me earlier in the week. I did return to her a
book that she had loaned me. Before service started.... her daughter
turned to me and told me I would be face painting at the
yard/bake/hotdog sale next month...that her Mom was in charge of.
Just as pushy as her Mom. That apple didn't fall far from the tree.
What happened to a polite asking??? She then mentioned that she
had already advertised that face painting would be part of the event.
Cart before the horse...? I wasn't going to attend this event. I would
set up the chairs and tables...but not attend. She just caught me so off
guard when she told me that in church. My mind was wrapped around
on how her Mom was going to treat me. So she caught me off guard.
Lord give me strength to deal with this family. I need it.
I don't understand pushy people and don't like being pushed by them.
I feel hurt and I don't like feeling that way. Am I just taking this the
wrong way?

I stayed out of the social room after church yesterday. I just didn't
want a scene with this lady. So I just distanced myself from her.
I did bring the donuts. Told everyone to please take the left overs
home. We ended up throwing 6 away. To me it was worth losing
the money by throwing them away instead of eating them. And we
would have eaten them if they came home with us. We were
not doing that. I was Very Proud of Bob. He didn't eat any at all.
That is a really big deal!!!! I didn't eat any either. I stayed busy in
the office doing my paperwork while the social time was going on.
Bob brought me my big cup of coffee. Bless him. Then we went into
Sunday School Class. I always enjoy the class. We could easily go
over the hour it is scheduled. We all seem to get so much out of it.
We are almost done with the book. It is all about anxiety and stress.
Just what I have been needing.

We are having a rainy day today. Sad for the picnic people today.
We aren't having one. We will grill on the porch with is covered.
I will be going to the park today....umbrella if needed. I am in pain
from walking but to me the exercise is worth all the pain. It is not
like I am jogging or running. Its just a walk. That 1 mile everyday
will really help my weight loss. It is exciting just thinking about
getting all that weight I gained this summer off by the end of Sept.
I am just 11 pounds away. I feel it is doable. A short term goal!
A tough one...yes. But doable. I wouldn't try this for any longer
because I know I couldn't do it. Come October 1 I will go back to
the 5 pounds a month goal. A slow goal but one I can stick with.

I had a nice walk to the park yesterday. This time it was a great
deal noisier.....A family with 3 little boys. They had a blast. When
it started sprinkling they were under the pavilion like me. Hard to
concentrate on the study lesson I was doing...but that was ok.
Well its now after 10am. I am still in my night gown. Time to get
dressed and take that walk to the park. I need to finish that chapter
I was working on yesterday and get my exercise in for the day.

So Happy Labor Day Everyone!
God Bless All!

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MCFITZ2 9/1/2014 3:04PM

    Connie Great Spay and Neuter poster. emoticon
Enjoy your day with Bob. emoticon
Find a way to say to the Mom and daughter. Don't assume I will do something because you think I should. You can ask me politely if I will do it, but do not tell me I am to do it. It will be my choice and I may chose to say NO!! If I do say no accept it and drop the subject. If they start up walk away.
It isn't easy to stand up for yourself. It takes practice. I hope you will come to the point that you can stand up to her calmly and clearly. emoticon

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  I remember when you were just starting to walk around your block so this is great. I'm glad your husband is supportive and now participating. It makes things easier if both are on the same course. Enjoy your day!

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LITTLEGUYSMOM1 9/1/2014 10:48AM

    Happy Labor Day to you! Love the photo for PURR! I am so glad you didn't have to deal with the lady from church, but unfortunately you did have to deal with her daughter. You might want to just let them know that you are not planning on attending the event and you won't be able to participate this time. Don't let them push you around or guilt you into it. I'll be praying for wisdom and strength as you make your decision on how to handle it. Enjoy your day with hubby!

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5 Pounds off!!! What a great start! My first week back!

Sunday, August 31, 2014

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon -5 pounds off!

Oh how good that feels. How very very good that feels!
I had gained so much weight since my Dad died in March.
I am so grateful that I am back on track again. It feels so
good to be back on Sparkpeople. I started the Sparkcoach
which helped me so much the first time. It is helping me now.

Looks like a rainy Sunday as I drink my coffee and glance out
the window. Pity so many picnics will be wet. Bob is coming
home this morning from his 24 hour shift. I sure hope he gets
off at the time he is scheduled. It will be nice to have him beside
me in church today. He will be stopping off at Walmart and
picking up donuts. It is my week to bring something. I don't
plan to have any. Between Church and Sunday School we have
a social gathering. Drinks and snacks. Due to what happened
earlier this week I will let Bob get my coffee for me. I will be
going to the pastors office and do a bit of paperwork till the
class starts. I don't want to put myself into a uncomfortable
situation so I will for this week just keep my distance. It will
also keep me away from those donuts. I made sure I didn't
buy any extra. None of those are coming home with me....
The next time I will do something much healthier.

The study book I bought the other day turned out to be a really
good one. Since I am struggling so much with how this lady
at church treats me....God guided me to the perfect book to
help me. Saturdays blog tells all about it. I did the first chapter
yesterday at the park. I took a small tablet with me for the
questions that were asked at the end of each chapter. This book
is a small one, so I thought I would get through it really fast.
It was very easy to understand. The questions really made me
stop and think. The chapter was only 5 pages and around 10
questions....I spent 2 hours doing them. As I wrote my answers
and would read them again....I was really surprised what I was
learning about myself. It really opened my eyes up. Ok the book is

I found that the struggles that I have with my Mom and Daughter
has come to light while reading this. This book is helping me so
much more that I expected. Thank you Lord for guiding me to
this book and helping me.

I didn't sleep well at all last night. I am sore for walking. No surprise
there. I was sore yesterday too. Arthritis is so difficult to deal with.
Over the counter meds only do so much. I can hear my Gram in my
head just now.....she would say.....You know you just have to keep
moving. You stop and your done for. I get a lot of my arthritis from
her. Loved her to pieces....still do. The memories are wonderful!

Yesterday the Sparkcoach was about movement. That even though
we exercise. When we aren't ....are we just sitting around? Or are we
moving....even just standing is better that just sitting all the time.
Sadly I do a lot of sitting. I know this will change as the weight comes
off. Even those 12 pounds make such a big difference. I have so much
more energy when I had those off. So sit I may for a little while more.
But soon that will end. I have to get used to walking again. I noticed
just a bit that my pant legs were looser yesterday. Just a bit mind you.
But enough for me to notice. Oh that felt so good! I made the posters
for both Bob and myself yesterday. It is one with the little graph on it.
Across the top is the dates. Running down the side is the weights. I did
have my top weight at 335. But the next square down I put 299. The
299 is where my weight was when I started back her last week. So this
week it drops 5 squares. Here is a close up of it. I need to get a wide
marker to fill in the squares. Bob has his....he gets weighted when he
gets home this morning.

I have to call the one pet store and see if P.U.R.R. West Virginia brought
any more cats/kittens to their store. If the did ....I have the fun of taking
their photos and making up photo ads to help advertise them and get
them adopted. I need a cat fix. Holding them is so calming. I called
just a few days ago and no more new ones....:( But out of the 8 that
were there Saturday just over a week ago...only 3 are left. So YEA!!!
This coming week I will be going to the shelter to photograph the
kittens. I will also be going to the art gallery to pick up what didn't
sell for the art show for pets. I also have to pay for the one I wanted.

Not much going on today. Church...may be photos of purrbabes and
cleaning the apartment. Typical Sunday. Oh here is a photo ad I did
for Labor day for PURR.

This is one I designed using one of the shelter cats.
Remember...take the time to enjoy what is going on around you!

Have a safe and wonderful weekend!
God Bless You All

Connie in West Virginia

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    Its not a program.

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MCFITZ2 8/31/2014 4:39PM

    Connie your photographs are beautiful. What program do you use to add the butterfly effects?
Glad the book is helping.
emoticon emoticon

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LITTLEGUYSMOM1 8/31/2014 8:04AM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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Feeling Positive...Spirits have Lifted

Saturday, August 30, 2014

emoticon There is nothing that feels so good as waking up and
feeling Good about myself. That is something that I will be working on.
When my depression kicks in ....I find getting away from that black cloud
over my head takes days. I hear sayings like...Every day is a new one.
That is so true. But I find it extremely hard to just shake the darkness
off. Let the troubles just roll off your back is another one. So much
easier said than done. I cherish the good days. I just need them
more of them.

I am a Christian and have a great love of God. I love when I see that
God guides me. He did that just yesterday. I felt drawn to the local
Christian book store and stopped in. I was looking for a study lesson
to do while I was at the park. What I found was a book. How to love
someone you don't like. WOW!! That is just what I have been dealing
with lately.

I have been having trouble with a lady at church. She just drives
me crazy. President of the Ladies group. About a year ago she
would not accept my answer of NO for being secretary of this group.
I gave her my reason why. She just ignored my reasoning and just
bulled me to do it minutes before church was to start while I was
sitting in the pews. I walked out crying....I felt so disrespected. It took
everything I had to walk back into the sanctuary when service was
starting. At the Tuesday meeting/lunch...during the lunch, Debbie
the pastors wife and I were talking about the baskets of love that the
group gave out last year. They were paper lunch bags and weren't much
in them. I decided since there were so many there that I would ask
if we could raise money to be able to put more in them. The president
turned on me big time. Her voice was so loud and ugly as she stated
that nothing wrong with those baskets last year and starts listing
everything that was in them. I was humiliated. I just held my hands
up and said never mind. Gathered my plate and drink and walked
to the kitchen to dispose of them. I was hurt and upset to be treated
so ugly. I came back, gathered up my stuff I was leaving one of
the ladies mentioned to me that I was part of the group and would like
to hear what I wanted to say. I was beyond hurt and was afraid of what
I would say to the lady who went off on me. I just said it wasn't
important and walked out....Actually I went upstairs and back to work.
I felt it was better for me to leave being so upset that to stay and say
something that my hurt someone.

So after reading all that....
Can't you see that God did guide me to that book store with something
in mind for me to see and to buy. Something that will help me deal
with this hurt and to get passed it. Thank you Lord!

This is the first time I was able to write about that ugliness and not
feel hurt. That is improvement. Today is the day I start reading this

The park was fun yesterday....I always enjoy being there. The train
track is near the park and the trains have to go slow through the area.
I love hearing the whistle and feel rumble. Bob joined me there after
he came back from the laundry-mat. Yes my hubby does the laundry.
It is just something he likes to do. It took me a while to get used to
that. What was funny yesterday is he took the tracks to the park.
The short cut. I had to tease him. We both took the longer way back
Bobs weight worries me. He is at 236 and is 5'6".
I am at 299 and 5'1" I started at 335.
If I can post his weight....I felt I had to post mine.
Bob does fine if someone else plans all his meals. He can eat healthier
when he is at work....but comes up with every excuse known to man
not to. Like not having the time to do that. WE ALL know how easy it is
to come up with excuses. But excuses just don't cut it. I can't get
healthier with excuses. I am trying to set a good example for my
husband. Everyone that he is partnered with wants to just do
McDonald's to eat. Hit the drive thru fast and keep going.
Bob has started picking out healthier choices. He no longer orders
the fries. I am trying to break him of eating at the salad bars.
Yes they can be healthy...but his plate needs sides to them...
and all the wrong food is on them. Then he goes back two and three
times. It hurts to see him doing this. It has to be thousands of
calories. I find I can control the amount if I just order off the menu
and make the healthier choices when I do. I try not to harp on him
because it just doesn't work. Pray for him. Pray for him to have the
strength to make better choices. I just thought of something. May be
if he tries to set a healthier example for the others at work where
food is concerned...just might help him. I plan to have a talk about
that tomorrow. It may put a different focus and spin on it for him.

I had us both get on the scale last Sunday. I have a doctors scale that
is in my hallway. Every Sunday morning is weigh in for us. I bought
poster board with the squares on it. Years ago I did a graph that
showed my weight loss and gain. It was displayed in a predominate
place. It really helped me to see it all the time. I hope this will help
the two of us. I love this man of mine.....I want him in my life for a
long time.

Well as usual time is flying by as I do this blog. I need to get off here
and out to the park. Thanks for visiting my blog.

God Bless you All!

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MCFITZ2 8/30/2014 11:17PM

    So good to have you back on the site. emoticon

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144AUTUMN 8/30/2014 11:16AM

  Keep up the good work!!

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Ole Arthur is acting up BIG TIME!

Friday, August 29, 2014

emoticon The pain was expected....just hard to deal with.
Yesterday I harvested 3 large heads of cabbage and tomatoes
from the garden. With them I made a big roaster of stuffed
cabbage. The lifting of the cabbage from the pot of boiling water,
the mixing of the meat mixture ( 8lbs ) of it did a number on my
joints and muscles. My whole upper body...back, shoulders,
arm and fingers are screaming in pain. I didn't sleep well
at all last night. If I moved the pain woke me up. I ended up
in a hot tub of water at 2am. Just kept putting a hot towel
on my back and arms. I sat and soaked my hands for quite
some time. I took the laptop into the bathroom and watched
some Hulu. The 45 minute soaked helped. I need another one.
The roaster is in the fridge now. Today I will be bagging the
stuffed cabbage and off to the freezer it will go. I tried one
last night....I never put enough salt in the mixture. I added
extra and still needs more. Oh well its quite healthy. There
was hardly any grease laying on the top of the roaster. I
thought I had used 93% lean....I looked again....It was 97%
lean. I should have known that. I only but the 97% lean.
Nothing upsets me more that paying for something and
watch it float in a be thrown out.

Its another beautiful day outside. Love the cooler temps
51 degrees in the mornings. Reminds me of the days we
went camping as kids. Bob is coming home today. He
has Fridays off. Its nice that he is coming home at a
reasonable hour this morning. He has been known to
come home as late as 1pm on Fridays.

Well this is all for today. I need to wrap up in a warm
blanket to help rid myself of the pain.

God Bless to all!

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MCFITZ2 8/29/2014 6:21PM

    Connie that was a lot of work. Feel better soon. emoticon

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Two steps to the Positive....One step back....I WILL OVER COME THIS!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Hard to believe I started Sparkpeople just over a year ago.
It had to be around this time that I started the group.
Time passes.....we can sit still and let it...
or we can do something positive.
I choose to do the positive.

I am still struggling to put the mess of the other day behind me.
I just joined a group on here that deals with depression and God.
I am thinking this group may be a help and comfort to me.

Bob and I went up to the neighbors garden to harvest a few cabbage
and tomatoes. I see the beans are ready again. I have a small patch
in the pastors garden. I want to make stuffed cabbage and freeze.
This is the first time in a good 30 years that I have had a garden.
Being out of shape and so over weight makes it an ordeal. I ache
for days after I work in it. Soaking in a hot tub of water and pain
meds only do so much. I plan to cook up some cabbage with a touch
of kielbasa today. I was so surprised the first time I read the label
on the package and saw just how small the serving size was. So I
dice it up small.

Today I plan a good walk to the park. Taking my bible to read there.
It is so peaceful there. I was so upset the passed two days that I just
couldn't concentrate on reading it. Today I will. The apartment will
get a good cleaning. I want to go over the front on the
flower boxes. Many are now dried up. The high temps in July just
did them in. Wall the watering in the world couldn't save them. Its
time to gather the seeds and save for next year. I bought my first
mum. Bright yellow. We planted it in a planter that was dead. Nice
to see the healthy bright flowers. I plan to buy one a week. I wasn't
sure how they would do in all this heat. So if the first starts to die..
I will put off getting more till cooler temps.

It feels good not typing about the ugly things that have been going
through my head the passed few days. My heart feels a bit lighter.
Praise God for that. Bob just left ....he is working a 24 shift. I am
pushing him to eat healthier. He stopped at the store on the way
home last night and came in with pink grapefruit. Good choice.
He is like me....way to big for our short bodies.

I was looking at the background....winter scenery. I was going to
change it ...but decided in this heat...its nice to see all that snow.
Bob thought I was crazy that day going outside and taking photos.
I should just have the camera permanently attached to my hip.

Where did summer go. I missed most of it. I am so glad I am back.
I will be going to the park this fall OFTEN!! It is over a mile round
trip. It will feel so good to get some of the weight off that I gained
over the passed few months. Glad I stopped the gaining. The 17
pounds I gained sure did a number on my body. My body moves
so much slower with it on. What I can do is so much more limited.
I was worried about walking to the park and just how hard it would
be. It was better that I thought. I got 3/4's the way there before I
started getting sore. Walking back was much harder....but I expected
that. It will be much easier as the weight comes off. At 282 I was
walking with easy and not having to stop at the park to rest. I was
walking a lot longer and more often. I remember not being so tired
in the evenings. My energy level was much higher. This is my goal.
First is to loose 10 pounds as quickly as I can. That will get me to
289. I am already down from 299 to 295. Sunday is my weigh in
day. So nothing is logged in till them. After the that 10 ...I will go
back to the 5 pounds a month off. I so like eating bulk. I do so much
better when I eat at my higher range. I am planning all the meals
now. It can be a pain...but so worth it.

Sparkcoach wants the blog to be about realistic weight goals. I can
remember weighting 158 and looking good and feeling great. I put
my goal at 140. That is still about the range that doctors give us. If
I can get to 158 I will be happy enough to dance on the roof. I am
quite short....5'1". I don't expect to ever be skinny and that's fine
with me. I just need to be able to move around freely. To enjoy doing
things without aching so badly for days.

Well I best get the ground meat out to thaw....oh 93% lean.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.
God Bless

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LADYSTARWIND 8/29/2014 12:57PM

    I think this twist in your Journey of regaining those 17 lbs will turn into a very positive thing. So many people out there have **no idea** how good it would be for them to lose just that 5 to 10% of their weight the doctors keep advising! With the changes you are observing about how YOU feel, and what you can accomplish, you will always keep your Motivation now. You will go places and make changes you never imagined a year ago!! All the Best, patti

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MCFITZ2 8/29/2014 1:59AM

    Connie you had life throw some difficult times your way. You still turned some of it in to sweet lemon aid. Look at how your kitten led you to helping the cat rescue, how you are doing a service for you church and using that job to get exercise and a little income. Those you are missing are in a place of joy and no pain. The pain is shouldered by us as we miss them. You are a sensitive and giving person. You deserve to be happy.
Did you know ;your group is the first one I was able to make any real connections with. Small enough to be noticed as a real person. Thank you for starting it.

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LITTLEGUYSMOM1 8/28/2014 8:11AM

    Way to go in looking for the positives! I just read yesterdays blog too and you sound a bit better today. Stay focused on God and He will see you through.

emoticon emoticon

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DEW1960 8/28/2014 7:53AM





May God richly bless you and give you encouragement, strength, wisdom, and everything you need to succeed every day.

Count your blessings and learn from your mistakes.


Have an awesome day today!

Success on a chart is never a straight line upward, it is full of zigs and zags, ups and downs, that is just how life is. Eventually you WILL reach your goal.

Keep the Faith! Believe in yourself and the awesome God who made you. He doesn't make mistakes.


Daniel Walker


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