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LOST 2 POUNDS!!! 57 off!!!

Friday, December 19, 2014

LOST 2 POUNDS!!! Doing a happy dance!!!
I hit my January 1st goal last week of 280.
So I made a new one 275. I only have three
more pounds to lose to reach this new goal.
I am still quite swollen and didn't expect to
lose when I stepped onto the scale. It was
quite a shock. Once I lose this water weight
I am retaining....the January 1st goal will be
that much closer. My ego sure needed this
Bob just weighted himself...HE LOST 2!!!
I know he never thought get that low.

Connie 278 down from 325 -77
Bob 220.5 down from 236 -15.5

I am feeling so much more positive.
Bobs pay was $150 less that normal.
Amazing the difference it makes when
he doesn't work one day. He pulled up
his pay stub and found out they started
taking out his health insurance. It is to
start in January They have been taking
it out for three weeks. His paycheck is
on line. (I would prefer a paper copy)
It doesn't seem right that they started
already. He call HR at his main office
He was told they start taking it out a
month before. We have not received
any paperwork ( RX cards and such)
from the insurance company. He was
told we would get them in January.
My question. Does that mean I have
insurance in 2014 since we are paying
for it in December? We will have four
pay stubs showing that it is being taken
out. I feel that if we are paying for it in
December 2014 then we should not be
penalized for not have insurance this
year. What do you think??

I am feeling quite guilty...
I am holding back one of my pays. We
can really use it but it is just enough to
pay for extra software insurance for my
computer. I have 15 days from the date
of purchase to buy it. With the problems
I am having...I don't want to put out the
extra money till i am sure I am keeping
this computer. I have 5 more days to
decide if I am keeping the computer. If
I send it back I know I won't get another
one till we get the tax refund.

I have giving these struggles and problems
to God. I am learning more and more to
trust him to get me through things. We are
to trust him in all things. Give him the
control. That is easer said than done. But
I am finding myself doing it more and more.

I have to finish the downstairs of the church
today. I will be doing more that I usually do.
The rummage sale items have finally been
removed. So I have the four rooms where
they were being stored to clean...along with
the regular stuff.

I dread having to figure out "my post it" that
I use to do my meal planning. When the
computer went back to factory restore....
I lost it. It helps so much to have this, and
I use them to type in when I am on the
150 to lose area. I like to type and read on
them. Then I can cut and paste to post it.
So I will be redoing a new one. Ok I just did
that. So meal planning time.

Boiled eggs with toast and coffee
2 large eggs
1 slice 15 grain wheat bread
1 tsp. margaring
3 large mugs coffee
1 cup 1% milk
cal...533-650...375 under
carb..66-81.......41 under
fats...17-21.......16 under
pro...26-32.......24 under
fiber..8-11.........6 under

Baked cabbage/kielbassa/potato
1 cup cabbage
3 oz beef keilbassa
3 oz potatoes
cal...533-650...417 under
carb..66-81......8 under
fats...17-21.......27 over
pro...26-32.......16 under
fiber..8-11........3 under

1/2 c kidney beans
1/8 c onions
1 c tomato sauce
6 oz ground meat 93% lean
cal...533-650...770 over
carb..66-81......89 over
fats...17-21.......18 good
pro...26-32.......60 over
fiber..8-11........23 over

cal...1600-1950...1563 under
carb...200-244.....139 under
fats.........53-65......62 good
pro.........80-95......100 over
fiber.......25-35......32 good

carbs 50%.......37%
fats 30%..........%37
protein 20%...27%
Thats not good

Dinner may change but this
is what I would like to have.

Thanks for reading my blog.
God Bless


What a Headache....Computer problems already...

Thursday, December 18, 2014

I spent over 2 hours with a tech support.
He finally took my computer back to factory
level. I went to work while it finished doing
all the updating. When I came back home it
would only hookup to the internet "limited"
Never heard of it. I just got off of a 1 1 /2 session
with a Frontier tech. He not only got it running..
which took forever. But he looked through the
computer and did a few things with it. He also
checked and found we were paying for a computer
protection package and it wasn't hooked up. So
he has that running for me. If a virus gets through
they will delete it for me for free. I just hope this
will be good now. I just don't trust the computer.
I made a point of not downloading anything. And
it still gave me problems. I have a major headache.

I had a good amount of sleep last night. Actually
slept in this morning. But when I went to get on
the internet....My headache started. I did go over
to the church and did the complete upstairs. I was
upset and found I was cleaning at a much faster I came home to the other headache.

I just realized I haven't eaten today. All I had was
a mug of coffee. Its almost 4pm. I have been
drinking water like I always do. Guess I was to upset
to thing of food. Glad I have left overs from dinner
last night. So I don't have to think about it.

I received a package today from the computer company.
I had left my media card for my camera in the computer
when I sent it back. Never realized I didn't have it. Glad
to have it back.

A very dreary day outside. I miss the sunshine.
I hope winter goes quickly.

Well I need to get off here and get something to eat.
God Bless !

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CONNIEDETHOMAS 12/19/2014 11:54AM

    No my headaches are stress related.
When I was younger I got migraines all the time.
Really bad ones. Now I just get headaches.
Vast difference. I will take a headache every time.
I have one today...Friday. Need to pick up headache
meds. I have arthritis meds that wont touch a headache.

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LADYSTARWIND 12/18/2014 7:32PM

    Ah...some days you just feel like ya can't win!! At least you got some good info today about the protection package..AND it was great they sent your Media Card two steps back..and TWO forward! I got a laugh about your cleaning frenzy... Maybe I need to get mad at something..and my house would Sparkle?!
Certainly hope the headaches aren't the start of some flu; and that you simply needed to eat and relax....

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I so dislike feeling bitchy

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

I really don't like feeling bitchy.
I just checked our checking account....
$11. is in it. That is crazy. When I started
looking I was shocked to see how often Bob
has been eating out. We have talked MANY
times about his not doing this. It cost a
fortune and adds up fast. Not to mention
how bad it is. He used to eat out once a
week, now its almost every day he works.
The problem is ....
All his coworkers do fast food. 90% of those
coworkers are obese big time!!! I keep stalked
at home food that is portable for him to take
to work. Mini ravioli, green beans, apple sauce,
packs of tuna and fruit cups. I have noticed he
hasn't been using them. I bought that up just
days ago and he said his stash in the car is full.
Sure it is....he isn't using it. He complained of
swelling just the other day. I told him it had to'
be due to eating out since he doesn't use salt
at home. I am talking to a wall. I hear Yea Yea...
but nothing sinks in. I am so frustrated!!!! I
wasn't going to write about this but I needed an
out let for this. I listed the dates and amounts
of his eating out since he uses a debit card when
he eats. He ate out 7 times this month totaling
$53.58. He worked 10 days. On two days he ate
out twice. There is no reason he can't carry
lunches. NONE! They have a microwave at work.
There is no reason why he can't eat something
while he is waiting. They do wait for patients.
If they have time to do a drive thru ... he could
eat something he brought. He is such a fantastic
husband in some ways and an idiot in other ways.
I am far from perfect....I don't even try. But this
is common sense....but he just doesn't seem to
care. Our insurance kicks in Jan 1st. That is $60
less a week we will be getting in his pays. We have
to cut back now. I told him we won't be eating out
anymore. We only did it on rare occasions anyway.
I have cut back big time on walking to the little
store to get things. I used to go all the time. I go
may be once every two weeks. It took me looking
at the banking screen to make me realize how dumb
I was being by walking over there. We also have the
added expense of the broken car window. It just
never ends. Ok I vented! Do I feel better...only a bit.

I walked away from the computer for a bit. Just
need a break from writing about the frustration.
I don't feel like I am asking a lot. Bob and I need
to have a good sit down and talk. May be if I can
make meals and freeze them as TV dinners that
he can heat up at work. Just take one with him
when he goes to work. But I have a feeling he will
say the men will get into them. I will be praying
for guidance regarding this situation. I know I
cant solve it on my own. Say a prayer please.

I woke up a few times last night due to soreness.
and bathroom...I drink a lot of water... The
soreness is due to my moved around some furniture
yesterday. So my shoulders and arms are hurting.
More the joints than muscles. I plan to finish the
kitchen today. I was moving the bookcases back
in that I use for a pantry. I also rearranged some
things in the kitchen. Its like spring cleaning....
you create a mess to make it better. I have
everything moved into place. Its putting it all
back together and organized that is left. That and
a few dishes. I have a dinning room table with the
odd things I have to find a place for.
I also want to straighten up the living room and
dinning room. Ok meals....

Coffee and toast.
3 large mugs
1/2 cup 1% milk
2 slices 15 grain wheat toast
2 tsp. margarine
1 tsp. sugar
Just felt like something sweet.

Tuna sandwich and Beets
6oz tuna
2 T. light mirical whip
1 stalk celery
2 slices rye bread
1 cup beets

Calories...533-650 304 low
Carbs......66-81 53 low
Fats.........17-21 6 low
Protein...26-32 18 low
Fiber.......8-11 6 low

Calories...533-650 370 low
Carbs......66-81 57 low
Fats.........17-21 9 low
Protein...26-32 21 low
Fiber.......8-11 8 good

4 oz. steak
1/2 cup onions
1 cup carrots
3 oz. potatoes

Calories...533-650 363 low
Carbs......66-81 55 low
Fats.........17-21 5 low
Protein...26-32 26 good
Fiber.......8-11 9 good

Daily Total
Calories...1600-1950 1037 low
Carbs........200-244 165 low
Fats...........53-65 19 low
Protein.....80-98 65 low
Fiber..........25-35 23 low

% Range for diabetics WHAT I DID
50% Carbs 50% good
30% Fat 30% good
20% Protein 20% good
* at least my percentage range was good!

Well I am now feeling more positive.
I always feel better after I blog.
I noticed I wasn't receiving my blog
notices when my friends blog. I went
to your blogs and clicked on following
them. So now I will be more aware on
what you are doing too. I feel this blog
reading has been one way long enough.
I need to see what is going on in your
lives too. I am still learning this new
computer. It is just so different from
my old one. It just takes like.

Thanks for reading.
God Bless!

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MOONGLOWSNANA 12/17/2014 9:53PM

  emoticon I'm sending you some good luck so you can find the right time to sit down and talk with Bob! Eating out can really eat away at a checking account in a hurry.

Maybe seeing it in black and white on the computer screen will help him see how much it costs.

Eating the food you prepare is better for him. It is more nutritious, and economical. Maybe the two of you can figure out how to make that happen. How about hot soup in a thermos? Vegetable soup and a sandwich? Chili soup and a salad. Crackers and coffee? Would the guys get into a soup thermos?

Comment edited on: 12/17/2014 9:58:27 PM

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CONNIEDETHOMAS 12/17/2014 8:18PM

    Bobs birthday was yesterday.
Its a strong marriage....
Just a frustrating one at
He just came home. 8:15pm
He loved his birthday card.
With my headache...we wont be
talking about it tonight. He is in
a good mood ...even being this

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LADYSTARWIND 12/17/2014 7:44PM

    If I remember right...isn't today his Birthday!? If so, then maybe tonight isn't the optimum time to have your discussion....
But then, since Tomorrow starts His New Birthday Year...perhaps you can bring it up tomorrow! All the Best...I know how difficult it can feel to be so aware of finances when a spouse just doesn't have the time to let it sink in.... Sigh...! Especially when you are also aware of potential health effects, its a double whammy!
But you have a great deal of reserve, and you are in a good have the faith that this will sort itself out (perhaps in the Good Lord's time frame though...)

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MCFITZ2 12/17/2014 2:29PM

    My husband is the same way. Loves to eat out and it is a surprise when I see the bill.
It sometimes really hurts the budget.

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EVIE4NOW 12/17/2014 1:31PM

  When you use a debit card, the transaction shows up almost immediately. If you haven't yet, set up your account on line and follow it each day. That way you can talk about it each day he eats out and show him immediately how it is affecting your bank account. Also show him to the scale each week where the sodium will build up fluid if he eats out too much. Sometimes men have to see stuff in black and white for it to sink in, don't ask me why, just the way it is.

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First blog on the replacement computer

Monday, December 15, 2014

I have a bad headache.
I am dealing with depression.
I have been for days, its missing those
annoying I am sleeping better.
Ok here is an update. With this headache I
had to go back and see what I had written last.

Sunday when I woke up I had no desire to do
anything. I was talking myself out of going to
church and PURR work day. This was before
Bob got home. Finally I just gave up and went
to the tub for a hot bath. I just had to check on
those kittens. I also needed church. The being
down is really getting to me. I am so glad I went
to church. It was upbeat and good for me. We
didn't stay for Sunday school. We left early for
the shelter. We had to get air in a tire and I
picked up two toys for the kittens. We also went
early so I could spend time holding them. I
felt so bad. The were in a very large cage in the
hallway. Still very afraid and cowering in the
corner. Please pray that they get into a foster
home. That is what it will take to tame them.
Everyone keeps telling me not to worry but I
do. I cry as I type this knowing they don't feel
loved. They don't know how to play this the
toys. They were so scared when I held them.
Little Abraham didn't even purr and he always
purred. All I can do is keep praying. I can't
bring them back or I would. I have seen two
neighbors evicted from their apartments due
to bringing in illegal animals. I saw
Mama Mary ...the Mama Cat for the first time
today. She is looking great. Still fluffy and
pretty. Ran from me...which is nothing new.
She is eating from the dish again.

Bob left me a note this morning. For once he
left me sleep. He had a message this morning
and was called into work. That is a good thing.
I called him and got some bad news. Its always
something. He backed into the dumpster and
smashed out one of the back windows of our
PT cruiser. That will be taped up for a while.
We don't have money to repair that. He claims
he can put a new one in. I have many doubts
about this. He tends to be fine doing things
half assed. Excuse the language. I will be
checking our insurance and see where we

I haven't been doing good with the food.
This all ties in with the depression. I will
shake this. It just takes time. This new
computer should help. Starting tomorrow
I will be posting my meals again. I always
do so much better when I do this. I just
have to force myself back on program.
I am bloated and I know that is due to not
eating properly. After a day or two of eating
as I should ....I will start feeling better.

Saturday I painted a mural on the glass doors
at church. Christmas carolers. I will do a
touch up on it tomorrow. It came out ok.
Took forever due to the paint not being the
right type. It took four coats to have it thick
enough to show up nice.

Ok I still have tons to do to set up this computer.
This is the first place I went and will be adding
to my bar across the home screen.

God Bless!

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SONFLOWERGAMMY 12/17/2014 11:23AM

    Been dealing with the depression too. I know this too shall pass and that is what helps keep me putting one foot in front of the other one day at a time.
My husband brought home two kittens that he rescued from a piece of heavy equiptment about a month ago. They were so young they had to be fed kitten formula for two weeks. I knew I couldn't care for them and it made me sad too. He brought them home anyway which caused a ruckus but I am grateful my middle son has taken them on. I will post some pics of them in my photo's. Hopefully, someone will take on the two kittens for you. Of course my middle son had to go out of town for work so the kittens are here at my house again but now they are eating canned food and dry kitten food so my youngest son and and I have been able to manage caring for them. I know how heart breaking not being able to save everyone and everything can be. Don't beat yourself up. Sometimes life brings us very tough things to deal with. God will make a way. I will pray for you and the kittens.
The dark clouds will part soon and the rays of sunshine will again shine brightly. Hang in there! emoticon

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MCFITZ2 12/16/2014 3:14AM

    Do what you can Connie. Try to be in the sunlight if possible. That helps me.
I think it is nice that mama cat is still coming to eat. Maybe she will warm up to you at some point. Are you still going to try and catch the tom cat?
Hope you will feel better soon. The days will start to get longer soon.
Here is some virtual sun emoticon emoticon emoticon

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LADYSTARWIND 12/15/2014 8:04PM sorry to learn you've been depressed some.
I know the winter darkness never helps me any emoticon
and then to have your financial worries w/car & computer... emoticon
and "on top" of all that the kitties situation still so recent... emoticon

I think you are entitled to be just a bit down right now! When I went through some counseling for my depression some years ago, one of my tasks was to choose three little things that made me feel good, and make sure I did them; EVERY Day! (Mine happened to be sugar free hot chocolate, singing w/ my guitar, and crocheting.) I hope you will soon find the little things that brighten your days!!

So glad you got yourself out to Church, and got to paint the mural. Your efforts will make the Holiday brighter for others! What a great way to celebrate! Take care, & Hugs, patti

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Feeling half human. Sleep helped...just need more of it.

Friday, December 12, 2014

I found myself waking up every few hours last night.
My mind is still to attuned to listening for those kittens.
Its going to take a few days to get passed that. I carried
out the cage this morning. Fresh food and broke out the
ice from the dish. With the temp being so low I will have
to keep replacing the ice with warm water. I still have a
closet to deal with...but that is for another week.

My body is still a big ache. I am retaining water...fingers
swollen and such. Even with that my weight is holding
steady. I figure once the swelling leaves I could drop a
pound or two. Something to look forward to. It is
strange that when I look back.... I never thought I would
ever get below 283. I was there 9 months ago. Them my
dad died and I went through a bad time and gained 17
pounds. I was thrilled that it was only 17. It felt like 30.
It took forever to get that off. Now I am below that.

I remember thinking I would never get below 299.
It was just a stumbling block. Now it is long behind
me. Then it was 283. That took forever since I had gained
that 17 pounds. Now that is behind me. I am at 280. Its
not much of a cushion but I have no plans on going up.
The next goal that seems like it is unreachable is getting
below the 270 mark. It was that goal that stopped me
from walking to the store last night. The cold may have
had an impact on that too. I knew they didn't sell
pretzels and that was what I was hungry for. Then I
was thinking of all the salt that would be on the pretzels.
I am already bloated and it would have made me worse.
So instead I had unused calories so I opened up a 60z.
pack of tuna, diced up a large onion. Added an egg and
some bread crumbs. With a touch of butter I crumbled
it into a skilled and browned everything. Was perfect.
I could have grabbed an apple, but I just needed something

Today I have no choice but to do the church.

2 fried eggs
2 15 grain wheat toast
1 tsp marg on toast
1 tsp to fry eggs.
Coffee 3 big mugs.

Lunch....not sure

Bob is wanting to use the indoor grill...
so dinner will be good.
Grilled steak, onions, mushrooms.
Not sure what
starch will be with it.

Well Bob is home and I know he would
like to have this old and really bad computer.
So I am ending this for now.

Thanks for reading.

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LADYSTARWIND 12/12/2014 10:31PM

    Way to Go when it came to cancelling that store trip, and choosing something better for you than the pretzels. I sometimes get one of those "Why is this IN MY MIND sort of thing" too! Just gotta get it; usually now, I can say "Yep..I will...but later, not now...instead, I'm going to:______" Its that "one decision at a time" which will have you seeing that 270 goal soon! Have a great weekend!!

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LUCYCAN7 12/12/2014 7:48PM

  emoticon emoticon

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1HAPPYSPIRIT 12/12/2014 9:30AM

    emoticon emoticon

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1HOTFUDGEMAMA 12/12/2014 9:27AM

  try a wedge salad and the dressing made from greek yogurt!

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