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Happy Turkey Day! Lost 1/2 Pound!

Thursday, November 27, 2014

What a great way to start Thanksgiving day!
1/2 pound off!!! I was careful yesterday and ate program. For dinner I made homemade pizza. I ate three pieces (there wad four made for me.) So my leaving the one uneaten was a huge success. I planned to only eat two and have the other two the next day. This is why I never make extra. The pizza was made healthy. I made half of a round pizza pan for me. On it was...
1c onions
1c mushrooms
C green peppers
2 oz pizza cheese
1 cup sauce.

I had cut back on bread all day since I knew I was having pizza. Yes to much sauce. I dont have pizza that often so I used the amount of sauce I would enjoy.

Bob has left for his 24 hour shift. I have been invited to join Bobs brothers family today...but its out of state (everyone is). I thanked her but declined. I plan to clean the apartment today. A deeper cleaning. We have plant tables. They need cleared off and wiped down...moved and swept under. I want to mop all the floors. I want Bob to come home Friday to a really clean apartment. I have been to busy lately to do a deep clean.

Friday I will be making baked chicken with stuffing (I will only make enough stuffing for one serving each). We both love stuffing and if I made 12 servings. ..we would eat them all. Big RED LIGHT food. My strategy...we can only eat what we make. So only make one serving each. There will be green beans and carrots with this meal. I would love mashed potatoes ...but that is to many carbs for us. Since stuffing is such a treat...that is what we will have. No dessert! Bob has 12 pounds off. Me 50 1/2 pounds. I want that downward slide to keep going.

I am beyond happy that my laptop is ordered and on its way.

I want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!
Enjoy your families!

God Bless!

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MCFITZ2 11/27/2014 12:51PM

    Have a great day.

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COLOR-BLUE 11/27/2014 11:09AM


That was a FANTASTIC way to star Thanksgiving Day! emoticon a 1/2 lb. down, and you're doing absolutely WONDERFUL!

I'm so sorry that Bob is working today. However, you're going to work your magic, like you always do and get your apartment in DIVINE ORDER! I understand that you want Bob to come home to a nice clean and warm home, after working his shift and that's so sweet of you to do!

Stuffing is a RED LIGHT for me too, and when I go to my mom and dad's home today, I might have just a table spoon, of it. YEA! Bob's doing so well, also with his weight loss and I love that the two of you are working it together.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, no matter when you celebrate it!


- Nancy Jean -

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TRYINGHARD54 11/27/2014 7:30AM

    keep up the good work;.. Happy Thanksgiving

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This weekend was a busy one...

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Saturday at the craft show was good. As promised I was given the best table. When one entered the building they saw me first. They had to turn left or right down the hallways to see the crafts. It was nice. They came around offering drinks and bathroom breaks. A few parents commented that they wish they knew face painting was going to be there...They would have brought their children.

The craft show was over at 3pm. So I went to the adoption event I usually participate in. The director of PURR WV was there. She can't do anything due to an accident a few days ago. She fell off a five foot wall and she has broken ribs and a concussion. Ozzie would have been by himself since I went to the craft she went with Ozzy. When I showed up there was Ozzy, Lorna (the director) Peggy a regular volunteer and two new volunteers. A mother and teen daughter. Here I was worrying about them. Do I held a wonderful 6 month old tuxedo named Ricky for 1 1/2 hours. A real lap cat. I helped them take everything down and pack up. I spoke to Lorna ans she said to trap the cat and kittens. PURR WV would fix then and get the kittens into a foster home to tame them. They will decided after meeting Mama to see it she can be tamed. If possible they will keep her. If not she will be released back into my neighborhood. ..we will feed her.

Saturday was the hotdog and rummage sale at church. When I passes the church at 9am to go to yhe craft show...there was 8 cars there. They had more than enough help. It was a big success. $800 was raised.

My speech went smoothly Sunday. I had to read a thank you letter from the chairman of the Coats for Kids ministry. I really enjoyed Sunday school. It was all about making choices but only by asking God first for guidance. I spoke about the three places to choose from to attend on Saturday. That I prayed and ask where I could serve best. I strongly felt drawn to the craft show...which was out of my comfort zone. I was comfortable with my decision. Many others spoke about having to make decisions like I did. They agreed that I made the correct one. That made me feel good considering the choice I made wasn't the church.

Sunday at 5pm Bob and I went to church. The hanging of the greens. I would say a good 15 people showed up. It was nice to hear the laughter going on. The church looked so nice.
Cleaning it will be harder.

I borrowed a cage off the pastors wife...Debbie. Bob gave it a good scrubbing and I made a pillow to lay in it. I am doing this blob on my phone so I cat add the photo of my trap. I covered two sides of it with a towel. The food dish is in the back of the cage. I am hoping to catch the kitty's by sneaking out the back door and go around the side that is covered and close the door with then in the cage. I am giving them a few days ...even a week to get comfortable eating it before it try closing that door. Pray that the Lord will make this happen. I have prayed.

My weight is the same. 50 off. I am fine with that. I was retaining water for a few days....I had ham on two of those days. That always causes water weight. Bob is
Working on Thanksgiving day. He leaves that morning and is back Friday morning. I am kinda glad I won't have all that food setting in front of me.

I had a wonderful surprise yesterday. The son of my classmate who died a while back called me. When I did photos of hos dad and sent them to the name and number was on the envelope. They loved the photos. The wanted to send me a thank you card...but I told then the call was more than enough. I hadn't expected to hear from them. I am so glad I could make them feel good at such a sad time.

Well I need to get to work. Love to all.

Ok I just had time to go on the whole site...
so here is a photo of my trap.

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CONNIEDETHOMAS 11/26/2014 8:54AM

    Its such a special trap....its upside down.
Oh well you get the idea.
I now have the app for sparkcoach.
That is how I do my blog.
I like sparkcoach a lot. So worth
the $10 a month.
Ok off to make breakfast.
Need to do the sparkcoach and blog
Thanks for the wonderful comments.
I am looking at laptops.
I can't wait to be able to read ypur
Blogs and stuff with ease.
On mcrav ked phone its hard.

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MCFITZ2 11/25/2014 9:33PM

    Connie what a wonderful weekend. You do so much for your community. They are blessed to have you.

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COLOR-BLUE 11/25/2014 6:12PM


You're still doing it! You're letting God have His way, and look at the success you had all the way around, with everything you put your hand to! Only God can do that! Keep asking and listening, as He's a very attentive Daddy!


- Nancy Jean -

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LADYSTARWIND 11/25/2014 3:57PM

    I'll add a short prayer that you have success with the cats this next week or two. So good to have them taken care of before the long three months of winter sets in for real! We too had ham this week...zing: Up goes the used to bother me, but I know now if I just keep to my plan for a few days, it goes right down (and then some, if I'm really mindful!!) You are doing so well...what a wonderful way to start your Thanksgiving week!! All the best,

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Lost a day this

Thursday, November 20, 2014

As I sat watching a show on the computer....
Bob texts me with what his pay is going to be.
He always finds out the day before payday.
This sent me We only find
this out on Thursdays. I thought today was
Wednesday. Thank you Lord for having him
text me. It was 5:30. I needed to be at the
church getting everything organize for the
monthly pastors meeting tonight. My church
was hosting it this month. So off I go ASAP...
I arranged a big platter of cookies (ate NONE)
2 arranged 2 platters of sandwiches. I made
pots of coffee to which I put into thermoses
to keep warm. Everything was picture perfect
with 30 minutes to spare. I was able to relax
with the place looking so well put together.
Everything was nice and clean. The food
was laid out nice and inviting. The meetings
are starting to go smoother for me as I am
understand more thing. The only thing I
didn't understand tonight was the tree that
they are decoration. I left the notes at church
since I will be there tomorrow to clean. So
I can't remember what the call it. There will
be Christian symbols on the tree. It is located
on a main road beside a McDonalds. One of
the nice ladies gave me a paper after the
meeting with her name and phone number
plus a lot of other info about herself to me.
She said if I ever needed help understanding
something that was being said at the meeting
that to get ahold of her and she will explain
it to me. We chatted for a while. She gave me
her work and home phone numbers along
with her email. She know her stuff. She listed
the three positions she holds within the church.
How very kind she is being to reach out to me.
God is so kind to guide such a nice person into
my life that can answer my questions.

I hadn't done much today. I could tell it was
warmer out last night. I was up till 3am. I was
sore and just couldn't sleep. Up and down is
all I did. All those fantastic walking plans and
I couldn't walk far yesterday. It was just so cold
it was taking my breath away. So my walk was a
short one.

I just heard from my cousin. It took a month for
my package to make it to him, He is base in Kuwait.
He said he was moving around a lot. I will be so
thankful when December is over and he should be
coming home and retire. 20 years is enough.

Tomorrow I need to be up early and put out the
dinner rolls to thaw so I can bake them. At noon
the soup ministry will be gathering at the church
to put everything together and deliver them.

I have the upstairs of the church to clean up....
The school room
The Social room
Touch up the Bathrooms
Sweep Narthrax entrance and hallways.
Entrance ways
Main room ( I am so tired I can't remember the name)
Sweeping and moping too.

Not as bad as it looks. I have been keeping
on top of the cleaning so it won't be so bad.
The church has to be finished by 3pm.
Friday at 3pm people are showing up to get
everything ready for the Saturday
Rummage/Hotdog/Bake sale. Lots of
tables being moved and such.

I also need to paint 2 picture frames. It
just a matter of taking them outside and
spraying them. I will be printing a few
photos and framing them for the face
painting display on Saturday.

Thanks everyone for reading this.
God Bless....

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COLOR-BLUE 11/21/2014 8:44PM


Take a deep breath and slow down! You've been ripping and roaring for a time now, and your body needs to rest. I know you have the church to clean, and the Rummage/Hotdog/Bake Sale going on, but can you get some rest after that? Girl, you need to slow down a bit.

You're right, that lady was so kind and nice to you, as she told you she would help you understand everything that's going on. But the crowning part is when she gave you her home and work numbers, and told you to call. That was so very sweet.


- Nancy Jean -

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MCFITZ2 11/20/2014 10:57PM

    A Chrismons tree
The decorations are Christmas symbols and the top is usually a crown.
Decorations are usually white and or gold. It is a way to learn the meanings of different Christian symbols and a lovely way to focus on the meaning of the holiday.

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DOILIEQUEEN 11/20/2014 10:38PM

    I'm glad I'm not the only who loses a day once in awhile. Yesterday I woke hearing a big truck and I thought the garbage man was real early. Then it dawned on me it was only Wednesday. Good thing because I didn't have the garbage out. It comes on Thursdays.

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So very cold outside...15 degrees.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

I was so not looking forward to this cold weather. I am thinking of bundling up and walking to the park. I have to walk to the church anyway so why not get a walk in too. I will have to do lots of layers...I dont have a heavy winter coat. But a turtle next, sweat shirt, sweater then my coat will do. The coat is more of a I could put 16 layers under it and to would fit. I have to find something for gloves. Should be interesting. I just found the spark coach appears and I an using it to write this. Love the app!

Ok I need to get moving

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MCFITZ2 11/20/2014 5:49PM

    28 here
Gloves are a great idea and you could use more than one pair for extra warmth. Pioneer stock. Meet the challenge and figure out how to overcome it. emoticon

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LADYSTARWIND 11/19/2014 7:21PM

    Way To Go---confront that cold weather head on, and don't let it get you down or keep you from your goals!! Layers are always the best anyway, but I DO hope you found some gloves!! (If not, wool socks make Great Mittens!!) It was about 35 when I was out stuffing leaves into the ground this morning; we are actually past the worst of our cold here, and back to rain tonight. Take Care!!

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COLOR-BLUE 11/19/2014 10:01AM


I was looking forward to the cooler weather, but not this COLD. Even here at 10 AM it's 21 outside and this is usually Indian Summer here. It's too cold for me, and thank God I don't have to get out. Bundle up my dear friend and keep warm, as you get your walk in, on your way to the church.


- Nancy Jean -

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Lost 50 pounds!!! Good News in Different Areas....

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

YEA!!!! 50 off !!!
Such a big deal! So happy.
I felt like I was losing and I was.

My brother is not only out of ICU...
He is HOME!!! He had such good
care in UPMC in Pittsburgh. Two
day in there made all the difference.
The prayers were wonderful. Thank
you so very much for praying for him.

I had a nice surprise Saturday while
I was at the craft/vendor show. I was
approached by a lady. She was at a
table beside us....but she was on the
other side. I didn't realize she was
watching me. She is in charge of an
PTO craft show at an elementary school.
It is 25 miles away. She wants me to
face paint there. Something for the
kids. I told her I was already doing
an adoption event for PURR WV.
She offered me a free table in a prime
location....just inside the door. Beside
all the raffle tables. She is also letting
me display the three raffles Purr has
going on. She is putting a portable
shelving unit behind me so I can
display photos. I have two 11x16 photos
of cats that I can display. I talked to Purr
and I am going there. This is a first for
Purr to do. They never had a person go
out and do an event on there own. They
won't have a table of crafts there. It will
just be me. I told the lady about Purrcy
the mascot for Purr. She never heard of
him. She would love to have him show
up...but I don't know if he can do it. They
are interested in having Purrcy come and
visit the children. Purr does that all the
time. He reads a book about Alley cats
and donates the book to the school. He
also teaches the children about cats.
This was a big ego boost for me.

I have been so careful with my food choices.
It is paying off. My body feels like it is losing
weight. Right now ...Today I am at my goal
for December 1st! What a great position to
be in. I have a very busy week. I am making
sure I plan everything ahead.

Today...Cleaning church...the upstairs.
I am hoping to do everything but
the carpet/classroom/hospitality
room. There is a meeting Thur. and
those rooms will get messed u due
to serving food at it. I will make
sure they are looking nice but
they will have to be redone after
the meeting on Thur. meeting.
We are out of bread at home so I
am thawing out some frozen dinner
rolls to raise to bake later today.
Only 3 so I will stay in my calorie
Wed.....Finish what I didn't get done at the
church yesterday. The sanctuary
will be deep dusted with furniture
polish. The hanging of the greens
is Sunday afternoon. I want the
place to shine.
Thur...Prepare for the monthly pastors meeting.
Our church is hosting it. I will be attending
it too taking I can tell the
congregation on Sunday. I am setting up
and cleaning up for it. There are cookies
of all kinds for me to display pretty. We
will also be serving sandwiches and drinks.
I want to work on cleaning the downstairs
of the church. Sat is a rummage/hotdog
sale. I won't have someone walk in and
find dust or dirt. So sweeping and moping
the whole downstairs is a must.
Friday...Up early to thaw out and bake the dinner
rolls for the Soup Ministry today. Cleaning
up after the pastors meeting Thur. night.
The Upstairs will need vacuumed and
rooms cleaned. The downstairs needs
cleaned well with sweeping and moping
for Saturday Rummage/Hotdog sale.
Saturday....Up early to travel to the....
Wilson Elementary PTO Craft & Vendor show.
Its 10-3pm. Please say a prayer that it goes
well for me. I so want to do good for the cats.
I will have pamphlets for people.
Sunday....My monthly report before the congregation
on what is going on at the pastors meeting.
After Church and Sunday School...I am

I am not the usual one people talk to about PURR WV. So
this could be interesting. There is always someone who
comes up complaining about there call or email not being
returned. That they have a litter of kittens that they don't
want. People just don't realize that the shelter gets
hundreds of emails and calls just like theirs. There are over
300 kitty's at this shelter. I will have to explain that I am the
wrong person to speak to since I have nothing to do with
that part of the shelter. That I so understand there
frustration. I just have no authority to help them. All I can
do is give them the pamphlets with the information on how
to reach them and a big hug.

Poor Lorna the director...had an accident Sunday and fell off
a concrete wall at the shelter. She has a concussion and
broken ribs. Putting in railings has been moved to the top
of the to do list. She was still at the shelter Monday fixing
the kitty's. They have four days scheduled this week for
fixing them. Bet it the count goes over 100 this week. They
did a record of 106 a few weeks ago. When PURR WV
spades and neuters...they include shots. I think that is great.

Well I need to get something to eat. Its almost 10 and all I
have had was coffee. I need to get dressed and out the door.

Bob woke me up to tell me that he saw Mama Cat watching
and gave her fresh water. Its only 15 degrees here. It rained
all day yesterday so I moved the food and water onto my
porch. I kept looking for the cats...hoping to show her
where it was moved. I finally stepped out the door and boy
did they run. They found it all on there own. I will keep
throwing out the ice and giving them warm water all day
today. I so want to bring them all in the warm apartment.
But that's not happening. At least not yet...

ok I am taking a big chance on typing so long.
I hope this post. Thanks for reading.

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CONNIEDETHOMAS 11/19/2014 9:59AM

    Go on to You Tube.
Type face painting.
there are tons of how
to videos.

Thanks everyone for all
the comments.

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MOONGLOWSNANA 11/19/2014 9:22AM

  I'm glad you are doing so many things that you love to do. I remember when you first started taking a walk around the block. Now look at you go!

Thank you for everything you do for the cats and for PURR. The face painting much be so much fun for both the kids and the adults. I think I would enjoy face painting too once I got the hang of it.

Your church certainly has found a great volunteer to help do so many things. Bless you!

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COLOR-BLUE 11/18/2014 5:19PM


Oh how God had blessed you!!!! Look at you with your face painting and getting PURR WV in the mix, and being a spokesperson! This is so FANTASTIC!!!!! I'm so excited for you!

HOORAY!!!! Your brother is back home! Praise the Lord, all of our prayers were answered! God is still in the blessing business!

WOW! You have a very full week ahead of you, and I know you and by His Grace, you'll get everything done! And, it is SPOTLESS!!!!

Praying for Lorna, NOW!!!


- Nancy Jean -

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MCFITZ2 11/18/2014 1:22PM

    WOW What a great amount of good news. emoticon
Glad your brother is home and better.
Delighted that you got rid of 50 pounds. emoticon
Excited for the opportunity for Purr WV.
And look at you. Taking notes and talking about reporting to the congregation and not repeat not over stressing about it.
Woman. You are amazing. emoticon

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LADYSTARWIND 11/18/2014 11:56AM

    Connie...most wonderful news!! Don't know if the 50# Lost CONGRATS or your brother home already is best??!!

I know that once they identify bleeding ulcers, start treatment, and can transfuse, the person *immediately* feels so very much better! In his case, the kidney stones certainly did NOT help him though...! We will keep him in mind, hoping that the ulcers/stones will not return...but heal fully and he regains his strength soon. So glad this stress is behind you!

Your week and PURR adventures will keep you so busy that you won't have time to overeat--LOL (Tip: when you are putting out those pretty cookies, think of them as plastic much less inviting!!)


Comment edited on: 11/18/2014 11:57:47 AM

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