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Sore....but so Proud of why...Volunteering.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Oh how I love working on my blog...
and it gets lost because of a phone
call. My fault....I hit the back button
to many times.... so here I go again.

What an interesting day Sunday was.
The sermon hit me right between the
eyes. God knew just what I needed to
hear. It was all about forgiveness.
How God forgives us over and over,
and how we are to forgive other's who
hurt us. Much easier said than done.
I have been struggling for weeks
on this very subject. Just when I
think I have forgiven a lady who has
been bullying me at church. ... the
dislike of her starts seeping back.
I sat listening to the sermon .. that
we must forgive other's as God
forgives us. How can we expect God
to forgive us our mistakes when we
are not willing to forgive those who
have made mistakes too. Again
Easier said than done.

Please help me forgive this lady.
Help take the ugliness out off my
heart for her. It will take your
strength for me to forgive and
over come this struggle. Amen.

Bob and I are lunch at a restaurant
before going to the shelter. Bad
idea. I was very honest with
Recording what I had. A hot
sausage sandwich. With peppers,
Onions and sauce. 700 calories.
Bob had the same and slaw.
I actually ate within my calorie
range. Not a calorie to spare.
planning lunch and supper on
work days at the shelter will be a

Had a great time at the shelter.
The shelter is an old brick school.
Three stories to it. We washes
Windows. ...5 rooms. We had to
first scrub off the (nose boogers)
The cats love to sit in the windows
and rub their faces against the
windows. Once scrubbed we
Windex and shine them up. Its
fun when the cats want to help.
I usually had one between the
glass and me. Just wanting love.
I enjoy the movement of the
cats. Free roam rooms are the best!

I did a lot of disinfecting and scrubbing
of the portable cages and carriers.
A lot of bending over a BIG plastic tote.
Scrubbing up a storm. I won't go onto
how many buckets it took top fill it.

Yes a very physical day for me.
A heart filed day it was.
Can't wait till next month's work day.

Supper was perfect when we got home.
Had the roaster temp set to 250.
Pork steak, lots of carrots and a little
bit of potatoes. Tender as can be.
I made sure every thing was measured
out for one serving each. Can't over
easy that way.

My Sunday was a suscess! !!!
Thanks for taking the time to read this.
God Bless


Fall Day in WV. Lost 1 Pound!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

I'm very happy to have lost a pound this week.
Bob lost 1.5 pounds. He has to get used to
looking smaller amounts. He has been loosing
large ones each week. Its hard when you feel
like you lost five...and the scale
He is learning to measure success other ways.
It is such a good feeling to have the scale going
in the right direction. ....DOWN!! Today will
be a busy day. Work days at the cat shelter
always are. We never know what we will be
doing till we get there. Its a physically challanging
day for me. I am usually dead tired just 3 hours
in to the working...I push myself big time to
keep going. I dont want to be embarrassed
by being the fat one standing around watching
everyone else work. So I push myself to keep
going. I always feel so good after its over.

Bob went on a few calls last night. So breakfast
and bed. for him. I will wake him up when I
get home from church (He drives an ambulance).

Well time to get dressed and out of here.
Thanks for reading my blog.
God Bless

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MISSMUFFETT101 9/14/2014 8:54AM

    Hugs to you for shelter volunteering :-)

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Cold and Wet in West Virginia

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Its in the 60's this morning. And wet.
The perfect dreary day. Perfect if one
has a headache. No sunshine in site.
I am glad I left finishing the church
for today. It will be good to be forced
to get outside. 90% Of the work there
will be downstairs. I will put my ear
buds in and turn some good music on.
Work is much more fun to do if one
has good music to listen to. I have...
Phil Collins
Rod Stewart
Boys to Men
Whitney Houston
Billy Joel
Bebe Winans
on my phone. Some great music.

All the swelling from the salt and
sore muscles has left. It is so nice
to turn my wedding band around
with ease. Bob and I had a long
talk about being careful with what
we eat today. Its a No Salt day for
me. Weigh in is Sunday morning.
We are both expecting positive
results. I will be happy with just
a pound off. Bob's going to lose
more. I had set to hard of a goal
to lose this first month. So I changed
it to a more reasonable one. The
stress is a lot less. I don't need all
the stress. I can feel the changes
in my body. Just slight ones. But
positive ones. Oh that feeling is
so good to feel. I know Bob is
feeling his body changing too.

I so miss having a computer.
Friday seems so far away.... and
who knows what time of day it
will arrive. Next Saturday is
an adoption event for PURR WV.
so I will be busy with the cats
and kittens. They are physically
challenging days...setting up
and tearing down of everything.
Tomorrow is our work day at
PURR WV. Its once a month.
We never know what we will be
asked to do. No walking to the
park tomorrow. Just church,
lunch, and off to PURR WV.
I will be burning calories there.

Enough typing on this phone.
Thanks for taking the time to
read this.
God Bless.

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MCFITZ2 9/13/2014 8:57PM

    Busy lady you are doing great.

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JLAMING263 9/13/2014 10:44AM


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ELRIDDICK 9/13/2014 10:37AM

  Thanks for sharing

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Blogging by way of Phone

Friday, September 12, 2014

Well I enjoyed shopping for a new laptop
just about as much as I did going into the
parts store looking for something my first
husband sent Mr for. A fish out of water!!!!

A really nice man "geek man" who does the website helped me. Bless that
young man. He knew what I would need
and gave a list to go by. Helped tremendously!

For those who know. ..
Toshiba Satellite
8GB 1TB Hard drive
Windows 8.1

I need the memory for all the graphics.

Bob and I went to Eat-n-Park for lunch
I had...baked cod, steamed broccoli,
Baked potato with one tsp margarine.
Bob had...Strawberry/Chicken Salad. He
turned down the garlic bread that came
with the meal. I was so proud of him.
and he knew it. No dessert.

We did so good. We are grilling steak tonight.

Its hard to believe. ..but I am sitting out
on the porch with a sweater on. Its cold here.

I talked to Bob about his hopping on the
scale to often. He seemed disappointed
this morning when he got on it. His weight
has been falling off fast. I am afraid when it
slows up...and we all know it will...that he may
slow up with the healthy eating. He was
going on about how loose his pants are getting.
Which is a great way to see success of weight
loss. You just can't go by the scale all the time.
I go up and down through the day. Its terrible.
I try not to get on it daily. The results of
that scale DOES effect me. I may be feeling
thinner, up beat and positive. Then I get on
that may say no weight loss. My whole
attitude changes. I get depressed, and then
want to eat. Crazy!!!.

Well enough of this typing by phone

Thanks for taking the time to read this.
God Bless

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MCFITZ2 9/12/2014 11:00PM

    So right it is ONLY ONE measure. The others are just as important.
Tell him I am so happy that you are both doing this together. emoticon

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Computer is crashing!!

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

I have been having problems with my computer.
It is crashing. Bear with me. Last thing that I need.
getting this sent before it goes

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ARNETTELEE 9/9/2014 7:57PM

  Not good....

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