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Giving Up

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

When things get rough....and they will....remember this!

Good things come to those who believe.

Better things come to those who are patient.

The best things come to those who never give up.


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DREAMWEAVER1637 1/23/2014 3:59AM

    I like it!!!!!

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    Thank you for the reminders!

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STUDLEEJOE 1/22/2014 4:32PM


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My Big Secret Revealed :)

Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Iíve receive a few emails speculating which plan Iím following and showing support of my choice regardless of what it is. A couple of comments on my posts in the low carb team forums are also supportive of my choice. Iíve decided the best way to respond is to post a blog "revealing" my plan and why I chose to not mention it right away.

The plan I'm following is The Metabolism Miracle. I did a search for it here to see if I could find a Team or buddy or something. No teams, a few questions and a few blogs as well. The answers to the questions and several comments were fairly hostile. So I decided not to mention the name. Most who blogged about it are inactive or not blogging about it any longer. I've sent messages two or three I see are still active to see if they are still working it. But so far haven't received any responses.

From what I found on this website I see that itís not generally accepted as a "goodĒ plan. It seems everything from the name of the plan (Really does anyone expect Divine Intervention to play a part? I mean really if you donít get expected results itís because you didnít BELIEVE in the plan enough? Nope, sorryÖit takes some effort beyond that.), to the unconventional language (To dumb it down or maybe avoid copyright issuesÖwho knows) to some unpleasant experiences (headaches, fatigue, grouchiness, etc. all typical symptoms of sugar detox), the plan seemed to ignite hostility on this site. So I chose to just not mention it.

Also mentioned is how similar it is to other low-carb plans and a waste of money. Honestly it is another low-carb plan pretty similar to South Beach and Iím sure several other versions of low carb eating with a few twists that may or may not make a difference. I did well on SBD for 3 months 10 years ago. A trip to France for 2 weeks way laid my efforts and I never got back on track with it. Bottom line isÖ.I know carbs are an issue for me. And while SBD worked for me before, I wanted to explore other options before making a commitment. I read a couple of books on carb cycling, (The Shred and The Fast Metabolism Diet) checked into Atkins, and reviewed SBD. Iíve decided this plan would be the one I would be most likely to stay with at this point in time. I gave it trial run last fall. It was comfortable and I got results. Iím ready to give a real go.

So there it plan of choice and why I thought I should keep it on the down low! Seems kind of silly to me now. Thanks to all of you who encouraged me to share it and for those who have warmly welcomed me to Spark Teams!

Itís Day 3, itís brutally cold outside and making Turkey Fajitas for dinner tonight!

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RULEBERG 1/22/2014 6:02PM

    I think different bodies have different needs and requirements; of course we're not built all the same so why would one plan be the best for everyone? Looks like you are finding the one that works for you, and I think that is half the battle. The other half sadly is sticking to it--somethnign I think we all struggle with LOL. I know there are foods I can eat that just unleash a craving demon while others seem satisfying. Hope this plan gives you an edge.

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EXOTEC 1/11/2014 2:45PM

    Thank you for giving us the name!

I don't think any LCers will "bash" your preference. We may offer some curiosities, or ways our unique versions may differ from yours, but there are so many variants I don't think yours is likely to create any hysteria on most of our LC forums here.

On a brief search of the diet, I noted that its science also relies on insulin and related metabolic markers in dietary health. Since it seems you're on board with that, if you're up to a bit more research, there's a very good book on leptin resistance which you might find of interest. The title is "Mastering Leptin" ISBN: 9781933927251. Kind of technical, but I thought it was very insightful.

Good luck with your intended lifestyle. I'm not familiar with it, and would love to hear how it's working for you!


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-SHAWN- 1/9/2014 4:35PM

    I think most plans work for most people as long as you stick to them. I'm sure you'll do fabulously!

I've downloaded the e-book & am reading it 'here and there' difficult to get a nice slot of time for myself. *the grandboy lives with :-)

I'm not really done with "Grain Brain", I keep referring back to it trying to memorize important parts.

I'll print a few things of interest from both books, maybe tape them to the inside of my kitchen cupboards :-)

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EDDYMEESE 1/7/2014 10:03PM

    You have to do what works for YOU, because you're doing this for YOU!
I'm with you on the low-carb...carbs just do not work for me. I'm at a point where I just can't wrap my brain around doing away with carbs (it literally makes me want to scream and stuff my face) so I'm trying it the "everything in moderation" way.

It's funny that people would be upset by your choice of diet. Sometimes, I feel wary of admitting that I'm NOT going fully low/no-carb, lol!

I can't wait to see you succeed! Keep blogging :0)

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-LINDA_S 1/7/2014 9:41PM

    Thanks for revealing your "secret"! I was curious! Best of luck with it! As long as you're not advocating it for everyone, I see no reason why you can't blog about what works for you. I, for one, am here to learn all I can about what might be the best answer for me.

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DWROBERGE 1/7/2014 6:03PM

    Keep focused for success.

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GOTTALUVPINK 1/7/2014 2:09PM

    I truly believe we all need to find what works for us.... as individuals. There is no cookie cutter food plan for the masses. Kudos to you for researching and trying different options. Good luck!

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