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MARATHON3 Training WK13, WK14 & WK15 - Cooler Temps = #WINNING!!

Saturday, September 20, 2014 PRing a race that you've worked so very hard for weeks
Or buying new running sneaks
Or better yet, like EARNING a NEW super fancy medal bling
It's a WONDERFUL thing...
RUNNING in cooler weather is AMAZING!!!
(Super cheesy I am aware- but I seriously thought of this Ode to Fall Weather while pounding out my awesome 20M run last Saturday that made me remember that I can actually run and it can be rather pleasant when there is a nice breeze and the sun doesn't want to kill ya!)

SO...where was I...

My last 3 weeks of training have really been wonderful couple of reasons...

#1. I finally joined the year of 2014 and downloaded PANDORA on my iPHONE...*GASP* The thing about me is that I am always like 5 years behind on technology. I have been hacking it out for YEARS with my iPOD shuffles which do not last for long so I am always replacing them. Then to download the songs is a process and I get used to the same old music over and over and over again while running so many miles. My iPOD shuffles never last longer than about an hour and a half which is frustrating, BUT now my runs have been SO pleasant! I have stations downloaded with all upbeat music for running! I am LOVING the cheesy new pop songs out there right now, I think I may be regressing back to being a 10 year old girl...that Jessie J bang bang song is seriously my jam as well as the Megan Trainor All about that bass diddy...don't judge!

#2. I am *this* close to full on taper land. LOVING it! Next week is my last 20 mile training run...then it's smooth sailing for here on out...okay at least until the actual marathon but tapering is a wonderful thing!

#3. Which should really be number one, although it makes it really hard to drag my sorry behind out of bed in the morning, it has been like 50 degrees during my runs! WOOHOO! I was always a hot weather gal but ever since I began running I have a true appreciation for cooler weather, it just makes EVERYTHING better!

So here are the stats...

Monday - 6M pace run, TM, 6.6mph
Tuesday - 6M run outside, 53:57
Wednesday - 5M run TM, 7mph
Thursday - 12M run outside, 1:47:59
Friday - 5M run outside, 45:44
Saturday - gym time with mom
Sunday - OFF

WK 14
Monday - 5M TM, 7mph
Tuesday - 5M outside, 44:03
Wednesday - 10M pace run, TM , 6.6mph
Thursday - 10M run outside, 1:29:11
Friday - gym day
Saturday - 20M run, 3:00:46 - NOT bad!
Sunday - OFF

Monday - 5M treadmill, 7mph
Tuesday - 12M run outside, 1:47:56
Wednesday - 6M treadmill, 6.8mph
Thursday - 6M run outside, 56:11
Friday - 5M run outside, 47:11
Saturday - OFF
Sunday - tomorrow, cross training will be a 3M walk a thon

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BUTTERFLY-1976 9/22/2014 1:38PM

    Lol..I have those songs on my shuffle as well...the beat is great to run to. Sooo happy to hear your enjoying getting out there. Cooler temps make a HUGE difference. Enjoy your taper time :)
When is you marathon again?

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MBSHAZZER 9/22/2014 11:00AM

    YAY!!! Amazing how a few clicks cooler on the temps makes all the difference!!!

So happy to hear you are ready for your taper as well!

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MARATHON 3 Training WK 11 & WK 12 - Well, I'm sticking with it!

Wednesday, September 03, 2014

I seriously do NOT know what my problem is. Maybe I'm burnt out, maybe this summer heat is kicking my @ss BUT what I do know is that the last 2 weeks have been really sh!tty as far as running. My first long run, my 20 miler was an absolute joke as was my 19 miler the week prior. I started walking each time somewhat due to fatigue, probably heat but this is not giving me the warm and fuzzies that I need to stay focused and confident that my next marathon will be a good performance. The only caveat to any of this is that I am sticking with this and it has NOT been easy...

Last week I went to Disney World from Wednesday on. AND this was the week of high mileage. In order to front load my week so that I would not miss any of my training runs I did my 20 miler on the Monday before I left. No problem with that except for the fact that I had run 19 miles that Saturday. So, yeah, not my best run but considering the fact that I was probably an @sshole for not letting my body rest properly, I got it done plain and simple.

This week is my scale back week and I am loving it. Although I keep getting frustrated and rehashing my last dismal weeks. And I keep questioning why my running game has been off. URGH, so aggravating but like the title says, I am sticking with it so that has got to count for something...right!!??

WK 11 Stats
Monday - 4M, 7mph treadmill
Tuesday - 6.6mph treadmill
Wednesday - 9M outside, 1:21:38
Thursday - 4M outside, 36:35
Friday - gym day
Saturday - 19M outside, 2:58:58
Sunday - off

WK 12 Stats
Monday - 20M outside, 3:33:25 GRRRRR
Tuesday - 5M treadmill, 6.6mph
Wednesday - 10M treadmill, 6.7mph
Thursday - 10M outside in the Florida heat, 1:34:42
Friday - 5M outside in Florida, 47:49
Saturday & Sunday - off but tons of walking through Disney

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BUTTERFLY-1976 9/5/2014 12:34PM

    emoticon emoticon 2 long runs within 2 days of each other is tough. Think of it this where able to do was hung in there & finished. Come race day the temps will be cooler & you know your able to kick butt!!

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MBSHAZZER 9/4/2014 10:19AM

    Crys, the reason why your runs have been cruddy is that you can't do a 19 miler and then a 20 miler 2 days later! Don't worry about the bad runs. The weather will cool down soon enough and you're back from vacation, so just focus on getting back to a regular routine!


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MARATHON 3 Training WK9 & WK10 - Good Form Running & Narragansett Bay Half Marathon

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Just now catching up on this blogging thing after an exhausting day of running a half marathon. All part of the training plan no less but August halfs are no bueno no matter how you slice it! This was an inaugural race in East Providence, RI which I guess is the same race course as the Rock n' Roll Half which is now cancelled for the state. The race organizers hearts were in the right place and plenty of runners came out to support, 1200 for the half alone....BUT...I am a race snob! Inaugural races means that the kinks have not been worked out. There was minimal volunteer support, warm water and the post race "party" was not much of a party. Nonetheless, I did the distance and theoretically the course was nice, it was scenic but too many uphills particularly at the end, the whole last 3 miles kinda sucked with the hills but hey, there are some people that like that sort of thing. I am not one of them. My finish time was okay, 1:54:01, not a PR but for a half in August starting at 0700 this morning, I will absolutely take it! Once the weather situation starts going my way, hopefully this suffering will pay off because that sun was NOT pleasant!

Also, over my last two weeks of training I took at really cool class at my local running store Rhode Runner, it was a free class - meaning sales ploy because you KNOW I bought something from the run store that day even though the class was free. It was really a good reinforcement class which showed good running technique. We were all emailed a chart with reminders about form, cadence being the main focus. The best part was at the end the instructor had us all individually run on a treadmill, record us and point out our weak areas. Turns out that I do not lean enough forward during my runs, I stand too straight. That was good information so now I pay attention to that while I am running. I would definitely take future run clinics as well because it just seems like good reinforcement for the sport, I do have to learn no to buy everything that I think I need at the running store during my steps...

Last week my long run was 17 miles and I was happy that victory was mine! Not only did I run the entire way unlike my dismal 16 miler from the week prior, I ran it on the bike path just as I did for the 16 milers and broke the mental barrier that was keeping me back. Also, I completed it in an excellent time, 3 minutes faster than my run time for that distance earlier this year during my marathon cycle! I was very pleased with my performance and felt spectacular all day that day!

One last thing, I have been trying epsom salt baths and I think that although they have the stigma of being for the elderly, this stuff is amazing for runners! Really helps with relaxation of muscles and soreness. I smelled not so good, I did feel like the 65+ crowd and all but whatever works it where I am coming from!

Looking ahead my next two training weeks are going to be grueling to say the least. This week I am not too worried but the week following when I have a hard training week, I will be away in Florida. Yikes! I am going to attempt to front load my week to fit it in but it is going to be tough....

The stats...

Monday - 4M treadmill, 7mph
Tuesday - 8M, 1:11:37
Wednesday - 8M treadmill, 6.8 mph
Thursday - 4M outsides, 35:49
Friday - gym day
Saturday - 17M, 2:31:13!!!!
Sunday - Off

WK 10
Monday - off
Tuesday - 4M treadmill, 7mph
Wednesday - 4M treadmill, 7mph
Thursday - 9M, 1:19:25
Friday - gym day
Saturday - off
Sunday - half marathon! 1:54:01

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BUTTERFLY-1976 8/21/2014 4:51PM

    Epson salts...foam roller....massages..compression socks...Runners best friends emoticon
Dispite the heat, it sounds like your training is going really good.
Have fun in Florida

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    Great job. You are doing so well.

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MBSHAZZER 8/18/2014 11:06AM

    I love the smell of epsom salts! Yes, I am a weirdo!

Great job on the half... I know all too well how awful long runs are in the heat, which is why the longest distance I've run in a long time is 9 miles, LOL! But think of what a breeze the marathon will be with cooler temps!

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MARATHON 3 Training WK8 - Struggling

Saturday, August 02, 2014

What a week I tell ya! Glad I made it through but not my finest week of training...

The main reason for my overall tone is due to my lackluster long run today. On the menu was 16 miles. I decided to do it on the bike track nice and early this morning. Everything was going along fine in the beginning but it was hot and humid. It was threatening to rain all morning long and the humidity just sucked the life out of me. It was okay for awhile, I even saw a baby deer which I thought was a fox but thankfully it wasn't! The deer ran towards me, then turned around, ran in the same direction as me - the deer beat me, those things are fast! and then froze which scared the crap out of me! Wildlife and I do not get along. So, on the bike path I figured I would follow it for 8 miles down and then come back 8 miles. I wasn't sure how far from my house I would have to go until I made 8 miles but before long I lost track of the distance and I had gone about 9.5 miles. And I did not feel very good. The humidity was really killing me and I was starting to really go through all of my fuel belt drinks - I brought 4 containers filled with Nuun and water and two Gu Gels. The rain was trickling down ever so slightly and by the half marathon mark I was losing steam. At 13.42 miles I let out a groan...and walked. I HATE that!! By this time I was out of water and it was hot. I was seriously tempted to go to one of the houses that border the bike path and ask for a drink! I felt as though I was defeated, so I walked and ran the remaining mileage which gave me a sh!ttty finish time and made me feel sh!ttty, I should have pushed through, it was not that much further...

But this has been the theme of my training week. On Monday my big toe and my second toe on my right foot got into a fight and the big toe lost! Instead of just fixing my socks, shoes or feet I kept running for 8 miles on my treadmill and by the time I was done, the damage was done. This is gross but my second toe ripped off the skin on the side of my big toe. EWWWW, it was a mess so I have been using super duper bandaids all week to try to fix my toe situation. It is starting to feel somewhat better but it made for a painful week.

Then on Tuesday during my 4 mile run I forgot to hit my Garmin so I could not accurately track my distance. No biggie for some people I suppose but for me this throws me off, especially when I wake up at the crack of dawn to get my runs in before work, time is not to be wasted!

On Thursday I decided to really test my strength and did a very hilly route for 8 miles. I was pretty pleased with my performance until my toe felt trashed and my quads hurt for today's run, probably not the best idea for weeks in which my runs are long and I need my strength but on a positive note, I am hoping that challenging myself in this way will lead to a better race day.

So, the moral of the story is...this was not my week. But I am not giving up! Next week will be hard because mentally I will have to overcome all of the crap from this week. But I am still in it! When I walked home today for 2 miles since I went too long on the bike path, I had a lot of time to think. First my stinkin' thinkin' reared its ugly head and I started to question why I was even running a marathon, who likes running anyway??!! AND if I felt in pain now, I would surely be in pain on marathon day. But then I got over myself and felt proud that I woke up once again on a Saturday morning and did my thing. Nothing to be ashamed of. I may not have felt 100% but this week but I gave it 150%...and THAT's what's up!

Monday - 8M treadmill pace run, 6.6 mph
Tuesday - 4M, 3M run finished in 26:53, not sure about time on remaining mile
Wednesday - 4M, 7mph treadmill
Thursday - 8M, 72:28 hilly route outside
Friday - gym day
Saturday - 16M dismal run, 2:34:53
Sunday - off

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CWRISTON1 8/17/2014 12:24PM

    Hey Crystal,

Congrats on pushing through in the hard times. As runners, we get very caught up in being able to track everything, but that's because it helps us be able to understand our progress. To date, I've never seen anything stop you - you've been like a runaway freight train. Remember the Little Engine ......I think I can, I think I can....and remember that at the end his mantra was I thought I could, I thought I could....keep chugging along :-)


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MBSHAZZER 8/6/2014 4:38PM

    It's the hard weeks that prepare you for the big day! If you can push through it in training, you know you will be able to do it at the marathon! FWIW, I always found 16 mile runs to be hardest for some reason, much harder than 18+ mile runs.

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BUTTERFLY-1976 8/5/2014 4:05PM

    Sounds like a challenging week. I think all runners go though bad weeks...but the main didn't quit!!! You hung in there..sore toe & all..and thats what counts. You made it through a rough week..the next one will be a breeze. That's the joys of running. lol.
Hang in there!!!

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    congrats for hanging in there.

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MARATHON Training WK6 & WK7 - Foam Rollin'

Sunday, July 27, 2014

I am getting so very bad at updating my training blogs here, not sure why but I am just getting lazy about it BUT on a positive note I have been consistent about my marathon training. My training run times have still not been stellar but I am chalking it up to the weather right now.

I went to my first session with a massage therapist named Luann, she is a magician I swear! Very informed individual who also happens to be an athlete herself. I cannot say enough kind things about this lady, she is on top of her crap and a genius! She worked out some issues with my left hip that I think was screwing up my leg area. She recommended seeing her about every other week but I think that it would be more realistic for me to commit to one time per month.

AND Luann finally made me a believer in foam rolling. I have never owned one and I have been running for awhile now. I was not sold on the apparatus because they have them at my gym and when I kinda rolled it over my body it seemed like a gigantic waste of time. Until Luann showed me some moves that made me hip to the foam rolling game. It actually looked pretty absurd how she showed me. After my massage she proceeded to put it on the floor and roll her body strategically over the roller. AH HA...what I learned was that although Luann looked rather silly rolling around on the floor that putting your body weight and rolling in certain ways actually does the trick. So, with that being said I went to WalMart, spent a whole $20 and purchased one. This thing is great! It even comes with a chart to specific exercises and I can FEEL it working...

whoulda thought?

On the eating front last week towards mid week I fell off the wagon pretty hard core. This would usually bother me but I know that I will be back in action and correct nutrition. I never fall off the wagon for too long, sometimes I think that I throw myself off the wagon for my sanity from time to time because dieting SUCKS and I do not care what anyone says about a lifestyle I want to truly eat crap...if I could get away with it, but I can't. Anyhow, I am hitching a ride back on the wagon...

Now the stats...

Week 6
Monday - 3M treadmill, 7mph
Tuesday - 7M treadmill, 6.8 mph
Wednesday - 7M outside, 63:30
Thursday - 3M outside, 27:27
Friday - gym day
Saturday - 14M outside, 2:07:13
Sunday - Off

Week 7
Monday - 3M treadmill, 7mph
Tuesday - 3M outside, 26:35
Wednesday - 10M outside, 1:29:02
Thursday - 7M pace treadmill, 6.6mph
Friday - 7M outside, 61:54
Saturday - gym day
Sunday - off

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BUTTERFLY-1976 7/31/2014 5:25PM

    I'm sooo happy to hear that Luann worked out for you. I totally believe in massages helping ease/sooth my beat up muscles. I go once a month...except for when I was close to marathon day..I went twice that month & again a few days after. As for the foam roller...I have a love/hate relationship with mine. lol

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MBSHAZZER 7/29/2014 4:34PM

    What??? No previous rolling?! It's a lifesaver. I cannot believe you've run 2 marathons without the benefit of the foam roller!

Something else that I discovered that I am spreading the gospel about.... tart cherry juice concentrate. Read this article and see if you are interested in implementing!


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SASSYLJB 7/27/2014 6:39PM

    wow you are fast I am training for my first full in November, and dont come even close to the speed! pretty impressive. In fact I am at a 10 to 10:30 and am going to use the Galloway method for mine, from suggestions from a trainer! Best of luck you will be awesome with those times! I just want to complete mine in 5 hours!

emoticon emoticon

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