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I hope this post doesn't get flagged as inappropriate...

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

...but it's day 15 of my new diet and exercise program, and I no longer ever have any sexual dreams or fantasies whatsoever. All synaptic activity previously engaged in such diversions has been diverted to imagining food. MMMmmmm....foooood. Foody food. Eat. Food. (food)

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CTICKET 9/10/2014 11:22AM

    #GRANDMAFANY, thanks for the tip. I agree, I have decades of bad programming to overcome. I'm working on a major brain program re-write. Last night, I dreamed of troubleshooting a computer printer, instead of smoked baby-back ribs, so I might be having some marginal success.

Next I'd like to start dreaming of all the fun things I'll be able to do again after I've hit my target fitness levels.

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CHRISTINEBWD 9/9/2014 5:24PM

    I don't dream about food... yet! LOL I liked your blog!

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2015TODAY 9/9/2014 6:45AM

    Poor you.... so many cravings.... emoticon

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Almost done with week two of revamped menu and exercise

Thursday, September 04, 2014

Monday of last week I recommitted to exercise and controlling my diet. I setup a food plan with significantly less calories than my normal excessive amount and committed to 10k steps a day on my SparkTracker. I've lost over 10 lbs and am very motivated to continue.

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LOVE_UTOPIA 9/7/2014 3:33PM

    WOO-HOO! GREAT JOB!! emoticon

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LARABY34 9/6/2014 11:28AM

    You are officially too cool for school! I'm having problems with vertigo (dr says it a plumbing issue in my ear) and do maybe 1000 steps a day and very little cooking. Boo!! After reading your blog, I have decided to do some baby steps this weekend by weight lifting sitting down.

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CTICKET 9/6/2014 12:24AM

    Thanks for the encouragement. I've never eaten so many raw veggies in my life!

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KOFFEENUT 9/5/2014 11:50AM

    Good for you on committing to 10000 steps a day and watching your nutrition - healthy steps you DO have control over!

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CHRISTINEBWD 9/4/2014 11:23PM

    Wow that is great! I am trying to get going myself! :)

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HOTPINKCAMARO49 9/4/2014 10:31PM

  emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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The lost blog entry...

Monday, September 01, 2014

I just typed a lengthy, brilliant, insightful, and inspiration blog entry. My internet went down, and when I clicked post, the entry was lost.

You'll just have to take my word for it--it would have changed lives.

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2015TODAY 9/9/2014 6:42AM

    LOL it seems to happen all the time that people have an experience of being uplifted / enlightened but then lose it again! Join the club!

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CTICKET 9/4/2014 9:44PM

    I'm an IT professional and should have put it in notepad or Word then pasted it. I just planned on writing a sentence or two, then the heavens opened and wisdom burst forth from my keyboard and I kept going. I apologize if missing out on my life changing blog post now ruins your life. Unfortunately, I'm left with the memory of having experienced sublime revelatory enlightenment, without recollection of what I actually wrote. :-(

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2015TODAY 9/2/2014 3:46AM

    I just went back to your entry about the shoes and found out you'd replied there with a a comment I had not yet seen... so I still got a good read!

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KOFFEENUT 9/1/2014 10:08PM

    Bummer -I hate when that happens!!!

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CHRISTINEBWD 9/1/2014 8:28PM

    Oh no! Do you put into word first or just straight on SP? In any case that is so sad that you lost it! :( emoticon

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    Awesome! Now I have someone to blame when my life goes all to hell.


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CTICKET 9/1/2014 7:11PM

    Probably my best ever. Alas...

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CHUBBY_MOM 9/1/2014 5:50PM

    Oh no! I'm sure it was an amazing blog!

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The Feeling of New Running Shoes:

Saturday, April 12, 2014

One of my favorite passages from Ray Bradbury's "Dandelion Wine" describes a young boy's experience getting new shoes after a long winter. Enjoy...

“Stop!” cried the old man.

Douglas pulled up and turned.

Mr. Sanderson leaned forward.

“How do they feel?” The boy looked down at his feet deep in the rivers, in the fields of wheat, in the wind that already was rushing him out of the town. He looked up at the old man, his eyes burning, his mouth moving, but no sound came out.

“Antelopes?” said the old man, looking from the boy’s face to his shoes. “Gazelles?”

The boy thought about it, hesitated, and nodded a quick nod. Almost immediately he vanished. He just spun about with a whisper and went off. The door stood empty. The sound of the tennis shoes faded in the jungle heat.

Mr. Sanderson stood in the sun-blazed door, listening. From a long time ago, when he dreamed as a boy, he remembered the sound. Beautiful creatures leaping under the sky, gone through brush, under trees, away, and only the soft echo of their running left behind.

“Antelopes,” said Mr. Sanderson. “Gazelles.”

He bent to pick up the boy’s abandoned winter shoes, heavy with forgotten rains and long-melted snows. Moving out of the blazing sun, walking softly, lightly, slowly, he headed back toward civilization . . .

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CTICKET 4/12/2014 10:20AM

    CHRISTINATODAY: No new shoes for me yet :-(
I was just thinking it was spring and how flat my old shoes feel, how without their bounce they no longer live up to the promise of the season, and it reminded me of that passage. Earlier in the chapter, the boy was trying to find the words to convince his father that his winter shoes were no longer adequate. The kid sees the shoes in the store window and tries to convince his father to buy him a pair:

“Dad!” He blurted it out. “Back there in that window, those Cream-Sponge ParaLitefoot Shoes . . .”

His father didn’t even turn. “Suppose you tell me why you need a new pair of sneakers. Can you do that?”

“Well . . .”

It was because they felt the way it feels every summer when you take off your shoes for the first time and run in the grass. They felt like it feels sticking your feet out of the hot covers in wintertime to let the cold wind from the open window blow on them suddenly and you let them stay out a long time until you pull them back in under the
covers again to feel them, like packed snow. The tennis shoes felt like it always feels the first time every year wading in the slow waters of the creek and seeing your feet below, half an inch further downstream, with refraction, than the real part of you above water.

“Dad,” said Douglas, “it’s hard to explain.”

Somehow the people who made tennis shoes knew what boys needed and wanted. They put marshmallows and coiled springs in the soles and they wove the rest out of grasses bleached and fired in the wilderness. Somewhere deep in the soft loam of the shoes the thin hard sinews of the buck deer were hidden. The people that made the
shoes must have watched a lot of winds blow the trees and a lot of rivers going down to the lakes. Whatever it was, it was in the shoes, and it was summer.

Douglas tried to get all this in words. “Yes,” said Father, “but what’s wrong with last year’s sneakers? Why can’t you dig them out of the closet?”

Well, he felt sorry for boys who lived in California where they wore tennis shoes all year and never knew what it was to get winter off your feet, peel off the iron leather shoes all full of snow and rain and run barefoot for a day and then lace on the first new tennis shoes of the season, which was better than barefoot. The magic was always in the new pair of shoes. The magic might die by the first of September, but now in late June there was still plenty of magic, and shoes like these could jump you over trees and rivers and houses. And if you wanted, they could jump you over fences and sidewalks and dogs.

“Don’t you see?” said Douglas. “I just can’t use last year’s pair.”

For last year’s pair were dead inside. They had been fine when he started them out, last year. But by the end of summer, every year, you always found out, you always knew, you couldn’t really jump over rivers and trees and houses in them, and they were dead. But this was a new year, and he felt that this time, with this new pair of shoes, he
could do anything, anything at all.

Comment edited on: 4/12/2014 10:22:06 AM

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LARABY34 4/12/2014 9:06AM

    but then someone steps on them so they are not perfectly white anymore.

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2015TODAY 4/12/2014 6:16AM

    so, did YOU get new shoes?

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SUSANBEAMON 4/12/2014 1:43AM

  been a while since i've read any Bradbury. he did manage to make the feelings real enough.

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Friday Night: Exercise or watch Netflix? Both!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

I can't tell you how badly I wanted to just blow off my workout and watch TV all night. If I had done that I would also have made about 5 trips to the kitchen for snacks. Instead, I sucked it up, turned on Netflix in front of the machine instead of the one in front of the couch, got on the treadmill, and burned out 1 hr. 45 minutes of SparkTracker steps. I feel great and will sleep great.

Physically it was the right thing to do, but I also feel good emotionally too. It makes me feel like I have the discipline to do other things better too. Like tomorrow, when I have to do my taxes...
emoticon ...now I'm sad. Better get back on the treadmill.

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MJEFFERSON23 5/12/2014 8:47PM

  Yes, you can kill two birds with one stone so to speak. I like to watch intense, thought provoking shows while I exercise. It makes me work harder!


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2015TODAY 4/12/2014 2:14AM

Yes, that's the way. Keep getting back on the treadmill whenever you're sad!!! emoticon

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ROXYCARIN 4/12/2014 12:56AM


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