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1 January 2010

Sunday, August 23, 2009

1. My 1 January 2010 goals are to weigh 140, wear a size 9/10 dress, wake up each morning fit to take on the world and abe to climb to every mountain top castle in Scotland without being winded or legs burning.

2. I have 9 grandchildren whose grandchildren I intend to live long enough to hold.
I trust, God-willing, to be priested thereabouts.
I will become the first woman Prior of a Canadian Priory of the Knights Templar in October and I want to grace the office with a healthy, attractive appearance.
I work long hours as a Hospital Chaplain and minister and need to be in top shape.

3. Remember to take my vitamins.
Plan my menus by the week and shop so that everything that is needed is in the kitchen when I get home from work.
Get on my bike and ignore traffic fears.

4. Getting takeaway when I am tired and it is late.
Rewarding myself with 13 carbs of Hazelnut Crunch when my carb numbers are low for the day or having a rye & coke to bring up my calorie numbers, instead of eating something sensible.

Life Goals

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I have three biggies:

- being the best wife, mother & grandmother I can be;
- becoming the Prior of the St James Priory of the Knights Templar;
- being ordained a deacon on 3 May 2009 and, hopefully/prayerfully, priested within the following year.

And for all of these goals I need good health and physical fitness (and looking good doesn't hurt either!).

I am so grateful to Sparkpeople for the support and encouragement and stick-to-it-edness that I get off this site everyday.

Blessings on those who created it and all my compatriots in the battle with the bulge . . .

February Ho . . .

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

January was a great month . . . lost more than I expected and not feeling hungry or driven. Can't expect as much weight loss in February but if the redistribution of weight (away from my waist) continues, I am going to be one very happy puppy (and my husband will be even happier).