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Marathon Day!!!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Well, been a month almost since my last entry. Was a hard month with my training lacking and the fact that I couldn't seem to master a 20 mile run before the race. This fact worried me considerably. I got lots of encouragement from family and friends though which did help me. The week before the race I was filled with a lot of anxiety. I had personal issues going on, my hip bursitis was acting up and the night before the race I couldn't sleep due to my right leg hurting so bad from it.

I got up race morning early to have my breakfast, drink some water and down a half cup of coffee. My tried and true combination that worked for me in long runs. Leg and hip still hurting so I wasn't entirely sure how the day would play out. My hubby and I left at 6:15 for the city to find gridlock that was beyond words. This only added to my anxiety. When we finally found parking, we had half hour to gun time. Once we got to the start, I began to calm down and feel more at ease. Excited to start this remarkable day!! The weather was perfect!!

The opening was moving. On the large screen they had pictures of the Boston Marathon and then the crowd broke into song "Sweet Caroline". A moving moment for sure. Remembering that day brought a few tears and said a prayer still to those largely affected by that day. After our national anthem, and a few more tears, we ready to start.

It was a good start. The excitement is nothing like I have ever felt in any other race. Perhaps because I was about to undertake something I will never be able to fully describe to someone who has never run a marathon. It truly changes you.

The beginning was good. I fell accidently into a pace team and thought I would just trot along and do as this pace leader was doing. He was pacing to finish under the cutoff time. So I thought as long as I followed along, I would be good. I did well until about mile 5 or so. Then, I felt my left foot take on some pain. I hadn't tripped or anything. So I wasn't sure why I had so much pain. I did the entire race with this but lost pace with the team around mile 9. My hubby suggested later to me that I was probably overcompensating because of my right leg and hip pain. So, I may have been putting too much pressure on it and maybe running 'funny' and did something to it. I continued on though, I was determined to do this.

I was hydrating properly throughout, and fueling. Doing well there and wouldn't change anything about that. The halfway mark I was at 3 hours, so even if I could have kept up the pace during the second half (I knew I wouldn't be able to) I would just make the cutoff time. But, still determined to finish, I kept going. I reached mile 20, and at this point they are opening up the course. The spectators are all but gone now, the water stations taken up (boy am I glad I decided to wear my hydration belt) and there are only a few of us left out there trying to make it back. By mile 21, I hadn't seen any of my family along the route. I was beginning to get sad, and ready to give up. I kept trying to trot along but mostly walking at this point. The pain of my foot, the blisters on the bottom of both feet and my spirit was almost gone.

I looked up and I saw four young people walking towards me. Two male, two female. I couldn't make out the faces but the two young men had beards and I thought "who is that". Then I heard my name being called and I realized, these were my kids and my oldest daughters boyfriend, who I consider one of my own at this point. They met me at mile 21 and said they were walking me back in to the finish. They were not going to let me give up. This was a total surprise. I knew my oldest daughter and her boyfriend would be along the route somewhere, but I had no idea my other two would be there. That was a surprise and was meant to be. Orchestrated by my oldest daughter. So, these four fabulous kids walked their mom 5.2 miles back to the finish. And they jogged the last half mile with me to the finish line. This was the greatest moment through this whole race.

It was a wonderful feeling to cross that mat and have my hubby waiting on the other side with the camera and telling me how proud he is of my accomplishment. I came in 1 hour after the cutoff, but I made it!! They ran out of medals so I have to wait for mine to come in the mail. That was a disappointment because you look forward to getting that at the end and having your picture taken. But, even so, it would never trump the picture of me and my kids jogging across that finish line. :) That one is worth framing for sure.

I have nursed my foot for almost two days now. It's getting better but I have had time to think about my run, what was good and what I will do differently. And yes, I will do this again. Anyone thinking of doing a marathon, my advice is to do it. I was told that once I do it, it will change my life. No truer words were spoken there. It really has.

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MWWENSIN 10/14/2013 10:29AM

    Awesome job. Now you can put the 26.2 on your sticker. You are now within the 1% of the population that has completed a marathon. Glad u got to share this one with friends and family. I will be attempting my first marathon in January. The training is pretty intense and already pushing me to places I have not been. Running 6x per week. But i have already pr'ed in a 10k due to this training.

Glad u liked it and are willing to do it again!

emoticon emoticon

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HONEYCAT22000 10/14/2013 9:53AM

    Congratulations! That is an amazing accomplishment, and you have a very special and supportive family! I walk half marathons, and I marvel at anyone who can accomplish a full one. Remember, a finish is a finish, no matter when you get across the line. I, too have, been at the back of the pack with water stations gone, no food left at the end, and barely anyone to cheer me on. But, that didn't matter - all that I cared about was that I DID it. You are an amazing woman, and you should be very proud!

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Marathon Training - Week 20

Sunday, September 15, 2013

I feel like I was beat up today. I had a horrible night sleep and my hip acting up so my 20 mile run today was more like 14 miles. Ugh. I was not a happy camper about that. The entire run felt just bad from the word go! I kept pushing in hopes that once I found my rhythm that the run would just fall into place. But, I never found it and I struggled the entire run. I was very disappointed.

So, I spent the entire afternoon researching 'bad runs' here on Spark and anywhere else on the web to find out how one deals with a bad 20 mile run and to see how important it is to get it in before the marathon. I feel for myself, I need it for the confidence boost. From what I have read, it really all depends on the person. Some people do only a 16 mile max run, some 18 miles and they go into the marathon and have the run of their life while others train only to 20 miles and do well where others don't do well and had a disappointing marathon and wished they had trained to 23-24 miles.

I guess it depends on the person. I am going to get my runs in this week, and attempt this 20 miles one more time next Sunday. That will be my last chance as my race is only 4 weeks away at this point. I do have a lot of people supporting me and so that is extremely helpful. I have my own personal cheerleaders I guess and so I think if I can at least do the 20, I will be okay for the race. But, if I cannot, I will still run the race and keep a positive attitude that the training I have done will carry me through.

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MWWENSIN 9/15/2013 7:46PM

    Do the best you can. If you have done that you have done enough. It's important to taper but you seem to know that. Training is a lot more difficult than the run itself. You will have plenty of people you know and don't know cheering you on. Run a smart race - don't go out to fast. Keep a positive attitude. Good luck in 4 weeks. We'll all be rooting for you.

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Marathon Training- Weeks 18 & 19

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

I was very much looking forward to my 20 mile run. I am not sure how I have been able to keep up with these increases since my training hasn't actually been text book. Or, followed too closely to the plan. But, I somehow have been able to. I think because I start each run with knowing I need to begin slow and work up. I may not break any records but I am able to run the distance and with the exception of the last two miles each time, not with too much problem.

I was supposed to run 20 miles last week, but a back that was completely seized up where I could barely walk, let alone run, kept me from that. So, my training has taken a set back. I will run my 20 this Sunday coming up and I hope to run 21 the Sunday after. Then I will begin my tapering until race day. Only 31 days left. I cannot believe it is so close now. I am both excited and nervous. I think I will feel less nervous after Sunday when I run the 20. At times this training felt like it took forever but then today, knowing I am one month away, I feel it has gone fast!

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    I envy any person who can even think about running a marathon

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Marathon Training - Weeks 16 &17

Sunday, August 25, 2013

I hate set backs. Ugh. After my last long run, getting my training in through the week was challenging. Then, Saturday hit and my back began to spasm. I was in so much pain just walking. So, I didn't do the shorter run scheduled for last Sunday in hopes to get my back better for todays long run. Again, a week of no training except for Friday where I was able to go out and get some mileage in. Thank goodness, because I don't think todays run would have been very successful. So, I made sure to hydrate well last night, woke up early, went through my morning ritual of eating a light breakfast of granola, a little water, half a cup of coffee and then getting myself ready for my run. I have to say, takes me quite a lot to get ready. It isn't just putting on my clothes, but making sure the shoes are double tied, fill my two flasks with water, make sure I have my phone, my lip balm, my Gu Chomps and then of course my wrist band (it is so needed on long runs) my sunglasses, my iPod and then I am finally out the door.

Todays run was successful. Yay me!! I ran 18 miles today. The first 16 not so bad, the last two always harder as they are the added miles for the week. Thank goodness for my coworker leaving me water. I have made my route go past her house twice. I actually saw her husband this morning washing his truck. Filled my flask and off I went. Came back by the house for a second fill. I went through 35 oz of water on this run.

Next week will be a shorter run, then I do the big 20 miler. And it is at 20 miles they say is when you can 'hit the wall' in the marathon so I will be curious to see how I handle it. All in all a good day.

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DEBRAJ61 8/26/2013 6:33AM

    Thank you!! Good luck on your training. January will be here before you know it! Mine is in October, so I am getting close.

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MWWENSIN 8/25/2013 8:33PM

    Great job - i am training for my first marathon too. But it is not until January so I haven't started officially training yet.

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Marathon Training - Weeks 14 & 15

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Had to write for both weeks because I missed last week and for good reason, I didn't run. I had a car accident and was letting my body rest before stressing it with a run. So, two weeks off and it didn't do me good but I did manage to get my run in two days ago. I did 15.5 miles. Whew. I remember a time when running for 4 minutes without stopping was a big deal! LOL Now, I run for 3 1/2 hours. Of course I take walk breaks while I take in my nutrition and water, but for the most part, I run.

So, I will do short runs over the next two weeks then I will do 18 miles. Seems so long, but then again, 14 miles seemed long. Now, when I hit 14 miles, it doesn't seem like anything when you are staring down 16 miles. I am guessing 16 miles will feel that way in a couple weeks when I am looking at 18. I have 2 months to go to the race. I feel I am doing well and making progress. Yay me! emoticon


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