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Finding Motivation That Works

Friday, November 22, 2013

I've been stuck in "I'm ready to lose weight" mode for a couple of years now. I will start thinking about it, then zoom out to the gym, deprive myself of food and expect the scale to budge. After that I will binge until I've completely given up on myself and feel the sting of "failure" once again. I've gone through this vicious cycle for a long time now, with no end in sight...

Well, this week I've seen a different side of myself. My perfectionista personality is trying to take over, but I won't let it this time. On Monday I decided that I want to start walking during my lunch break. I have 30 minutes to be outside in the crisp fall air (or warm air, depending on the day) with a break from the monotony of working from home. I walked on Monday and it felt great. I walked again on Wednesday and it felt even better. I walked today and now I feel like it's becoming a habit. I've learned how to manage my time and find an effective walking route. I also have been drinking more water, which keeps my energy up. This pushed me to delve deeper into the spark world, which I haven't done in a loooong time.

I gave myself the opportunity to start something fresh and new by joining the "Fit Food Challenge" that I found on SP. I set my start date (11/30) and have started reading over the meal plan. Tomorrow I will see how I can clean up my kitchen to help me with my goals.

I also set my goals today. I want to lose 20 pounds by April 2014 and I want to have established a healthy eating/activity routine before we start trying for baby number two (in April). My body is totally out of whack, so I need this time to balance it out a bit before even thinking about another pregnancy.

I have faith in my goals and in myself. I am very strong willed when I want to be. This will be tough, I won't try to kid myself, but it's all worth the work in the end. I can't wait to see where I am in a month!

Thanks to for the supportive atmosphere and all of the wonderful tools. This journey is so much less daunting when I have all of this information in one place.

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TWESTEN1 11/22/2013 7:58PM

    Wow - good for you! Keep at that walking. It's amazing how much better we all feel once we get some exercise in. I don't know about you, but I fight it daily, but once I'm done I feel great :) Good luck on your journey of getting the weight off before trying for baby #2. I'm proud of you & know you'll do well!

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TRIXYMAHOGANY 11/22/2013 7:25PM


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TIFALVA 11/22/2013 7:14PM

    Great job! Keep it up :-)

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Pants VS Pounds

Monday, July 08, 2013

I've been on a "lose weight and keep it off" journey for so many years that sometimes I can't help myself from obsessing over the number on the scale. While this is helpful to be sure I'm on the right track, I've realized lately that my ultimate barometer should be how my clothes are fitting. While I plan to keep checking in on the scale once a week, I will no longer be relying solely on that number to keep me motivated.

Yesterday I went through all of the jeans in my closet to find out what size should be next on my list of goals. I started out 22/24 and have now landed at 19/20. The next size I'd like to fit in is 18 and I'm lucky to have about a million pairs of pants in that size waiting in my closet. I also found some 16s, as well as one pair of the ultimate goal size for me: 12. That one is my "holy grail" pair, as it will mean I've really dropped some serious inches.

Over the holiday weekend I over-indulged a tiny bit, but I don't feel at all deprived and I'm actually happy to know that I'll be heading to the gym for my first cardio workout of the week in 2 hours!

Though some days I do feel like this goal is insurmountable, I "keep truckin'" and hold on to the faith I have in myself. I am a strong woman. I will achieve it if I put my mind and body into it!
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SILVER1369 7/8/2013 6:31PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon Now you should start getting rid of the pants that are too big for you. Since you will never need them again!!

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Found My Groove

Monday, July 01, 2013

Hello Spark World! I'm happy to be blogging once again. I had a page under the name OnMyWay135 for a few years, but decided to start over because the fact that I had lost weight under that name, then gained a ton back (due to pregnancy and stress issues), then couldn't get my butt into gear to lose was weighing me down. That account became a weight on my mind, so here I am now, as my new self, no longer dragging my past accomplishments around in the mud behind me.
In the past week I have really found the groove I lost after becoming a mother. Don't get me wrong, I love my daughter and I am sooooo happy to have her in my life, but the balance of work, motherhood, marriage and family/friend commitments was not falling in to place for me. Now that my daughter is almost 2 I finally feel I have more time and energy to take care of myself, as well as my child.
My husband is majorly supportive and only wants the best for me. I guess that old adage "a happy wife means a happy life" is one he lives by.
At this point I am losing pretty quickly, and I hope to keep that on track. We have a lot of commitments this year (weddings, mostly) and they do eat up some of our time, but not enough to keep me from accomplishing my goals.
I am working hard to get to the point where I feel comfortable with pregnancy again (physically - mentally I love being pregnant). We are ready for baby number 2!!
Anyway, I am glad to be where I am today. I love myself and will work hard to get my body in better shape.

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SILVER1369 7/1/2013 7:03PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon

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