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Wonderful Wednesday!!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

This has been a great day! Rarely do I have a day without any anger in the house (I know...3 hours until the main anger source is tucked in bed...) and school goes easily even when it isn't a "perfect paper."

I slept in until 8:30 so I guess my hour of coughing around 5 a.m. took a toll. I have been using the bronchitis oils more often today so hopefully I will see relief tonight. I am only 9 days into this cold so I know there could potentially be another week of this nonsense to go. Ugh! Just feels longer as the sore throat began a week or so before all of this.

With our late start I was extra thankful for a smooth school day as we got done before Isaac's counseling appointment and that is a rare thing. No anger came home from the counseling appointment either which is another rare thing.

We had lunch at Arby's and then I got the kids situated at home before taking off to meet dad at the surgeon's office. Again, only good things. Dad is now cleared for partial weight bearing and I will go get his walker tomorrow morning!!!!! He has to remain partial for one week and then can begin working on full weight bearing status with the boot. By the end of a month he can go full weight bearing without the boot. With any luck he can be home by Christmas! This offers more good news... today was the deadline for needing to change payment from Medicare to Medicaid if no progress was indicated. This is definite progress so we won't have to deal with switching and it means we aren't out any extra money personally to hold his room at the other facility! So thankful!!!!!

Now we are tearing up the east wall of our ugly brown bonus room so we can start painting it the lighter color. Sooooo ready for this dark chocolate brown to go away in this particular room! We just dismantled the 100" projection screen and have it listed for free on Craigslist so someone can haul it off for us.

Next up is heading to church for Wednesday supper and to watch Maegann narrate the Children's Pageant. She is going caroling and delivering gifts to the senior housing next door after that and then we can come home. Hopefully in time for The Sing Off special.

Tomorrow... school and then playgroup in the evening. I may be staying home from the evening playgroup though as it is outside at the botanical garden (Christmas lights) and the cold, evening air will not be good for my recovery.

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NELLIEC 12/17/2014 7:53PM

    Sounds like a great day!!! Praise the Lord!

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Tuesday, 12/16/14

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Started the day out at McDonald's for a quick breakfast after a late night. Came home and tackled schoolwork and then barbecued chicken for lunch. This afternoon I worked on finances and then sparked and watched "Property Brothers" while Isaac was at physical therapy. His last one until January sometime as Kenzie has gone home for a winter break.

The day had been happy too until Isaac returned. He earned Wii time today by keeping his anger under control and doing a great job with Kenzie and then he lost the Wii within 2 minutes of turning it on because the remote wasn't working right. Instead of asking me for help he chose anger (beating on the remote, throwing a tantrum, yelling at me when I came to take the remote away). I did call Tim and ask his advice because I wanted to make sure it was the right decision and how to combat not dealing with his anger the rest of the day. So he now knows his dad said to take the Wii away today and that he is now working on earning it tomorrow. He always does better if "dad says" so we should be good.

Me...still tired from this cold and now have a headache from the coughing and tears. I am frustrated that my throat continues to be so sore, but I'm positive it isn't anything other than an irritated throat from my sinuses. I do have a note out to the trainer for his opinion on tomorrow morning. I really want to get back to the gym! I haven't been since December 3rd.

Okay....enough whining from me today. It's off to the sofa for a long winter's nap..... Yep, I need to watch The Grinch. LOL

Tomorrow.... trainer (?), dad's appointment with the surgeon (weight bearing?), school (?), taking Maegann to church (she has to narrate the children's pageant) and then looking forward to watching the finale of Survivor once the kiddos are in bed.

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BLESSED2BEME 12/17/2014 10:28AM

    Praying you continue to feel better!

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MUSICMOMOF2 12/17/2014 8:52AM

    Sorry about the little blip yesterday. Hope that you are feeling better today!

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DOROTHYBERO 12/17/2014 8:10AM

    Hope everything goes smoother for your today.

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NELLIEC 12/16/2014 8:27PM

    In some ways it is good he does good with "dad says," but it would be nice if he could accept mom says also!

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Very Quiet Monday

Monday, December 15, 2014

Today has been another quiet one and that's good as I am having so many coughing attacks. Praying I can get them under control before the Christmas party tonight.

Only things that have happened today are school with the kids, a few errands and down time. Isaac is playing Wii football, Maegann is watching "Jessie" and I wrapped a couple gifts and am now sparking while watching "Property Brothers." We will head out in a couple of hours for the party.

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DOROTHYBERO 12/16/2014 9:22AM

    Enjoy - hope you get over the cold soon.

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MUSICMOMOF2 12/16/2014 8:08AM

    Sounds like a nice peaceful day. Hope the cough continues to improve!

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    Hope you had a great time at the party, and hope you get to catch a few extra Zs. Glad Mon was quiet & low key! Except maybe for the party.

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-WRKNG2ABTTRME- 12/15/2014 6:52PM

    Take care. emoticon

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NELLIEC 12/15/2014 6:43PM

    It does sound like a much quieter day! I also hope you can get the coughing under control!

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DIANNEMT 12/15/2014 6:21PM

    You deserve a quiet day! Hope the cough is gone! Try some honey!

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Simplified Sunday

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Never did get around to a blog yesterday as it was just too busy a day.
8:30 Pick up Bountiful Basket
9:30 Head to church to set up Santa's Gift Shop
12:30 Grocery store on the way home
1:30 Nap and do a few things around the house
4:00 Back to church for the Christmas Festival
9:00 Home

I did suffer.... Felt so tired by the end of the day and by morning my cough, etc., was back with a vengeance. Feeling a bit better this afternoon though so hope is still in place that I'll be back at it soon.

Santa's Gift Shop went very well last night at the Festival. We were happy to find out which types of crafts went the quickest so we know what types to work on this coming year.

The first items to be gone quickly were the candy cane wreaths, but they were definitely hard to gift wrap!

This morning was a bit longer for us at church as we needed to stay for both hours as Maegann was helping in the dramatic parts of the cantata. Afterwards we went to lunch at Wendy's and then visited my dad. If he was weight bearing he would be up and going. He is ready! Not sure what the surgeon will say on Wednesday, but with any luck...weight bearing. Still thinking that may be a long shot, but one can always hope.

This afternoon I spent time trying to find Isaac's winter coat that was missing. No luck. Thankful the thrift stores still had plenty to choose from and we picked one up for $15. Once home for good I spent time doing the meal plan for the week, organizing my to do list for the week and then Sparking while watching Biggest Loser and Master Chef Jr. Am going to try and talk Tim into going to Mongolian BBQ for supper tonight. Those veggies sound very good tonight and then I'd have leftovers for lunch tomorrow.

Tomorrow.... school and then Tim's company Christmas party in the evening. Kids always enjoy Santa's visit and that he stays and has pizza with them. The adults head to a Mexican/American restaurant. Nice that it is a smaller group.

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DOROTHYBERO 12/16/2014 9:21AM

    Sounds like you are feeling a bit better. Alwasy amazes me when kids can loose coats..

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MUSICMOMOF2 12/15/2014 10:10AM

    Have fun at the party tonight!

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BETRHO48 12/14/2014 7:51PM

    emoticon That was such a wonderfully busy and productive day you had yesterday.
I love the pictures, especially of the candy cane wreaths.
Thanks for sharing.

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NELLIEC 12/14/2014 7:49PM

    In spite of being sick, it sounds like you are up and going!!! I suspect you get that from your Dad, who longs to be up and going!

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Feeling Better Friday!

Friday, December 12, 2014

As I expected, I missed another session with the trainer due to this ratty cold. I know it was the right decision, but am feeling like such a slug for missing any time at the gym this week. I woke up feeling just as miserable as yesterday and then about 10 a.m. the headache set in. I couldn't shake it with any of the usual methods (oil or chemical). About 3 I finally had my daughter massage Deep Blue lotion into my left shoulder and neck and within minutes I felt huge relief. Almost 3 hours later I still feel the soreness in my shoulders, but the headache is 99% gone! I may survive this cold after all!

Also thankful as I actually feel like I can enjoy game night now! Jenn should be here in about 30 minutes.

Tomorrow morning I will head out to pick up my Bountiful Basket and then will head to church around 10 a.m. as Maegann has to practice with the choir and we both need to help set up Santa's Gift Shop for the Christmas Festival that is happening from 5-8 p.m. Hopefully I can be home for a couple of hours in the afternoon to rest, but I also want to help where I can to set up for the event.

BL Challenge - Team Emerald: We completed our starting weights on time with a full team! Always a relief as you pray everyone will stick with it for those few interim weeks. Loving the excitement that is coming from the screen from our team members! Many of us had a very rough Fall challenge and are looking for redemption and many of us are new to the challenge which adds new encouragement.

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MUSICMOMOF2 12/13/2014 10:00AM

    Glad that you are feeling better! Continue to take care of yourself.

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DOROTHYBERO 12/13/2014 8:16AM

    Glad you are starting to feel better.

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NELLIEC 12/12/2014 10:44PM

    What a relief the headache is mostly gone!

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