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Can I ever get my Head on Straight/

Monday, July 15, 2013

It has been a long time since I have been on SparkPeople and my weight has not gone down. Apparently I have a vision problem. When I was thinner, I thought I was a lot bigger, but now that I AM MUCH LARGER, I really don't see it. But when I go to my closet, then I know it. Things dont do up. The other day my Granddaughter needed a bathing suit and I dug around and found an old one I had. When I used to wear it I thought I was huge. She is just a little bit of a thing. What kind of eyesight did I have? Today when I needed to put a pair of dress pants on I went to put on the largest pair in my closet and I could hardly breathe when I got them on. My good intentions only seem to last a couple of hours a day. emoticon Enough is enough. If I don't get serious I will never be able to stay healthy. I am on dangerous ground here. I am giving it 6 months and if there is no progress in weight loss I will have to pack up all my lovely clothes and give them away and that really hurts me. I need your support.

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CANDIK48 7/15/2013 5:38PM

    I've been there, not really seeing the truth of my body. But, I do now! After having fallen off the wagon more times than I'd like to admit, I knew I had to make some changes. One of those was adopting a daily mantra which I deliberately use every day. I took inspiration from another member's tagline. It's simply this...

I'm tired of giving up and having to go back to the beginning and start over again and again so I gave up quitting. Getting to my health goal is the biggest treat I can give myself and I'm not giving up getting there.

Hang in there, You can do it if you try! emoticon

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Boxing day

Monday, December 26, 2011

Ok, now that Christmas Day has past perhaps I will really get motivatated. I can always find an excuse to not keep to an eating plan. During the past month, which was busy for most of us I most certinaly indulged with the food as my weight gain shows. I spent some time with a new dentist and found out that I need a lot of work done and I was terrified of a dentist due to a few bad experiences from way back. Anyhow I did have a root canal done and it went quite well, much to my surprise. This week I get a wisdom tooth pulled and I am nervous about that, but I do trust this new dentist so I am not going to overeat about it. I am also fighting with a CPAP machine and it seems to be winning after a couple of hours a night. I am going to see about a different type of mask and see if that will help the issue. I do tend to get more sleep however, even using it for a few hours. Well now I am going to plan my food and get serious. I know, I keep saying that I am starting now and never do. I really have to. I am talking daily, via email, with a friend of mine as well about meal planning and seeing if that helps as well. I guess we have to do whatever it takes. Will keep you posted and see what happens. emoticon


Starting Anew

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Today I am starting anew. I got weighed at the Doctor's yesterday and got a rude awakening I read some motivational tips and signed up to do some things for the next 2 weeks just to see if I can make it work again. I have not been drinking water at all for quite some time, so that is going to be quite a challenge just to get that done in a day. Another thing is to exercise 10 minutes a day. That does not seem like much to some, but to me it is a big goal, just to get doing it. I have a treadmill here, so there is really no excuse not to do that at least. The other goals are going to be pretty easy, I think. As usual taking the time to track my food is not easy for me. I lack the discipline to take the time to plan my meals ahead, and then to stick with my plan and not go off course whenever something seems easier to do. It was interesting to read that when people "dieted" rather than ate "healthy" they lost less weight. I know that I have a diet mentality and if I can't do it perfectly, I just don't do it at all. Well as it said in another bit of advise 80% is good, so I guess even 60% is better than blowing it all together and you never know that 60% might just turn into 80+%. Let's see how it goes. I am going to count on my Spark friends to help me along on my journey. emoticon

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ZETAGIRL2 11/29/2011 7:34PM

  Hang in there! I believe you can do it. I am starting over today too.

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This has to Stop Now

Sunday, November 13, 2011

All my good intentions have just gone out the window. I have not been able to stay on track at all. My weight is going up not down. As soon as I finish this blog I am going to plan my meals for tomorrow. I really thought that I would do better now. Well it has been 2 weeks that I am on the day shift now, so now, I have not got the excuse that I am adjusting to the new hours or that the other shift just didn't give me the time to prepare my meals. I now can take the time to prepare my lunch and real healthy dinners. I don't need to snack(unhealthy) and after 2 weeks of adjustment I have no excuse either not start with with an exercise routine. I must take the time to plan my food. Not doing that, I think, is my main downfall.


Day shift

Monday, October 31, 2011

Today I started the dayshift for the first time in almost 6 years and I am hopefull that it will make sticking to a food plan easier for me. First break is at 8am and "lunch" is at 11am, so that is kind of normal. I have to get up at 4 am, so that is quite a change for me. Today was a little rough since I didn't sleep too well last night because I was afraid of sleeping in. Should be better tonight. Tomorrow is a new month, so lets call it a new start. I know I keep saying it, but lets see if it works this time. I'm going to make up my menu now and try my darndest to stick to it.

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MOTTAMAMALOU 10/31/2011 8:30PM

    Good luck with your daily routine.
I'm sure you will do just fine once you get used to the dayshift.

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