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Woke up laughing

Thursday, October 30, 2014

This. Morning, about 7 AM, I could feel something strange around me. I. Cautiously opened me eyes to see this goober staring at me and purring as loud as possible!!

She now thinks my tablet is hers. I keep her claws cut, and have down loaded a game for cats to play where she chases around a mouse which squeaks when she hits it with her paw. She gets soooo excited she actually has the tablet between her paws so can flip it over and look for the. Mousey under Meath the tablet!! She is also trying to. BITE them. I simply die of laughter watching her. Lol. Too funny!!

This app is for most operating systems, it's called. "Gizzys friend". Now the mouse will continue to squeak unless u turn off phone/ tablet etc, than turn it back on. . How easy. Izzy. INSISTS on playing with my tablet first thing in the. AM. That also cracks me up!! She's worse than a child!!

TY for reading about my ever so foolish kitty.

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MOMMY445 10/30/2014 10:58AM

    that is sooo cute!

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REBESANCON 10/30/2014 10:49AM

    So stinkin' cute! I had no idea they had apps for cats. Thanks for sharing!

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EDENZMOM 10/30/2014 10:48AM

    that's adorable!!

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Hmmm being Nakked !

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Well as most of us know,,, today I was to get OFF FINALLY my cast !! WOOHOOO !!!

In came the Dr after X Rays were taken. Its both GOOD and NOT good news. I am NOT healed well,,,, but also the cast is making my foot very, very sore. So today this is my result !

YES !! the CAST IS OFF !!!!! YEAH !!!

BUT !! The fusion is NOT healed,,, it was ONLY taken off since it was making holes in my feet,, and they are almost healed, but it had today made my foot a CHERRY RED. NOT good. Its approx between 1/2 and 3/4 healed,,, right inbetween that,, so you can see I have a ways to go !

I was SOOO EXCITED LOL I forgot to find out if I can go swimming (I DO DOUBT this,,, for it's still Very easy to break ! but, I'll ask,,, with that also goes my PRECIOUS bath !! I have now some neat stuff to make natural bubbles,, and have multi colored tea lights (Batery operated) to spread around the tub,, and some nice SMELLY STUFF to put into the air,,, AHHHH A NEAT bath,, while of course playing my FAVORITE music !! Could life be much better as a REWARD for ALL I've been thru, of 4 1/2 months in a cast??? (First was for the surg,,, 12 weeks SHOULD of been in the cast, but as I neared the 12 weeks,,, i UGHERS Feel and rebroke it ! So that added in 6 more weeks !)

I am now to walk with stiff shoes on (THANKFULLY I DO have a neat pair) and use the crutches,, am NOT at ALL to go barefoot (MY FAVORITE THING to do !), but at LEAST I CAN WALK a TINY BIT for now. I HAD planned on doing 3 ,, 10 mins walks tomorrow, but of course I am NOT healted enough for that,, and that's FINE eventually I WILL Be.

I WAS ALSO SOOO HOPING I'd NOT have to see Dr P for another 6 months,, when the screws are due to come out,, but instead I need him again next month. MAN OH MAN ,,, K, my BFF who I am so worried about,, deserves a REWARD for ALWAYS taking me to these appts. LOL We've been there maybe 14 times,, since this has started, and yet,, she still has NO CLUE how to get there,,, got us LOST leaving the parking lot. LOL SILLY GAL !!!

Do you not LOVE this news?? I am SOOO EXCITED !! I wish I COULD JuMp Up AnD dOwN with JOY !!

TY SO MUCH For reading !

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IOWAGRAMMA 10/29/2014 7:44PM

    Glad the cast is off, Diane, but I wish it was because the foot was ALL healed up. Soon it will be. I can totally understand how those boot/casts can cause damage. We're still fighting a "sore" that came from Richard's and i know it was b/c it was rubbing in that spot. He goes back Monday. Still has a limp and sometimes says it hurts when he walks. I plan to ask a few questions about that on Monday. But...progress is progress and we are grateful for every little bit that comes our way, right?? Hugs, Jeannie

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JUJUH51 10/29/2014 2:01PM

    That is so very exciting that your cast is finally off!!! Sending healing and healthy vibes your way. What a great friend you have! I would be just like her and get lost every time. Somehow I get so turned around with directions when I am driving lol! Your positive attitude is simply amazing. You are a very strong woman. I just saw on a billboard today that said "tough times don't last, but tough people do!" I bet you can't wait to go swimming and it sounds like a nice relaxing bath is in order. Have a great day!

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EDENZMOM 10/29/2014 7:55AM

    what a beautiful foot! haha -- poor you! PLEASE do what the doc recommends, and heal this foot once and for all!

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PICKIE98 10/29/2014 5:15AM

    You have a true friend! If I went this far and this much hassle and pain, I would be SO careful, so as not to have to go through the whole process again!! BE careful.

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NEW-CAZ 10/29/2014 4:04AM

    glad the cast is off, patience Diane!!!

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ZRIE014 10/29/2014 12:51AM

  remember that this is the first day of the rest of your life.

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DBEAU57 10/29/2014 12:38AM

    Diane, it's so obvious that you are jumping up and down with joy - in your heart! Your spirit is soaring with happiness and I am so happy for you! Take it slow and easy - don't rush things. You DON'T want to break it again, I know!

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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DEE107 10/29/2014 12:24AM

    so glad you have the cast off NO NO NO SWIMMING YET PLEASE WAIT

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I Passed a HARD TEST on this journey today !

Monday, October 27, 2014

WE ALL KNOW what "time of yr" it is now. Its CANDY TIME !! The sweeter the better !! AND BEST of ALL to a CANDY HOLIC its ALL ON SALE !! WOOHOOOO !! Is not that SWEET???

Or is it????

Today, I went to the dollar store,,, they had A TON of my favorites,,,,, I saw my ABSOLUTE Fav this time of yr,,, peanutbutter kisses !! Even as a kid,, when I got these in my bag,,, I'd go CRAZY !!!! I just LOVE THEM to pieces and pieces !!! Right down to the last taste in my mouth !

If you read my blogs,, or other things,, you KNOW I am clearly a JUNK FOOD JUNKIE though MUCH better than I used to be,,, its a LONNNNNGGGGGgggggg road I am on towards "BETTER" eating, though it'll NOT be perfect eating ! I NEVER Expect to eat like a normal person,, cos I never have,, and most "good things" for one,, ,just do not taste good to me,,, no matter how I've cooked??? them. LOL Cooking,, thats a WHOLE NEW BLOG !! its Just NOT done well. Hardly at all,,,, I am NOT a cook.

So today did I BUY all or even SOME of that candy? OH MAN OH MAN !! It was like I was 7 yrs old ALL OVER again,,, and I used to get a FULL pillow case,, as we used back then,, or at least in the neighborhood I lived in,,,,,, so I was ONE HAPPY KID !! Today in the store,,,, I was ONE HAPPY ADULT looking it ALL OVER,,, feeling the bags,, knowing how GOOD it'd taste ! YUMMY I am clearly a CANDY FREAK !!

THAN IT HAPPENED !! I actually STOPPED,,,, I've been losing about 1 lb a week,,, and I LQQKED at the calories in these YUMMIES,,,, and one by one,, as I picked them up,,, looked at the calories,, and PUT THEM BACK DOWN !!

I did though buy something,,,, how about a new pair of FUZZY SOCKS !!

MUCH better choice,, and they are BRIGHT YELLOW /ORANGE ! I LOVE THEM and they are WOOHOOOO CALORIE FREE !!!

TY so much for reading !

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RAYLINSTEPHENS 10/28/2014 6:19PM

    Awesome!! Awesome-Pawsome!!

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JUJUH51 10/28/2014 6:07PM

    Awesome!!!!!!!You go girl!!!!!! I am a candy freak too! My Mom used to say that when I ate too much candy and didn't feel good that I had the "colliewobbles"! I don't even know how it is spelled. I think she made it up lol!

emoticon emoticon emoticon

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GOULDSGRANITE 10/28/2014 3:35PM

    WOO HOO! You deserve a whole drawer full of colorful fuzzy socks! What a wonderful NSV! MOM will keep you Strong! I stop at the candy aisle, less frequently now, and just imagine how some of my favorites taste and smell. I can really say that in my lifetime I have eaten enough of each one of my favorites. I could easily go back to that way of eating if not for the beauty of SparkPeople, 5% challenges and all the encouragement and positivity (is that a word?) that comes along! Happy Day Diane!

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IRON_RESOLVE 10/28/2014 10:02AM

    That's fantastic Diane.... but is it really you talking? I think CheriRiddell is onto something, and Izzie just might be casting "skip candy"spells. I think I'd better check if my cat can do that too.

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EDENZMOM 10/28/2014 7:56AM

    great job Diane! super proud f you

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NEW-CAZ 10/28/2014 4:06AM

    a great NSV emoticon

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DEE107 10/28/2014 12:14AM

    I love the dollar store

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CHERIRIDDELL 10/28/2014 12:00AM

    Izzie what have you been putting in Mummy's drinking water????? Is this our beloved Diane or am I hallucinating ? I mean I do appreciate fuzzy socks but Izzie your Mummy does not just buy fuzzy socks unless they are a freebie with chocolate! Have you learned to cast spells Izzie? Could you cast one on me long distance please??????

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MT-MOONCHASER 10/27/2014 7:53PM

    That's a great NSV!!


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NEKOCHARM 10/27/2014 7:46PM

    That's fantastic news!! emoticon I'm a total sugar addict, so I know what a big deal this is! You gave yourself the best gift today. The gift of health! Not to mention a pair of warm, cozy socks. Wear them often and let them remind you of the wonderful, loving, nurturing choice you made today. emoticon

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Have lost 70 plus lbs. What I've learned

Friday, October 24, 2014

I've been on Sparks now for 3 years. In this time I've gone from 288 to my successful weigh in today of 212.4!! Not bad I say. It's been quite the journey!!! I've been up and down the 200s quite a bit, and once down as far as 174.

I got very scared of the success at 174, I hadn't prepared for others freaked out when they started to to b looking at me and making specific remarks about myself and 2 of them commenting on parts of me. As a rape victim it made me hurt inside and very uncomfortable. I weighed 115 when that happened in 92. I was in my 30s. I have been working on this so it doesn't stump me again. TY. Maryanngi for your loving patience as I talk to you about this as I also do with professional help also.

What else have I learned from those who have put their weigh in on their signature, I've also have done a monthly one. It's very encouraging and keeping me accountable to myself and the Dawggie team I'm the. CL of.

Hope this helps others. Keep. Sparking!!! Keep aiming for those dreams.

TY for reading

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APRIL_IN_MN 10/27/2014 11:58PM

    SO PROUD OF YOU, Diane!!! I'm back in the challenge this fall... after a long break. Hoping to have some success.

Have a great week!!!

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MSGRANNYMAE 10/26/2014 6:16PM


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IRON_RESOLVE 10/25/2014 11:53PM

    Diane your weigh in today is very inspiring! So awesome to see you losing a pound a week. You have the right mix of a great supportive team, and excellent habits, and the desire to see your finall succes!!
Go on, and on, right to the finish line!!

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CHERIRIDDELL 10/25/2014 1:09AM

    Awesome Diane what amazing progress

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DEE107 10/25/2014 12:10AM

    woo hoo way to go

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DBEAU57 10/24/2014 8:46PM

    You go, girl! You were born to be awesome and you have already hit it! Don't be afraid of losing weight. You were not attacked because of being thin - it was all about that person needing power and finding it in the wrong way!

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JUJUH51 10/24/2014 1:15PM

    Diane, you are doing awesome!! You are truly an inspiration on every level and thank you again for being a great leader!!!

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NEW-CAZ 10/24/2014 11:39AM

    emoticon emoticon keep up the good work Diane!

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EDENZMOM 10/24/2014 10:20AM

    you've come so far! and you're doing awesome!!
you're a great leader, and show others how to do it well :)
thank you!!

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IOWAGRAMMA 10/24/2014 10:03AM

    No...not bad!! Not bad at all!! In fact, very, very good! Keep up the great work, Diane!!! emoticon

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It saddens me,,, my BFF is dying from overeating

Monday, October 20, 2014

One of my dearest friends since childhood,,, has been very depressed most of her life. She "says" now "I am not" I tend to disagree. She sees one emotion at a time,,,, whereas most of us swing from one to another. We 've been friends since we were in the 7th grade,,,, I was 12,,, she was 11. She was over weight then,,,, I was drop dead skinny. we both ate tas much, but it piled pped on her,, not me.

Well until I was in early 40s or was it my late 30s? I've forgotten tonight , i am tired. She was SO HAPPY I was gaining !! She actually said "NOW YOU KNOW HOW I FEEL" !!! someone we barely knew,,,said at that point to me "HI K,,,," I responded with "No, I am Diane" "Oh well you both look exactly alike". That and one of my Dr's showing me Mr Bones,, how my fat was affecting my back,,, both of those around the same time,,,, discusted me,, I KNEW I was big 288,,,, over twice of my normal weight,, and soon if I hadn't of taken action it would of been 3 x's ! But I DID take action. my BFF K,, (For I really have 4 BFFs,, including MaryAnnGi,,,, on this site,,, who we've met in person,,, and will of course again,,, we live state by state) did NOT take action.

K,,, has a D,,,,, when she was very small,,,, I had wanted by then,,, I was almost old enough too,, a GD !! Of course that was not possible,,,, so I talked to her D,,, and we were very close,,, we agreed,, K approved,, I could Adopt S as my GD ! YES was the answer from both,, esp happy was my GD !!! So since then,, though she was small,,, she began to spend as much time as possible at my place,,,,, as a tween she pretty much moved in. Stayed this way all the way up and thru. She's now though Married on her own.

When my GD was 11,, I had K over,,, I was talking to her,, about her denial to her being depressed,, which would continue for yrs (both denial and depr),,, I asked her "Do you want to die?" "Yes" "Will you do urself ,, do you have a plan" (Scared me horribly to ask that !) "I do not have plan" "Are you safe" "yes, I just do not care if I die, I want too". "You do realize you have S,,, to raise" "ur doing that" "but I AM NOT HER MOM !! I am her GRANDMOTHER,,, a Child NEEDs their MOM and not just from when they are young, but ALL thru life" ! "She has you, that's enough".

Yrs later,,,, I told her to please pick me up (by that time,,, i was on narcs for pain,, my lience was no longer any good),,, she came over "Where we going"? "I will just give you the directions, you do not know that part of that city well" So it was take a right,, aother right,, take a left,, go straight for 3 blocks,, etc,,, finally it we were pulliing into a parking lot. She asked "Where are we"? "We are at UR Therapy appoinment" "WHAT?? NO " !!!! " If you do NOT go in,, they will charge you for it was not cancelled 24 hrs in advance,, and you will have to pay cash" (LOL I know her well unless its HER IDEA,,,, NO $$$ was gonna VOLUNTARLY leave her FINGERS !LOL So in we went. She was NOT willing at first to answer ?s,,, I let the intake worker know,,, it was MY idea to drag her in,, that she was NOT happy with this, but I was scared for her. She was getting larger and larger,, and soo down. The writing was on the wall.

She did than towards the end start to answer a few ?s,,,, the intake worker was GREAT !! JUST PERFECT for being an intake worker. Looked at K,,, said "you are severely depressed,, and you would benefit from coming here,,, life can again look good". So K,,, agreed to go back.

That was 3 yrs ago. K did for a little come out of the depression,, It was GREAT,, but she did NOT change any habits. Come to find out,, she was controlling what was said,, not said,,,, she out right would "not tell the truth" about what was happening. She is also very dirty,,,, and a hoarder to the MAX !! I am scared also,, that this coming week her place will NOT pass inspection from her manager. She has filled my GD's room,, 21X 16 Ft,, with ALL Boxes floor to ceiling,, the closet which is also 16 Feet,,, is not able to be opened. I KNOW She has MICE in there,,, she "found" a bunch of babies this past summer,,, that does NOT AT ALL help her breathing,, dried feces from any animal is NOT healthy. I looked it up,, toxic. I told her,, what was her answer?? This week she went out and bought an air filer,, isntead of cleaning. The depression is back,,, she's very scared also,, cos now she says she has a hernia,,,, we ALL know a good cause of that is,, BELLY FAT,,, up into her lungs,, heart being pressed,, from the hernia,,,,, she says,,, and so she's now struggling to breathe.

A small walk from the drivers side to the rear passengar side,, putting in my knee walker (light,, I can lift with one hand),, into the car,,, to than walk back to the drivers side,, we have to now sit there for a few mins,, she's outta breathe ! A small walk into a Dr's office,, where all she's doing is walking,,,,,,, less than 20 feet,,,, she's also breatheing hard.

I know my BFF is simply dying now,, and it's from over eating. she's now around 300 to 325,,,, her BP is UP and UP ! Etc. I am saddened,, I talked to her today,,, she has no hope,,, she does not care.

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IRON_RESOLVE 10/26/2014 12:00AM

    Diane very sorry for her and for you. Not everyone has an easy life, and she sounds as though she has been suffering for some time. .I wish her well in all she has to face. And I wish you the strength, to also deal with her situation.

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1BEARWIFE 10/21/2014 1:18PM

    Hi Diane, I have watched people deliberately destroy their bodies with no intention of changing. I have truly loved some of these people,and I feel your pain. I finally sought therapy for myself because i was so very saddened by watching these people die on the installment plan. I had started to eat like THEY did, and doing nothing that remotely looked like exercise!

The therapy was wonderful for ME. I dumped all my fears and tears, and all my anger to these people. I learned to say "Grant me the SERENITY TO ACCEPT THE THINGS I CANNOT CHANGE(THEM), THE COURAGE TO CHANGE THE THINGS I CAN (me!) AND THE WISDOM TO KNOW THE DIFFERENCE".

I was able to let go of those people, join Spark, and have never regretted it for a moment!

Be KIND to YOU, my dear friend! You are WORTH IT!!!! emoticon

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JUJUH51 10/21/2014 10:10AM

    Oh Diane, how sad! You are truly an awesome friend. I could just cry! Sending hugs and prayers to both of you. I believe in miracles! May God bless her and keep her safe.

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DEE107 10/21/2014 12:22AM


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DBEAU57 10/20/2014 12:12PM

    You are a true friend, Diane. Only a true friend will stick beside someone through their worst times. I hope and pray that she comes to realize all the life she will miss if she continues down her road of self-destruction. You know from experience that even when life is its bleakest, there can be a ray of hope. My thoughts are with you.

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EDENZMOM 10/20/2014 11:47AM

    Hey Diane, you're a great friend. Sometimes, as we all know too well, it takes hitting rock bottom for people to start entertaining the thought of change. I hope it does not come to that. I am thinking of you and your friend, sending giant hugs. xo

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IOWAGRAMMA 10/20/2014 9:33AM

    I am so sorry for both of you. It's hard to be the friend and want to help but have no way of reaching the other person. We know you can't help someone who isn't willing to be helped, so it makes it so so hard. Sending you prayers and hugs. emoticon

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D_4RECOVERY 10/20/2014 7:24AM

    Praying for your friend.

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TWEETYKC00 10/20/2014 6:48AM

    I hope she can find a way to get better and help herself as you did. She has to want to do this or it just won't work for her.

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RASPBERRY56 10/20/2014 6:37AM

    I hope that K does get the help she so desperately needs.........you are a wonderful friend to have supported her for as long as you have......

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BMCOLLEY 10/20/2014 5:22AM

    K needs to be hospitalized so that she can really make an informed decision. The depression and other mental problems make it easier to die than live and get her life together. Unless you can talk her into going to a hospital, there is not a lot you can do except to continue to love her. emoticon


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1HAPPYSPIRIT 10/20/2014 3:53AM

    Sending prayers and positive thoughts. emoticon

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NEW-CAZ 10/20/2014 3:20AM

    Diane sounds like you're a good friend to her and have tried your best, this is so sad,
I friend of mine back in London also has a friend who refuses to see the light.

Love and prayers- emoticon

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CHERIRIDDELL 10/20/2014 12:24AM

    Oh how sad Diane.Any chance she will change her ways?

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DEE107 10/20/2014 12:24AM

    oh my Diane I know I can say a prayer for her but she does need help hugs

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