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tomorrow begins some food changes

Saturday, July 20, 2013

So Friday, I went grocery shopping keeping in mind there are things that I need to change, but still remembering that my family isn't really in this game I am beginning with me. So, Iv'e made some simple changes. I bought more fruit then snack foods, but the snacks are still gonna be there, I really don't have much choice in the matter. My son has begged for pizza for the past month and I broke down and made that yesterday. 3 large ones, BUT I have only had 2 slices of it, one last night, and I took one to work with me today. It's really not that I'm trying to keep putting this off, but that I am still trying to organize and figure out exactly what exactly I am going to change. The biggest change I think I'm going to make right now won't be so much what I'm cooking for my family but how much of it I'm going to eat. Portion control I have decided is what I'm going to start on. Snacks also are going to begin moving from my nice crunchy chips and dip, to maybe some celery and cream cheese? or peanut butter? I bought some grapes, and watermelon, and strawberrys, and bananas. And so thats the game plan for this week I suppose. I will be beginning to use my food tracker too, so i can keep track of how many calories each of these things are going to cost me, and I can begin to adjust from there. Now I know cream cheese probably isn't diet food BUT it's got to be better then my chips and dip. I'm taking advise and taking small baby steps and am going to adjusting food intake as i move along. I do however plan on keeping on my calorie allowance so hopefully that will help me find substitutes as I go along with the food choices I am making. Any experienced words of wisdom from former junk food junkies coped with change, please chime in. Talk to y'all soon.

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KACAR51 7/20/2013 7:36PM

    Your family will benefit from healthy eating, even if they are not trying to lose weight! There are many great recipes that are healthy and taste great! For snacks, I eat cottage cheese or yogurt with fruit, whole grain crackers with peanut butter, chocolate soymilk, dried fruits and nuts, veggies with light dressing. I find that it really helps me to make sure that I eat my meals at the same time every day. That way I don't get hungry and I don't need to snack! Fill your meals with lots of fresh fruits and veggies, and drink lots of water! I try to drink at least 8 oz of water before each meal! This healps you to feel full and you don't need to eat as much! Take it slow! Don't try to change everything at once and you will be fine! emoticon emoticon

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UFEDAK85 7/20/2013 7:24PM

    I think you're making some great changes! Some people do better starting plans with an absolute clean slate and some do better with little changes over a period of time.

If my eating plans only revolved around me, than I could probably have a near perfect stocked pantry and refrigerator. However, since I have a husband and 2 growing boys that do not particularly care for nor want to eat the way I do, I have things at home that I probably shouldn't eat but have because my boys enjoy them. Yes, these things tempt me every single day, and sometimes I cave in, but I don't beat myself over it. I enjoy some things and just move on.

What I try to do is to keep breakfast, lunch, and my snacks fairly healthy. Then when dinner comes, I'll cook for the family and do portion control, like you emoticon Typical snacks I like to eat are apple and/or celery w/ peanut butter, any type of fruit, veggies (like orange or yellow bell peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes) w/ light ranch, nuts (almonds, walnuts, pistachios), and at times pita chips w/ hummus.

You can do this! Healthier eating and exercise will get you to where you want to be! emoticon emoticon

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Getting ready....Getting set.....umm Getting ready...

Friday, July 19, 2013

Good evening/morning Spark Friends. One of the fast goals I decided to do for my first 2 weeks was to post something on the boards once a day. I hope this is considered part of posting on the boards. And I know my last post says the 17th, and today it says the 19th, but I work a 6p to 6a shift and well....I'm sort of sneaking on the puter to do this. (don't tell!) So technally this is still the day after the first day....oh never mind.
Point is, I packed myself a much smaller lunch then I usually do although Its technally not a great beginning to someone whose proclaiming to lose some weight, but...it's better for me. I also have the opportunity to do a lot of walking in the evenings at my job , but as of yet I've not taken advantage of that because I really need to get a better pair of shoes for that, the ones I am wearing now make my feet hurt as it is. So tomorrow the search is on for some shoes. It will also be grocery shopping day, so I will trying to make better choices as to what I want to start packing in my lunch and serving my family for supper.
I kind of feel like the kid who decided to dive off the big board, and is kind of standing there fixin to jump, but still standing a bit fearful of taking that jump. I really havnt done much to start yet beside rant on this blog and make a Doc apt, but I'm getting ready, grocery shopping, I'm getting set.....geeez why do I feel like this is gonna be hard for me? lol
BUT I'm GONNA DO IT! emoticon

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NHES220 7/19/2013 10:50AM

    You can do this. In fact, you are starting at the same weight i started SP at back at the end of December. It takes dedication, but it does not take drastic changes. So get some good shoes and start walking! I have lost about 26 lbs since I have started, but still working on more. I still get to enjoy good food, but my triglycerides are down, my blood pressure is lower and I feel so much better! It is not too late to make changes. Hang in there!

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OHHHCHELLE 7/19/2013 10:27AM

    Don't be a scaredy cat Eleanor. You're doing great. Just keep blogging, posting and tracking. You've made the commitment, now follow through. Take it slow and don't let yourself down.

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JLR080500 7/19/2013 9:53AM


I say that even after I have already jumped!


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LOSIN_IT4GOOD 7/19/2013 2:57AM

    You can do it! Just jump!

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1st day...soul searching

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Hi. Last night I made a decision that I am going to make change to my life. Not A change but change as in lots of changes. I am in the category of 50+ with over 50 pounds to lose.
I wandered the message boards and read a lot of inspirational posts. Then, I posted myself and asked for advise, and even kind of admitted to myself and everyone that I am kind of living my own pitty party. Some great advise came my way and I'm going to try and put two of those posts as kind of a guide to where my destination should be. So, here is the part one someone suggested I begin with. My reasons I want to lose weight.
I want to lose weight for a lot of reasons. 1. As the years are moving by, so is the scale, and there are times I sure don't feel that 50 is really so old, my body sure does. So, I want it to be easier to move around, not be so out of energy because I'm so heavy to move....does that make sense? 2. I don't want to be an old fat woman! There I said it! I hate having to pick the old lady clothes when I go shopping. Surely I can still wear cute clothes...no? Who agrees with me there. But at my size 16/18 nothing even remotely looks cute on me no matter how great it looks in a catalog or on the rack. 3. I suppose this goes back to number 1 but....this weight has made me LAZY! I don't feel like going to the store, outside, I'm lucky I'm so broke I have to go to work! I'm going to stop at those 3 for now cause I'm sure I could go on and on in the reasons dept.
Another point another reader mentioned was depression. Well, yeah, I guess maybe I am a bit depressed. I keep going back to the age thing, but well, its really gotten me down, and maybe it is only menopausal and maybe its cause I'm so heavy right now, or maybe its a whole bunch of things. But today, as it is day 1 I called my ob/gyn and made an appointment. Its been long overdue anyway to see him, and hopefully when I tell him my goals and get a check up he might even be able to help me too. I'm planning on posting a pic here later on today if I get a chance and that too is going to be part of my inspirational bogging experience. I've never bogged before or journalised, but have been told its helpful, so I will really be discipline myself to write something that I've learned, or felt about this journey every day. This will be a good outlet for me I'm hoping. Well, that's it for me for now. Good luck on all of your journeys too, talk soon....Eleanor

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OHHHCHELLE 7/19/2013 10:22AM

    I'm also in the 50s+ catagory. I really enjoyed reading your blog. It was inspirational to see how determined you are to do what it takes to be healthier. It was so inspirational that I think you should reread it whenever you're feeling unmotivated or having a difficult time. I'm gonna subscribe to your blog so I can see how well you're doing. That way I can continue to be inspired by you and be supportive if you need it.

Great start. Keep up the good work.


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POSEY440 7/17/2013 5:17PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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HAPPYMENOW58 7/17/2013 12:25PM

    Best of luck to you! You are well on your way...sorting things out, seeing your Dr.etc! Good for you....I can relate..being in my fifties myself....The weight comes off slowly and it can really be frustrating....Hang in there....You can do it...Keep sparking, keep reading, keep exercising....and do NOT give up...! You are worth it....You are on a special, healthy journey.....Best wishes. emoticon

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