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Treadmill Tuesday

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I did it. Bought a used treadmill last night (hence, no workout), brought it home in the back of the pickup...an unexpected rainstorm hit....opened it up, let it dry for a day....and rushed home to rebuild and test it. IT WORKS! We didn't give the electronics much hope, and of course I know, it could still fail.

1.75 miles, about 32 minutes. My 5 K's were around 30 minutes 2 years ago, when I was 40 pounds lighter.

Food today - WW bar for breakfast, banana, quinoa/apple/cranberry/maple sausage salad (very yum), and 5 chicken meatballs tonight. Water? What water? ugh. Can do better.

But....that's what tomorrow is for....doing better! emoticon

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KEELIE21 6/26/2013 3:03PM

    I would LOVE a treadmil! Enjoy!

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LORI3679 6/26/2013 8:42AM

    Yay! I LOVE my treadmill!

I found that if I have a water bottle sitting by me at all times, I drink lots more.


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NHES220 6/25/2013 8:58PM

    Good for you, you will get back there!

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TERESAMUS 6/25/2013 8:22PM

    Good for you, good luck.

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Two Steps forward, Ten Steps back.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Our heat/humidity returned today. I was putzing around, putting off running, starting at 9, instead of like, 6 when I should have started. What was to be a long run/walk of 5 miles, was actually a three-point something (those tenths are precious) walk/jog. Left the HRM at home, but by the color of my face when I got back in the car, I probably overdid the cardio. The sharp shooting pains in my knee, double-confirmed "over-doing it." #$%#$^#%$^%. This is going to take PATIENCE and HAPPY THOUGHTS.

Dang it, so hard to admit that I've lost (hehe, gained back) all I worked for in 2011....I actually have even FURTHER to go, thanks to the: ruptured Achilles (Oct 2011), broken collarbone (Jan 2012), broken arm and wrenched knees (July 2012), broken foot (November 2012). Oh yeah, move from the West to New England in January 2013.

It's those knees...replaced back in the 1980's...that concern me most. In a dumb July 2012 accident with my young mustang-in-training, I almost found myself facing re-replacement, but cortisone injections helped. I haven't asked much of them since last summer, because that's when I quit riding, in lieu of getting this move across country in motion. I did NOT rehab them as I promised, building quad and core, calves and adductors/abductors. The muscle has disappeared. Ku, my horse, also lost muscle while he's been loafing, but with just a few weeks of training, is back to his old self.

Getting this OUT and into a blog post, helps. Helps to reframe, reinforce. If I continue to rush this, I will be back in the injured category, and we know where that leads!!!

I ran/walked (mostly walked!) the Historic Lebanon Green...twice...today.

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KEELIE21 6/24/2013 7:42AM

    I have an injury that forces me to take it easier than I can remember too sometimes too lol. From time to time a workout will put me down for 3 days! it's frustrating I know but emoticon moderation in exercise as well as eating habits I guess

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LORI3679 6/24/2013 6:21AM

    Yes, no reason to injure yourself. Slow and steady wins the race.

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KOFFEENUT 6/23/2013 10:00PM

    You are so right - trying to do too much, too soon is a recipe for putting yourself in a position where you can't do anything at ALL. Take it easy. On this healthy lifestyle journey I figure it doesn't matter how fast we travel. What matters is that we're headed in the right direction!

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Strive for Progress!!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Striving for perfection is a no-win!

We give up because we don't see how well we are actually doing. If we measure our progress based on what has NOT happened rather than what HAS, we lose self-confidence and self-esteem. It is impossible to feel good about ourselves. We are frustrated full-time, we get depressed, thinking we have failed.

‘Perfection’ is an illusion, and it is ellusive. It's a mirage, and we are setting ourselves up for a lifetime of never feeling smart enough, healthy enough, successful or beautiful enough.

Rather than wishing for the perfect body, how about we wish for the best health possible, the richest relationships imaginable, that others will be inspired by our generosity? That sounds more sustainable and fulfilling.

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LORI3679 6/24/2013 8:48AM

    It's hard to remember that, isn't it? That's something I've been working on for a very long time.

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ALIDOSHA 6/22/2013 5:29PM

    emoticon emoticon

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Saturday Reprogramming!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Love Saturday....to decompress, turn off iphone, explore a bit more of New England. 'Specially today, since we are celebrating that my husband is no longer unemployed! He gave up a job he loved for my career move....one that gets us closer to our retirement goals but we did know that there'd be a step back, before catapulting forward.

He needs to feel needed. The job hunt can be a demoralizing thing. He'll keep looking for something is his industry which is irrigation....but it's a bit slower here than in a desert state!

Today - travel to MA for a mule show....he's been looking forward to this! Tomorrow.....planning, prepping meals for week ahead, and my first of once a week "long runs." Will shoot for 5 miles. And to think my long runs 2 years ago were 15!!

Happy Day, one in which food will NOT be a factor in the celebrating. Rather, enjoying meeting new folks, spending time with hubby, and seeing new country. emoticon

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OBIESMOM2 6/22/2013 8:59PM

    emoticon sounds like you have a plan!

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LORI3679 6/22/2013 3:55PM

    I'm the same way!

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ETLNOW 6/22/2013 8:30AM

    Enjoy your day.. it's time to rejuvenate. I'm in CT also, mules in MA, HUH? I learn something new every day. Have fun!

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BLUENOSE63 6/22/2013 7:46AM

  I hear ya sister, I love Saturdays as well.....sort of my reset point of the week.

Have a great weekend

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Thursday - ALREADY?

Thursday, June 20, 2013

And, that's how it's been going, during our whirlwind of the last 8-9 months. But before this week.....it was like this:

1. Sunday: Gear up for a healthy week, a "start-over." Make plans to exercise, eat clean, drink water. Pack food. Super-charged, and envisioning how it used to be.....wearing size 8.

2. Monday: Eat/drink as planned. That is, until lunch. Skip lunch, eat about 3 pm, in the break room, grab a mini-candy bar while there. Drink a diet pop, promise self to double up on water and add a mile to the evening run. Run only 1/2 of what was in Sunday's plan. But hey, I ran, didn't I? Crash on the couch, no fuel, no energy from skipping meals.

3. Tuesday: Throw together a lunch bag as I rush out. Eat about 3. Grab a big candy bar in the break room. Skip the rest of the meals that were packed, but drive thru McDonalds after passing the gym.

4. Wednesday: Who has time to pack, or even think about the gym....must prepare for tomorrow's speech, I hope hubby has laundry caught up. Eat whatever. Go straight to bed upon getting home at 9 pm.

5. Thursday: Eat with wild abandon. Yesterday's meals are still in lunch bag in the car, waiting to be thrown away. Say to self, the week has been ruined, I'll start again Sunday.

6. Friday: 'nuf said, I don't care, just get me to Saturday.

However...this week....here it is THURSDAY and I'm feeling well-rested, slightly sore muscles, the week didn't seem as stressful, and no food has been tossed in lieu of junk food.

Looking forward to Saturday's weigh-in....tomorrow, we get to go on a floating workshop, looking at the Long Island Sound coastline....talk about hurricane Irene....and Sandy....and crazy extreme weather that has become our norm.

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LORI3679 6/21/2013 8:43AM

    Nice job staying on track! Have a great weekend!

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