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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Managed to get 10 minutes of running in this morning (35 minutes, 2.4 miles total). Another chilly morning, though I was definitely sweating by the time I got back home!

My plan to be efficient and vote during Kate's karate class was foiled when I got there and realized I'd grabbed Paul's ballot instead of mine. D'oh! I did end up getting it done before I went to bed, so that's out of the way at least.

Lesson for the day...sigh...I have days like yesterday, where I go all day eating really lightly, and I think hey, I can do this diet thing! But then, inevitably, by 8pm I am STARVING and end up having a big snack. I had a skinny cow ice cream sandwich and several handfuls of the ever-evil wheat thins (which thankfully are almost gone, I have zero temptation when it comes to wheat thins). So....

LESSON #9: MAINTAIN A HEALTHY LEVEL OF EATING THROUGHOUT THE DAY. Better to spread the calories out across the day, than to bulk up right before bedtime and not be able to work it off or anything.

Today I am meeting a friend for lunch - sushi, yum. Tonight is the monthly Girl Scout leader meeting. The fun never stops...

Well, back to work! Hope everyone is having a good week!


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GHK1962 10/22/2014 9:44PM

Running rocks. And 10 minutes is good. You were running walking right? When wifey goes out, she had gone back to her C25K run/walk ... and I do I with her. Its fun I think.

It strikes me as odd that Spark has certain food icons. I mean seriously...they have French fries! But ... skinny cow ice cream is soooo good. And the calorie count is kinda low for ice cream. So all in all, not too bad right?

Is this emoticon of sushi? I cannot see it clearly. But, hope you had a wonderful lunch.

(And sorry I am hi-jacking your blog to put emoticons all over it!)

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Busy Tuesday!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

I keep trying to start writing a blog post but getting interrupted. Hate when work gets in the way of my personal life!


Lordy, was it dark and cold this morning! Only about 50, which is downright chilly after all the 70-degree mornings we've had. Don't get me wrong, I love it! I wore a sweater today, yay! But it did make it harder to drag myself and the pooch out. But we got a couple miles in.


Last night was phonebanking for me, Paul and Kate were at home. Tonight it's my turn to do karate duty - I think I'm going to take my ballot with me so I can get that done and in the mail.

.....okay, where was I? I got interrupted by a phone call and then had to run to a meeting! Guess I'd better just post this thing.


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GHK1962 10/21/2014 8:16PM

    Hahaha ... I have had those days when I start writing a blog or something to a team forum and repeatedly have to come back to it. I keep just telling myself that, yes - work is indeed a 4-letter word!

And good on your for pushing to get out with the pupper even if it did get chilly.

emoticon (Ohmmm)
emoticon (Hi-ya!)
emoticon (This one is the closest I could think of as a ballet dancer. I know you said "ballot", but I misread it at first!)

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UMBILICAL 10/21/2014 7:44PM

  Me too

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Back to Reality!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Monday morning and I'm back at work! The nice thing is that I have a job I really like, so I wasn't dreading coming back. Of course, it helps that it's the quiet time of year and I can wear jeans.


I knew I REALLY should try to run this morning, but I just couldn't face it so I did 40 minutes of yoga instead. Though I did make myself do 50 jumping jacks to start off!


The yoga felt great, but it was hard...I'm really beginning to wonder if this whole working-out-on-an-empty-stomach thing is working as well as I'd like to think. Because I started pooping out 10 minutes in! Which is just silly. Maybe I need to start eating a banana before I work out, or something. May have to start experimenting with that.

Yesterday I got a solid hour of yardwork in. Raked the front lawn and got it all into the green waste bin (I soooo miss the days when I could just rake it all to the curb and pile it there!), did a little weeding and pruning, then ripped out the rest of the tomato plants from the raised beds. So our green waste bin is VERY full. And I was seriously pooped, since I'd already spent an hour walking the dog! But I kind of love raking, it's a great workout and I feel a big sense of accomplishment when I'm done.


Yesterday afternoon we had a Girl Scout meeting, which was pretty mellow. The original agenda was to plan our community service project, but Melinda and I haven't been able to connect with the library or hospital yet so we don't have enough details to move forward. So we just did a few teambuilding exercises (which we have found they LOVE doing, though we tend to have to tamp down the competitiveness a bit), and a craft project.


Eating was good yesterday, other than the one peanut butter cookie I had at the meeting! I really wanted dessert last night, but I'd had a glass of wine with dinner so I decided I'd better skip. I remember reading an interview once where the woman said when she goes out to dinner, she has either the bread OR a glass of wine OR dessert. Very disciplined! But wine/dessert seems like a fair tradeoff. Even though I should probably skip both. But I love both!


So I guess we'll count that as LESSON #8 - BALANCE MY CHOICES AT EACH MEAL. If that makes sense.

Otherwise, I'm still working on the "one day at a time" mentality, and trying to make good choices one meal at a time. Stay tuned.


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FLORNH 10/20/2014 9:33PM

    40min of yoga is awesome and starting it with jumping jacks was a great compromise.

And in terms of earing, you have to make choices you can live with, so if choosing wine over dessert is it, there is no porblem with that!

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Back from Vacation!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Well, we're back from San Diego! Got back late yesterday afternoon, and dove right into the flurry of picking up the guinea pigs from Kate's friend's house, getting together a dinner menu for the week, hitting the grocery store, and of course piles of laundry. Thankfully, Paul's parents dropped Bam-Bam off yesterday morning - they live about an hour away from us, so it would have been a pain to have to go get her! They're way too good to us. :-)

This morning, I'd been kind of hoping to get a bike ride in, but it was a bit chilly and Bam-Bam of course was raring to go (bounced right up on the bed at 6am as always). So I told her okay pooch, be careful what you wish for, we're going to walk all the way around the park! (about 45 min). But the last laugh was on me, as she towed me even further - 3.2 miles, exactly 1 hour. So I started off the day right! And I'll get more calorie burning in, since I need to rake the front yard and finish ripping out the tomato plants.

(In case you're wondering where the heck Paul is in all this, he is about to head out to walk precincts for the day, so he's doing his part, never fear.)

Vacation was great, I can't tell you how nice it was to have a week with no schedule!!! We all really needed it. And of course it's great to have so much family time.

We hit the Aquarium, the Zoo (two days), Balboa Park (Museum of Man and Natural History Museum), Seal Beach in La Jolla, the hotel pool many times, Cabrillo Lighthouse, and saw "The Box Trolls" (which we all loved). Ton of time on the feet on Mon, Tues, and Thurs (Zoo and Balboa Park days). At the Zoo you not only walk the equivalent of a couple miles, easy, but it's also very hilly! We were super beat those days.

On Tues, Thurs, and Fri, Paul and I went out for about an hour walk each morning around the bay and beach, really nice. I miss living near the ocean!

So let's see, lessons learned for this past week? Let's see...

LESSON #5: JUST BECAUSE THE KID IS HAVING DESSERT, DOESN'T MEAN I NEED TO. We let her have dessert after lunch and dinner every day, since it was vacation. Unfortunately, we indulged also! So I've gotta get back on the wagon.

Along those lines...I realized last night, as I grabbed my nightly diet root beer from the fridge, that I originally started the root beer habit as a way of satisfying my sweet tooth to substitute for dessert. But almost every night, I have a root beer and dessert! So for this week, I am going to choose - each night, I can have one or the other, but not both. So last night I opted for the soda.

LESSON #6: BRING MORE WORKOUT CLOTHES THAN I THINK I'LL NEED. I brought enough for three workouts, but we actually had time for a walk yesterday morning and I probably would have done it if I'd had any clean workout stuff to wear. Should have brought four sets of workout clothes rather than three.

LESSON #7: VACATION DOESN'T HAVE TO MEAN WEIGHT GAIN (YAY!). I was down a bit before I left, and this morning I was only up a pound from that. :-) Other than the desserts, we really ate pretty decently - particularly since we had a kitchen in our room. We ate breakfast in the room every day (bagels or toast, fruit, yogurt), and packed lunch every day but one (sandwiches or cheese/crackers/salami). And of course, we got a ton of walking in! Not to mention playing in the pool almost every day. (Can't keep this kid away from a pool!).

So that's about it from here. As soon as I finish my coffee, I"m going to tackle the yard work. Then the only big thing on the agenda is a Girl Scout meeting this afternoon.

Happy Sunday!

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GHK1962 10/20/2014 12:47AM


But what? No Leggoland?!?!?

Ok, I guess if you visited the aquarium and the awesome zoo and balboa park and ohhhhhh yeah Seal Beach (major high-5) ... then you are forgiven.

emoticon (tongue sticking emoticon says slap that Greg.)

Nevertheless, it sounds like you had a fun time ...and memories? Wayyyyyy better than anything else!

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FLORNH 10/19/2014 1:43PM

    Glad you had a great time!

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Friday and Almost Vacation Time!!

Friday, October 10, 2014

Got on the scale this morning - what the heck, might as well get a pre-vacation number - and to my total shock, I was DOWN! By a couple pounds! I can't tell you what a nice surprise that is, seems like every time I've gotten on the scale the past month or so it just keeps inching up. So that was a really nice way to start the day.

emoticon emoticon

Got about a half hour of yoga in, that was all I had the oomph for. I tell you, I'd kill for a good night's sleep about now. But the yoga felt good.


I'm just about through my pre-vacation to-do list, thank goodness. Zipped over to Macys last night to get some underwear (priorities, you know). I cruised through the shoe section and not only did I find two pairs I liked, but they had them both in size 10! You'd be amazed how rare that is. And they were both on sale, 25% off. Love love love.


I'm only working till lunchtime today. Then I'm having lunch with a couple friends, then I"m officially on vacation!


This afternoon Paul, his dad, and I are driving down to San Jose for "Friday Night Lights" at Levi's Stadium. I'm really excited - I've been wanting to check out the new digs, but no way am I shelling out for 49er ticket prices. Tonight there are two high school football games there, one game is actually two Sacramento teams. But we don't really care about the games, we just want to check out the stadium. The bummer is that it's a LONG drive, but what can you do. It'll be worth it! Paul found a good-looking Korean bbq place on yelp, so hopefully we can manage a halfway healthy dinner as opposed to ballpark food.


This may be my last blog for a while, unless I squeeze one in tomorrow. Tomorrow will be kind of crazy - I have to get some supplies for Kate's class "haunted house" over to school by 9am, then Fall Carnival starts at 11. Kate and I are working the haunted house from 1-2. At 5 we're taking the guinea pigs over to her friend's house, she's going to take care of them. (Paul's parents will take our dog home with them tomorrow.) And then of course, there's packing, pretty much my least favorite thing. But our flight is at 8:40 Sunday morning, so we'll have to be up and out early.


But then we have a week in San Diego!!! Kate is SO excited about the Zoo, she seriously wants to spend the entire week there. Paul is excited to show her his old digs (he grew up in Cardiff-by-the-Sea). It should be a great trip. I'm just so looking forward to a week with no schedule! And lots of down time, and lots of family time.


Happy Friday!

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LILY_SPARK 10/12/2014 12:56PM

    Have a blast and good luck burning tons of calories with all the walking you'll do!

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FLORNH 10/11/2014 7:11PM


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GHK1962 10/10/2014 8:14PM



Well, first you gotta get some stuff done. But most sounds like fun stuff! Like the haunted house thingy. How cool is that?!?!?!

As for SD .... what about LEGGO LAND!!!!

You have a wonderful time!

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