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Happy Hump Day

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

So, my leg has been feeling really good - only bothering me the first few minutes of walks with Bam-Bam. So I decided that today I would get back to running!

Only, as soon as I started out walking, my leg hurt.


I kept walking, thinking maybe it would loosen up, but it wasn't till I was about 20 minutes in that it started feeling better.

So then I was faced with the choice - does this mean I'm now loose enough that it's okay to try running? Or does the fact that it took so long to loosen up, mean that I should not try running?


Sometimes I wish I had a doctor along on my workouts, so I could ask him/her random questions like that!


Anyhow, I decided to play it safe and just continue to power walk. I went all the way around the park, but in reverse of the way I usually do it. Funny how just a little change like that, can make the workout more interesting!


I was kind of annoyed because I was at 49 minutes when I got home, and I've done it in 45 before. But when I mapped it just now, I realized no, I actually did a longer route today, took the long way on one part - so I actually did about half a mile more than I'd thought. Cool! So I did 3.72 miles in 49 minutes, not bad at all.


Otherwise, let's see what's going on. I had a decent lunch yesterday - half a turkey sandwich on wheat, with a spinach salad. But then we had birthday cake for a coworker...I had every intention of just joining the celebration, and taking a pass on the cake. But it was CARROT! One of my favorites!!! And from the best bakery in town. So yes, sigh...I had a piece. A small one, but I ate every bite.


I did pass up wine last night (and the night before)...I realized the other day that I've been having "just a glass" a little too often! I love wine, but those calories do add up.


I will have wine tonight, as we're taking our summer intern out for a goodbye party, but I'm going to try to stick to one. And I think I will try to eat a granola bar or something before we go, so I won't be as tempted to pig out on appetizers and can wait to get home and have a real dinner. Wish me luck!


Oh, and we watched "Zero Dark Thirty" last night. Didn't like it AT ALL. Well, the last part, when they went in to get Bin Laden, was cool, but otherwise, not so much. The whole first hour was CIA people torturing and interrogating Saudis...boy, that's relaxing and fun to watch. Not.


Well, happy Hump Day everyone!


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GHK1962 8/27/2014 8:13PM

    Hey ... that time for the walk is pretty good. Heck, I only run slightly faster! And that's a pretty good distance to walk too.

Nice going :)

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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Bam-Bam was raring to go as usual, but threw up five minutes into the walk. :-( She was perky as ever afterward, but I decided not to push too hard and did a little slower walk today - hit 2.2 miles in 40 minutes (we've generally been doing about 2-1/2 miles in 35-40 minutes).

Kate is having fun at Camp Grammy - she was emailing with Paul and I all day long, kind of funny but hey, whatever works! She is VERY excited this morning because Grammy is taking her shopping. I texted Grammy to remember that Kate's closet is not very big! =:-0 Grammy tends to go a little crazy where her only grandchild is concerned. ;-)

Worked a little late yesterday, then headed to a reception, then Paul and I went to a new "Ramen house" place for dinner. Yum! Really good. I got miso ramen and he got something spicy of course. Got home in time to finally get my nails done, I was way overdue. :-)

Tonight I should be able to leave on time but Paul will probably have to work late. I'll probably tackle the pile of bills and stuff.

Okay, I keep getting interrupted, better post this and get back to work!

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FLORNH 8/26/2014 7:20PM

    Glad Kate got over her fear and is enjoying herself!

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GHK1962 8/26/2014 6:22PM

    Oh man ... noodles are my downfall. (Along with chips and soda ... and beer. And ...oh heck ... I fall a heckauva lot I guess.)

Anyway, just hearing someone talk about eating noodles makes my mouth water.

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Monday, August 25, 2014

Well, yesterday was a tough evening. :-( We took Kate to Paul's parents' (for the week), and she usually loves spending time with them. But she got super teary as it got close to time for us to go, and begged us to stay at least till bedtime. She said that now that she has had "a bad experience away" (i.e., Girl Scout camp), she is afraid to be away. We spent a long time talking her through it, and finally got out of there, and we emailed with her later and she seemed to be doing okay by bedtime. It's after 9am and I haven't heard from her yet, so hopefully she's sleeping in!

I just realized I'm on an 18-day streak, woot! Did weights this morning. Yesterday I did an 11-mile bike ride, Saturday I took Bam-Bam walking almost 3-1/2 miles. So, lots of activity for the weekend. Probably all undone, of course, by my mother-in-law's AMAZING mud pie last night! Oy.

Anyhow, back to work I go. It's the last week of the legislative session, so things are likely to be hopping!

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FLORNH 8/26/2014 6:20AM

    Hope Kate gets over her worries!

And nice job on the exercise streak!

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GHK1962 8/25/2014 5:23PM

    Wow ... this has been a busy week exercise wise for you. Wooo woo!

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UMBILICAL 8/25/2014 12:50PM


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BHENDRICK2 8/25/2014 12:33PM


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Friday, August 22, 2014

Yay, it's Friday! And I am determined for my Saturday not to be as crazy busy as last Saturday, sheesh. Then on Sunday, we'll take Kate to Paul's parents for the week. :-( I'm sad, but I know she'll have lots of fun, and with next week being the last week of legislative session Paul and I are likely to have to work late a lot.

Dentist appointment this morning, now I've got sore gums. :-p I may have to finally cave in, my hygienist keeps urging me to get a water pick. Hmmmm.

Got a 40-min yoga workout in this morning, felt great.

Had an awesome salmon salad for lunch yesterday, and plan to grab another salad for lunch today. I'd like to try to get at least three salad lunches a week.

Okay, keep getting sidetracked, better post this! Happy Friday!


Thursday Check-In

Thursday, August 21, 2014

So, my "salad for lunch every day" pledge has fallen by the wayside, because I was so frustrated at doing that for a couple weeks and not losing a single pound. I had intended to do it at least three days a week, but haven't had any this week, except for a side salad with dinner one night! =:-0 I am meeting a friend for lunch today, so I will make an effort to order salad.


But I have been sticking to my "mix it up" workout schedule. I'm liking the variety, I had really kind of gotten into a rut with just walking. Here's what I've done the past couple weeks:

Mon - dog walk - CHECK (2.2 miles)
Tue - weights - CHECK (half hour)
Wed - dog walk - CHECK (2.5 miles)
Thurs - bike ride - CHECK (7.7 miles)
-Fri - dog walk - CHECK (2.5 miles)
Sat - weights - CHECK - plus dog walk (1.8 miles)
Sun - dog walk - CHECK - plus yardwork (50 min)

Mon - yoga - CHECK (40 min)
Tue - dog walk - CHECK (2.4 miles)
Wed - bike ride - CHECK (7.9 mi)
Thurs - dog walk - CHECK (2.5 miles)

emoticon emoticon emoticon

I'm having fun with the mapmyride site, for some reason it really motivates me to map my walk/ride after the fact and see how many miles I logged. I'm getting good at hitting 2-1/2 miles on each walk, and that seems to kick the pooch's butt, which is good. :-)


Okay, back to work. I am TIRED this week for some reason - I think it's just that my arthritis has really been kicking up so I'm not sleeping well. But I just snagged an appointment with my rheumatologist for Sept. 9th, so that's good - I think it may be time to switch to a new drug, we'll see what he thinks.

Happy Thursday!

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FLORNH 8/22/2014 5:58AM

And glad you dont have to wait too long to see the rheumatologist.

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GHK1962 8/22/2014 12:32AM got the yoga in!

I agree about those sites being potential motivators. I use Strava myself ... and it is kinda cool seeing how much you do. Those sites also make a good record keeper ... and give you other info pace and elevations and sometimes even how you faired against how others have done , etc.

And ... a tired dog is a happy dog.

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