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The Day After

Friday, November 28, 2014

It's 9:30am and I just finally finished the last of the cleanup from yesterday, whew! Except for putting away the card table, which we added onto the dining table to make more room for food and all. But the tablecloths, etc. are all in the wash, and all the dishes are either done, in the dishwasher, or handwashed and put away (e.g., china).

It was a nice day, though the turkey was a bit of a disappointment. Unfortunately, a piece (tail?) apparently fell off and ended up catching fire in the bbq, so the turkey basically cooked in an hour - completely black on the outside, rather smoky-tasting on the inside. Oh well! I had a leg and it wasn't great, so I'm going to make sure to have some white meat today because that turned out better.

49er game last night was depressing, the offense was just a disaster. Pretty much the end of our playoff hopes - we really needed to beat Seattle since we next play them in Seattle and we never beat them there. :-p

My back woes continue...did pretty well all day, but then around 6 or 7 I was just in agony for the entire rest of the evening - couldn't find a comfortable position to sit, walking didn't help, etc. Don't know if it was because I finally sat down for an hour straight to watch the game, or if it just all catches up with me at the end of the day, or what. Better this morning, still in pain but much much lower level, so I"m wondering if maybe I need to stay off my feet for a couple days? I don't know, I'm so frustrated, and a bit scared. I'm going to call the doc on Monday, actually maybe they're open today, and see if I can get a referral to a back specialist and get xrays, because this seems to have moved beyond chiropractic. :-(

Anyhow, took Bam-Bam for a 2-1/2 mile walk this morning - tule fog right down to the ground, could barely even see my neighbor's house! Brrrrr. It's lifted now, it's just overcast. It's supposed to start raining tonight and go on and off till next Thursday, which is just fantastic news (we're in serious drought here in California).

Once we all get dressed and ready, we're going to take Kate over to Sutters Fort - they're supposed to be having an "Indian arts and crafts fair" today, which she's very excited to check out. (She's doing a report on Indians right now for school). Then I think she's going to a friend's for a playdate this afternoon. I plan to take it easy!

Well, my turn to jump in the shower. Happy Day After!

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GHK1962 11/28/2014 5:38PM

    Your take it easy day is filled with things!

And sorry about your back still hurting. (Can you tell if it's a muscle thing vs a nerve/spine thing? Just wondering.)

As for the turkey - I say if everyone had a good time, then the turkey doesn't matter, as it's more the friends and family that make it a great evening :-)

And ... I was really trying not to rub it in that my Seahawks pretty much thumped on your Niner's ... and R. Sherman was pretty much being a jerk too!

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ELRIDDICK 11/28/2014 1:00PM

  Thanks for sharing

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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Here's the quote I posted on my Facebook page today...good to be reminded of what this holiday is all about:

The pilgrims made seven times more graves than huts. No Americans have been more impoverished than these who, nevertheless, set aside a day of thanksgiving.
~H.U. Westermayer

Got my back adjusted yesterday, which helped somewhat but not as much as I'd hoped. Slept okay - woke up every time I needed to roll over, because it hurt! Argh.

But this morning I decided to RUN. It seems counterintuitive, but I have found that whenever my back is really bad, running helps. You'd think the jarring would hurt, but for some reason it works - loosens me up or something.

Plus, of course, I just need to run in general! I just looked and the last time I ran was October 22nd. Sheesh.

So I decided to run one minute, walk two, and do a long enough route to get in 10 minutes. And I did!!! In fact, at the end I was doing my cooldown walk and reflecting on the fact that I wish I could run 10 minutes in a row instead of just 10 minutes total...and I realized that I was still a good five minutes or so from home and I'd been walking nearly three minutes. So I got another run in! So I did 11 minutes of running, 3.05 miles, 40 minutes total. A good way to start Thanksgiving. Yes, I wish I could do better, but I need to focus on what I accomplished, not what I wish I could...this is what I need to work forward from, and beating myself up over not doing more will not help that.

And yes, my back does feel better! And yes, I am sitting upright at the computer, not crossing my legs (my worst sin, horrible for your back).

Anyhow...Kate and I got my mom's pumpkin pie made yesterday afternoon, and Paul got the dinner rolls made (heavenly!) and the cornbread for the stuffing. Lots more to do today, but it's fun. First order of business, whenever the kid gets up (it's 8:30 and she's still out) is to get her to clear all her art supplies off the table so I can set it!

Well, better get some breakfast and get moving. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, everybody....try not to indulge too much, but don't beat yourself up if you do.

emoticon emoticon emoticon

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FLORNH 11/28/2014 10:09AM

    Nice job with the run! Who knew it could help a grumpy back!

Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving!

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GHK1962 11/28/2014 8:36AM

    Happy Day After Thanksgiving!!!

I'm glad your back feels better ... and yeahhhh for some running. And yeah, don't worry about how long you can run, it'll come in time. And if not, you still are doing some of it and that IS good. And you also are walking did a 5K run/walk yesterday ... so that can be your Turkey Trot

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T Minus 1

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Just got back from the back has been HORRENDOUS this week. I can hardly bend over to tie my shoes, and every time I sit for more than ten minutes I get so locked up that I have to walk around for a few minutes till I loosen up enough to stop whimpering with pain. Arrrrrgh. My chiropractor isn't sure what's going on...I'm just frustrated. Hopefully the adjustment will help.


I'm putting together a bunch of yoga stretches and ab exercises, sort of a 10-minute routine that I'm doing every night since everyone says strengthening your abs is the best thing you can do for your back.


Anyhow, let's see, what else is going on. Had a nice time at Apple Hill on Monday, got home around 4 so we had a little down time before Kate's karate class. Yesterday Paul worked the morning, and I had to go in for a meeting. Kate was at a friend's most of the day, so after work we dealt with picking up the turkey, grocery, etc. I picked her up around 4 and we hit Target, then the Dollar Store. I was BEAT by then! Way too much time on the feet. But nice to get all that done.


This morning Kate has a friend over and Paul is working till lunchtime. I'm about to tackle Kate's bathroom - next-to-last stage of Operation Deep Clean, woo hoo! It should be quick, it's tiny. We just got a new shower curtain at Target yesterday because the old one was falling apart, so that's a nice change - a grownup shower curtain instead of the Nemo one.


This afternoon, Kate and I are going to make pumpkin pie, yum. My mom won't be at the Thanksgiving table this year, which will be weird, but her pie will be!


Oh, and I got a nice long walk in with Bam-Bam this morning - 3.12 miles, 55 minutes. Felt great for my back! I really should try some running, I haven't done any in quite a while and it does help my back. Maybe tomorrow morning! Get ready for turkey.


Okay, no more stalling - into the fray (in this case, the bathroom) I go!

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FLORNH 11/27/2014 5:07AM

    Hope you and your family have a great Thanksgiving!

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PKBOO3 11/26/2014 10:09PM

    Bittersweet about the pie and your mom.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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GHK1962 11/26/2014 7:08PM

    First - I hope you can figure out what's going on with your back

Nextly - What's wrong with Nemo shower curtains?!?!?

Lastly - You have a great Thanksgiving tomorrow!

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Busy Weekend but a Quiet Week

Monday, November 24, 2014

Whew, what an active weekend this turned out to be! I didn't actually work out either day, but I feel like I got a lot of movement in.

Friday night, we had friends over for dinner, which was great. Saturday morning, Paul took Kate to karate and my Girl Scout co-leader and I met with the library folks about our service project. We finally have a plan, yay!

Saturday afternoon, Paul and I spent three solid hours tackling the kitchen (Operation Deep Clean continues). Wow, you never realize what filth you're living with till you start cleaning, yikes!!! The entire range, and the inside of the dishwsher, were particularly gross. But wow, the kitchen is sparkling now! As Paul said, this is really a lesson that we can't let stuff go so long....the cleaning lady comes every week, but she just does a very basic job (which is all we pay her to do). We have to get better about actually doing some work in addition to that!

Yesterday afternoon the Girl Scout troop was here, making cupcakes and frosting from scratch as part of their "Simple Meals" badge. They actually didn't make nearly as much of a mess as I'd expected, and they had so much fun! Here's the finished product:

This week I"m off work, except I need to go in tomorrow for one meeting - well, an interview, one of my coworkers is leaving and my boss is trying to get the jump on hiring someone. Today we're heading to Paul's parents'...he's going to help his dad with some stuff and Sharon and Kate and I are going to go tool around Apple Hill. I can't wait! I've been dying to get my fall color fix. We're getting a lot of color here, finally, but it gets colder up there so the color is a lot more dramatic. Plus we can get cider, yum!

I didn't want to get out of bed at all this morning...between all the up-and-down the stepladder, etc. with the kitchen cleaning, and being on my feet for a good couple hours supervising the girls yesterday, my whole body hurt. But Paul rightfully pointed out that I needed to move, particularly since we'll be in the car a lot today. So I got out, without Bam-Bam for a change (we figure the other dog will wear her out today), and got a 25-minute power walk in, felt good.

Well, gotta get in the shower. Happy Monday!


Black Friday...A Different Version

Friday, November 21, 2014

Tough day here in the Senate today...the new head of personnel is meeting with several offices and word is that they are all getting either heavily cut, or eliminated altogether. One of the offices is where I used to work, and I still have friends there...the meeting is happening right now and I'm stressing for them. :-( This is absolutely unprecedented, but I've been hearing for a while that the Senate budget is in trouble, and I think the old head of personnel was just here way too long and let things get out of hand. So now the poor new guy has to be the bad guy. Not fun for anyone.

So anyhow, I am very thankful that I am in a position where my job is safe!

Took Bam-Bam for a walk this weird, we did a slightly different route but I just mapped it and was 2.43 miles again, just like yesterday.

Got my bloodwork out of the way this morning - had to fast for this one, doc wanted me to do a cholesterol test since it's been like 5 years since I last did one. I thought I was being clever - the lab opens at 8, so I didn't get there till like 8:45, thinking the initial wave would be done. No such of the techs was stuck in traffic, so they were totally backed up. Didn't get out of there till 9:20, ugh. Then I went to La Bou to get some oatmeal but they were out, wah! So I ended up with a scone that tasted like it was at least a day old. :-p I will definitely be getting a big lunch today!

Nothing on the sched last night, but turned out to be a busy evening...Paul made a huge batch of lasagna, and homemade bread, for tonight (we're having friends over), so I had a huge kitchen cleanup on my hands. Plus I gave the dog a bath, plus I had to deal with some Girl Scout stuff. Tonight will be relaxing though, since we're having friends over for dinner.

Well, back to it. Last day of work till December, woo hoo!

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PKBOO3 11/26/2014 9:57PM

    I've heard of scones, but don't know what they are. I'll have to Google that!

Lasagna! Yummy!

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GHK1962 11/21/2014 6:15PM

    Oh man...that is tough on some of your friends. I hope it's not too drastic.

Hope your weekend is relaxing at least.

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KNEEMAKER 11/21/2014 1:59PM


Comment edited on: 11/21/2014 1:59:42 PM

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