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Thinking back

Monday, February 27, 2012

I was always plenty thin all through school. I put on some weight in 8th grade and really fell apart after I stopped marching band in college. I could out eat the guys, but don't all little girls want to be thin and pretty? So, what were some of the things I did right? I thought thin. Like all the time that I wasn't actively doing something else I was paying attention to how I hold myself. Waiting in line in the lunch room? Stand with your weight off your heels, just slightly on your toes. Riding to school in the car? Kept my tummy tensed. Walking to my locker I would try to glide along and balance while walking so I didn't stomp along. Some thing I probably shouldn't have done so much were take the stairs leaping two or three at a time, but it's hard to tell someone young to be nicer to their knees. And there is nothing keeping me from thinking thin again. That can be a lot of work out in the little moments of the day!


It's a start

Monday, January 09, 2012

Adding little by little will be the only way to do things. If I take on too much at once I'll get panicked or overwhelmed and quit or even just forget things little by little. I made a page today. I was going to add a photo, but it wouldn't upload. I kept getting a broken link error. So my page will look bare for a while. Anyways, I had lost some weight last summer, but started putting it back on. Hopefully this time around I'll get closer to being as fit as I used to be. There has been a lot of changes this fall though. I left a job and my husband got one finally. I just have to make this into a new and good routine now that life is finally settling again.