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28 day boot camp challenge (3rd week on SP)

Sunday, July 07, 2013

So I started the 28 day boot camp challenge this week and so far so good. emoticon I think for week two I am going to bump up the SP videos to two rounds along with my 30 minutes of cardio. I've been trying out different cardio workout's because I want to find something that I enjoy AND is effective!

I did REALLY well on nutrition as well. And I put up a visual motivator, a virtual picture of me at my weight now and another of what I will look like at goal. I put it on my refrigerator so that every time I go into the danger zone (my kitchen) I will see it and be reminded of what I am working so hard for. Think I might print up another to put on my bathroom mirror. I love looking at that beautiful girl emoticon .

What's bothering me is my weight loss (or lack thereof) for the week. I didn't lose anything emoticon . I guess I should be happy that I didn't GAIN anything. I'm not sure why its bothering me so much. I've told myself over and over from the day I started that it's not just about what's on the scale, but when I looked at the scale all of that went out of the window. It's not discouraging me, but it is making me question myself. Am I eating the wrong things? Not enough? too much? Am I not exercising enough? Should I switch up the kinds of workouts that I am doing?

I'm feeling down, but definitely not out. On to week 4!!

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UMBILICAL 7/7/2013 11:12PM

  Boot forward

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Second Week Down! Changes...

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Woo! Second week down! I know to a lot of people that doesn't sound like a huge deal but to me, IT IS. Usually by this point I would have thrown in the towel because I felt too hungry, or because I had some sort of set back mentally or emotionally and used eating to heal that. But not this time... There have been a couple of changes that I have noticed at the close of the 2nd week. First, I drink 9-12 cups of water emoticon DAILY without thinking twice about it, its become second nature. The next thing I've noticed is that I have more self control when it comes to meals.. only eating a single serving portion without going back for more and LISTENING to my body tell me when I am SATISFIED and not waiting until I'm FULL.

Now, the downsides to the week... emoticon I didn't exercise as much as I should of because I used the excuse that I made a mistake calculating when using the fitness tracker. I wont be making that mistake again. And the other downside was that I got this toddler cookbook from WIC and made this banana bread. I don't like bananas so i figured it would be just for the kids. WRONG!!! it was soooooo delicious!! I ate waaaaaay to much of it, I'm talking CARBS galore!!!! So what's the lesson I learned from that? No keeping goodness like that in the house anymore. LOL Not saying carbs are bad but they are definitely something that sticks to me weight wise so I try not to go overboard.

Finally, I had some what of an emotional set back this week emoticon . Instead of reaching for emoticon emoticon emoticon yummies, I prayed. And the next day, I told myself I'm not going to eat my sadness or let it eat me. I thought to myself "how can I make myself feel better about me?" I got on YouTube and started looking up things that interested me and drowned myself in it for days. Not only did I work myself through the sorrow without eating, I have a few new projects I'm going to be working on!! YAY!!!

I think what's going to make a difference in my weight loss journey is that I mentally prepared myself this time around. I'm ready to face those hurdles, and I'm ready for a new me. Inside and out! emoticon

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MIDNIGHTER1 6/30/2013 6:56PM

    This is a huge deal. Any steps for your personal journey towards better health is a big deal and treat it as such.Which you have.
Yes ,you have to change your mindset to stay on the right path. Sounds like you are headed in the right direction.Mentally focus on the things you need to do to stick to your plan. emoticon

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GOATGRANNIE 6/30/2013 2:13PM

    Two weeks is awesome. Using all those great tools to change behaviors is even more so. emoticon emoticon

I am inspired!

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  So good for you to have come this far just by making a decision and sticking to it after all consistency is powerful and leads to success. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon mm

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LANNIEMANUEL 6/30/2013 1:42PM

    be proud of yourself. you got this down and can keep going.

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First week down!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

So I officially completed my first week here on SP. It was an okay week. I did well with the nutrition and exercise logs and learned a lot about using the site. I haven't introduced myself in any of the communities but getting involved is something I would like to do because I could definitely use the support! I slipped up last night emoticon . I don't know what got into me but I was so hungry after dinner. I waited a while, had some water but still ended up eating a second serving AND having some granola too. UGH, I felt horrible after. I read a few motivational entries this morning though and just hoped right back on the wagon! I'm determined not to let a little slip up here and there completely derail me like it has in the past!!!

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1966SUNSHINE 6/23/2013 8:12PM

    You're exactly right! Don't give up, you can do this! This is a great place for hope and encouragement that you need and you can give that to others as well. Everyone messes, no one is perfect - its what you do after that. You hopped right back on the wagon! emoticon

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LILSPARKIE85 6/23/2013 3:10PM

    Awesome! And welcome to SP! Take the mishap from last night and learn from it so you can prevent it from happening in the future. But remember that mishaps will happen time and again. Everything in moderation. :)

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