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Sleep Log Day 1

Wednesday, September 03, 2014

From Tuesday night:
What time did you wake up today? 6:30am
What time are you lying down to go to sleep? 10:45pm
What, if any, was your bedtime routine? After getting kids to bed, I shower and get into pjs. Most times I am not tired yet and sit and watch tv or read for another hour or so.
What were the last food(s) you consumed tonight? (Include type, amount, and time you ate.) I ate dinner at 8 (I worked out after feeding kids dinner earlier in the evening.) I had a B.L.T. sandwich, applesauce, and a cheeststick
Did you exercise today? (Include the type, duration, and time of day if you exercised.) I ran 3 miles in 35 minutes around 6:30pm
Did you consume any alcoholic beverages today? (Include type, number, and time of day.) No
Did you consume any caffeinated drinks or foods today? (Include type, number, and time of day.)
Did you take any medications (prescription and/or over-the-counter) today? (Include type, amount, and time of day.) Some Advil for a headache earlier in the day.
Did you take any naps today? (Include number of naps, duration of each, and time of day.) No
What types of stressors did you encounter today, and what types do you expect to encounter tomorrow? I worked for 6 hours. I cared for the kids, cooked dinner, helped with homework. Tomorrow will be similar minus working.
How hungry did you feel today? (1- Not hungry, 2- Normal hunger, 3- Strong hunger, 4- Extreme hunger) 2
How awake did you feel today? (1- Exhausted, 2- Somewhat tired, 3- Fairly alert, 4- Wide awake) 3
How irritable did you feel today? (1- Calm, 2- Slightly annoyed, 3- Moderately irritable, 4- Highly irritable) 2


How long did it take you to fall asleep last night? Within 15 minutes of laying down
How many times did you wake up during the night? (Include times you woke up and how long you stayed awake.) 6 times. Not exactly sure of times since I didn't have my glasses on but each time I stayed awake a minimum of 10 minutes.
In total, how many hours did you sleep last night? Probably about 6.5 hours with subtracting the wakeups from total time.

I think the poor quality of sleep is contributing to my headaches everyday.

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INC0RRIGIBLE 9/3/2014 11:06AM

    You're probably right. I just get emotional, but when my husband sleeps poorly on a regular basis he has horrible migraines and gets really sick. Camomile tea before bed and a little lavender oil on your pillow will likely do wonders. They're both mild sedatives that are good for helping you get to sleep, as well as stay asleep. They can feel much stronger when your body is craving a good night's sleep, though. You'd think dh had been hit with knock out gas, the way he responds to lavender! Lol

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April Goals--- Don't fix what ain't broke!

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

This month my goals are pretty basic. They aren't able pounds to lose or major accomplishments. My weight loss has started to die off but I am developing more muscle and am starting to tone!!!

1. Continue following Jessica Smith TV weekly schedules. I have started seeing great results!!!! Gotta keep it up!!!
2. Work towards at least a Silver Medal on my SPAT each week. (Have been getting bronze the last few)
3. Get the kids outdoors and active again now that weather is getting better. And get out there with them.

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WILSHAR7 4/1/2014 8:19PM

    Sounds like good goals. Have fun with the kids and outside!!!

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Look Out 2014 Here I Come!!!!!

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

My SAHM team Challenge for today was to blog my goals for 2014 and January. So here goes...
January Goals:
1. To get at least a 60 minute workout 3 days a week.
2. To try a new exercise class.

2014 Goals:
1. Run another Half Marathon (May)
2. Run a Full Marathon (November)
3. See how long of a Spark Streak I can get.

All attainable goals I think. Here's to 2014!!!!!

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WILSHAR7 3/4/2014 10:27AM

    Great goals for Jan. Did you reach them? Did you set new goals for Feb. and reach them? What about March?
Malia challenges us to meet the people on out team. I either didn't know you were on the SAHM's team or I just wasn't paying attention. I am Sharon and I blog and am on SP everyday. When I comment on your blog, I hope I motivate you. I have friended you. Have a GREAT day.

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SLIMMINGSHAY 1/2/2014 10:57AM

    a half marathon huh? I can't even imagine! Good on you!

What kind of streak are you looking for making!? I hit 140 log in streak last year! WOOT! I'm aiming for a new one and hopefully, a fitness one too!

Here's to a new year!

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FEMISLIM 1/1/2014 2:06PM

    Great goals!!!

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I Made It!!

Monday, October 21, 2013

I survived Fall Break. I woke up 3 days a week at 4 in the morning and went to gym to get my exercise in. I didn't get as intense as I normally do, but an hour is better than nothing. I tried to stay on point for my eating but I may have let a few things slide since we were prepping things for Halloween and had a playdate with cousins. After two weeks straight with my children I appreciate the quiet and peace I have during the day. But I know I'll have to make a better plan for Christmas Break since it's in 61 days. emoticon

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JEWELS571 10/22/2013 2:07PM

    Good job!!

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NYARAMULA 10/22/2013 1:50AM


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SUNSET09 10/22/2013 1:16AM

  emoticon emoticon As we all have to start from somewhere and you're doing a great job! It'll be easier by Christmas! emoticon You did it~ emoticon

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Getting Back!

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

After a week of sick children then a small running injury to my foot, let's say I got off track. I keep eating the way I was while running 15-20 miles a week but wasn't getting the exercise to justify. Then it all caught up to me. And now I'm fighting out the hole I created and getting focused again on training for my first half marathon. Wish me luck :)

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MPETERSON2311 10/8/2013 6:57PM

    good luck!

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BEWITCHED_26 10/8/2013 1:32PM

    Good Luck!

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FYFE82 10/8/2013 10:00AM

    Thanks :)

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REEDWEEB 10/8/2013 9:47AM

    Good Luck! emoticon

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PRINCESS_SOFI 10/8/2013 9:46AM


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