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Temptation overload

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Oh my! I am sitting at work. I've tracked all day. I'm at 1100 calories for the day. I have just a little below 10000 steps and I still have plenty of opportunities to get steps in. I'm working... minding my own business. Then a lady from the next cube row comes down our aisle offering chocolate chip cookies from Chick Fil A. Easy rejection. I KNOW how much of an effect those are going to have on my count. Not good! Then an accountant in my same aisle says "I have Nutter Butters". Hmmm I do like Nutter Butters and the calories are right on the package. Naw, not worth it. Then I get an email to my personal email on my phone. I look. Culver's is announcing the frozen custard flavors of the month! I see "cashews" and I quickly close the email. All of this happened within 3 minutes! I've turned my headphones up a bit, and I'm just going to keep working. I'll eat my honey crisp apple, and think happy thoughts. I felt this was a good time to post an entry.

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BARBANNA 10/30/2013 6:45PM

    Way to go, glad you did not let sabotage get you! emoticon emoticon

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STUDLEEJOE 10/30/2013 3:52PM

    emoticon emoticon

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Negative Self-Voice

Friday, October 04, 2013

My negative self-voice, which I affectionately call "the Sh*t Talker", is constant when I find myself in highly stressful, non-spiritual situations. Often times it is when I haven't taken the necessary steps to get centered with my God and my universe. As a person in recovery, I have often equated the negative self-voice with being the voice of ego or the voice of the disease, as it is the voice that tells me I am better than and less than, often at the same time about the same thing. It is the voice that tells me that my responsibilities can wait, now is the time for fun and/or comfort (eating, smoking, drinking, etc.).
I have found a remedy, somewhat of an ability to turn the volume down. I think the voice is still there, just not audible and/or not so negative. This remedy is through self-appraisal, admission of defects, making amends and through prayer and meditation, with the emphasis on prayer and meditation. When I catch my breath, say my prayer (non-selfish prayers of course), and get quiet long enough to hear the answers, the negative voice volume falls dramatically, even to the point of being inaudible.

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JENNIFIER615 10/11/2013 10:13PM

    Oh thank you for sharing this. I wondered today if I was the only one who had a "negative voice". I love that you actually gave yours a personality. The Sh*t Talker (LOVE IT). I am in the process of getting mine under control. That voice when I look in the mirror that thinks Sheesh a better body is gonna take forever.......farther than my negative voice and person can see into the future. It makes me feel bad and sometimes the way I cope with that is by trying to do something to pick myself up....that usually revolved around food in some way. I never noticed how much I knew about various restaurants/food/recipes etc until I started watching what I ate and heard myself talk about it to other friends. It was like a little light come on, like NO WONDER you feel as big as a house....your world revolved around food. Well not anymore.

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NIKI778 10/4/2013 8:53AM

    That is a great way to deal with your negative voice. I am still learning mechanisms to cope with mine.

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The mental fight...One more step.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

I had to mentally fight myself all workout long. Usually there is a little fight, and then I forget as I continue to workout. Today, every minute I wanted to stop. My breathing was fine, my heart rate was fine, my legs felt fine, my brain was fighting though. Maybe in the past when it was this strong I would stop or find an excuse to not workout. Today I completed my full workout. It feels better than normal as I think about it now, because I feel like I prevailed through adversity. I'd like to understand some methods to continue to work when I have such mental push to stop.

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MELODYTARYN 9/12/2013 11:44AM

    One of my friends who is a big comic book fan, told me to create my inner superhero with a backstory, purpose, and superpower. When you get to the part of the workout that your mind is just telling you to stop, trick yourself by turning into that superhero. I tried it and was surprised to find that it actually did work and I was able to get some extra energy to continue. It got me past the inner voices saying "you are not an athlete" and "you do not run" and "you are too big and people are watching"

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MYRMEN 9/12/2013 9:22AM

    emoticon on your effort. You'll just get stronger both mentally and physically.

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LINDYPOWER 9/12/2013 8:30AM

    Great job sticking it out!!! Sometimes I just lose all motivation to work out and the same thing happens....every min I'll want to stop but when I push through and finish my workout as planned....it's a GREAT feeling!!!! emoticon

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SNS1968 9/12/2013 8:21AM

    emoticon emoticon

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Spark Coach and Setting Long Term Goals

Monday, September 09, 2013

I feel like I am back to trying to get back on track. Although I haven't really experienced weight gain, I have stopped losing on a regular basis. I know that there is direct correlation with the number of times I log on daily and the progress of me making smart food choices and finding motivation to exercise. Further I've realized that if I workout and have good news to report, I am much more likely to log on. My immediate goal is to log on everyday.

In six months I would like to be near my target weight of 160. I would like to be a college graduate (plan to graduate in Dec 2013), I'd like to have at least one section of the CPA exam complete, I'd like to be prepared for the GMAT, and have applied to a few graduate school programs. Also I would like to have purchased or nearing a purchase of my first home.

In one year, I'd like to have added 10 pounds of lean muscle to my target weight. I would like to be regular with significant cardio. I would like to be finished with the CPA exam, and perhaps certified. I would like to definitely be a home owner by this time and have a good start at paying off my school loans. Additionally I would like to be in a graduate program.

In 5 years, I want school paid off, I want a house with 5+ years of equity, I want my daughter's education planned and paid to an extent.

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ANDYLIN90 9/9/2013 11:44AM

    Ambitious goals...good for you!

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PENNYSAVER2 9/9/2013 9:43AM

    One day at a time you will be able to tackle your goals. Best wishes!! emoticon

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Out of Sight!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

The infamous candy jar at work is in a cubicle 2 cubicles from mine. I used to make multiple trips through out the the day to grab handfuls of candy. I have not made that trip in over 2 months.

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KAT321123 7/25/2013 10:04AM

    Nice work! It can be so hard to increase one's mindfulness to stop doing things like that, but it sounds like you've mastered it. You rock!

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KMCASSADA0515 7/25/2013 9:40AM

    WOHOOO! Way to go!! :)

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