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Illness and overtraining

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

So, the kidlets and I went to the doc today, and he confirmed my suspicions for me for sure, and I wasn't far off on the kids either. The oldest has a double whammy of two ear infections, the youngest has bronchitis, and he is very worried about the pain in my chest because it indicates early stage pneumonia. So, the kids both have yucky tasting liquid meds, and I have 5 different meds myself. Mine are for everything from the infection that has led to my early pneumonia to the symptoms such as ear pressure, sinus pressure and breathlessness. I HATE BEING ILL! It totally sucks. I told him that exercise has become a huge part of my life now, and he banned me from it for at least a week(I knew that was coming, just didn't expect it to be for so long). With the infection being in my lungs, I am pushing my luck already, and exercising is just going to make it way worse to catch my breath. GRRRRR............... When I told my running buddy, she told me about something she heard from someone or somewhere. One of the signs of overtraining (which her and I have both been guilty of, me especially lately) is that you get sick because your are overtaxing your body and suppressing your immune system. So, I totally did this to myself! For anyone out there that is an intense person when it comes to exercise, LISTEN to your BODY! Watch for signals of overtraining like extreme fatigue, check it out here at Sparkpeople, I know there is an article somewhere on here about it. I will take a look, and add it to my articles favourites. So, my current goal is to get lots of rest (ha ha, so funny when the kids are home), I guess that means I need to get to bed at a decent time every single night. Also, I am still going to focus on my calorie range, and make sure that every calorie I consume is healthy food that will contribute to my recovery instead of binging on ice cream treats. Hopefully, I will at least maintain my weight while I battle this infection. I do not want to let this be an excuse to neglect my diet and gain weight, I don't want my weight loss plans to get totally derailed at this point! Also, I need to be extra patient with the kids, and make sure they get plenty of fluids and rest too. Gotta take care of us!

So I did a Sparkpeople search, and you can see the two articles I found in my favourites.

Also I did a google search and found this list on the website "Time-to-Run" time-to-tun.com. It speaks specifically about runners, but I would think that it applies to any kind of cardio activity where you are working in an intense zone.

Listed below are the warning signs of overtraining:

In the Muscles
Persistent soreness and stiffness in the muscles, joints and tendons.
Heavy - leggedness.
Emotional Symptoms

Loss of interest in training.
Nervousness - a heightened state
Depression - humour is lacking
A "I don't care" attitude.
Inability to relax - linked to nervousness
A drop in academic or work performance - inability to focus
Body Warning Signs - body does not feel the same

Headaches - an increase in headaches
Loss of appetite - food aint fun
Unexplained drop in athletic performance - no go zone
Fatigue and sluggishness - it aint easy anymore
Drop in body weight - mass associated to overtraining
Swelling of lymph nodes in the neck, groin, and armpit.
Constipation or diarrhea - body functioning impaired
Absence of menstruation - weight plays a factor

Overtraining is not reserved for the experienced and long-term trainer, the newbie can also fall into the 'overtraining zone'. These symptoms however are often shown via injuries and sickness and is not considered chronic whereas the more over zealous experienced runner who will tend to ignore the signs and fall flat bang in the middle of this 'zone'. It is not a pretty picture to deal with an athlete who has overtrained.

So, I feel a little ridiculous right now, because I have been experiencing some of these signs for about 6 weeks now, and I didn't listen to my body. If anything, I just pushed myself harder, and ignored the idea that I should be having 1 rest day a week minimum, and that I should take a week off every 2 to 3 months like a good friend of mine told me months and months and months ago. The universe has been talking to me, and I have been covering my ears and yelling LA LA LA LA LA LA LA at the top of my lungs to shut it out, because, I thought I knew better, and that I could take it! I think this is a sign that I have been sliding back into my old unhealthy ways I had back in high school when I suffered from bulimia and anorexia. I have been so carefully trying to avoid those old eating habits, that I forgot all about my extreme exercising during that time. I really need to get away from my obsession with exercise. So, when I have fully recovered from this nasty infection, I will start back very slowly. I think, 30 minutes of cardio, 3 days a week is a good plan. I am not sure when would be a good time to get back to it, maybe two weeks or even 3 from today, just to be really sure I am not pushing myself too hard. This has been a super long blog entry, thanks to everyone who got through the whole thing.

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    Wow, I'm sorry to hear this!
It sounds like you definitely need the rest, though, and I suggest some movie watching with the kids...aka nap time for you!

When you're ready to exercise again, take it slow. Maybe it'd be good to make sure you're eating well enough (or at the bottom of your range) so moderate/easy exercise will help you reach your calorie deficit. Then you can work up in intensity.

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    Hey! Glad your trip to the Dr got some results for you! Hope you get better soon and it's great to see your light bulb moment! Take good care of you!! Bel :)

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RCHRISPY 7/30/2009 3:11AM


I hope you can learn to be still during this time of inactivity. Its hard but at times needed. I pray your illness passes quickly and that your dr will approve you for exercise again. I had pneumonia when I was in 9th grade and it was no fun. I was slated to run my fastest mile of my life (a 6:30), but I got sick before the final run test and I came in at a miserable 10:30. I still look back and go what if. But at times you need to find a different path.

I also was in that Anorexic over exercising state too. In college, to lose all the weight, I packed on after recovering from pneumonia which was closely followed by mono. Only with the help of my friends did I learn from my ways. Its rough to have to relearn lessons but at times its necessary.

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NAVYTAG 7/30/2009 12:41AM

    That all sounds awful...I have a tendency to push myself harder than I should at times also. I suppose I should be more cautious. I just can't seem to shake the mindset of wanting to be at goal weight now! Anyway, I hope all ends up o.k. with you and your kids. Get well soon!


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LISAW/3 7/30/2009 12:29AM

    Sorry to hear how sick you are! I hope you and the kids get better quickly! Get lots of rest!

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TADPOLE21 7/29/2009 10:37PM

    Wishing you well soon, too.

Take care of yourself!

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FIT4LIFE! 7/29/2009 10:34PM

    Sorry to read about you and your kiddies illnesses; hopefully this is the opportunity for you to get some much needed rest. I can totally relate to what you're going through and empasize your comment to LISTEN TO YOUR BODY!

I had back surgery last year and was feeling so *strong* about a month ago that I didn't give myself proper rest in between workouts, so after 12 days (stupid, stupid, stupid) of consistent cardio/strength combination training, I could barely get out of bed. Everybody knows you should take at least 2-3 days off in that span of time, but I guess I was trying to prove something to myself, and it backfired. My mind said GO and my body jammed on the brakes! I was walking around here feeling as bad as the first few weeks after surgery and thought I had really messed myself up. Thankfully I've gotten almost back to experiencing just minor discomfort, but I'll NEVER, EVER do that again.

Don't learn the hard way like I did! And like you mentioned, I was also concerned about gaining without the exercise, but if you're diligent with tracking your meals and being conscious of what you're eating - you'll do fine!

Hang in there and get better...

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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BEFIT014 7/29/2009 10:32PM

    WOW! Sorry to hearthis! Definitely yor first priority are you & the kids.

Hope you feel better REAL soon! emoticon emoticon

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EDWARDS1411 7/29/2009 10:26PM

    Your first priority is to get yourself and your kids well again. Don't worry about "excuses" - you're ill. Try to get lots of rest and eat healthy - don't expect anything else from yourself right now. Wishing you well soon!!!

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Stressful times

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Okay, so, I have a ton of stress around me right now with extended family issues. I usually don't let this stuff get to me, but I am quite under the weather right now. I have a suspicion that I have pneumonia, and both my kids are sick too, so we go to see the doc tomorrow and get looked at. I get so frustrated with people who have to worry about stuff that isn't their business and go around acting like little kids. Family drama is totally not my thing, it really just gets in the way of day to day life so I try to stay out of it. Usually in my attempts to stay out of it, I swallow my stress, literally. I eat constantly, being an emotional eater. With the way I am feeling these days though, I am having to force myself to eat a lot of the time, because I don't even feel hungry and don't realize I haven't eaten until I am shaky from not eating. So, I am trying to avoid extremes right now, to make sure I am getting enough good healthy food, and not diving into the convenient foods of ice cream and ice cream sandwiches left in my freezer when I finally do eat. August has to be a successful month for me, I just don't want it to go any other way! If I reach my goal of 155 by the time school starts up, I will be satisfied. I am going to try and reach it with more focus on eating right than worrying about my exercise. Then, when school starts, I will have the eating thing going well, and adding in consistent exercise will hopefully shed the last 20 pounds in no time.

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    Hey I am sorry to hear you are having a rough time! That is not good at all! Hope things improve for you soon and don't beat yourself up too much if you do over eat. It will only make you feel worse and you don't need that at the moment. Try and stay positive and take it one day at a time and you'll get there... Bel :)

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EDWARDS1411 7/28/2009 9:50PM

    Oh my gosh, I can so relate to what you're saying about family drama! Life with its ups & downs and concerns sure does get in the way of our best intentions. Be gentle and patient with yourself. You have way too much stress going on right now - both emotional and physical. While you're ill, forego the exercise, but once you're well again try to get in small bouts throughout the day. Those small bits of 10 min. or so add up at the end of the day. While eating healthy is critical to weight loss, those small bits of exercise will definitely help you more to reach your goals. Hope it goes well at the doctor's tomorrow - your first concern is the health of your children and yourself. This most definitely is the time to stay away from those that cause you emotional stress. While you can't control what is going on with them, you can control how you react to their concerns. Take care and I hope you are on the mend soon!!!!

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BEFIT014 7/28/2009 5:25PM

    My husbands' family always has drama in their lives-if it's not there, they create it. Personally, I stay away from his family as much as possible. I prefer my nice quiet, calm life-can't deal with the drama! Good luck to ya!

And I hope everything goes well tomorrow for you and the kids!

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VIBAUSTIN 7/28/2009 4:14PM

    You have a lot in your life right now. I hope the doctor's appointment went well. If you can just keep eating the food that is good for you, it will be a big plus. Drink lots of liquids and get as much rest as you can. Hope you are better soon. emoticon

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Eating right when I am not getting my exercise in.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

I can't believe it has been a week since I last blogged! It went by so fast, summer seems to be doing that to me this year. Speaking of summer, I went for a walk with my running buddy last night. We had to cut our 1 hour walk short because it started to pour rain! We were willing to walk in the sprinkle, but not the absolute down pour we found ourselves in. Smart people that we are though, we stayed close to my home, so we didn't have far to go to get out of the storm. We were talking a lot during our walk about how when we aren't finding/making/getting the time to exercise the way we want to, it wreaks havoc on our mental game and we struggle with eating right. When I am putting in an hour of cardio every day, I feel like an athlete, and I remember to fuel my body with what it needs to perform at that level. With my kidlets out of school, I am the constant caregiver. Before I go on with my point, let me say something here. I am a Stay At Home Mom. I LOVE being a SAHM, and am grateful to my hubby every day that he works so hard at his job to provide the kind of life we have and enable me to be here every day to raise our children. My kids are my whole world, even more so during the summer because we are together 24/7. Even when they went to baseball day camp, I stayed at the camp and watched while I walked laps, or took a group picture or helped hand out certificates. I try my best to be very involved with every aspect of their lives from coaching sports teams, to volunteering in the classroom, on parent council at school, attending every class trip and being there for them no matter what. Some might say that I am over involved and that they need some space to define themselves and capture their individuality. To this I say, that there will be plenty of time for that as they get older, when they are young, and as they grow, staying involved keeps me in touch with them and their lives, which is very important to my hubby and I. Having said this, I really enjoyed my 5 or 6 hours, 3 to 5 days a week to myself while they both attended full time school for 10 months of the year. Now that they are home all day, every day, I am challenged to make the time for myself to get in my exercise that I really do need. I took them to the beach last week with a bunch of friends and got in some swimming in the numbingly cold lake with them. We went on a two hour hike through the wilderness with some of the same group of friends we spent the day at the beach with last week. We had plans to play some tennis together and with friends yesterday, but now we are all sick. I think we are worn out, running ragged with an overscheduled life. I have forgotten that kids under 10 need down time more than I do in the sense that they need to rest! Also, while I am getting in exercise with them around, it still isn't my own "down time" that I have grown accustomed to. My good friend pointed out during our walk last night that it is just over a month until they go back to school! ALREADY! The summer is going by so fast!!!!!!

Okay, so, to summarize my babbling. My kids are home for the summer, I am struggling to get in my exercise that I am accustomed to, and my determination is slipping. When I am not working out, I really let my eating slide. So, I need to take a mental moment to refocus and get back to eating healthy again for the goodness of my body. I need good fuel for my every day life just as much as I do for exercise! Thanks for reading if you made it this far!

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BEFIT014 7/23/2009 7:24PM

    I'm with you--VERY lucky & proud to be a SAHM & that hubby works so hard that we are able to afford this. And it is important to be there for the kids when they are young-I keep hearing how when they are teens they really don't want mom & dad hanging around anywhere near them emoticon!

Good luck to you!

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    I think is it is so great and wonderful that you spend so much time with your children It is so important to be a part of their lives! Being a teacher, I see so many children who don't get that and yours are very lucky indeed!! You know don't stress too much about the exercise. I was running 5km's a day before I had to have my surgery's and you know I haven't really been able to get back there yet. With all of my recovery I really haven't been able to exercise at all. I have kept my weight off over the past 12 months with purely controlling my diet. So it can be done!! I think you are on the right track with your mind set and thinking. Just keep being aware that if you can't exercise you are going to have to keep a check on your calories a little better. Once you get used to that mindset and the weight is going ok you'll ease up on not feeling guilty about not exercising. Took me a while but I got there in the end. You will too!! Enjoy the Summer with the kids and have fun!!!

Bel :)

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FEBRUARYROSE1 7/23/2009 3:54PM

    Okay I made it this far and maybe what you need to do right now is focus on the eating instead of the exercise, I don't mean to say that it's not important and that you don't need it but doing the exercise part with the kids is great and maybe make Eating the focus for the next month!

Maybe switching to something you can do everyday and focus on that doesn't stress the time trying to fit in exercise. Make your exercise just what you have been doing, things with the kids! Make eating better a focus for the next month and see what happens!

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Hiding behind food and weight

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Okay, so, I thought I had overcome my desire to hide behind food and weight. Yet, on the weekend, when my Mom commented in front of a few new friends that I am looking fabulous and my hard work is really paying off, I felt UNCOMFORTABLE. I don't get it. When I first started on my weight loss journey, I actually had to think long and hard about whether I would really want to lose weight. I knew that when it started to show, people would notice and comment and ask me how I did it and so on. I don't want all that attention! I am a private person, so being the "center of attention" so to speak, leaves me feeling very awkward and exposed. I don't know, maybe this is just a bunch of babbling, but I was talking about it quite a bit with my best friend and my other very good friend yesterday, and it's got me thinking about it again. I need to remember that this journey is for me, only me, and that if other people notice and say nice things to me, I should just say thank you and leave it at that. So, the last few days, I have been gorging myself again on junk, trying to hide again! I am trying to keep in mind something that my best friend said to me many months ago. "People notice you, they will notice you at any size, whether you feel like you are hiding behind the weight or not, they still notice you. So, let them notice your in a healthy lifestyle taking care of your body instead of neglecting it." It really makes sense in my head, but for some reason my heart doesn't feel it. It will though, I just have to keep believing!

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DESIROCKS 9/13/2013 4:49PM

    Thank you for this! It helped me realize that I need to keep going! emoticon

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    Wow! This is a great blog you have written and all so true! It is funny how we sometimes keep the weight on to lessen the attention on ourselves and then when it starts coming off and people comment we feel awkward. It is a totally natural way to feel though. We aren't used to getting any attention at all! It is good sometimes when people notice. That can keep us going as well. Bit of a double edged sword though isn't it. I go to work all the time now I have lost my weight in a new outfit and get a big fuss and it honestly does embarass me sometimes. I have had to teach myself to just smile and say thanks when people compliment me. Hard concept though! You are doing so well and yep doing it for you so don't stress too much. It totally happened to me too! Bel :)

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CRYSBROWN1 7/17/2009 4:10PM

    I think as long as you keep it in perspective that you are on this journey for YOU than it'll keep you grounded. I think that your friend was right, even though it makes you feel uncomfortable people notice you regardless & it's good that they are secretly congratulating you on your success!

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    I understand your discomfort, though you're going to stand out no matter what; better look fabulous doing it!

..And you've stood out quite a bit since I became sparkfriends with you. You're always making progress, exercising, and keeping it together! You can have a couple screw ups here and there. [Not like your insane (ly awesome) one hour runs don't make up for it already!] If there's anyone who is going to succeed in their weight loss goals, it's you.

You're working so hard for this, you should let it make you feel good.

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SARIEJACK 7/15/2009 1:19PM

    I know how you feel. I've started getting more attention since I lost weight too. And I caught myself saying to myself the other day, "This is why I got fat." I always wanted to blend in.

I'm glad to know someone else has this issue.

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FEBRUARYROSE1 7/15/2009 1:04PM

    Your Friend also knows that not only are you beautiful on the outside, you are much more so on the inside!!!

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P42R48 7/15/2009 12:45PM

  I was very inspired by your comments. The support of your friends is amazing. I wish you well.

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Summer time dedication

Monday, July 13, 2009

Okay, so my kids are home from school for the summer now, for a couple of weeks. Last week they spent their days at a sports camp with a local team, and they had a blast. As a SAHM, and the wife of a man who can be extremely overprotective, I dedicate my days to caring for my children, and they don't stay in the care of others very often. So, I went along to camp with them. I didn't participate in the camp, just hung around. Being there all day, I made sure to walk laps around the perimeter so I could watch them in action, and still get in my cardio. I did 1 hour 2 days, and 2 hours the other three. It felt good to get in so much cardio, and I also made sure to pack a healthy lunch and snacks to take along with. I managed to lose 4 pounds in the last week, and it really got me feeling dedicated again. Last night I went for a 1 hour run, and it was a real struggle to finish it out! My legs were hurting right from the beginning of my run. I listened to my music, and really pushed through it. I also added some sprints to my workout. At the 29 minute point and 59 minute point, I did a full minute at my top speed, giving my all. It was fun, and it felt really good, but it definitely pushed my limits! Then, I came home and got back to my strength training. I did an upper body workout, and was able to still do 8 pushups for my first set. The second set, I had to do two sets of 4, but I got them done.

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SSDCQUINCY 7/14/2009 10:02AM

    Way to go! You are an inspiration! You go girl!!

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AWOLF24 7/13/2009 1:08PM

    WOW!!!! Fantastic dedication and for losing 4 whole pounds last week! emoticon

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