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Christmas party

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Oh, I had so much fun last night! I had some drinks, a really wonderful meal, got to slow dance with my husband and did some fast dancing too! I saw lots of familiar faces, one person didn't even recognize me! Some of the compliments I received were so nice, that I look stunning, how proud they are of me for my running accomplishments, it was just a great night. I was so excited to get to wear my dress, but I sure was glad I wore a sweater because it was very cold, I only took it off after dinner. I even tracked my food when I got home! I have to say that I am surprised by how little I actually ate, I was not hungry at all. After 1/2 a roll and a bowl of salad, I was almost full! Even with 3 caesars, I still only had 1400 calories yesterday! My sodium count was through the roof because of the clamato, but my calories were quite lower than I thought they would be, and I still wasn't even a bit hungry!

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LYNNOTT 12/16/2009 3:29PM

    You look great! Glad you had a good time!

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AWOLF24 12/14/2009 12:55PM

    I'm really glad you had a fun time. emoticon

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BEFIT014 12/13/2009 6:09PM

    Oh, that is a BEAUTIFUL dress! And you look AWESOME in it!

Sounds like you had a great time!

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LISAW/3 12/13/2009 1:41PM

    Congratulations! You look wonderful!

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AFRISAM 12/13/2009 12:55PM

    You look beautiful in your dress! Well done!!!!! Sounds like you had a ball.

I had a tough time tracking the food at the functions I went to this weekend , but glad I did it. Was a bit of a shock to see how many Cals I had consumed even though I had small portions (mostly).
Oh well, it's back to the big deficits from tomorrow again.

~ Sam

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MYMONSTERSX3 12/13/2009 12:37PM

    Wow I hope I have that kind of luck over the holidays. Great job.

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Mixed up day

Thursday, December 10, 2009

I had a strange day today. I had an outting with my youngest child, so I didn't do my workout with my friend or my 3K easy run this morning. Other things took my time, and it was 8:15 before I was able to start my aerobics workout followed by 23 minutes on the treadmill. What a struggle it was to get through it! I can't believe the difference I notice in my energy level for workouts from doing them in the morning to doing them in the evening. I specifically "saved" my run to do it with my hubby during Survivor, but his knee is sore from his run last night, so no dice. I will make every effort from now on to get my workouts done in the morning, unless I put in a bonus workout in the evening. I'm looking forward to tomorrow, I have a treadmill appointment with my BFF. we are going to watch the end of Runaway Bride we started on Monday when we treadmilled together. I'm all excited to chat with her and see how she does with her running again. I am totally grateful for our treadmills, with both set up it broadens my social horizons so much! Oh, I also set up my Christmas village with the kids tonight, what fun. I will take some pics tomorrow, and I will take some pics in my dress to share with everyone!

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LYNNOTT 12/11/2009 2:56PM

    It's great that you can do your workouts with a friend - especially watching movies! I love Runaway Bride!

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FEBRUARYROSE1 12/11/2009 1:10PM

    Sorry about bailing on you but as the day is progressing I am more and more convinced that low iron, not enough cals, lots of exercise and no sleep are definately not a good combo, but after some more sleep, 4 cookies and some lunch I am feeling better!!!

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HPLANDER 12/11/2009 10:29AM

    I know what you mean about changing up your workouts. I have a set schedule and when I have to deviate it is hard. I am glad you were able to get the workout done. I am also glad you can share time with a friend and still get a workout in. Way to go.

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30K training program

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

So, the training program I am following for the 30K I am running at the end of March starts officially Dec 21. I have been playing around with it to try it out and see if I can handle it. This week, I started week 4. I sat with my hubby a couple of nights ago to discuss the upcoming weeks, and the impact training will have on our Christmas plans and vice versa. We came to the agreement that trying to stay ahead of schedule and enjoy Christmas might not be the best approach. I decided after our discussion that I am going to continue following the week 4 program until January which is when I will begin moving through the program again. This plan will still leave me 2 weeks ahead of schedule so that I have room to do 1 or 2 weeks again if they are really tough. It also means that the longest run I do this month will be 14K and give me lots of time to improve my speed at that distance. I am looking forward to it.

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LYNNOTT 12/10/2009 1:45PM

    emoticon Kudos to you for pre-planning!

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HYPNOTURKEY 12/10/2009 9:36AM

    It sounds like you are being very reasonable with yourself and still staying focused. Way to go! I have problems with allowing flexibility into my goals, so I can appreciate how hard that must be. Where did you find the 30k training program? I haven't been able to find anything that bridges the gap between the marathon and the half-marathon programs. emoticon

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BEFIT014 12/9/2009 3:12PM

    Holy Moly, woman! YOU ARE MY HERO! What's 30K? Like 18 miles or so? WOW!!

Go on with your bad self! emoticon

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AGINGDAISIES 12/9/2009 1:13PM

    Way to stay balanced and do what you can instead of nothing! (my usual approach) :) emoticon

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My outfit for Saturday

Monday, December 07, 2009

Thanks so much everyone for all of your kind words and encouragement on my last blog, it means a lot to me to have your support! In response to a couple of comments. I already have a squisher suit, that's what I call it anyway. I am hoping that will be enough, and all the work I have done will pay off for me. The dress has sentimental value for me, I wore it as a bridesmaid 8 years ago, and I was able to wear it again about 4 years ago when I lost some weight before I gained it all back plus some more. This would be only the third time I get to wear it, and I am so excited to get another use out of a dress that I spent a lot of money on and has such good memories for me. If I do end up wearing it to the do, I will post some pics to show you what it looks like on me. So far so good, the weight is coming off, so I am very optimistic!

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BEFIT014 12/8/2009 4:12PM

    What better motivation could there be?! I know it'll fit again and am anxious to see what a 'squisher suit' is!

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LYNNOTT 12/8/2009 1:54PM

    That's true motivation! Hope you have a great time! Post pics!

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AFRISAM 12/8/2009 12:08AM

    Well done on your superb progress!!!
Keep up the good work....and looking forward to seeing the pic of you in your special dress!

I need to lose another 4.4 pounds by Christmas ..... I AM DOING IT!

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AWOLF24 12/7/2009 10:43PM

    WOOHOO!!!!!!! You better post some pics!! Can't wait to see.

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Successful 14K run this morning

Sunday, December 06, 2009

I didn't really enjoy my run this morning like I usually do. I was COLD! I will dress better next time. I got it done though, and really, that's what matters! It took me 112 minutes, so my speed was about 8 minutes per K, not too bad at all. I am going to do some strength training this week, focus on core stuff. I have a dress to fit into for Saturday night! Got to get a bit off of my tummy, and I will be good to go! I have 5 days to get done what I can to get into it, wish me success!

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AWOLF24 12/7/2009 10:14PM

    14K? Wow. Just the distance is impressive to me, and you still did it in impressive time. emoticon

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NINJALINDA 12/7/2009 7:41AM

    I biked on Sunday...and yes, indeed it was COLD! Great job on the run!

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AFRISAM 12/7/2009 12:53AM

    Well done on your run! I managed a (very slow) 15K run on Saturday so feel quite happy myself.
Good luck with your stomach flattening week - I think I will join you with the core and ab exercises!

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DEUSMACHINA 12/7/2009 12:26AM

    Great work getting through it! Hopefully your next run is a little more enjoyable!

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BEFIT014 12/7/2009 12:02AM

    No sweat! You CAN do it!!

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GOEGIRL 12/6/2009 11:32PM

    Wow, that's a great run! I'm laughing a little because I was WAY too hot out there today - I panicked and dressed for like, 40 below! Anyhoo - great run, good luck this week. And I totally second the previous suggestion. Spanx baby!!

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ANAKALIA1 12/6/2009 10:59PM

    I have no doubt you'll do what needs to be done...but remember there are always those "shaper" garments to wear in a pinch!!! emoticon emoticon

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