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Theme of the month

Friday, February 27, 2009

Back in January of 2007, I decided to make a theme for each of the upcoming months in the year. My theme for the month of March was FOCUS. So, for March of this year, I am going to make that my theme. Here is my acronym breaking the word down.

F un
O nce weekly weigh ins
C ommitment and Consistency
U nderstanding
S upport

I am hoping that by spending some time thinking about what my focus really is for doing this, and staying in the right frame of mind, that I will be able to make the change to be more consistent in my eating rather than doing the old yo yo. My goal for the end of March is to weigh 170 pounds, which is 10 pounds away, but I think that I can do it because I was down 7 pounds just the other day, and I think that will come off pretty quick. My plan is to jog 1 day a week minimum, skate twice a week, ride my bike once a week, walk twice a week and find a way to get 1 hour of cardio the seventh day of the week. I am also going to work harder at getting in my strength training. I am going to work on getting my calories to about 1600- 1700 a day. I'll see how that goes, because I really do need to refocus, and I know I can do this!

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BEFIT014 2/27/2009 7:55PM

    emoticon FOCUS! I like it!

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EDWARDS1411 2/27/2009 5:49PM

    I luv your FOCUS and you've motivated me!!! It sounds like you have a great fitness regimen planned & I know you can stick to it. You CAN and WILL do this because, girl, you ARE FOCUSED!!! Great Blog!

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JOANIE! 2/27/2009 5:49PM

    I love the idea of having a them. Good luck on your journey.

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My creativity took a vacation

Thursday, February 26, 2009

So, on Monday, I decided that I "DESERVED" a cheat meal. Huh! Not a good way to think. So, I had my cheat meal, and have continued to do so all week. This has stopped tonight though. I have gained back 5.5 pounds since Monday, and am hoping that with some work, 1 of those pounds will be gone Monday. I was doing so well, and there have just been so many unexpected changes. I feel like I can only roll with the punches for so long, then my tank is empty! I need to refuel. I have gotten a ton of support from the people around me telling me that I can do it, that they believe in me. It's really helped, because I am starting once again to believe that yes, I CAN DO IT! I will do it, and I am doing it. Can't let a little bit of "life" get in my way! I AM WORTH IT! I took a walk down memory lane. Went back through my journal entries and tracking of this journey since January of 2007, and really learned how strong I am! I am getting support and advice from myself and everyone around me, so I will not give up! I have taken some time tonight to refocus, I will blog my recommitment tomorrow for anyone interested.

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FEBRUARYROSE1 2/27/2009 12:28PM

    You are AWESOME! You can do it, you were doing it for a year before I found you. You are my inspiration and you make me want to get to it, and Life doesn't get in the way Life just is, I have discovered that the hard way and you just do what you are doing now, get back to it, 5.5 lbs, ha we laugh in the face of 5.5 lbs because you do realize and it's 5.5 lbs not 25 lbs, I am so proud that you are my friend and we can both do it! Remember there are 365 days in a year so 5 really bad ones and 360 good ones, You win!

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AWOLF24 2/27/2009 12:07PM

    I know. That is me too. Just lke Wannabefit said - I can't allow myself cheat meals or I get all off track and it is harder to get back on. But you are gonna do it! Drink that water, throw in some exercise and by the time Monday rolls around, you'll be fully back on track and in the groove again. emoticon

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BEFIT014 2/27/2009 6:53AM

    Aw, I'm sorry! I'm sure you'll get it off in no time, tho!

I have discovered, from a previous binge=fest that lasted 2 weeks, that I can't do 'cheat meals'. I just don't know when to stop. I can do a little dessert, MAYBE, but that's about it.

Anyway, good luck to you!

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Being creative

Monday, February 23, 2009

I have had my plans changed a lot lately for my time, and I have really been rolling with the punches, making sure that I get in my exercise. My hubby is being ultra supportive, getting me out to do my walk even when I didn't feel like it.

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AWOLF24 2/24/2009 2:28PM

    That is great! It is really hard to fit in exercise, especially when life throws some curveballs and your typical routine is disrupted. I give you a lot of credit! emoticon emoticon

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Sore Buddy

Thursday, February 19, 2009

My walking buddy has injured herself, and I feel very bad for her. She is going to be out of commision for quite a while, and I just wanted to send out some good vibes and healing energy to her. Rest much and take care of yourself sweetie!

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BEFIT014 2/19/2009 1:44PM

    Oh, no! Hope she recovers quickly! emoticon

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Trapped by the train

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

So, yesterday, I decided to try and jog 4 miles. I headed out, and was on my way home from my halfway point. There, in my way, is the train! I couldn't get by and I didn't want to stop jogging, so I just kept jogging further down the road in the hope that the train would be gone by the time I got to the last street. That didn't happen, so I turned around and headed the way I had come until the train finally passed. I figured since I was so far out from home, I might as well jog longer, and I was able to jog for 1 full hour, which I figure is about 5 miles! That is 1 1/4 miles short of my 10K goal, just from timing myself. I need to drive and figure out what is 1K from my house just like my buddy did so I can try to do laps and work my way up to 10K. My buddy and I are starting to do some jogging together on Thursday, I can't wait!

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BEFIT014 2/17/2009 11:42PM

    WOW! You're doing GREAT!!!

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